Happy Fourth of July Eve.

Somewhere, somehow I blinked and July knocked at my door.

If you feel like you just put your Christmas decorations away and you aren’t sure how summer arrived without you even noticing?

Come. Sit. By. Me.

Today is all about introducing summer to the house with easy, simple ideas you can do in 10 minutes.


10 minutes and your house can be cuter.

Just between us? I had to make them short and sweet because if took more time than that I would start sweating and need a water break. It was 102 degrees in Texas and we are just getting started.

Here are 51 summer decorating ideas that only take 10 minutes.

Let’s GO.

1. Use the refrigerator to help you decorate. Fill a bowl of lemons (or any other citrus fruit) and decorate your kitchen counters.

2. Fill glass jars with seashells or even sea glass and display them on a shelf or mantel.

(total aside: did you know Krylon makes an amazing sea glass paint if you want to DIY your own beach display)

3. Paint your front door by painting it a new color (this might take slightly longer than 10 minutes for two coats).

4. Create a summer-themed gallery wall with prints or photographs of beach scenes. Etsy has so many super affordable options you can download and print out and frame. For example, I thought this was the prettiest abstract beach painting.

5. Arrange a collection of striped beach towels in a wicker basket. You can even drape a beach towel over a chair like a throw (especially if they are turkish beach towels). You can see a similar beach towel here.

6. Update your throw pillows with bright and patterned pillow covers.

Here are some of my favorite combinations.

7. Hang a large mirror in your living room to reflect natural light and create the illusion of a bigger space. Here’s my opinion on why every room should have a mirror.

8. Wrap twine or ribbon around empty glass bottles and use them as vases. You can add a starfish to the front and add dried grasses for a coastal look.

9. Wire starfish or driftwood into an existing wreath.

10. Create a DIY driftwood photo display by attaching photos to pieces of driftwood using mini clothespins.

11. Paint and stencil terra cotta pots and plant herbs or small flowers in them. Then decorate your window sill with them.

12. Arrange a collection of outdoor lanterns on your porch or deck or front steps. These solar lanterns are the BEST and they just came back in stock. They come on at dusk and turn themselves off at dawn.

13. Replace your regular doormat with a colorful and patterned one for a summery welcome. Here are some of my favorite summer doormats.

14. Fill a watering can with fresh flowers from your garden and place it on a side table. If the watering can leaks, just place a vase inside.

15. Place a woven tray on your coffee table and fill it with seashells, candles, or potted succulents.

16. Display a collection of vintage beach postcards in simple frames.

16. Need to update your porch? Add an indoor/outdoor rug in your outdoor seating area to define the space.

17. Hang a decorative summer wreath on your front door.

Here are some of my favorite summer wreaths.

18. Place a woven tray on your coffee table and fill it with seashells, candles, or potted succulents.

19. Fill a row of mason jars with fresh flowers. Have you seen the new lavender mason jars? They are so pretty and would be perfect for summer.

You can see them here.

20. Create a DIY rope mirror by wrapping a circular mirror with a thick rope.

21. Use a bright, patterned tablecloth for your outdoor dining area. They have the cutest vinyl tablecloths now that look so high-end.


22. Want to change up your artwork? Add a collection of blue and white patterned plates like I did on the walls of our beach house.

You can take the entire beach house tour here.

23. Change out your dining room tablecloth on your dining table for summer.

24. Hang a colorful bunting or garland across your backyard or patio for a festive look.

25. Display a collection of seashells or driftwood in a terrarium. I created this display last year and those succulents are still going strong.

26. Paint the edges of your garden planters in bright colors for a playful touch. This idea is kind of like painting the sides of drawers except even cuter.

27. Swap out heavy curtains for light, gauzy ones to let in more natural light.

28. If a tablecloth is too much? Change out the runner. For under $20 you can completely change the look of your summer table.

29. Make a summer flag with starfish and sand dollars. Glue them in the stars and stripes pattern to a large oversized piece of plywood.

30. Create a vase with twigs from the garden glued to the glass vase. You can see the DIY project here.

31. Use summer straw hats as decor. Create an entire wall display of all your straw hats. You could also add ribbons and flowers as well.

32. Create a summer table setting and use a large tropical leaf as a DIY placemat.

33. Swap out dark-colored heavy throws for bright, summery ones layered into a basket.

34. Arrange a collection of outdoor lanterns on your porch or deck or front steps. These solar lanterns are the BEST and they just came back in stock. They come on at dusk and turn themselves off at dawn.

35. Change your bedding to lighter, summery colors and patterns.

36. Bring in a small potted palm or fern for a tropical touch.

37. Create a summer drink station for guests. Fill a beverage dispenser with water and slices of fresh fruit and add a slice of fruit to each glass.

38. Frame vacation photos in colorful frames and add them to a side table.

39. Add a bead garland of fishing floats or sea glass beads to a stack of books or basket on a side table.

39. One of the easiest 10-minute ideas? Add lights to your outdoor porch or patio. Here’s how we made light stands for our backyard.

40. Add a stack of colorful hand towels as a kitchen counter display. You can add them to a basket or just stack them up on a pedestal or cutting board.

41. Get a little creative with outdoor dining. Use a colorful beach towel as a table runner and a beach pail to hold cold drinks.

42. Add dried lavender sachets to your linen closet to make it smell like summer.

43. Add a splash of color to a hall or entryway by painting a piece of furniture in a bold paint color.

44. Repurpose a beach tote as storage or as a magazine holder.

45. Add solar lights to your garden outside to shed a little light on all those summer blooms.

46. Add a large outdoor umbrella to a picnic table for a shady and stylish outdoor spot.

47. Add potted plants to your porch and keep them blooming with this simple tip.

48. Repurpose a beach tote as storage or as a magazine holder.

49. Display a collection of summer-themed books on a coffee table. You could also display a book on a book stand. Open it to a page with summer decor.

50. Add a little rustic summer decor with a jute or sisal rug. A seagrass rug is another great summer rug option.

51 Pour a glass of sweet tea and relax. Summer is just getting started.


Happy summer decorating. 🙂

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  1. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    Wow. That is a lot of choices! Wonderful ways to spruce up the house. I know in my town it was 109 the other day and the AC went out! Mercy. Good thing my husband is handy. Love your blog KariAnne

  2. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Get off the darn blog and go have fun with the family!!! We can handle it... we just put on our big girl panties and wait !!! LOL 😉🤗👍 Have a funtastic 4th of July

  3. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Have a wonderful 4th! Thank you for all the inspirational photos and ideas throughout the entire year! I love your ideas!

  4. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I love these blog posts! Lots of easy-to-accomplish creative ideas. Before you know it...two months!...we'll be needing fall inspiration. I gather from what I'm reading online that I'm not the only one who feels as if this summer is going by quickly. Of course, we have been having an unusually cool and rainy summer so far here in the foothills of the Rockies, thanks to El Nino, so I know that helps.

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Wow, that was a lot of the cutest ideas. Your head is probably spinning. Lol. For my 4th of July I joined weight watchers for the 1st time ever. I have 20 pounds I want to drop and my eating is so out of whack. I don't know if WW is what you used to drop all of your weight because whatever you used, you look great. So it is my 4th July gift to me, plus a few of your ideas to spruce up the yard. 😊 Happy July 4th to you and your family.

  6. Image for Elle Elle

    May I add an idea? About a year ago, I moved my artwork around to different locations. Same artwork just new places for them. I did not even need to move the hanging hardware. Everything felt and looked new! I found myself checking out my walls! For large, similar sized works it is easy. And free! I created a grouping of three large works in my hallway all by the same artist.

  7. Image for Leisa Haynes Leisa Haynes

    You're excitement about items you find makes me excited to garage sales! I love how you use it in a different way!

  8. Image for Anne from Simply2Moms Anne from Simply2Moms

    Each idea is cuter than the next, but I'm especially loving the daisies in the clear and blue mason jars! We're sharing this on our weekly roundup!

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