(this picture is simply to inspire us for spring….ain’t nobody hanging out sheets around here today)

Hello beautiful wonderful incredibly special day.

I’ve been house cleaning.

Taking down all these Christmas decorations and reading this blog…..

…..and discovering six words you should say today.

Six wonderful amazing life changing words.

I’ve been saying them all week….

….and they are  totally working.


Have you ever thought about making a cement stool?

Me, either.

Thank goodness Mariella did.

Coolest project of the week.

(total aside:  do people even say coolest any more)?


Are you watching the super bowl this weekend?

Me, too….but just between us….I’m way more excited about the Olympics….

….and all the super bowl commercials.

I’ll be making this recipe from Uncommon Designs.

They had me at the word easy.


I love these burlap heart wreaths.

My front door pinned this on Pinterest for me.

Details and diy instructions from Top This Top That.


And here’s one more love story for the road.

About a boy who fell in love with a girl…..

….even after she made him pancakes.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Thank you for sharing those six words today. My third grade grandson's last basketball game is today. His team hasn't won a game, but they have come close so many times. My son-in-law is the coach. This man has a heart of gold and patience beyond any ocean wave. No matter the outcome of today's game, those six words will be spoken.

  2. Image for Dawna Dawna

    Happy Saturday! Enjoyed reading about your magazine crew visit and can't wait to see the result! It will b awesome! I am off to a 50th Bday party for a friend at a wonderful little coffee shop and then driving an hour to meet my dear friend I left behind when we moved here. We are meeting half way between our homes! We are going to catch up and solve all the worlds problems over a coffee date! I wonder if I should be calling ahead to warm whatever spot we meet at , that we will need a table for the afternoon! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Those six words are just...the coolest! I don't ever think I said those words to my three sons...I'll have to work it into the conversation in the future! Love the first pic...I long for spring! And yes...I will be watching the Super and commercials! ;)

  4. Image for Kim Kim

    You had me there for a minute! I actually thought there for a moment, that was your laundry hanging outside at the present time! A longing for spring in all of our hearts! Enjoyed your post! Blessings~

  5. Image for Amy@{A*very} Blessed Home Amy@{A*very} Blessed Home

    Good Morning Miss KariAnne! I want to tell you how much I enjoy your "Thistle Keeping!" Thank you for introducing new ideas and new bloggers to us your readers. I love how you encourage and love and live and let God's light shine through you. I feel blessed this morning that you shared the "Hands Free Mama" blog. She has ministered to my soul this morning as have you. Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Image for Kim Kim

    I think 'coolest' is still a word. But when I scroll down your pictures I'm always exclaiming, "How Cool Is That!". I've told friends and family you are the daughter that bypassed me and ended up in Kentucky. I have 3 sons who really don't understand. You really crack me up. When I wake up feeling rotten I go to your email first. Thanks for helping me pull out my day many times. We share many non-cooking and over-the-top enthused talking and I'm sure I make other's ears bleed when I'm 'doing cartwheels in my mind' excited. But I'm also loved for those reasons. So thanks for your random thoughts. If you learn to cook explain on your blog how that happened. When my kids were little they gave me a magnet that read: when the smoke clears we know dinner is done. It holds true today. I am killing meals for my grandkids. But, again, they love me for it. And I love you for always making my day!

  7. Image for Catherine McD Catherine McD

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I read through the link to Rachel's HandsFreeMama post as well. Simplicity is something I strive for but more often than not make much more complicated than need be. My son has graduated from college, and my daughter is still in college, and I'm very lucky that we are close and talk always, but I have often said to them that while they were growing up I wished that I had spoken less and listened more. We get caught up in trying to make sure we give them all the motherly-advice and guidance we can, but sometimes all they really want to hear and what has the biggest impact are 6 simple words. Thank you!

  8. Image for Sheryll & Critters. Sheryll & Critters.

    I truly LOVE clothes lines. I 'fixed' one up (supposed to have been temporary) and use it every time I wash anything. It all started with the heavy lace drapes and valances I had when I first bought this home. I refused to iron or even think about ironing heavy lace sheers. In fact I believe that to be totally impossible in the first place. Here in my neck of the woods, all laundry dries much faster on the line than in any dryer ever built. So why waste the time and electricity?? HUH? And I LOVE Pimento Cheese too and now I want to make some, but don't have the Pimentos..... and oh yeah, have you ever considered making this dip with FF Dannon Yogurt? I am not that big on mayo..... so.......... and what a great choice of six words. Wonderful. And pancakes..... sigh. I was in the Dollar Tree yesterday and came this () close to buying the cutest fuzzy red Valentine hanger/wreath for my front door...... I hate to regret anything, like NOT purchasing it. But I told myself to not spend and use my round one that I put cut out hearts on (from Dollar Tree poster board) that I made with my heart shaped cookie cutters. I so want that fuzzy red heart shaped one still.....

  9. Image for Kris Kris

    The Super Bowl will be on at our house--we only have 1 TV so there goes my Downton Abbey viewing--boo! I use "coolest" all the time so therefore it must be a word!

  10. Image for Pat Pat

    There's nothing better than clean sheets that have been dried on a clothes line. A nice hot shower, soothing lotions and crawl in between those wonderfully scented sheets ~ pure bliss! Thanks so much for sharing the 6 lovely words ~ I so wish someone had given me that information when my kids were small. And I believe that these words should be shared with every parent! Many children, like me, never hear positive, loving words. Have you seen the new Budweiser commercial? A local TV station shared it and it's now on youtube. I believe it's the best one yet! :) Thanks for sharing today ~ xo Pat

  11. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Miz karianne, I love the way you write and unabashedly share yourself with others, and I especially love that you shared those six words! I often say them to my daughter, or my grandchildren when the occasion rises...(I'm not around them that often...sigh...), but I've always, well maybe not ALWAYS, but as I've gotten older and maybe a little wiser, I've learned how important it is to tell that person how incredibly fantastic they are to me. And really, it doesn't have to be in response to something someone has done. For instance, when my husband and I are holding hands, like when we're in the car or truck driving, and it's quiet....I will tell him, "I love your hands"....and he smiles. And in his own way he told me that he loves when I tell him that! Great post!

  12. Image for jennifer farnes jennifer farnes

    i love clotheslines. i want....nay....i crave a clothesline. i also want to submit an article to a magazine about clotheslines---a peek at the past and the present holding hands. but i am fresh out of clotheslines. nary a one on my island that i am aware of. i've looked. i looked where we came from before we move to the island. there is not a plethora of clotheslines, apparently. such a simple pleasure....a clothesline. a friend of mine gave me french laundry soap, from actual france and not just the title, that is scented like violets and i want to wash my sheets in that laundry soap. and i want to hang them on the clothesline i don't have so that the sunshine and sea breeze and the delicious scent of violets can all be friends and frolic on my sheets. that said....would you be adverse to me using your picture of a clothesline in this article and give you credit for it? silly question. i so want a clothesline. and i really need a picture of a clothesline. what do you think?

  13. Image for Marian Marian

    OK, just subscribed to Hands Free Mama. What a blog! Wow. That's what I want to be like when I grow up. Thanks for the head's up. Today I am building curtain rods out of plumbing pipe. They are gonna be so cool! Then I'm going to sew big bright blue stripes onto some grommet topped curtains. Major improvement over the long slatted blinds from the 80's that I had. Can't wait to see it done. And happy early Groundhog day. The Other Marian

  14. Image for Angie Lawson Angie Lawson

    I'm SO grateful for this post. I went and read that post about the 6 words, and of course it brought tears to my eyes, but in a good way. I'm going to try that for the rest of this weekend, and just to slow down a little! Seeing those clothes on the clothesline DOES get me excited for spring and all that goes with it! Thanks for sharing~~♥Angie

  15. Image for Bliss Bliss

    I know I should leave a serious comment, and I haven't clicked over yet to the six words, but the way my mind works I'm thinking about George Carlins 7 words, and contemplating a cement stool.

  16. Image for Grace Grace

    Love that burlap wreath ( and all things burlap). I had some fun with a square wreath for Valentine's Day this year. Check it out at

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