Random thoughts on a HOT summer Saturday:

1. If you live in Texas you already know what I’m going to type. IT’S HOT. HOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT. And in super sad news our upstairs air conditioner is broken. So we spent last night dragging all the mattress downstairs to sleep.

I was really trying to count my downstairs air conditioning blessings last night.

2. It was a fun week on the blog. We talked about why mirrors are our best friend and built this amazing pallet wood cornice board and decided everyone needed a wall in their house painted this color.

3. We went to Waco yesterday to move my son into Baylor and I stopped off at this friend’s new Air Bnb for a visit. It was amazing. There were wood ceilings and shiplap walls and beautiful light fixtures and an amazing kitchen.

I cannot WAIT to go back and photograph it for you.

4. Has anyone seen the new movie Blinded By the Light? I love Bruce Springsteen and it looks good—but I have been super movie-disappointed lately on my last couple of theater visits. If you have a review, I would love to see what you thought.

5. I cannot spell refrigerator. I keep putting in an extra vowel.

6. YIKES. Buddy, our golden, is sitting at my feet and he just let out the STINKIEST SMELL EVER.

I have to stop typing for a minute.


I’m back.

It’s a little less stinky now.

Let’s see what the internet has been up to this week.

Love the honesty of this post.

It’s all about a decorating mistake and why no one should repeat it.

Here’s the post with a dose of great advice.

Love this before and after.

It’s so cute now.

See the entire project here.

This cake looked so yummy.

And it reminded me of fall.

Get the recipe here.

Love the simplicity of this easy fall wreath.

And that monogram.

See the entire DIY here.


And in random news this week:

This love story

This brilliant DIY

How to update dated ceramic tile

These pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

This country house

This creative stenciled rug

This cute way to deodorize your refrigerator

This beautiful entryway

I can’t decide about this floor

And this. 

These are such beautiful words about priorities and wholeness. 

I want to imprint them on my heart.

And one more for the road:

I recently stumbled across this DIY from when the blog was in first grade.

It’s how to make a mirror using compacts from the dollar store.

See the entire DIY here.

Happy random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Why does the upstairs AC always seem to choose the worstest, hottest days to go out?! 🥵 We have been there ....good luck and hope it gets fixed ASAP!!!

  2. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Well, my goodness... I was going over to tell you how so-not-so-close-to-amazing but perfectly-amazing that compact mirror is! What the what? I just pinned it, and I bet it ends up being my most popular pin this week! As always, love your features, and doggie toots are the worst! Keep cool dear friend... Off to blog the day away! ;-)

  3. Image for Kim Kim

    Haven't seen "Blinded By the Light". Yet. It's on my list. Must beseech you however to never, never, never see "Midsommer". Rated very highly, but unspeakably tedious and if you're looking for a cringe-worthy traumatizing experience like taking your teens with you to see it - don't. I guarantee an awkward drive home and for a few weeks thereafter. Ritualized killings, drugs, etc all at a Swedish commune up in the mountains. What could possibly go wrong? There were many incredulous moments where I laughed out loud because it was so bizarre. People were walking out of the theatre. On a more positive note, am looking forward to the Springsteen movie and also Downton Abbey.

  4. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I read the story of The Country House. The house is so lovely. Well, I am glad to have Walmart, Kohl s and J C Penny's. I noticed their clothes and furnishings were by top designers, which they should be. I can say, when my pic is taken, clothes from Kohl's, J. C. Penny and other items by Walmart!! It is so much fun to look at things we cannot afford, but with your blog, our home can be just as nice and a blessing for us. Thanks again for all your writings and good suggestions. Blessings!!

  5. Image for Crissy Crissy

    I love your Saturday thoughts, KariAnne! That mirror hack from “first grade” is brilliant! It was fun chatting with you this past week. I look forward to getting more inspiration from you.

  6. Image for Connie Connie

    Who would have thought using compact mirrors for one big mirror? LOL You accomplish so much in decorating with fewer items than anyone I know. I love it. Does your mind ever relax and not think about what the next project will be? Probably not. LOL You come from a very talented family. Everyone seems to be creative in so many areas. Thanks for being so willing to share with everyone you know all these neat ideas. I know your sister and brother are like this too. No wonder you have so much fun at Christmas giving your handmade gifts to family member. Keep those ideas coming. I have to try the book making sculpture ideas.

  7. Image for PJ PJ

    Where'd You Go Bernadette? is the movie I would like to see. I loved the book! It is steamy here as well with dramatic thunderstorms most days. The katydids have been singing for a week already, and, if you believe the common folklore, that means we have just five more weeks before frost. That would be early for sure!

  8. Image for Cope Kamlowsky Cope Kamlowsky

    Suffering through the heat with you, just a bit further south 🙃!! I’m with you on Springsteen and have been looking forward to the movie, so I’ll be waiting for a review! Stay cool 😎

  9. Image for Kathy M. Kathy M.

    KariAnne, You are so funny.😊 We have a big yellow lab named Tansy and she sure can empty a room! Haven't been to the movies in quite a while but sounds like a good idea on this hot weekend. I will be listening for the Katydids! Hope your air is back quickly. Enjoy the last week's of summer.

  10. Image for Pam Pam

    We saw “Yesterday” a couple of weeks ago, wonderful! I nightly recommend it. Your blog is a joy, thank you so much for the super star you are!

  11. Image for TERESA TERESA

    KariAnne, I haven't seen "Blinded by the Light" yet but I did hear it got a 5 minute standing ovation when the film was presented at the Sundance Film Festival if that helps. Its been hot and humid in central VA but nothing like the heat you guys are getting in Texas. Hope you get your central air fixed soon. At least you have dual units and can sleep downstairs for the time being.

  12. Image for Sue Sue

    Hi Karianne, I loved all your links today. Jasper, our poodle, can raise a green cloud. It’s so bad,we knock each other down trying to get outside in 100 degree temperatures. We gasp that hot air!!! It’s a good thing, we love him.

  13. Image for Peggy Peggy

    If you get the chance go see The Art of Racing In The Rain. Take your Kleenex’s . It is such a good movie and a real tear jerker. Especially if you are a dog person and even more so since you have a golden. Even the men in the theatre were crying. I would see it again. Two thumbs up


    Stay cool!!! Nothing worse than trying to sleep when it is a zillion degrees!!!! Thanks for all the Weekly summaries-love all the ideas!!!

  15. Image for Mary Beth Mary Beth

    Thank you so very much for sharing my DIY, Karianne! I love you to pieces...oh, and our whole house air conditioner isn't working and hasn't been for a while. Yesterday, I was so crabby and had a total meltdown. My husband almost had to slap me back to reality....think the Airplane movie ;) Have an AMAZING week.

  16. Image for pj pj

    Pretty random post....I love it. Leave it to a dog to clear the room. What do you think about sending a child off to college? If I remember correctly, you have two older sons. Am I the only one trying to squeeze every day I can out of summer. Yes, it's been over 100 here too, but I love everything about it. I'm off to church were it's nice and cool. Hope the A/C is fixed and you can enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  17. Image for Deb in Oklahoma Deb in Oklahoma

    Love your Saturday Random Thoughts. As the owner of Bulldogs, I can relate to having dogs that can clear a room. Try giving the dog broccoli and yogurt with dinner. The combo helps balance out their digestive systems and cuts down the emanating funk (but there are pre-/pro-biotic tabs at PetSmart/Petco that work very well, too.) Hope the upstairs A/C gets fixed, quick!

  18. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    It makes my day to get your Thistlekeeping it's such a great read, thanks and sorry about your a/c, although guess you could call it a family slumber party, haha!!

  19. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    I've been out for work for a while, but catching back up, old friend! I have to say, I'm not a fan of that floor, LOVE all your other "internet things" this week!

  20. Image for Kris Kris

    I want to be your SIL and have you decorate for me! LOVE the cornices. I understand your conflicted feelings about the floor--I almost, but not quite, like it--it has a retro-vibe but I think it's too busy for my taste. Your comments about your stinky dog had me cracking up. Thanks for the smiles.

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