despite the forecast, live like it's spring

(psssst….if you’re looking for the giveaway….it’s at the end)

I’m not sure when painting a room became my favorite thing in the world next to being a mom.

Maybe it’s the transformation.

Maybe it’s the slate wiped clean thing.

Maybe it’s because when you swipe that roller or brush that brush across a surface, you can see change right before your eyes.

Whatever the reason, my red lipstick and I are spending today in paint heaven.

We are in the process of completely making over our local community center and painting the trim and the walls and the spaces and adding furniture and planting flowers.

Now if I could just keep it out of my messy bun. 🙂

dark food photography

Someone super wise once told me that photography takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master.


Here’s a great post on how to get that dark moody look with photographs that I’ve been studying on along my journey.


I just found some old coffee bean sacks and now I found the perfect project.

You can DIY this ottoman.

Instructions and step-by-step found here.


You know what a fan I am of trash to treasure projects.

Have a broken fountain or bird bath collecting dust?

You can transform it into this.

DIY found here.


And if you happen to be in the Montgomery, AL area or surrounding counties, some of my favorite people on the planet are having a yard sale today.

You can read about the yard sale here.

Or you can check out their tips and tricks for an easy spring table.

In random news this week:

This bathroom?  Seriously.

Love this spring home tour.

This is currently on my bookshelf.

I’ve never seen marshmallows like these.

This made me smile.

So sweet for spring.

And the best recap ever.

CL Fair Giveaway

One more for the road.

And now in the super exciting news department, I’m speaking on the main stage at the Country Living Fair right outside of Nashville on Saturday, April 23!

I’d love to meet you and to celebrate, I’m giving away SIX weekend passes to the CL Fair.

All you have to do is tell me what you would be searching for in the booths at the fair (I’ll give you a hint on what I’m always looking for and starts with milk glass).

Simply leave a comment and enter using the rafflecopter below.

Happy random Saturday to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Image for Carol Killian Carol Killian

    I ,also,like milk glass. I am looking for an ironstone platter similar to my great grandmother's. My husband accidentally knocked it off the shelf.

  2. Image for Terie Terie

    I also love unique jewelry and the KY girl in me would like to find a GREAT Derby hat. But I have also grown very fond of white dishes of all kinds- love milk glass. Heck pretty much anything that caught my eye, would fit in the back of the SUV and wouldnt get me in trouble with my husband ( well, too much)

  3. Image for Gail Gail

    I would love old dough bowls, drawers, old tin cans, old gates and old pottery. I have gone everywhere in TN pretty much but have not made it to Nashville.. Love TN. I am ready to go, packed and putting gas in my Truck.

  4. Image for Leona Leona

    Oh how I love your Saturday "Thistlekeeping" posts. You link us to such wonderful sites. AND while looking for milk glass for you, I would be looking for antique silverware and hotel silver.

  5. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Oh!! How I wish I could be there. I don't like to be under pressure looking for something in particular. See, I think that makes a person tunnel visioned. Now if you open your mind -- anything is possible to appeal. Just think there could be a treasure right under your nose but you wouldn't see because you were looking for something in particular. I think there is a law that governs this. How many times have you been out in stores and you see bunches of things that appeal. Then, you are looking for one particular item and you can't find it however hard you try. Have a great weekend!! xxx000

  6. Image for Toni Toni

    Some of the things I always look for is unique wood pieces, bottles, mirrors and (like you) milk glass. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Image for Esther Esther

    Oh, how I'd love to go to this (and hear you speak)! I'm always looking for cute containers for plants, flowers, etc.

  8. Image for Mercy Heston Mercy Heston

    I'd ALWAYS be on the lookout for little white ceramic pitchers and Mason jars. And shiny stuff. I'm just really a magpie! And some old furniture to repurpose. And clocks--the bigger the better! I need a bigger budget! LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE Thistlewood Farms!

  9. Image for Char Char

    I would look for monogrammed silver and white serving pieces , and most importantly, I would look for pieces to update some tired rooms.

  10. Image for Teresa H. Fields Teresa H. Fields

    Love the links this week, especially the bathroom - oh my! Never been to a Country Living fair and of all things will be in Nashville with my husband on business from the 23-29th. I would love to go and I'd be looking for Architectural pieces and quilts!!

  11. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I collect treadle sewing machine drawers, baskets with lids, stoneware pitchers, paint by number pictures. Oh and I love to just look at all there is to appreciate.

  12. Image for Kim Fuller Kim Fuller

    I would look for anything VINTAGE and DISTRESSED!!! Also love architectural items, especially if they're distressed white and/or light gray. Also love repurposed stuff with some chalky paint. I absolutely love Thistlewood Farms. Your website is AWESOME and your photos really do tell a story. If I can go to the CL Fair, I would definitely attend your event...would love to see you in person and hear all your great ideas and DIY tips. XOXO

  13. Image for Jennifer Ozanich Jennifer Ozanich

    Oh my goodness! I guess I just look for that special "thing" that speaks to my heart! Of course I do have a small wish!

  14. Image for Teresea Teresea

    I've already booked my hotel, but not the tickets. I will be looking for anything out of the ordinary; more bell jars, religious icons, trophies, anything dog or equestrian related, plaids, linen, garden related. Went last year and now it will be an annual event.

  15. Image for Wendy Wendy

    I would be looking for white dishes, architectural pieces, vintage gardening items, especially flower frogs and anything unusual that catches my eye. Would love to hear you talk!

  16. Image for chris young chris young

    Looking for small white pitchers, old baking pans, spindles and wood, wood, wood. My childhood best friend is meeting me there!

  17. Image for Stacy Simpson Stacy Simpson

    I would be looking for dining room chairs my husband is going to build me a farm table. Just need more chairs! And of course milk glass! Maybe another pedestal cake plate?!

  18. Image for Anita Jackson Anita Jackson

    I love looking for discounted fabrics~ Sewing notions~ Glass Jars,~anything homesteading orientated. And books~ I love books. And tea cups. oooohhh love tea cups!

  19. Image for Stacey Stacey

    I will be keeping an eye out for treasures for my garden and architectural pieces for my house. I'm looking forward to hearing you speak!

  20. Image for Kari Kari

    I collect vintage enamel flower brooches so I am always on the lookout for those. Also, I love old books and pretty old dishes & glassware.

  21. Image for Mary S Loging Mary S Loging

    I'll be looking for anything green. And I am delighted that the event is right down the road (so to speak) from where I live!

  22. Image for Becky Becky

    I would look for anything French for my home and perhaps a neat rug or two. This would be a lot of fun to do this along with my husband as we will celebrate our 54th on the 22nd. Yes, we were babies when we tied the knot, high school sweethearts!

  23. Image for Cheryl M. Cheryl M.

    My sisters and I would love to go, we search for French baskets, bread boards, architectural pieces, ironstone and more! My birthday is April 22nd!!

  24. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    I would look for red transferware dishes and anything farmhouse! I would definitely look forward to meeting you!

  25. Image for Susan Susan

    I would be looking forward to a great time! Finally overcame my pride and bought a mobility scooter, so beep-beep.... get outta my way. Nah, I wouldn't beep at anyone.

  26. Image for Julie Blanner Julie Blanner

    Oh my word, I would LOVE to go to the CL Fair to find anything and everything to add charm to our home. What a dream that would be. That BATHROOM. WOW! I'm speechless. Thanks for sharing my spring tour. That's all for my random thoughts today.

  27. Image for Tammie Baker Tammie Baker

    I'll be looking for great items for my son's upcoming wedding!!! And Milk Glass is one of those great items!!

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