This was snow in Kentucky.

Drifts so big you couldn’t see the sidewalk.

Inches and inches and inches of snow.

We would wait for the snow to get packed down or the trucks to shovel snow off the road.  The roads would still be a little slippery.  The roads would be covered with remnants of ice and snow, but we had places to go and things to do and we couldn’t sit inside all winter.

So we’d get in our cars and drive.


This is snow in Texas.

I wanted to take a photo with more of the snow but I couldn’t because there’s NO SNOW IN THE YARD.

This is all there is.

All the snow she wrote.

And guess what?  Everyone is talking about staying in.




Love this post on simple organizing ideas.

Simple and pretty.

See the entire list here.

Love these free printable butterflies.

They make the cutest cards.

Download yours for FREE here.

In the spirit of making the most of each day, I loved this post.

It’s all about setting your morning routine.

And making your bed.

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(total aside:  I’m taking a class on bullet journaling.  I’ll post about it soon.)

And this is my favorite post of 2019 so far.

It’s all about importance of finding your why.

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And in random news this week:

This new tile trend

This sunrise

These undersink storage ideas

This no-sew cafe curtain

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Why time passes faster the older you get

This open shelving

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And if you missed this post from my blog it’s all about controlling clutter.

All you need is 10 minutes a day and shoes.

And one more for the road.

This post is all about resetting your heart.

Perfect way to start 2019.



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  1. Image for laura laura

    hi karianne! I meant to leave a comment the other day on a post and now I can't remember what the post was about! geez! We got snow south of the city (Denver), but in Colorado the sun starts shining and it melts quickly! I have big blog news on a rebrand in the works. I still remember our phone call on an August morning maybe 3.5 years ago or maybe it was 2.5 years ago. My youngest just got back from 2 week mission trip to Belize and I woke up this morning thinking, "Oh geez, he did not shower before he climbed into his freshly laundered sheets...." 18 hours of travel from Belize to Houston to Denver last night! yikes. xo laura

  2. Image for Donna Donna

    Thanks for the reflections. We just visited a museum and saw a film clip of a MLK speech. He had great vision and what a man of character who could look beyond the daily happenings. It was good to look back esp in light of what is happening in DC. Your "thistlekeeping" is rather like a magazine of sorts for me, but without the ugly advertising that clutters today's magazines. I will take a second look at the piece on time later, I couldn't absorb it all now. I am from Mn and we understand snow, its beauty and its removal.

  3. Image for Diana Diana

    Thank you for reposting the joy post I loved it. The week has been long and cranky. I get the Texas "snow" panic it happens in North Carolina everytime. The grocery stores empty out and I just pray the power stays on!

  4. Image for Pam Pam

    I live in Paducah KY & we are getting snow today 1/19/19 Saturday. I believe we are supposed to get around 6 inches.

  5. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    LOL - funny about snow. In my hometown - 3 hours straight north up to Lake Erie there is a LEVEL THREE snow emergency going on. My brothers and my sister who still live there are freaking out. Here? It has rained all day - took all that pretty snow from last weekend away down the drains. Boo,. I love snow, I love winter - not freezing yucky ole rain. Nope. But in Texas? Poor thing. Bet my sister has a guest room you may borrow...... Happy Thistlekeeping! : - ) ps - it's very dangerous to be stuck inside (online shopping, honey do lists, Pinning....)

  6. Image for Shelia Shelia

    I just want to thank you Karianne, for taking time out of your weekends to post something for us. I love these posts of your favorites because they’re usually things I’m interested in as well. Plus it gives my brain something to do and keeps me from feeling so lonely. I get such enjoyment reading your posts! I really enjoyed the article on why time seems like it’s flying by. I just couldn’t understand why my life felt like it was flying by at warp speed, now that I’m getting older. Now I totally get it! I live on the MS Gulf Coast and we Never see snow. Snow’s pretty to look at, but I don’t like being cold or shoveling snow so I’m right where I need to be! LOL! 😁

  7. Image for PJ PJ

    Here's to leaving a joy trail in the snow! We are expecting two feet of snow here and are hunkered down with good books and food. (You might like to check out "Diane in Denmark" on YouTube. She is a strong proponent of a morning routine and has a very positive approach as do you.) Have an amazing day, KariAnne!

  8. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    Snow in Texas??? We feel the same way after coming from the snowbelt of northeast Ohio. We’re talking over a hundred inches a year - and then moving to South Carolina. They close all the bridges for a little sleet. And do you know how many bridges are in the lowcountry? With three rivers running into Charleston harbor, creeks, marshes and water everywhere - you can’t get around when the bridges are closed. So we laugh and stay home! Enjoy your snow day! 😉

  9. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Give us Texans a break! LOL Snow in Texas usually just translates to icy roads. Roads are almost always iced under the snow. We don't have snow tires, it happens so seldom most people really don't know hot to drive properly. We don't know hot to defrost icy windshields and we NEVER allow enough time to do so even if we know how. Many of us don't even own shoes that are appropriate. We truly are wimps about the snow and we envy the bucolic snow scenes like those pictured above...but we scratch our heads when northerners complain about heat waves when temps are approaching high 80's!

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