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I think I’m going to write a post about how the Olympics changed my life.


I’ve been watching every minute of the Olympic trials and how hard the athletes have worked and the determination and heart and strength that goes into a race and sometimes only a tenth of a second stands between you and a gold medal.

And they’ve inspired me to take on some difficult races of my own.

Like the see if you can empty the dishwasher in under two minute race.

Or the collect all the dirty towels in the house and put them in the washer in under 47 seconds race.

Or the find the stinky sock steeple chase.  You know.  The one where you leap couches and step on rugs and flip over pillows on your road to victory.

I’ll let you know if I make it to the medal ceremony. 🙂


In the favorite new blog department, I found this amazing, creative, house tour.

I love her style.

Farmhouse sprinkled with more farmhouse.

And she’s giving away the cutest blue ticking apron.  You can enter here.


Love this front porch.

It makes me think of sweet tea.

See the rest of the porch and some fun decorating ideas here.


I love a renovation story.

Especially when it has a Wizard of Oz reference.

You can follow along here.


Beautiful reminder about imperfection.

And that perfect is so over rated.

You can read the story here.

And in random news this week:

Fun embroidered hat project.

How to determine yardage for upholstery.

Homemade vanilla bean ice cream.

All things monogram.

Super cute painted dresser.

Love lavender on a front porch.

And if you have ever thought about making money from a blog, here’s a great article.

kitchen farmhouse style

And one more for the road.

Here’s five fun farmhouse kitchen projects for you.

Any one of them is a gold medal winner. 🙂

Happy Random Saturday to you.

PS  I just published a fun article this week on decorating with vintage finds over on

You can check it out here.

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  1. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Happy Random Saturday, Karianne! Thanks for the great links, as always!! Hope cleanup wasn't too taxing and you're on your way to The Gold. Your little 'contest' with yourself would have been fun to do with my kids on cleanup day when they were little. I could have made little gold, silver and bronze icing covered sugar cookies for prizes and cleanup day may have been a whole lot more productive and whole lot more fun. Okay, back to the is cleanup day for me too. Maybe I'll make myself those cookies!

  2. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Thistlekeeping is always the best! I've no doubt you will set records and win the Gold in your Olympics- with red lipstick smile intact! The house tour was to die for and the post on imperfection touching. You give so much to look forward to on Saturday morning, always love exploring what interests you. Hope you have recovered from the flooding without residual damage to your beautiful outdoor areas. Thank-you for this lovely post.

  3. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Hi, Karianne Lovely selections. House 214 Design is new to me and I'm happy to now know about it. Of course, MMS can do no wrong and it's always good to be reminded that imperfection has its beautiful qualities too. Finally, your laundry room makes me go and close my laundry room door-lol.... and I can never get enough of your lovely kitchen. I'm now coveting those large, awesome stainless steel bowls on the lower shelf of the island. So functional and a nice way to store them. Happy weekend!

  4. Image for Michelle Mortensen Michelle Mortensen

    Love that front porch, too. I have a nice, rusty olive bucket in the corner of my kitchen right now. That last plant died - I confess I was the murderer :( . The photo has inspired me to get over to the garden store today to pick up a replacement and add some bright, green life to that corner! Thanks for sharing some great photos. Best & Bisous, Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  5. Image for Mary Mary

    Hi Karianne, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Thistlekeeping! I feel like you do all the work and I just sit back and enjoy! Thank you for the link to House 214 Design. Love that.

  6. Image for Leona Leona

    Every Saturday I am amazed at all the great posts you send to your readers from other blogs....such creative people. It is a day I look forward too, even at my age (?). And BTW...if your home team has got the Olympic time figured out on how to clean the house , I will gladly send my family to train with you. Have a fun weekend:)

  7. Image for Lynda Lynda

    Wanted to tell you that I just finished the book The Lake House by Kate Morton. On your recommendation I read the Forgotten Garden. Lived both of these books by Kate Morton. If you hadn't read it when you get sometime in your busy life I know you will enjoy it. Love Thistelkeeping !!!!

  8. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Well, since it's Saturday, I did a trial run in the toilet cleaning olympics. I think I'm ready for the big time. I'm determined to get that gold medal!! I hope to see you there. Have a great weekend - hope all your storm debris is gone :-)

  9. Image for Jae Jae

    You already have several gold medals for blogging, in my book! I truly enjoy vicariously sharing your adventures. Thanks for another great posting.

  10. Image for Julie Julie

    You hook, line and sinker me every time with your writing! I just started watching the Gabby Douglas reality show... how she is trying to become the first ever consecutive all-round gold medalist... so thought you were heading in that direction... You are funny! I need to come up with my own "races"... with everyone home for summer, I definitely need to up my game, or this place is going to look like Rio AFTER the games. Thanks so much for linking to our lavender porch... I appreciate it! ~julie

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