Random thoughts on a brilliantly sunny summer Saturday with extra alliteration:

1. Did you have a fun Fourth? We started the day with a small-town parade with a Statue of Liberty float and firetrucks and ended with fireworks and grilled chicken.

It was perfect.

2. I tried nail dip for the first time ever. I’ve done shellac before, but never nail dip. It’s kind of next level.

Have you ever tried it?

3. Whitney is leaving for Africa next week on a 10-day mission trip. I’m sending her off with extra prayers and a little piece of my heart.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed:

5. Tomorrow I’m going to brunch with some of my favorite people. I’m ordering an egg white omelet with a side of giggles and really good conversation.

6. We just discovered the best new board game called Carcassonne. It’s kind of like Catan but easier with way less commitment. You can see it here.

And now?

It’s time to share.

Here are some of my favorite finds from around the web.

(spoiler alert: they are amazing). 🙂

This beautiful summer home tour.

There are so many decor ideas and inspirational tips.

You can take the tour here.

This lemon sorbet looks amazing.

Especially the little lemon cups.

See the recipe here.

Here’s the thing about decorating.

It’s a process and sometimes you make mistakes.

Those mistakes are a gift.

Here’s a beautiful perspective on making a decorating mistake.

I love everything about this.

This photography.

This idea.

This recipe.

You can see how to make these here.


And in random news:

This cottage is so sweet but the views outside took my breath away

The cutest mason jar honey cakes

This before and after porch makeover

These fun thrifted finds

Have you ever thought of a barndominium

Healthy donut recipe

10 biggest luggage mistakes from flight attendants

How to make a watermelon blanket

This cute idea to hang art

This home tour is so beautiful

How to take care of your friends based on their enneagram number

These arbors and trellises

And this

These eight timeless trends are amazing

And one more for the road

One of my favorite affordable projects is to paint plywood floors. I’ve done it in all my houses and it never disappoints.

It’s SUCH an affordable and easy DIY.

You can see how to paint plywood subfloors here.

Did you know I had a weekly newsletter that features a curated collection from all my favorite small business shops? It comes out every Saturday morning.

You can sign up to get the weekly newsletter here.

And you can see all this week’s finds here.

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Loved the porch makeover! Wow what a difference! Also the flight attendants' advice talked us into getting the Apple tag for luggage:) Stay Cool!!!

  2. Image for S. Marie S. Marie

    Photo of blue sofa and the florals and wall stencil! WHERE is that ?! OHMYGOSH, I want it or want to be there! PLEASE let us know!!!!

  3. Image for Mary Anne Russo Mary Anne Russo

    That room is just awww! Love it! I'll be saying a prayer for Whitney! My son did a mission in Africa some years ago, his group brought over medication for children with cancer. He spent 8 weeks in Gabon and toured nearby cities. It was an adventure! Happy Saturday!

  4. Image for Joan Joan

    I'm with all the ladies wanting to know more about the beautiful room with the powder blue sofa and all the pink flowers! It's gorgeous! I loved all of today's photos and ideas. Great Thistlekeeping!

  5. Image for va in NC va in NC

    Prayers for your daughter. Was in South Africa about 18 yrs ago. Our tour had armed guards with us when ever we left the hotel. The parks were amazing but the poverty was very sad to see.

  6. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Great thistles and prayers for your sweet twin going to Africa, KA! What an experience for her. God bless. ♥ PS: I used to do dip for a very long time. They're great - but word of warning: it really wrecks your nails. So if you ever want to grow them on your own just be warned it takes a long while to grow out the damage. Not sure if it is the chemicals or lack of oxygen or what - but I have finally been able to grown my natural nails out long again. It took a long time. Plus I bit them a lot during the Covid years. Not that Covid has gone away - just my angst about it has.

  7. Image for Anna Anna

    The photo of the blue sofa with the floral wall is STUNNING! 😍 Thanks for 10 things to clean if you have 5 minutes. I’m excited for Whitney! Gosh that sounds like a big trip. Oh and so far Walmart jeans are working out. I have been wearing them on a regular basis for the last two weeks .

  8. Image for Sue P. Sue P.

    I'm not familiar with the Carcassonne board game, but I have been to Carcassonne, France! My husband and I met and married while working/living in Bavaria in Germany. Our two-week honeymoon included Christmas in Carcassonne. I still remember the little shop that sold only candied fruit -- all kinds of glistening fruits! We had Christmas dinner in a wonderful, little, almost cave-like restaurant where we enjoyed our first authentic cassoulet...so tasty that we went back there the next day. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

  9. Image for Kim Kim

    I just want to second the warning about dip nails. It is actually acrylic powder: same as acrylic nails. Enjoy them if it is what you are after!

  10. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    I loooove that woven/wicker lamp but I can't find it anywhere. Unless I'm overlooking it. Directions to its home, please! :D

  11. Image for Kristin Kristin

    It seems like the weekly finds like sends you to an earlier week. I can't find the link to the pink and blue plates? I would love check those out!

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