Looking for a few laundry room ideas for your space? Here are four different options for decorating the walls in a laundry room.

laundry room ideas

Y’all have met my laundry room before.

It sits at the back of the house and has a butler’s pantry on one side and gets tons of light and has the prettiest dutch door that leads outside.

Most of the time the tiled floor stays clean except for an extra stinky sock or two that randomly shows up and won’t leave.

One side has a washer and dryer and one side has dishes and a mini-barn door that is an amazing way to hide the trash.

And this room?

It’s going to be my first project of 2020.

I have a few laundry room ideas to update the space, but before I get started I need a little help.

I’m at a decorating crossroads.

And now?

I need a big opinion.

Let me start by saying that I love the colors in the space.

The walls are painted Repose Gray SW 7015.

The trim and door and shelving are painted Extra White SW 7006.

I think that color scheme works for most of the room.


(total aside: don’t you love a good question mark in the middle of a story?)

Then there’s this side.

It has tons of shelving and its where I keep all my white dishes.

I have an entire collection of luncheon plates that I’ve collected from yard sales and thrift stores

But here’s the thing.

Those white dishes are amazing.

But they kind of get lost against that white backdrop.

Don’t you think?

It’s the same dilemma I had in the front room when I painted the back of the bookcase navy to make the milk glass collection in there pop.

So I came up with a few laundry room ideas for the back of the bookshelves.

And I’ve been going back and forth as to what to do.

So I thought I would come to you for an opinion.

You are my village after all.


So here are my four options (in no particular order).

Laundry Room Ideas

Option 1: Repose Gray SW 7015

The first laundry room idea I had was to paint the back of the shelves with Repose Gray SW 7015.

This is the color of the walls of the rest of the room and it would continue the color behind the bookcases.

Pros: I already have the paint and it’s a super soft color.

Cons: It might not be enough of a contrast.

Option 2: Peppercorn SW 7674

This is a darker, contrasting paint.

It’s similar to the color grout I have on the tile floor and it would pick up the gray flowers on the floor.

Pros: It would really provide a contrasting background for the dishes.

Cons: Whoa Nellie. It just might be TOO MUCH.

laundry room ideas

Option 3: Striping the back wall with Repose Gray SW 7015

This would definitely provide contrast for the dishes and it’s a great way to incorporate the existing wall color.

I could make the stripes slightly smaller so they would be a little more graphic.

Pros: It would definitely provide contrast to the wall and pop it out.

Cons: The pattern might fight with the flooring and are stripes even in now in 2020?

laundry room ideas grasscloth

Option 4: Grasscloth wallpaper

I already have a roll of peel and stick wallpaper that I was going to use for a bookcase project and I may have enough for this space.

I think the color I have won’t really fight with the brown in the baskets.

You can see a version of what I have here.

Pros: It’s a super fresh, modern approach to the space and I already have the paper.

Cons: Will it be enough of a contrast? Will the grasscloth look out of place in a 100-year-old home.

laundry room ideas coffee station

Option 5: Do nothing

Make a cup of coffee in that coffee pot and tell the dishes will have to make a statement all on their own.

Pros: I would have time to catch up on Project Runway.

Cons: I REALLY want to do something with this wall to make the dishes stand out.

So there you have it, friend.

A laundry room with all the laundry room ideas and no place to go.

So what would you do?

If you walked in this back door every day and told it hello and looked at that bookcase would you paint it a soft color?

Would you paint it a contrasting color?

Would you stripe it?

Would you wallpaper it?

Decorating minds want to know. 🙂

Let’s discuss in the comments.

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  1. Image for Evelyn M Hobbs Evelyn M Hobbs

    First choice...contrasting gray Second choice..soft gray Third choice... wallpaper Fourth choice...do nothing

  2. Image for Melissa Melissa

    Karianne - I vote for the peppercorn. I know it seems scary but we're not talking about a lot of square footage. Your shelves and dishes will POP and it coordinates with the flooring. Good luck!!!

  3. Image for Patti Patti

    My vote is get a sample of the peppercorn and just do a section. I think it would make those dishes pop and would be a very nice contrast.

    1. Image for Patti Patti

      I recently just painted my whole dining room wrought iron by Benjamin Moore and I love it. I’ve used Simply white on the bottom for the board and batten and then have a lot of white furniture in the room and it looks really pretty. when I said use a sample I mean just to try it out to see if you like it and then go for it! My builder thought I was crazy for using black but the room turned out really well.

  4. Image for MJ MJ

    My very first instinct without even looking at he choices was a darker gray because the milk glass will POP and yes it will pick up the colors in the floor. Compromise-go one shade lighter than the dark gray pictured-still gets you the contrast without the terror. I am sure whatever you pick will be perfect!

  5. Image for Sharon Rexroad Sharon Rexroad

    I can't believe a gal that rocks bright red lipstick thinks there's something that is "TOO MUCH". So there goes that excuse on the Peppercorn. It would be gorgeous! My second choice is grasscloth. It's actually a very traditional wallcovering so it'd be fine in a historical home. You'd just be using it in an untraditional space for it. Which sounds just like you! Oh, and while stripes are not my choice for this project, they are never out of style.

  6. Image for Linda C Johnston Linda C Johnston

    Peppercorn wins by a landslide! Matches the grout, therefore will do the following: 1. NOT add another pattern 2. Compliment existing colors and patterns without arguing with each other about who rules the roost! lol 3. Provides an excellent contrast to the dishes (which is what you are trying to achieve). 4. Personally, I think the dishes will become best friends with their new neighbor!

  7. Image for Jane Jane

    I have always loved the look of those shelves with your white dish collection. I would do nothing right now (or paint it Peppercorn lol). Grace & Frankie has a new season out!

  8. Image for Julie Julie

    Peppercorn! Yes, get a sample jar of this paint and do a section and see how it looks. It is bold, and yet I just had my kitchen painted from a soft grey to a bold teal, and honey it POPS and looks awesome. I'm sure you will not regret this color choice!! And worse case, if you can't live with it, it's paint and it can be redone! =-) Good luck!

  9. Image for Pegi Pegi

    Love your laundry room and especially the Dutch door. I vote for the peppercorn paint color on the back of the shelves, option 2

  10. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    Hmmmm. I'm always a "less is more" kind of decorator. You have a lot going on with the basket textures, floor, dishes, back splash tile, etc. I opt for number one and and just continue the Repose Gray around the rest of the room. I feel like the space is too small to break it up with too much color and the Repose will provide a subtle contrast for the dishes. Be sure and post pictures with what you decide to do. Inquiring minds will want to know. ;-)

    1. Image for Laura Laura

      Yes, What she said - paint the back of the shelves with repose gray! This is what I would do and so appropriate for your historical home.

  11. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I'm a count the cost person. Repose grey is my first choice, you have it and I think it would be enough contrast. Second would be the darker grey. I think the stripes would be too much with the floor and the subway tile, plus....I'm in the middle of painting stripes in our mudroom, and holy ton of work!!! I do like the natural texture of the grass cloth...you do have it already, can you take the shelves down to do it? Otherwise the work of trying to cut the paper to fit would be such a pain! So fun to share opinions in someone else's home!

  12. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    I vote for the #1 - Repose Gray. I think it will give enough contrast without being overpowering. Perhaps the material lining (burlap?) the baskets could be changed to a darker gray or a blackish gray to tie in to the black hardware, tile and counter appliances. Whatever you choose to do will be perfect!

  13. Image for Janet D Janet D

    Peppercorn is my choice. Looks like everyone agrees! Would look nice with the grout also. Can't wait to see it!!

  14. Image for Susan Sims Susan Sims

    I'm commitment-phobic. It's easier to paint over a light color than a dark color. You already have REPOSE GRAY SW 7015, so see if you like it. If not, go buy PEPPERCORN SW 7674, and paint over it. i think you have enough going on without strips, and I think the dishes add enough pattern. I have the same comment regarding texture vis a vis grasscloth.

  15. Image for Robin Robin

    You have a smashingly beautiful workspace. Serene...and what a bonus to get to oogle your white-ware collection while sorting socks. ❤️ I’ll cast my vote for the dark gray...peppercorn. I’d want to match the color of the grout...because I’m definitely a matchy-matchy girl....and like things simple. Do what makes you happy, though. 😊

  16. Image for Deborah Deborah

    I'd make several sample boards with all of the options covered. I think the grass-cloth would be beautiful but it might not fit with your home's style. I love the dark gray and the contrast would be beautiful but it would eat up the light in your room.

  17. Image for Christy H Christy H

    I would either match the grout color of your backsplash/subway tile, so whichever of the grays is closest would be my preference, or I would go with the grass cloth! It ties in nicely with the baskets you have and would really warm up that area.

  18. Image for lee lee

    You have the most lovely, pretty, serene, and clean home. I feel such warmth when I read your blog! I would totally add a pop of color (think water pitchers) I happen to collect those. I have a set of white ones too, So, I would mix in beautiful colors in between the dishes. Also, I would stack the dish collection and display a few plates/cups, Plus, it gives you more room to buy more white plates! LOL! Also,I love the idea of a wallpaper splash behind the shelves (neutral, not too busy). I'm always moving stuff around, repurposing and redecorating. Sometimes, it takes a few tries to get it just the way you envision it. You got this girl!

  19. Image for Janet Janet

    I see a lot of votes for Peppercorn, and I agree that it would make to dishware stand out, I think it would add too much “visual weight” to the shelf area. The room would look top heavy. I think a lighter grey would work, or even the grasscloth which picks up the tone/texture of the baskets. Anyway, you are fortunate to have that lovely space to store your white treasures!

    1. Image for Downraspberrylane Downraspberrylane

      This was my first reaction too. Also, whatever color is used, it's going to look like big stripes running around the room. I would either do a very light color on the backs AND the shelves, or leave it alone.

  20. Image for GLENDA GLENDA

    I'm a peppercorn girl at heart so that would be my pick........Love your thought process. Thank you friend for asking us.... ;)

  21. Image for deb deb

    Out of your four choices, I might go with peppercorn. However, that grasscloth is calling my name! Grasscloth comes in many colors also. Just sayin...

  22. Image for Margaret Margaret

    Ooohhh...love the idea of peppercorn but agree with previous comments about sampling - how about all three options just on one section side by side and then make a decision??

  23. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Grasscloth...as soon as I looked at that picture option, I noticed your storage baskets. The grasscloth and wicker work great together...marriage made in heaven...looks so fresh and clean and bright and adds texture...that’s my opinion :)

  24. Image for Joanna Joanna

    I definitely vote for Peppercorn. It will make your dishes "pop" and be the glue to blend all of the room together. Can't wait to see what you finally decide. Good luck and have fun.

  25. Image for Lou Ann Lou Ann

    Option 1 is a beautiful soft color! You like the color and have the paint. If you try it and don’t like it you could go with option 2.! I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  26. Image for Debi Debi

    I just love your room and would love to have the space for my dishes and that Dutch door! I think a dark grey would be be terrific! Love the stripe idea but yes, it may be too much. Course you could try it and paint over the white if the contrast is “whoa nelly” too much!

  27. Image for Susan Walker Susan Walker

    Good morning KariAnne! We just put built ins in our pantry and they are Shoji White. My daughter told me I needed a big punch of color and we went with SW Sea Serpent 7615. It is amazing. I was going to stay in my neutral lane with Agreeable Gray. So happy I jumped in. I love it! As the others have said Go Bold! Peppercorn for the win!

  28. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I really, really like the dark grey, and the way it goes with your grout. The grass paper is okay because it sort of compliments the baskets. But, I really, really like the dark grey. None of the others wowed me at all.

  29. Image for Tamra Feito Tamra Feito

    First choice: Peppercorn. It will look great there! Second choice: grasscloth. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  30. Image for Nicole Strom Nicole Strom

    I'd go with the Peppercorn, but if it were my laundry room, I'd go even bolder...go black. It will match the hardware on your sliding door, the grout, and the black in the tile. The great thing about paint, you can always paint over it if you don't like it.

  31. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I would mix the two gray colors. It would be be dark enough to make the dishes pop, while leaving a light and airy feel to the room. Good luck, whatever you choose will be lovely.

  32. Image for Bab Bab

    I vote for the lighter gray paint color. It’s not one of your options, but what about a mottled or faux gray paint that kind of mimics the caulk board? Your decorating skills are far superior to mine and I look forward to seeing photos of your finished product.

  33. Image for Pamela T Pamela T

    My vote is for Peppercorn with Repose Gray as next choice. Like the idea of the stripes, but could possibly be too busy for your space and it’s multiple components. Can’t wait to see what you do; it will be stunning!

  34. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I’m going with grasscloth! It adds enough contrast for the dishes to pop but doesn’t make the room look top heavy.

  35. Image for Denise Denise

    Lol, thought I’d be alone on my Peppercorn island but seems to be a huge winner! Since the room gets so much light it should be STRIKING! Just had a quick thought - how about Peppercorn at 50% or 75%? Perhaps the undertones might take over but might give you the contrast you want without being too much.

  36. Image for Lou E Gipson Lou E Gipson

    My honest opinion? I'm tired of grays.. and stripes,, wall paper/grasscloth are pains in the patootie especially when you change your mind for something else.. and have to remove it! I would use a shade of blue but then i am a lover of blue... that would follow the current color scheme downstairs of your home!

  37. Image for SuZeQ SuZeQ

    Hmmmmmmmmm … have you thought about black? Of course you have and immediately nixed it, right? How about pink to match those beautiful posies? I'm curious to see your end-results.

  38. Image for Katue Katue

    I love the laundry room! And the white shelves look nice as they are- but- change is always so fun! I definitely like the Repose Gray. But I am wondering about the baskets. They are really cute, and I know you have baskets on the other side of the room and repeating is very nice...but they seem maybe just a tiny bit too... browny gold? I was wondering if something with more brown/ gray tones might look really nice? As in some wood boxes possibly?If you did end up with the gray color. Yet, I definitely think the baskets are cute and seem like they would be easy to use. Probably easier than wood☺️. Thanks for the fun of being a part of your creativity!

  39. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Use the grass cloth, especially if it’s peel-and-stick! It will be a soft contrast but with texture - perfect for your vintage home! 😊

  40. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Personally, I would leave it as is. It looks so fresh and clean. My second choice would be the stripes. I so enjoy your blog! Have a great weekend.

  41. Image for Carol@BlueskyatHome Carol@BlueskyatHome

    I love the grass cloth look. I’m not sure about the brown shade though. We have grass cloth in the back of a couple of shelves in our kitchen and it’s still a great look. I know you already have the brown, but would a blue shade give more color and contrast? Just a thought. What a great space.

  42. Image for Julee Julee

    I have to agree with almost everyone else! Peppercorn is my vote! I do love some grasscloth wallpaper too though.....

  43. Image for Missy Missy

    Definitely the Peppercorn! Next choice the grass cloth. Had it in an old 1936 house (original real deal stuff) and it was gorgeous but my cats loved to use it for nail sharpening. Lol. I painted my home exterior in May with SW Gauntlet Gray with SW Caviar trim. It is gorgeous. Could have gone darker on the body of the house. You will love the Peppercorn.

  44. Image for Florence Florence

    Would forget stripes (vertical stripes + horizontal metro tiles + hexagonal floor tiles might be too much geometry). And peppercorn on top part of the room might be too heavy. Why not trying a pop of color on all the room shelves instead of back wall? The room is small enough to go a little out of the box.

  45. Image for Laura Laura

    Repose.. I prefer the lighter color... but, if you paint it peppercorn, you can paint over it if it's too dark. Wallpaper is such alot of work, I've sworn off of it! :) I think striping would look sort of weird behind the shelves, and be too busy. I love your butler's pantry, you are so lucky to have such a lovely area and all these options!!

  46. Image for Alice Alice

    Grass cloth all the way. I did this in the back of a bookcase. It’s subtle, adds texture and doesn’t fight with what’s in front of it. It’s much better when the walls and decorations all play nice! Plus it will pop the receipt paper holder on the opposite wall. I bought mine on eBay by the foot...inexpensive solution. Good luck!

  47. Image for Laurin Laurin

    I love the Peppercorn #2 choice. The dark would make the white dishes pop and goes along with the grout color in your white tile. The grass cloth would be good but also draws so much dust that I don't think it would be good for this area but I am NOT a designer. I love everything you do so I am sure you will pick something wonderful!

  48. Image for Mary Caliendo Mary Caliendo

    I love your Laundry. Period. But yes I agree with you the dishes get lost on the white on white, but here's a suggestion. Why not paint the shelves the color of the dutch door??? Painting the shelves brings that contrast color to the other side of the room, and it won't feel cave-like along with keeping the back white it may just be enough to make it pop?? otherwise 1. the repose gray It's such an adorable room.

  49. Image for Rachel Rachel

    I would paint it the soft gray color. For my personality that is the choice that would make the laundry room feel all dressed and ready to go... you know... to market or prom or somewhere. Btw...I have a bunch of white dishes with that same pattern and I LOVE them. It includes a cake stand. Squeeeee! Have a happy day!

  50. Image for Amy Amy

    It's so pretty already, but I am a sucker for contrast! I think painting it Peppercorn is the best option. Now, if you decide to catch up on tv, it already looks dreamy so no harm done!

  51. Image for Susan Susan

    You will not be sorry you used Peppercorn!!! My laundry room is enclosed with no windows and is white with a black accent wall behind white washer and dryer and a black/grey tile floor and it just pops and makes me happy every time I’m in there 😍! Oh, and I painted both doors black, too. So cool!!

  52. Image for Sandra Sandra

    Karianne, I'm a blue and white person also but I vote for the peppercorn. I think the contrast will really make the dishes pop.

  53. Image for Sandy Orazine Sandy Orazine

    Love your style and your talks and have never shared here but I'm jumping in. My bedroom is peppercorn and I luuuv it and think the high contrast would be beautiful. That said, there is a blue cast to it when the light hits it. With low lighting the color reads charcoal. A test would be in order if blue isn't the goal.

  54. Image for Belinda Belinda

    The grasscloth wallpaper is a hit with me. It contrasts well with the baskets without putting too much of a contrast into an otherwise perfect room.

  55. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I would go with Repose Gray first, and Peppercorn second. I think stripes would be too busy in a small space, and I'm thinking dust-catcher when I think grasscloth! LOL!! Just make sure you give us the update!!

  56. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Like the grass cloth; ties in the baskets and doesn’t fight with anything else in the room. It is a subtle and warm addition to a room that has a lot going on in it!

  57. Image for Toni Toni

    Repose Gray. Still provides contrast but I think the white dishes against the peppercorn will overpower the total look. The stripes would be too much going on and the grass cloth would be my second choice as it would add texture to tie with the baskets. Paint a piece of foam core board or poster board to fit and try in place to get an idea. What I have learned to do.

  58. Image for cindy@countyroad407 cindy@countyroad407

    I was just thinking about a contrast as soon as I saw the photo. Then when you asked the same question, I thought, oooh, I'm just like KariAnne! Woo hoo! I'd go with Peppercorn or even Tricorn Black! Love your laundry room. Quick question... What is behind the boxed in part (the wall) behind the chalkboard? ;)

  59. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Here we go....love the Peppercorn color....I think you’re right, it is a little too dark. I absolutely LOVE grass cloth and it is timeless and works with just about all styles, if you ask me 😊. Use the grass cloth and paint it. Dilute the Peppercorn by half and all will be gorgeous. You get the amazing texture of grass cloth with a darker color that is just right! My Mom has a light rusty red grass cloth that covers the largest wall in their family room and it is stunning! Can’t wait to hear what you decide and see it 🥰

  60. Image for Jane Jane

    I like the peppercorn. Your dishes would really stand out! I’m sure whatever you decide will be beautiful, but I wouldn’t leave it as is. Your dishes are lost.

  61. Image for Sevahn Sevahn

    I love the bookshelves in the dark blue. I would go with a dark color like burgundy. It really has to be whatever is your favorite color. I also love wallpaper, so I would find a flowery print or a garden print because you are coming in from the back door...something with daisies...

  62. Image for Joy Pinkerton Joy Pinkerton

    I vote peppercorn too!! Just look at how beautiful your naval bookshelf turned out! I immediately thought of that when I saw your post today. I like the grasscloth idea too but I think the bold dark color would be awesome in that pretty bright space!!

  63. Image for Char Char

    I would use an unexpected color for a bit of fun. Maybe a happy sky blue or sunny yellow to connect the space to the outdoors. It never hurts to have a happy laundry room.

  64. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Well, looks like I"m on the winning side: love grasscloth! Always have. Have had it twice. One in a gorgeous blue we used in the front hall of one house. Unfortunately, the cat loved it, too! Would climb all the way up to the ceiling on it! Ugh! I have one wrench to through in: blue grasscloth! Some shade of blue would love awesome! A blue gray or even a more knock-out blue. I love-love-love your laundry room but I agree. The white side needs a little sprucing up. All those lovely dishes die into the wall. Whatever you choose will be great! :D

  65. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Ok another totally different way to go. Pick out a blue that will brighten the room. I have a very small laundry room and I used Airway (love the name) from Benjamin Moore. Had a canvas printed that I took when we were at St. Johns and makes me happy to go in there now. Add color to your life.

  66. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    Just a thought...paint 2 Pieces of board (that fit behind the dishes), one the softer gray and one the peppercorn. Put one on one shelf and one on the other and see how you like it, or switch them out after a couple of days...you might be able to make the decision from there.

    1. Image for Susan Susan

      Hi KariAnne, I think grass cloth is out of step with the style of your beautiful home, and striping the wall might compete too much with your collection. I prefer the Peppercorn because it will play well off the grout and also balance the chalk board on the opposite wall. I know it will be fabulous no matter what you choose! Can wait to see it done! Best regards, Susan

  67. Image for YVonne Shafer YVonne Shafer

    NO grass cloth! Too “50’s” for your old house! With all that bright sunlight, why go dark? And I think stripes are always fresh and are classic. I’d vote for the stripes first, then the light grey. So many choices!

  68. Image for LA Tann LA Tann

    I did not read all comments so I hope I am not repeating other comments! What about painting alternate HORIZONTAL stripes using peppercorn and repose gray? You could start with peppercorn on wall section above 1st shelf, then repose above 2nd shelf and on to the top...ending with repose gray at the top section. So you'd basically have big wide swaths of color and a whole lot of interest!!! Whatever you end up with will be interesting and pretty using these colors. Good luck!

  69. Image for Lori G Lori G

    Repose grey is my first choice because it's a small space, you have the paint, it's enough contrast for the white dishes. You have enough going on in there.,

  70. Image for Julie Julie

    Hello Karianne! i'm a long-time follower and I'm going to attempt to make my first post to you! how exciting for me! :) I love your blog and love your positive spirit! My vote is Peppercorn! I chose Black Fox (SW) for the lower wall of our chair rail in our dining room last year and the trim is Dover White (SW) and the upper wall of our chair rail is Accessible Beige (SW). Our painter tried to talk me out of using Black Fox, but once it was on the walls and all complete he fell in love with it and me too!

  71. Image for Donna Bray Donna Bray

    I really love #1. It's a step up and I would be afraid to go darker. It's so cheerful and you need cheerful when you walk in and say "How do you do?" I can see you smile already 😊

  72. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    First, let me say I love this room, like pack a suitcase and bring my sleeping bag! I love all your ideas and your crazy segues are the me inside my head that no one hears ! I want to be you when I grow up! ( well retire actually I have 5 small grandsons!) I would go wallpaper, but maybe be bold and pick something with a little pizzazz!! A bit more color, a pale blush of something soft. Like wearing a nude pump that adds a touch of something to a challenging outfit!

  73. Image for Jan Jan

    I haven’t read all of the comments, so someone might have suggested this already AND you didn’t ask for this, but what about something bright and fun and unexpected? Coral popped into my mind, but it could be anything you love. It is a laundry room after all...not the most exciting spot...and some color could jazz it up. What about that pink you used in this post? You of the red lipstick, and all.

  74. Image for Sherrill L DePolis Sherrill L DePolis

    Peppercorn for the win. I especially do not like the stripe idea since the grouted backsplash would not work well with the stripes. I think it would look way too busy. I also think the grasscloth is too dull for the room.

  75. Image for Maggie Blackwell Maggie Blackwell

    I vote for the peppercorn on the wall, no wallpaper. Yes, it's dark but you've got white shelves and white dishes. They will tone down that dark color and it will make them pop. Do it, girl!

  76. Image for Louann Louann

    If it was my laundry room, I would opt for SW Color of the Year . . . . .#6244 in Naval Think there is enough black and gray! Your beautiful dishes would POP!

  77. Image for laura@everydayedits.co laura@everydayedits.co

    HOLY MOLY! PEPPERCORN FOR THE WIN! I just kept scrolling and the Peppercorn jumped off the screen. You have plenty of light for Peppercorn and it would look great with the tile! Quick question: do your shelves to the left of the W/D cross over a window? Happy Friday My Friend!

  78. Image for Suzy Suzy

    I vote for Peppercorn! I tried to ignore all the other comments above mine, but I did make my decision before I looked at other comments.

    1. Image for Mary in VA Mary in VA

      I thought of that too but since it wasn't on the option list I voted for peppercorn ;) Really love that door color.

  79. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    I love the softness and subtlety of the repose gray. Plus I love using up paint! Definitely don't love the stripes; competes not only with the floor but the lines of the subway tile, too. The peppercorn would be fun, though I'm about to tire of black and white, I think. :) You can't go wrong, KariAnne. Whatever you show us in the end, I'll be thinking you made the right choice!

  80. Image for Shirley Shirley

    I know whatever you decide is going to be the right choice for you...but, my personal choice is no. 5. I love a good cup of coffee and time to ponder and ponder, and then another cup of coffee, and then love the idea that white on white looks absolutely elegant in any house and in any season. Whew, and I saved all that time and energy to go out and have some fun!😊🤗😘

  81. Image for bobbie bobbie

    Repose Grey!!! Peppercorn is WAY too dark/YUCK on the grass cloth/I've never liked striped walls. Hoope that helps!

  82. Image for Dee Dee

    Well what a gorgeous space first of all! Wow, you have done an amazing job integrating two spaces and they both work so beautifully together! Since you asked, I would go either with a Repose Gray, or I can't even believe I'm saying this, the grasscloth! The reason I like the Repose Gray is because you've already used it on the walls in the laundry room I think that it would offer enough of a contrast to your beautiful white dishes, and yet still give the entire space a lovely cohesive look. To be honest, I can't see the stripes or the Peppercorn paint color for the simple matter that I don't think it'll go as well with the laundry side. I think that dark contrast would be too much and you would tire of it more easily,and to be honest it would bug me if I walked into the full space and saw the soft Repose Gray and on the other side the dark Peppercorn.that's just me of course, I like a space to look more unified especially if it's a shared space. I think the grasscloth would work because it would allow you to have some contrast and texture without overpowering the Repose Gray. It looks like it would be a good addition especially if it doesn't compete with the baskets that you already have in that space. You are so sweet to even ask anyone's opinion, because truly you are the most gifted in and of yourself and always have the best eye and the most phenomenal sense of decorating. Whatever you choose to do it's going to be perfect for you, and if you change your mind later then you change your mind! 😄😘

  83. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    Peppercorn! You already have the dark chalkboard so it’s not too much. Dark grey was my first thought and it’s a great contrast and it goes with the room and you have plenty of light and there’s so much white in the room that it shouldn’t be too dark. I think that’s the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever written. 😉 I say go for it!

  84. Image for Rebecca K Rebecca K

    Definitely Peppercorn! The contrast reminds me of the chalkboard “LAUNDRY” on the opposite side. And it’s paint! If you don’t like it, paint over it, mottle it or something else. Not enough contrast with the light gray. Too much Busy-ness with the stripes, against the beautiful white pieces and the tile grout. Whatever you do, I’ll bet we all love it!

  85. Image for Young Young

    You are a statement yourself, so go for the bold Peppercorn and let that white shine. It will be noticed for sure and will not fade at all. Even the laundry room can be pretty. !!!

  86. Image for Hilary Hilary

    Peppercorn! I've had a can of it for a few months. We happen to have a snowday today - I'm going to paint my white bathroom vanity! Thanks for inspiring me ;)

  87. Image for Romeogirl Romeogirl

    WOW - incredible room already. Wallpaper or nothing! The texture of the wallpaper really compliments your baskets.

  88. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I think the only option that I wouldn't do is the stripes - the other 3 options in order of my choice is 1) grass cloth 2) Peppercorn 3) Repose. I'm sure it would all look great! Total aside, I'm curious how you keep this space dusted? If that were in my house those cups would be full to the brim with dust lol

  89. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Hi KariAnne.. not sure if you’re going to see my comment as it’s sooo far down BUT I hope you do...I have been told I have a big opinion at times...haha..personally, I don’t think you want any more pattern or lines. Easy choice for me...peppercorn for the win ! A butlers pantry must be an American luxury, not heard of too much in Canada ! Enjoy painting

  90. Image for Diane Diane

    Peppercorn. If you love the navy behind the white in the LR built ins then the peppercorn will not be too much at all. Not crazy about the stripes at all. Meh with the grass cloth unless it’s a much darker color.

  91. Image for Jane Jane

    I like peppercorn but I also wonder about using grayish chalkboard paint. It would allow you to write some cheerful messages from time to time.

  92. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Peppercorn! In my computer room I have light gray walls with white bookshelves. I painted the back of the bookshelves a dark gray and couldn't be happier. Makes for a great contrast and really makes anything I put on the shelves stand out more. I, too, thought maybe it would be too dark but it's stunning. And I get lots of positive comments about the color against the white.

  93. Image for patti classen patti classen

    Repose Gray. Not too much contrast that would eventually drive you crazy; just enough. just enough to make you say: " I love you and my dishes."

  94. Image for Eve Lewis Eve Lewis

    You could just go wild and do a bright wallpaper print, or use a stencil with maybe your darker paint color, so there is still a lot of white. But some color. It would be a lot more work to stencil, but on amazon, they have sets of 4 that could vary the design, and make it interesting.

  95. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Peppercorn. Fo SHOT!!! Exactly what it needs. You will be so happy with the results - but you know that, don't you? If you all had used white grout and it was solid tiling I think a black and white toile couldas been pretty nifty too - but with floor and tile pattern you need a solid and the peppercorn will balance everything perfectly. Can you move your mug rack and put a plant there? Like an indoor herb garden? If I had a sunny room like that I'd have lots of herbs there growing all year. I love your laundry room sooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  96. Image for Theda Theda

    The Grasscloth option makes sense because you have it on hand. It would look great. The Peppercorn option is very bold but, perhaps the color could be mixed at a lesser percentage (I learned that from you!) This would give the pop you're looking for and tie in with the floor. This would be my choice. Whatever you decide, it will be amazing!!

  97. Image for june june

    I can’t believe I’m saying this...I LOVE the peppercorn. Immediately made the flooring pop. Love that tile...reminds me of my childhood home❤️. I am typically conservative with color...but love the peppercorn. Excited to see what you do.

  98. Image for Rhonda Umphrey Rhonda Umphrey

    Love the Dutch door. My first thought was pull the color from the door, It would draw the color into the corner of the room. Peppercorn is a great color. It's paint, you shouldn't have fear of using a strong accent. The contrast of the white shelves will counteract a top heavy feel. The wall will recede into the background leaving the focus on the beautiful wares.

  99. Image for Lindsay Lindsay

    Lucky you! I wish I had your dilemma with this fantastic space. My "laundry room" shares the space with a hot water heater, the furnace, mismatched open shelving wherever it would fit, the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner. It is painted " builder's white". That being said, your room is absolutely beautiful the way it is.

  100. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, why don’t you try a wallpaper that is similar to your flooring? A small print check or floral design in colors that you have on the floor. Just a thought. I know with your amazing mind you will find the right way to accent your lovely white dishes.

  101. Image for Lindsay Lindsay

    I just reread my comment and it sounds a bit snarky. That was certainly not my intent. I LOVE your laundry room and your fabulous blog.

  102. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    WOW!!! I was cleaning my Mom's house, hence my late response. Otherwise, I'd have been the first to yell, " PEPPERCORN.... OR GO HOME!!!" Be daring! You certainly have in 2019, especially with your Christmas decor... 😉!!!! I think it would make for a beautiful contrast and really bring those dishes to the forefront!!!

  103. Image for jan jan

    You have a beautiful home! Have you considered leaving the paint and just changing the color of the dishes that are leaning up against the wall behind the white dishes? You could go with any of the colors you are debating - in dish (or tray) form - and then could change them whenever you felt the urge. A black & white dish would be really pretty with that tile and grout! I'm sure whatever you choose will be wonderful!

  104. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Peppercorn, but in horizontal stripes!! I would love the room, no matter which you choose....will you be adding any mirrors? (I sense mirrors are becoming a big item on your radar!)

  105. Image for Sarah Johns Sarah Johns

    Of the available choices I would choose one or two. However, I would see it as a fun place to add some color! I myself have a John Deer Green laundry room!! You wouldn't have to go that crazy though. A pretty blue would look nice and a pale blue I think would be enough for contrast, but not enough to be crazy!

  106. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Love this room! I would stay away from stripes or pattern because you already have a lot going on visually with the collection, the shelving and the tile. Of your choices, I vote for Peppercorn, but I wonder if that isn't a bit masculine for the collection. Because of the Dutch door and window, I would lean towards a robins egg or Tiffany blue, not too light, not too dark, more medium tone. You already have high contrast in the black and white tiles and fixtures, another high contrast would compete with that. Blue would blend nicely but still accent the collection and connect with the outdoors. Tiffany blue would be period perfect for a 100 year old house. Good luck with whatever you choose. Can't wait to see the reveal!

  107. Image for Ange Ange

    A lot of Peppercorn votes which I like the idea of, but wonder if it won't look top heavy. I'd go with Repose since you have it; live with it for awhile, then if doesn't seem enough contrast I'd paint it Mindful to match the hutch in the kitchen. Those dishes pop against the Mindful paint.

  108. Image for Mary S Mary S

    Wow.... I was going with #1... the Repose Gray.... But looks like I'm in the minority. Still, that is my vote. The grasscloth isn't anywhere in that room and wouldn't fit at all. Can't wait to see what you decide. It'll be great whatever you choose.

  109. Image for Susan Susan

    Give peppercorn a go! You can always repaint it if you don't like it and you always tell us to take chances. It's only paint 😊

  110. Image for Chris Chris

    Grasscloth is my number 1 choice. It references the baskets. will allow the dishes to be in the spotlight but will not overpower the rest of your room, The repose gray would be my second choice because it does not overpower the room but the dishes will stand out. Darker gray or stripes make the wall instead of the dishes more important. looking forward to whatever you decide to do.

  111. Image for Elaine Cunningham Elaine Cunningham

    Not a choice but what would look beautiful is if you painted the shelves the same navy as on the Dutch door! It totally stands out in the first photo! It is what catches my eye when I look at that room! And you love blue...I know cause I’m a green gal myself.

  112. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Peppercorn will look amazing! WE painted a wall in our last house BLACK and then had a huge bookcase on that wall and couldn't believe how it made everything POP and look SO much better!

  113. Image for Gigi Clark Gigi Clark

    I am thinking a shade of blue, not navy blue but maybe a royal blue? Or a couple shades lighter than royal blue? The stripes and grasscloth are definite no's. Good luck, love your home and all your decor.

  114. Image for Lynnette Lynnette

    I say peppercorn! I think it will be a great contrast to your white dishes. It is just paint. You can redo it if you don't like it. Good luck!!!

  115. Image for Cristina Cristina

    I think the peppercorn is too dark and the gray too light. Something in between the two would be perfect. It would be subtle and your white dishes would stand out beautifully. Good luck!

  116. Image for Donna Donna

    I truly luv the peppercorn also/ helps pick up the other dark & black colors in the room Wish I had this big area / the barn doors are my favorite decor with all that shelving/ I would Be in heaven with all that space Be glad when you make your choice / I’m sure all of ya can hardly wait / as you too- lol

  117. Image for Barbara Gomez Barbara Gomez

    The Peppercorn would be striking! With allergies, not the grass ... gathering of dust. Achoo!! Barbara G

  118. Image for Becca P Becca P

    I would go peppercorn! It mirrors the chalkboard over the washer and dryer and would pick up the grout and the sweet flowers in the tile floor. Don't be scared! The dishes will be plenty of white to balance it out. :)

  119. Image for April April

    I love the grasscloth! I think it picks up the baskets and gives it a relaxing, natural feel, while highlighting the dishes. I have grasscloth in my sitting room and I love everything about it!! I think the stripes are too much pattern, the peppercorn is too dark and the the lighter gray is almost like doing nothing.

  120. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, I like your laundry room just the way it is. I would be tempted to leave the wall color alone and mix some colored items in with the white dishes (perhaps some pink flowers?) If you need a change in wall color, I would vote for repose gray or wallpaper, but something with a bit more color than the grasscloth. Whatever you choose, I know that you will make it beautiful! Have an amazing weekend, my dear!

  121. Image for Cindy Hurley Cindy Hurley

    Peppercorn. Goes with pop of dark in the room. You won’t regret! Your room may even give you a warm glow every time you come in to thank you.

  122. Image for Tara Tara

    I love the white, but the repose really would look wonder with the dishes. I would hate to lose the airy brightness in that small room. It already has a lot of dark light contrast, wouldn’t want more. No stripes and grass paper gets tiresome and dusty so fast. Love the dutch door

  123. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I was wondering if you intend to paint the shelf supports also or leave them white? My first choice was Peppercorn, but there are a few pieces supporting the shelves and the darker color might make that more obvious. I would choose the Repose Gray. It will give contrast to the dishes without drawing attention to some of the structural elements of the shelf supports.

  124. Image for Shirley Black Shirley Black

    Go bold with Peppercorn so the dishes and shelves stand out. Or even add a pop of color with the navy color you put in your dining room. This is the year of color! Whatever you do, I am sure it will look great!

  125. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I love the peppercorn! You are never afraid of a bold choice, it would also balance out the chalkboard on the other side of the room

  126. Image for Liana Rostro Liana Rostro

    I like the peppercorn too! The other's I think are either too light or would be distracting from the lovely dishes.

  127. Image for CherylB CherylB

    Girl!! I’d either do the background of the shelves OR the actual shelves BLACK kinda like your navy bookcase interior


    First of all...you have so many comments to read..you r 1 popular lady..but we already know that!!! I would mix the two grey colors together.I do like the Peppercorn...but if you are thinking it is too bold..then mix them together. Remember when you paint the Bookcase with the dark blue..look how fabulous it turned out..I know it will lookl ovely whatever you do.. Lorri😍

  129. Image for Mary Evans Mary Evans

    You didn’t ask for a color but a pretty blue will make your beautiful white dishes pop off the white. My next choice would be the peppercorn. Love your blog. Great info and lots of laughs some days. Blessings to you and your wonderful family.

  130. Image for kamccray kamccray

    Wow! You asked for a big opinion and you got one! I’ve been scrolling for days! I say peppercorn! With great light and lots of white, it’ll be amazing! Can’t wait to see. (Could I use another exclamation point?)!?

  131. Image for Melanie Melanie

    Peppercorn. Your beautiful dishes will look like art! (which, of course, they are). Can't wait to see the after!

  132. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I thought I would be the bold one by recommending Peppercorn, but it definitely seems to be the favorite! We are all bold women here! If it seems too dark, you could soften it a little with a whitewash of paint over the top to emulate your chalkboard on the other side! Hey...I really like this idea! Can't wait to see what your final choice is!

  133. Image for Pastor Suzanne Pastor Suzanne

    I agree with Linda C. Johnston for all her reasons. Besides, it's paint! Easy enough to redo if you end up hating it. As was stated above, whatever you do will look great. You have amazing style sense.

  134. Image for Shari Shari

    Repose would be my first choice. An alternative that might work is a chalkboard paint which you could leave as is or add any amount of chalk to to get the depth or softness you want.

  135. Image for Sue Sue

    Hi Karianne, I’m strutting around because you ask my opinion. Have you thought about changing the color of the shelves ? In my humble opinion, the dishes need to be surrounded by color. I’m not good at picking colors, I’ll leave that to more experienced readers.

  136. Image for Sherri Sherri

    You have a lot of votes already. I would choose Repose Gray or leaving it white. You have a lot of stuff on those shelves. As it is now, it looks bright and airy. The darker color or contrast will make the space seem smaller and busier. Whatever you do is always fun. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!


    I'm with your first responder--peppercorn painted grasscloth. Texture to complement the baskets and color to provide the contrast.

  138. Image for Cheryl Gates Cheryl Gates

    Good afternoon, Karianne. Girl, go bold. I vote for the peppercorn. Before I saw the options you gave us, I was thinking black. When I saw the peppercorn, I thought it was perfect. It would really make your dishes shine.

  139. Image for Eileen Eileen

    Peppercorn, all the way. Remember your bookcase...my jaw dropped when I saw the “after” in that post! Grass cloth is Boring. No contrast. This white dishes need to pop..right now they fade into the wall and I’m sure details will appear that you didn’t even notice.

  140. Image for Jlynn Jlynn

    A dark contrast would make the white pop. The peppercorn would look amazing. It would play off the dark color in the floor as well as the other dark accessories like the chalk board. I think the dark blue color in your dining room is gorgeous.

  141. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Do absolutely nothing! It is so fresh and clean looking. I realize my vote will not win. You will use color but whatever you so...do not use grass cloth. I used to own a wall paper store and I hated that stuff. It's not washable and collects dust.

  142. Image for Carla Hanson Carla Hanson

    I like the texture and contrast of the grass cloth... that would be my first choice and second choice would be the darker paint... a third idea would be to use grass cloth on only two of the shelves and paint the back of the others in the grey you already have so it’s a combo of the two.

    1. Image for Trish Rissman Trish Rissman

      I like SW Repose w:Extra White. That’s the color of my walls, too and my trim, doors, ceiling and shutters are Extra White. You can come look if you’d like. With 2 coats of repose the white is quite a contrast.

  143. Image for Debra Debra

    I have used Peppercorn and love it. The darkest color will offset those white dishes. Second choice is the grass cloth; very classy. NO stripes. Makes it all seem to busy. Can’t wait to see the results.

  144. Image for Marion Marion

    Peppercorn! No stripes, too busy in that space. Repose Gray would be ok, but no pop for the white dishes in that. Have fun

  145. Image for Catherine Collins Catherine Collins

    I say go bold with the peppercorn!!! Your sassy enough and worse case is you would have to repaint it if you didn't like it!

  146. Image for Robin Robin

    I think peppercorn would be beautiful. It would bring out the hardware on your sliding door. And make your dishes stand out. You have lots of light from the door. So it would be perfect

  147. Image for Veronica Veronica

    Peppercorn with white chalk rubbed sideways on it to compliment your chalkboard on the other side and to act as sort of a ‘roughened up’ foil to the sleek dishes! 😍

  148. Image for Jane Jane

    Have you thought of Dorian Gray.? 2 colors darker then repose. I just picked up a sample today. It won’t compete with your door, but still dark enough for a little contrast. I’m tackling my laundry room too.

  149. Image for Anna Belle Anna Belle

    Peppercorn will coordinate with your grout color. Doing nothing would be easier, but the white dishes disappear against your paint color. The Decision: POW or easy?

  150. Image for Loryl Loryl

    Before you even provided the color choices I thought Repose Gray but when I saw the Peppercorn thats the winner. It will provide the most contrast while sticking with he color scheme of the room. Great choice!!

  151. Image for Thelma Thelma

    If you want to bring in the blue, I like the idea of painting the blue behind the shelves. However if you want to keep the black, white,and grey. I think it would look cute with a black and white check wallpaper behind the shelves across the ceiling and behind the baskets in the laundry. Understanding these areas are directly across from each other. Add a adorable chandelier and wala!! 😊I’m sure whatever you do will be gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it.

  152. Image for Judi Judi

    I'd try painting one shelf for a test with Repose gray darkened up a little and if you didn't like it go Peppercorn . Peppercorn is my first choice.

  153. Image for Pat Pat

    Oh Peppercorn Gray for that lovely space the white dishes will really pop, and you have that darker little hexagon tile accent on the floor. xo Pat

  154. Image for Sonya Sonya

    How about a faux wood wallpaper with wood planks running horizontal. I think that would make your collection pop, pull in the baskets and fit into a 100 year old home! Plus maybe add some kind of natural jute rug. 2020 the year of double! Double blessings, double favor, double creativity and double good health.

  155. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I vote Peppercorn, but I know whatever you do, it will be gorgeous! (Even though I love the stripe, it would be my last choice for this application.)

  156. Image for Hayley Hayley

    #teampeppercorn!!! ALL. THe. WAY!! Don’t worry about it being too dark, all the white dishes will balance it out and it will look amaze-balls!!

  157. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    Wowza! We all have a lot to say, your head is probably spinning, but here goes comment #261! I think the stripes would not complement your charming space and show off the beauty of those dishes and shelving. I'm torn between carrying the color behind the washer and dryer around the room, but think, like you, it may not be enough contrast. The grasscloth wallpaper would certainly pick up your baskets and burlap lined metal containers. This would be a soft and safe route. But, I think, like so many others, the peppercorn would be the way to go. Forgive me if I throw another idea out, just to keep your head hopping, but have you considered a true black? SW Tricorn Black is gorgeous. It would certainly make those dishes pop, tie into the chalkboard on the opposite wall, and looks closer in color to your barn door hardware, and flower tile. You can't get more classic than black and white! You have such a bright room that the saturated wall could be easoly carried off. Well, now that I added more confusion to the mix, I know you will stare at the space, tilt your head a half dozen times, step back from the shelving and in your heart of hearts know which one will absolutely work! Looking forward to the amazingness to come!

    1. Image for Kristina R. Davidson Kristina R. Davidson

      My choice, by far, would be the darker gray color. I think it would reallyvplay up your dishes and contrast nicely with the black and white tile floor.

  158. Image for Jackie Jackie

    Love the color of the Dutch door. Paint the walls behind the white dishes that color. 2nd choice would be the gray repose. You already have the paint so it’s a win win situation.

  159. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Do you have any idea how long it took me to scroll to find the comment box? A long time! There are sooo many comments! So...without further ado...grasscloth! It’s been around forever...I think it would look stunning in your home! ;)

  160. Image for Wilma Wilma

    I love the idea of blue and white wallpaper. But if you choose a paint colour, why not paint the shelves along with the walls? Also, perhaps a quick photoshop mock up would help you make a decision. Good luck--I'd say in the end, go with your gut.

  161. Image for Sherry Duff Sherry Duff

    Wow!!! All the responses!! I vote: First Choice- Peppercorn Second-Navy Third-Repose Gray I think Peppercorn is the choice of the masses!

  162. Image for Deb Deb

    Hi there! How about chalkboard paint in black or dark gray. You could write cute sayings to suit your mood, or season, or holiday. Might be different and work. ❤️🐝

  163. Image for Jenn Bankhead Jenn Bankhead

    Definitely the Peppercorn! 100%! It will make those white dishes POP POP POP!! Annnnd the flower tiles pop! Do it! I can’t wait to see what you choose! Jenn

  164. Image for Sue Kaye Sue Kaye

    I'd paint it the darker shade of I were you and wanted to keep the colours harmonious. If it were my room, I would probably paint it a dark blue/grey as I love white against blue. Breton blue is one of my favourite colours and I have used it as an accent colour with grey walls in a previous house

  165. Image for Lynn Moll Lynn Moll

    I think the grass cloth would look amazing! It would add some texture, and work beautifully with the baskets you have below!

  166. Image for marlene marlene

    how about the beautiful blue you used in the DR or really make a statement using the pink accent..picked up that idea from flowers you have on top of the washer/dryer good luck

  167. Image for Linda Strickler Linda Strickler

    First of all it is beautiful as it is,a very clean simple space. But you won't be happy till you change it,I personally like the first option.

  168. Image for Felicia Felicia

    What if you took the color you have on hand back to the store you bought it and ask to deepen the hue by 50%? It will keep your room in consistent color, but allow more depth for your dishes to pop against, rather than going with a color too dark or something to busy.

  169. Image for Beth Minger Beth Minger

    I have repose grey all through our house and love it however, the pieces of white above our kitchen cabinets really don't stand out much - if you really want some contrast I'd try that peppercorn it will just make the details on the white dishes so nice!!! Whatever you do it will be so beautiful - I would add a small desk area/table and chair and live in that room!!!!

  170. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Peppercorn- love the drama of it with the white dishes. It will make them stand out in a delicious way. Stripes- oh boy, if they are not perfect you'll notice it every day and too much pattern with the flooring plus some of the dishes have their own nice pattern details that will get lost; grass cloth- too much of a departure and yet another texture; Repose grey- not enough contrast; do nothing- ha, ha, ha. Yup- Peppercorn gets my vote if you want the dishes to star a little bit.

  171. Image for linda of no.cal. linda of no.cal.

    “IF” you do anything I think the grass cloth would create a ‘punch”. The area already L👀KS great... BUT —sometimes you just want a refresh.

  172. Image for Rose Browoleit Rose Browoleit

    I would definitely use the Pepperorn on the walls. i think it would make the dishes, the white shelves and all the white trim in the room stand out. The dark color ill also make thst side of the room look larger. There is plenty of light in the room so you dont have to worry about it being too dark. The Peppercorn goes with everything in the room including th floor. It's going to make everything POP!

  173. Image for Erica Mercer Erica Mercer

    Peppercorn because you'll always wonder if that was it because it's daring. Live with it for a while...change it again. It's only paint and that's why in saying to pick the more bold color of peppercorn.

  174. Image for Diane Diane

    My first thought was black before I even read your ideas so my vote is for peppercorn which I think would also help visually lower the ceiling a bit. ThAt way you might enjoy discover pieces you had forgotten as you pay more attention when you walk in. And I envy all that wonderful space!

  175. Image for Cindy Lyon Cindy Lyon

    I vote for Peppercorn because it ties in with the floor, the grout, the Dutch door, and the chalkboard on the other side of the room. I don’t feel like it will be too dark with all of the white dishes in front of it. Please don’t do stripes! Stripes would just be too busy.

  176. Image for Janet Janet

    I would definitely go with painting it peppercorn! I have one wall in my dining room painted peppercorn and I’m obsessed with it!! I think it will tie in the best with your beautiful flooring and backsplash!! Good luck!!

  177. Image for Sue Sue

    I think painting the wall behind the shelves Repose Gray would be enough of a contrast and if you needed a little extra color, maybe add a dish or two the color of your grout?

  178. Image for Jan Jan

    While I love the peppercorn for the visual pop it would give the dishes, not sure how top-heavy that would make the wall appear with all the white below it. Only way to know is to try it out! Otherwise, either the Repose Gray or the do-nothing approach have my vote!

  179. Image for Diane Diane

    Late to the party, but still submitting my 2-cents: Peppercorn! But perhaps a shade lighter. It brings in the backsplash grout and the floor, but also balances the amount of dark grey/black you have on the laundry side with the chalkboard and door. Then I'll go a step outside the question and humbly suggest that if you find it a bit too dark (which I don't think will be the case, but this is coming from the gal who painted her entire living room/library black with white trim and built-ins and it was EVERYONE's favorite room in that house!), you could remove the shelves in front of the windows. That might open it up a bit more and it looks like you would still have plenty of display/storage space with two walls of shelves.

  180. Image for Victoria Eubanks Victoria Eubanks

    I would go with a shade in-between the Repose Gray and Peppercorn. This side of the room appears much brighter than the laundry side, and would probably appear washed out. The Peppercorn is TOO much of a contrast and would appear TOO modern for the space. A shade between the two colors, leaning to the lighter side, would be much better.

  181. Image for pj pj

    Of the choices given, I'd go with the grasscloth. But, I like more color. So, for me, I choice #5 would be a printed wallpaper. I love that room and the floor is beautiful.

  182. Image for Kay Kay

    You already have a lot going on in this room. I think Peppercorn would be very heavy, it would contrast your dishes, but too much. You already have Repose Gray, so paint one area on the wall you would be looking at when you enter the room, it is just paint so you could live with that for a while before making a final decision. I think some of the suggestions would break up the small room too much and ignore the pretty white of the dishes. The dishes should be the jewelry of this small room.

  183. Image for Sheryl Sheryl

    I think it’s clean, lovely and very fresh how it is currently. I wouldn’t do a thing as I think the small room would be waaayyy too busy. IMO!

  184. Image for Ivanna Ivanna

    I feel that the first option will give you just enough value difference to get the separation, while still having an airy and light feel to the room, and will have a good continuity with the opposite side. It will tie them together better. Anything darker will weigh it down, and make the room feel crammed. And while patterns are quite popular now, extra texture, in my opinion, in this small space will feel just too busy.

  185. Image for Debbie graham Debbie graham

    I vote for repose gray or even peppercorn. But definitely don’t do grasscloth!!! When I bought my home the entire master bedroom and bath were done in grasscloth and I didn’t think I was EVER going to get all that stuff off there! Sometimes it came off one string at a time!! It was a nightmare! In the end though, I think u probably have better taste and a better eye for color than all of us out together!! Whatever u choose will look great :)

  186. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    I would find a color that matches the basket liners and go with that. It would be a nice contrast to the white dishes without yelling "look at me". I have an idea you already know which direction you are going to go. No matter what you choose, I know it will look great!

  187. Image for Ellicia Ellicia

    What I have done in the past when I wanted to paint the backs of shelves, I have gone to Michael's and bought some foam board and cut it to size, painted or covered it with the color or paper I like and lived with it until I could decide. When I decided, I definitely knew which one I wanted to live with. Not a lot of time or money invested in the process of narrowing the choices and easy to switch out.

  188. Image for Cheryl Heinle Cheryl Heinle

    Love that room! I would say no on the grass cloth. When I have done wall colors I get some poster boards. Then I paint a couple and view it in different light setting. I look at it in the morning, afternoon and evening. This has served me well every time and well worth the time spent. It’s easy! Good luck Cheryl

  189. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    My artist instinct totally went with Peppercorn as I was scrolling through your options, so I was happy to see the majority of the people I read voted the same way! Lol!! It will pop and like you said it goes with the grout and floor tile. I am jealous of your laundry room!! It is superb!! I have a laundry closet in my hallway (sad violin music playing softly).

  190. Image for Karen Karen

    Repose Gray (wall color continuation) for bottom three and Peppercorn (pull out your grout color) for the very top shelf wall . . .

  191. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Peppercorn or Grasscloth ~ either one is a great choice! Wallpaper is newly popular (again, haha!), but dark, dark paint is really in, too! I think the shelves need to be painted if you choose Peppercorn or you have the busy-ness of stripes without even trying! Just fyi, the Peppercorn looks like a deep purple on my iPad screen, so you might want to try a bigger sample (foam board, etc.) ...

  192. Image for Vicki Vicki

    As much as I love the gray/white stripe I think it would be too much. With floor and tiled wall, so I would go with peppercorn. It will be a fabulous contrast and showcase th Emily glass dishes. Good luck and can’t wait to see the finished results👍👍👍

  193. Image for Becky Becky

    I'm late to the game here. 😊 But, can you cut thin plywood/foam core board/whatever to size for each shelf back, and then be able to paint/paper those and pop them in? Then you can make changes really easily and never worry about getting perfect edges or getting those cleats perfect. ...And with a million comments here, maybe someone already said this and I just didn't have time to read them all, haha!

  194. Image for BecerlyO BecerlyO

    I like the peppercorn best but if you are concerned about it being too dark, you might cut it in half or 3/4. Miss Mustard Seed does that frequently and her paint choices are beautiful!

  195. Image for Mir Graham Mir Graham

    I like the softer, repose grey. I think carrying the color up will keep the space cohesive. I love, love, love a dark statement wall... but the milk glass is the statement, right? Not the wall color. And won't it change the aesthetic of all that gorgeous light pouring in? Between the dark grey and stripes, I feel that it would begin to get very busy feeling if all that white glass pops or the stripes show off instead of the pretty door. And I have grasscloth. Let me explain how dusting a wall is the pits... it isn't easy especially when a menagerie of items sits in front of the wall and dust settles into all those nooks and crannies... and that point aside, it will make your burlap baskets look out of place. If my grasscloth wasn't original, it would've been gone a long time ago. These are just my thoughts. Whatever you choose, you will own it and make it look beautiful.

  196. Image for Jo Jo

    Peppercorn. There is enough soft/neutral to handle the pop of color above the normal eye-level. Whatever you do will be lovely, however.

  197. Image for Laurie T Laurie T

    Peppercorn! I love the idea of a bold contrast and I think it would make your smile every time you throw a load of laundry in! :)

  198. Image for Ann Ann

    I love the idea of cutting blanks to fit each back portion of the shelves and covering the blanks in whatever you want. If it was my laundry room that was all white and black and gray, I'd cover those boards with red, or pink, or aqua, or maybe a small houndstooth check in black/white. Or chartreuse. Or maybe mirrors behind all those dishes? This should be your room to go wild in, and if you use the backer boards, you can change your mind all you want.

  199. Image for Lynn Lynn

    I like the contrast of the grass cloth , both the warmth and texture against the smooth white dishes . Will also compliment your baskets and keep the room bright and unique.

  200. Image for melissa melissa

    I tend to lean towards soft colors so I would choose the soft gray. However, the contrast color would work well because of all the natural lighting in the room and would really make those gorgeous dished stand out! I feel the texture selections are too much and would be distracting. Sooooo.....I vote for the contrast color!

  201. Image for Michelle Windham Michelle Windham

    Peppercorn!!!!! It would look fabulous! And it wouldn't be too much because this is not a room you are sitting in and looking at the wall for long periods of time. It would be amazing like the Naval in the dining room.

  202. Image for mdn mdn

    I’d go w/ the grasscloth...and, actually, grasscloth’s been around for eons (sic), tho it’s been given focus again recently. So, it’ll go quite well in your new/old home! If it ends up you don’t like the grasscloth color, or end up tiring of it, you always can consider painting it peppercorn. Then, you’ll have both texture and a more dramatic background to show off your collection. Nice way to get “double” the bang for your buck..so to speak!

  203. Image for Marie Marie

    Your collection deserves to shine and not blend in. Peppercorn would be lovely. It’s only paint right? If you don’t like it you can always change it.

  204. Image for Kymberly Seabolt Kymberly Seabolt

    Peppercorn. Ties in to the rest of the room. Particularly the chalkboard on the laundry side. For that matter what about chalk board paint ? You could buff it with chalk to soften the dark color and wash it clean when you wanted more contrast.

  205. Image for Amanda Corbet Amanda Corbet

    Definitely the peppercorn! You already have so much texture in the room that I think the stripes or the grasscloth wallpaper would just be too much. No space for your eyes to rest. That bold dark color will provide that space to rest but also draw all that dramatic attention to those lovely white dishes!

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