I wanted to correct an oversight pointed out to me by the official Pi historian who lives at the farmhouse.

Total my bad.

Last Saturday was Pi Day….

….and I missed it.

Normally I salute a Pi Day with a wave and a nod and a simple shrug of my shoulders.

But this one?  It only happens once a century.

The perfect Pi day.


And at 9:26 and 53 seconds Pi perfection is achieved.

Cue the standing ovation and a ticker tape parade. 🙂

carmen johnston gardens

Happy second day of spring.

If you are in the check-out line at the grocery store and notice the beautiful cover of Southern Living….

….it’s my friend Carmen.

You go girl.

Check out how to make these beautiful container gardens….here.

paper flower

This giant flower is made out of paper.

I know….right?

My friend Melanie has gone and created something beautiful again.

Giant paper rose tutorial….here.


Nothing says spring like polka dotted napkins.

Especially if they are polka dotted with carrot stamps.


She stamped these with carrots.

DIY tutorial found…


Why eat plain asparagus, when you could make this?

Asparagus with goat cheese.

And pancetta.

And toasted pine nuts.

Yes, please.

Recipe found here.


And in totally random news:

If you love March Madness…this is for you.

Beautiful….just beautiful.

Ideas for simple outfits for spring.

Perfect cake for Mother’s Day.

These eggs will make you smile.  Of course they will….they are wearing bouffants. 🙂

Strawberry Pie

A little more pie for the road.  Recipe for the perfect pie crust found….here.

(so sorry….I couldn’t resist)

And in the super, extra-exciting department….in about a week I’m traveling  to New York City to interview a few famous people.

More details to come…but one of them is Fred Savage from The Wonder Years.

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you.

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    A Happy Saturday Day to You Also! Happy Belated First Day of Spring to You too! I missed it yesterday in expressing this to you.... but if anyone on my list to express a "Happy First Day Of Spring".. it was you at the top! Your posts saw me through one cold and long winter....and well... I'm just so grateful to ya! Wishing you a super great weekend! :)

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