Random thoughts on the first day of summer:

1. We had a thunderstorm here last night. After 24 days without rain, watching the amazing display of thunder and lightning was amazing.

2. Our family posed for a family picture yesterday and right before the photo was taken, Buddy walked up and posed himself in the photo. I think he knew we were taking pictures and didn’t want to be left out.

3. Remember when I asked for your opinion on the laundry room paint colors? I can’t wait to show you the finished space on Monday. Here’s a hint. I went with the number one suggestion from all of you all.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed how moms should teach math and I shared some of my favorite finds for outdoor dining and we talked about composting and how to start with a mini composter in your yard.

5. I almost got a vintage balloon mold at an estate sale yesterday. But I hesitated. And then? Someone else bought it instead.

I’m still regretting it.

Have you ever hesitated at a yard sale or estate sale and lost?

(total aside: I spent all day yesterday trying to think of ways to DIY it for my home.)

And now?

Let’s see what inspiration I found for us from around the web this week.

This simple DIY to make any container into a vintage crock.

I love vintage crocks, but they can be so expensive.

Make your own here.

Have you ever made a galette before?

Just between us, I’ve never heard of this term before.

But now?

I want to make one.

See the recipe here.

These simple plant tips.

I learned so much from her post.

See all the tips here.

Speaking of gardening goals.

Look at this amazing diamond pattern espalier.

See how she made it here.


In random news this week:

This home tour with TONS of color

How to shorten jeans

These DIY tables

Summer candles that smell like vacation

I’m going to try and make this

These amazing befores and afters

How to clean a baking sheet

These non-fiction books that read like novels

This house made me so happy

Such a clever DIY

And this. If you skip all the other links, make sure to read this one.

The message is perfect.

And one more for the road

I get TONS of questions about how to mix patterns.

If you’ve ever wondered about your pattern mixing skills—I have a quiz for you.

You can see the quiz here.

Want to learn more about the secrets of patterns and how to mix them?

See tons more tips in my book, The DIY Home Planner (affiliate link).


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  1. Image for Karen Karen

    I've only recently begun following Joshua Becker. Yes! to taking time to realize the blessings of my family and home. My husband and I talk about them every day. Contentment is sweet!

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    So if I'm a "pattern pro", why I am struggling with my throw pillow patterns??? Haha! Excellent lineup today, KariAnne. I'm in awe of people who can pull together so many different colors in decorating and make it look like it's just right. And now I'm toying with the basket-as-a-side-table, since I need a side table in my living room and have been struggling with what to do.

  3. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Thank you for another wonderful weekly wrap up! Amazing ideas! And yes I have hesitated at a garage sale- I still think about it 30 years later :(

  4. Image for Loryl Loryl

    One regret of not buying an antique or yard sale fine: a milking lantern. At the time it was $55. Too rich for my young married blood. But it reminded me of my grandfather and his dairy farm. I still wish I’d have bought it. But we needed groceries more than a milking lantern at the time. I’ve never seen another like it. And that was over 35 years ago! All great ideas and internet finds this week!

  5. Image for Mary Mary

    Hi KarriAnne-Just read you blog and feel bad for you you didn't buy the Vintage Balloon Mold what a good purchase that would have been I went on Google and some of them are worth a nice price I'm sure it would have been nice for you to have.


    Thanks for another fabulous Saturday post, KariAnne! I enjoyed reading everything! I never thought of hemming jeans the "easy" way but I will certainly use this method from now on! Also enjoyed Joshua's post and how he mentioned that "it's about slowing down from life long enough to appreciate and enjoy people who matter most"! What great advice! Sorry you missed out on the Vintage Balloon Mold. I hope you'll be able to find one soon! Have a great weekend with your dear hubby and family!

  7. Image for Sheila Sheila

    Aww so flattered and honored that you featured my diamond espalier KariAnne - thank you!! It was an easy project actually, and soo worth the little effort it took to transform that very blank wall! Happy Summer to you! Sheila xo

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