Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning:

1. Tomorrow is the last day of football until August. Are you watching the game?

Or are you watching the commercials?

2. Did you know that make this amazing tool that fixes the snags in your sweater? I didn’t even know they existed.

3. It is about to get COLD in Texas. Next week we have highs in the 30’s. Yikes.

4. I just painted my nails with “Let Me Bayou You a Drink” by OPI. It is the prettiest color for Valentine’s Day. And it makes me feel like I’m 25.

Nail polish for the win.

5. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed these amazing 21 blue and white home decor finds and I shared these 11 furniture makeovers and this simple Valentine’s Day craft project.

6. Did you know if you make a mistake on your keyboard you can just type CTRL Z (or command Z if you are on a mac)? It makes life so much easier.

And now?

Here are all the amazing things I found for us.

It was a good week. 🙂

This DIY heart topiary.

Isn’t it so sweet.

You can see the how-to here.

This kitchen.

It literally makes me sigh.

Here’s how to add old world charm to a kitchen.

No-spend February.

This is a great perspective.

And good advice on how to get out of debt.

I am all about organizing lately.

Especially in the kitchen.

Here are some simple tips for easy kitchen organization.


And in random news:

How to make 8-foot ceilings look taller

This house out of a tugboat

This simple wreath

Linen closet organization ideas

This five-step kitchen cleaning plan

Wait until you see this kitchen

These Valentine’s Day snack ideas

The order you should put your make-up on

This creative craft

These beautiful felt flowers

These easy at-home lunch ideas

And this.

This beautiful cabin. It had me at the first picture.

And one more for the road:

If you are looking for something easy to make for Valentine’s Day?

This is my mother-in-law’s snicker doodle recipe (that has gotten TONS of five-star reviews).

It does not disappoint. 🙂

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Calypso in the Country Calypso in the Country

    I always look forward to your Saturday post. So many wonderful ideas! Enjoy your weekend - and the Super Bowl! Shelley

  2. Image for Donna Donna

    Thanks for your Saturday inspirations. Love the kitchen, the ivy wreath and so much more. That cabin in Sweden makes me cold though & I live in Mn.

  3. Image for Lori Lori

    That kitchen..wow! That cabin in Montana..wow!! I almost booked it but I was afraid of the cost plus I've never been skiing, hubby has. Safe to hike on the trails?? Oh, gee should just go, right? Lol I just had to save the 8' ceiling tips. We have some 8 footers and wondered if we could pull off crown mouldings ( is there a u in that?). I also need a lined cabinet so I will save that too. Great Saturday read especially on a very cold 6 degree day.

    1. Image for Nita Nita

      Lori, I have 8 ft ceilings and i have crown molding in the master bedroom as well as the LR and Dining Room and it looks really good!

  4. Image for MaryAnn MaryAnn

    Here in Massachusetts we’re ?lucky?. Our HS football season was postponed last fall. They are now scheduled to start on Feb 22nd. My Coach son is in the midst of planning for frigid football. Haven’t heard yet if the band will be performing in the snow😊.

  5. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Thank you for Thistlekeeping! I love seeing what you find every week! Looking at it is part of my Saturday morning routine now. Keep up the good work! Jennifer P.S. I also live in Mckinney. It's so fun to follow you knowing your here in my town.

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    Oh, the tugboat. Totally fun. Did you know that you got me hooked on myscandinavianhome.com? Lots of great ideas once again. Enjoy perusing them during your chilly weather (we will be downright cold over the next week--single digits at night, nothing above 20* during the days .... call me crazy but I'm enjoying it). It will be a good week to hunker down and dream.

  7. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I know you think 30 is cold in Texas but here in Chicagoland we are in a deep freeze🥶 and would welcome 30. It would be a heat wave🤣 When I woke this morning it was 2 degrees. Plus we have about 18 inches of snow cover.❄️ And the weather forcast for this week is much of the same. BRRRRR Love all the Saturday ideas. So smart.


    Love your Saturday posts, KariAnne! There's always something for everyone! Love all the home decor ideas and the crafts! Thanks for always bringing us such great posts! I know this takes a lot of time for you to prepare. Appreciate you so much! Have a great weekend with your hubby and family!

  9. Image for Cindy@CountyRoad407 Cindy@CountyRoad407

    Thanks so much for the feature. It put a smile on my face. As does all of Thistlekeeping really. We need to get to the grocery store so we can make some fun super bowl snacks. And with this cold coming, I feel some chili and grilled cheese coming my way. Stay warm!

  10. Image for Kim | Shiplap and Shells Kim | Shiplap and Shells

    My Saturday smile! You never disappoint. Love Lucy's DIY topiary. I'm so sorry to hear that it will be getting cold. Now I won't be able to see your cute little bare feet in stories. I'm actually really sad about that. So funny about Super Bowl commercials, people want to watch them, but they hate wanting them the rest of the year. Have a great weekend KariAnne.

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    My suggestion- Make these snickerdoodles for your friends & family for Valentine’s Day!!! My daughter made them at Christmas & we decided it was the best cookie we had ever eaten! Absolutely delicious! Does NOT disappoint!!! Thanks for the weekly Thistlekeeping! It’s my favorite post of the week!!!

  12. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Dear Sweet LADY! Tell me how you find the time to find all these wonderful ideas? I'm so glad I signed up for your blog! It gives me sooooo many ideas and enjoyable "findings". Keep it up for us all.

  13. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    As always so much to look at , that Old World kitchen was so good and cabin in the alps, they were my favorites. I really don't care that much about the Super Bowl, it is going to be very cold, so stay warm and have a great week.

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