Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams is the most amazing navy paint color with tons of personality. Here it is with this before and office makeover.

One of the easiest ways to use a bold paint color like this is with an accent wall. It’s a simple way to add color without making a color commitment to the entire room.

Raise your hand if you were good at geometry.

Or trigonometry.

Or anything that involved signs or cosigns or long division or the Pythagorean Theorem.

Not me.

I’m not raising my hand.

I used to sit in math class with all of those numbers swirling about in my brain and my head between my hands and rows and rows of equations in front of me and wish I was anywhere but there. I wanted someone to help. I wanted someone to show up with the answers. I wanted someone much more brilliant and smart than I ever thought about being to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Have you ever thought that picking out coordinating paint colors is a lot like math? They are both a little overwhelming and confusing and involve higher-level thinking.

Good thing Sherwin-Williams came along to make it all easier.

They have a personality-based collection called ColorSnap Color ID that helps you pick out an entire paint palette with this easy quiz.

Want to see how it works?

Oh, good.

I just finished an entire colorful office makeover with one of my favorite new paint colors Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams.

Here’s a little before and after just for you.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams Before and After Office Reveal

Here’s where we started.

Here’s where the entire project began.

I wanted to makeover a space at my incredible sister-in-law’s home. This is the before of her office.

It’s right by the front door when you walk into her home.

Here’s one side of the room. She has four small children and 5,000 things to do everyday and life and rooms can get a little overwhelming.

This room kind of became a catch-all for everything that didn’t have a home.

It had mismatched furniture and needed a little organization and storage.

This is the other side of the room. She had a piano in here that she wanted to move to another room along with all of the family band equipment. I asked her what she wanted for her space. She said she needed:

  1. Organization
  2. Storage
  3. Pretty paint colors on the wall
  4. A few decorating ideas
  5. To incorporate the existing desk in the space that my brother had built

After we talked about the room and the space, I explained Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Color ID to her.

There’s a simple quiz that you take to determine your “paint personality” and then Sherwin-Williams recommends a paint palette. Each personality has its own color family. The colors are designed to work together and allow you to mix and match them to create the perfect space just for you.

Her color personality?

She was a Nurturer.

EXACTLY. If you met her, you would understand. She is the best mother on the planet and she is always taking care of everyone and she is one of the kindest people I know. She always has time to listen and when you talk to her all the cares of the world melt away. She’s the kind of person that knows exactly what you need the minute you need it.

If you looked up Nurturer in the dictionary her face would be there.

But would the paint colors in the Nurturer palette fit her style?

Here are the paint palette colors for Nurturer.

She LOVED them.

And her favorite? Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams.

Sea Serpent SW 7615 to be exact.

It wasn’t a color I’ve ever used before, but it is one of my new favorite colors. We paired it with Oyster White SW 7637 and talked about painting some of the furniture in the space Mindful Gray SW 7016. It was the perfect color palette.

But how did it translate to the room?

I’ll let you see what you think.

Here are the befores and afters in the space.

Here’s the office before.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams how to add to an accent wall


Here’s the before of this side of the room.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams office

And here’s the AFTER.

Here’s the before of this side of the room.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams accent wall

And here’s the AFTER.


We owe this entire transformation to Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams.

It set the entire tone for the space.

We started by painting the accent wall with Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams SW 7615 and the side walls with Oyster White SW 7637. We used Emerald Interior in the Satin finish for all of the colors.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams paint can
Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams

That color palette determined the rug.

(total aside: we had to have a rug that lived up to that amazing wall color and I think we accomplished it.)

We kept the desk in the space and added two new tufted chairs.

Next, for storage, we added an entire wall of bookcases on this wall.

She was able to store all of her books and the cabinets below help keep all of the papers and extra items in the room organized.

Above the bookcases, we added these boxes that my brother built and filled them with letters.

On the other side of the room we added this long console table and added baskets for extra storage.

There are a trio of white vases filled with wood slices, as well as two reclaimed wood lamps for additional light for the space.

I added this clock that my brother made on the back wall of the room.

And then I added this book sculpture that my sister made to the side table.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams wall with map

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams office makeover

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams pallet cornices

On the back wall, we hung this reclaimed wood map.

And we replaced the existing striped valances with these pallet wood cornice boards for a one-of-a-kind window treatment.

I have a tutorial that I’ll post later on how we made these.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams office

And then I added some blue and white pillows, a dough bowl full of apples and this fossil from my father’s collection.

The room came together seamlessly.

Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams makeover of office

And my sister-in-law?

It was the best reveal EVER.

I wish you could have seen her face. I wish you could have seen her children dancing and singing and looking in all the cabinets and the baskets and telling me how much they loved their new room.

Thank you, Sherwin-Williams.

Thank you ColorSnap Color ID.

You make every room (but especially offices painted with Sea Serpent Sherwin Williams) a little brighter.

PS Make sure to follow along with me on Instagram for tons more room makeovers like this.

Disclosure: this post was written in collaboration with Sherwin-Williams.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      We moved it to another room! She might move it back though---it fits perfectly in that space! Happy day! karianne

      1. Image for Judy Judy

        Nothing better than a piano in your office. I have a digital stage piano that I take on the road occasionally in mine. When I need a brain break - just sit down and play!

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Valerie, It's SUPER affordable! I found it over on Wayfair. Here's my affiliate link to the rug: Happy day! karianne

  1. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    There is some serious crafting talent in your family!!! The boxes and clock by your brother, the book sculpture by your sister (how COOL is that?!?!) and your redesign!!! I wish I was from this gene pool of creativeness!!! This before and after is so beautiful!!! I am sure as a mother of four, she walks in here and just breathes in the beauty everyday!!! Great job!!!

  2. Image for Becky Becky

    Oh my goodness... WOW. I love the wall color! The cabinet wall! The decor! THE RUG! This room is SO perfect now! I NEED this... Me next, me next! : )

  3. Image for Susan E. Ronnfeldt Susan E. Ronnfeldt

    I love love love this room! You have inspired me once again. My so so beige tv room will be transformed by this lovely room inspiration! Thank you! Can you help us find the gorgeous rug you used? That is the cherry on the top! You have done it once again!

  4. Image for Maria Maria

    So gorgeous! I love the colors and the rug! Oh and I love that hsndmade pieces were incorporated!! The desk, the valances, the letter boxes, the clock, the fossil and the wonderful mermaid sculpture!! All so awesome! Great job! Thank you for inspiration!!

  5. Image for Hayley Coxe Hayley Coxe

    Beautiful, as always. Love the color and the rug, and the bookcases take it up another notch. How special to be able to add pieces that your brother and sister made. But the best part is seeing their faces!!!

  6. Image for Katie Heidinger Katie Heidinger

    I love this, I love the rug, ,accent wall, wood valance, all the natural wood tones along with the white. I want this room!! Giving me such inspiration!! And your Sis in Law and Niece are adorable..

  7. Image for Holly Holly

    Beautiful transformation! And for anyone who does not have you to help them many Sherwin-Williams stores also offer a color consultant that will come to your house for a $99 you get an hour and a half consultation and a $50 gift card toward paint--well worth the price! I just tried it and I love the results. Highly recommended1

  8. Image for Eileen Eileen

    Wow, Wow,Wow!! What a transformation! She must be over the moon, I love the rug, of course and all the wood accents. You did it again, you little genius, you!!!!

  9. Image for Rhonda Rhonda

    A fantastic transformation! Just wow!!! This room will be a place of respite for that busy mom!! And, of course, like everyone else, I'm hoping we will see another transformation soon, showing us where the musical instruments went!! :)

  10. Image for Debbie Eidson Debbie Eidson

    Wow! A gorgeous transformation! Everything was great. Please let us know where the rug came from too!! ♥️

  11. Image for Sally Sally

    Hopeful that you share your rug info as I am looking for this exact rug for my family room. Any help is appreciated!!

  12. Image for Jean from Georgia Jean from Georgia

    After reading all the reviews above I will add my request for the source of the rug. Also, lets get a tutorial on book sculpture. You have really got me going today.

  13. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

    Jean, It's SUPER affordable! I found it over on Wayfair. Here's my affiliate link to the rug: And my sister made the sculpture---I'll see if she can work on a tutorial! Happy day! karianne

  14. Image for Anna Belle Anna Belle

    I've seen the wood slices in your home and have always loved them. I wonder if you'd share where you purchased them. They may still be available. Great job!

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Anna, Yes! I think they are still available! I bought them at Hobby Lobby in the floral department! Happy day! karianne

  15. Image for Sheri Sheri

    Wow! What a transformation! Everything is spot on and I am taking that color ID test ASAP. Dumb question- what is the source of those wood slice branches? They are so lovely!


    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the transformation and that beautiful blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love how the carpet ties the room together.

  17. Image for Connie Connie

    Can I just say your genius! Love the that deep color wall, the colorful rug and everything else that's in the room. I know your SIL was so pleased and you are sweet to help her with this transformation. All of your family members are so creative. I am going to try SW to see what my colors would be. My first paints were from SH (in the 1960's) and I have always love them. My DH stated that when we moved from our first house, the rooms were smaller due to the many coats of paint I used in the nine years we live there.

  18. Image for Donna Donna

    What a beautiful and functional make over for a nurturing mama! You’ve worked your magic again, KariAnne. Can you tell us more about the bookcases/cabinets? We’re they one piece or top and bottom separately? Where did you get them? Did they come white or need painting? I think they are just the ticket for my own home office! Thanks so much.

  19. Image for Connie Connie

    I was scrolling back through because my PC wasn't loading pictures very quickly and spotted the sculpture your SIL made with the book. That is so cool! Seen lots of stuff made from books but never anything like this. Did she just figure this out herself or did she have someone show her? Has she ever posted a tutorial on this type of sculpture. As one who likes the coastal look, this speaks to my heart big time. Tells her she is brilliant!

  20. Image for phyllis phyllis

    I. Love. It. All. The personal touches are my favorite and I hope you will reveal sources for the bookcases and accents. All this talent in one family!

  21. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    WOWZA!!!! What a transformation! It's so cohesive and bright and beautiful oh my goodness, the paint color looks fabulous and that rug is stupendous! This might be one of my favorite transformations so phenomenal!

  22. Image for Linda Linda

    Love, love, love this room! What a beautiful colorful transformation. You are one amazing lady, your sister in law is lucky to have you!

  23. Image for bobbie bobbie

    Gorgeous transformation!!! Love the Sea Serpent and the rug is to DIE for!! I took the SW 'test' ~ it said I'm a "Naturalist" ~ but I didn't like ANY of the colors they gave me!!! ***sigh***

  24. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    What an amazing before and after!! Love everything about it and especially the wall color. Makes you smile and brightens the entire room!! Looks like they love it too 😍

  25. Image for Liz Liz

    What a great makeover of the room! Great colors, storage and the rug. You did a great job! Will check out the rug on Wayfair.

  26. Image for Ann C Ann C

    Love the room. No surprise your s-I-l loved it too. But with all the nice things you said about her the room looks like it fits her. Glad to hear the bookcases came from IKEA, I’m curious about the chair in front of the desk, please?

  27. Image for Janet Janet

    AH-Maze-ing! love it! the wood slices and the rug and the valences are my favorite parts!! I need it all! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Image for Diana Diana

    This room is fantastic. Love the rug and the clock is beautiful. Your brother has a lot of talent . I think he needs to have an Etsy shop for his wood items. What say you?

  29. Image for Barbara Barbara

    OMGosh! Absolutely stunning-EVERYTHING about it! Your sister-in-law must be over the moon. Wonderful job!!!!!!!

  30. Image for Mary Mary

    What a transformation, KariAnne!! Your SIL is sooooo lucky!!! Now I am so curious.... which SW Personality Style did YOU come out as when you took the test?? Did the SW color palette come close to what you personally love and have used in your homes?

  31. Image for Jerri Jerri

    I haven't been this excited to take a personality quiz since The Five Love Languages and found out I was Words of Affirmation (a talker-go figure) 😃 Can't wait to find out my official Color Snap Id!!! This room turned out so gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Image for Katherines Corner Katherines Corner

    Ummm ...Wow! You knocked this one out of the park my friend. I love absolutely everything about it but can I just say, your sisters ding into a good book sculpture is amazing too. I love having things put away and the bookcases with cupboards below are ideal. I have a small office and it always feels so darn crowded. I did a mini makeover a couple of years ago. That helped a bit but your sister in laws space is a dream. It's wonderful you and your sister are so close. My sister lives in Japan and I have only seen her in person a few times. Lots of hugs!

  33. Image for Donna Donna

    Very very cool, not just the paint and the rug. It is all those personal touches that pulled it all together. SILs are very close to being sisters, so sweet of you to make this happen. It is a room with PERSONALITY.

  34. Image for Eleanor Schoolar Eleanor Schoolar

    You did a great job! So pretty and organized! I need the reclaimed wood lamps!! Can you share where I can find them ??

  35. Image for Peg Peg

    All of the closed storage is exactly what this room needed!! That rug is yummy, and the room is so light and airy now, I just love it!!! xoxo

  36. Image for Charlotte S Snodgrass Charlotte S Snodgrass

    The room is BEAUTIFUL! ColorSnap is awesome, we use it to show clients colors. That rug is beautiful and I want it!!!! So pretty with the Sea Serpent paint. You have such talent!!!

  37. Image for Carrie Carrie

    OOH! Beautiful. I wish I lived in Texas so I could stop over and ask thousands of questions~ and I'm so thankful for the books you've written ~ they are a good substitute for the real KariAnne!!! But still....if you ever find yourself wanting to help someone reinvent the grandparents house to fit their style, and you're in the Pittsburgh area.....( I have TWO Wal-Marts and ONE Target less than 10 minutes from me..) consider my hand RAISED!!! Your talent....sigh.....BIG LOVE

  38. Image for Erin Erin

    Wow!! Amazing!!!! Now, normally I would cringe at doing that to a book, and I did at first, but it looks amazing. She did a really good job. I want one too. lol!!!! The whole office is happy.

  39. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I love it. Could we pretend you are my sister in law for a project?🥰 fresh eyes always are better to see what’s needed.

  40. Image for Loris Lutke Loris Lutke

    OMG!!! You are the BEST DESIGNER/DECORATOR/MULTI-TALENTED PERSON EVER!! I wish you could re-make/re-do/pick paint colors for my lakehouse inside & out!! Now that my husband and I are retired and getting up there in years we enjoy being at home and being comfortable and cozy more than anything! I LOVE reading all your posts and seeing all your pictures of your crafts & room makeovers!! 🥰💕

  41. Image for Helen Helen

    Hi, I just ordered the rug! I went to get the paint, but it didn’t look blue! It was very dark. Is there another blue you could recommend? It will be going in a room that has 3 walls of sliders by a pool. Thank you so much!

  42. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Such a smart system that Sherwin Williams offers! Makes selecting colors so easy! The office looks lovely, KariAnne! It has your touch, but I definitely could see it wasn't your house when I saw the pic. Love that! You made it your SIL's style! Thank you SO much for sharing at Tuesday Turn About! Always blessed to have you there!

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