Okay… the super-exciting-like-you-can’t-even-believe-it news department….

…..remember back at Christmastime when my brother first started making these pallet wood letters to help save money for his adoption?

First he opened an ETSY shop and started selling them and then I put them on the blog and you bought tons of them and then this letter got pinned about a million times.

Oh….and then…..

ETSY email

….and then his shop was just featured in the ESTY national newsletter.


The national newsletter.


I am so proud of him and so happy for their family.


And in the super creative things to make from kitchen rolling pins department…..

… funny friend David from Cheltenham Road made these fun bookends.

They are perfect for his amazing vintage-style kitchen.

Much better use for a rolling pin than this total Pinterest fail.


In the what I’m doing this summer department…..

…..I’ll be speaking here August 8-9, 2014.

There are just a few tickets left if you want to join us.

You can click here for ticket information.

Family_Room_thumb.jpgIn the what were you doing last year department…..

……I transformed this room completely as part of the one room three ways challenge.

I still think it looks amazing as a dining room.

And now… the what have you done for me lately department.

This week I….

Wanted to pamper myself with this.

Thought about making this at the beach.

Am going to see this movie.

Figured out what to do with all my plastic grocery bags.

Learned that WalMart had red striped burlap and blue star burlap perfect for creating a flag.

Fell in love with the name of this nail polish.

And I have a new Pinterest board full of inspirational spaces.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

PS  Don’t forget!

A group of us are meeting next week in Sandwich, MA if you want to join us!  Just e-mail me for all the details.

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  1. Image for vicki vicki

    Morning. Just wanted to see if you know that--at least some of us--are still receiving your daily emails twice, which IS better than not at all!

  2. Image for Patti Patti

    OMG Jeresey Boys is the best movie I've seen in a while!!! So good! Everyone was sort of singing and dancing when they left. Well I was in my head. Might just have to buy the soundtrack!!

  3. Image for Cindy@DIYbeautify Cindy@DIYbeautify

    Congrats to your bro!! My friends just got their little girl from China two weeks ago...a long process, but many prayers, loving friends, fundraisers and more to help them along the way! They're getting closer :)

  4. Image for Diana Walters Diana Walters

    I vigorously protest! What's up with meeting in MAINE????? I'm on the opposite end of the in go as far south in Alabama as you can before you fall into water, back up 1/4 mile and you're at my house!!! Dudette we have got to make a plan for further south! Think Atlanta in September! In other news? Love the name of the nail polish... not the color. Definately not the color. I JUST last week ventured out of the box enough to buy a dark blue and dark purple nail polish. I felt quite daring since nothing other that pinks or "Cherries in the Snow" have touched my nails evahhh! Best wishes to your brother on his continued success!

  5. Image for Ellicia Ellicia

    I noticed you had pinned one of Sandy Foster's photos of her streamside studio as she called it. She has closed her blog to take a sabbatical and go to graduate school, but the archives of her blog are still up for when she returns. There are photos of the interior and exterior that are just exquisite. I thought you might enjoy having a look see at the whole cabin. It can be found at this address:

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