Random thoughts on a rainy birthday morning:

1. Today is party day.  We have the balloons.  We have the cakes.  We have the games.  We have the movies.

And in coolest news EVER…the twins found this tiny printer that prints photos off your phone for the photo booth.  We got it at Best Buy.  You have to buy the paper separately and it is a little pricey—but SO PERFECT for a photo party.  The pictures even have stickers so you can stick them up after you print them off.

2.  In random party news, we have a gold lame room just for the chips.

3.  Did you know that season 4 of Poldark is arriving at the END OF SEPTEMBER?  Seriously?

I read the reviews and it said that Ross Poldark is in trouble.

Nothing ever changes in Cornwall.

4.  And in fashion news.  Are you aware that stirrup pants are back?  Yes, they have arrived to a Soft Surroundings near you.

Hello 1990.

Nice to meet you.

And now?

Let’s see what the internet has been up to.

Just when I think I might be over farmhouse.

This shows up.

This beautiful table setting can be found here.

These beautiful fall printables for your table.

And they are free.

See them here.

I thought this post was brilliant.

She made these pumpkin stems herself with an ingredient I would have never thought of.

See the DIY here.

And one of my favorite fall tours on the planet.

I loved the fossils on the stands.

See the entire tour here.


And in random news this week:

This adorable free printable

This chandelier (and so many other things) are discounted over at HUGE SALE at the Pottery Barn Warehouse

This super easy and cute DIY

How to stretch your fall decor

Fall puttering

Simple, easy fall table

This beautiful home tour

Love these stairway decorating ideas

These spider cheese balls

And this post is such an inspiration.  She took the existing furnishings for the room, sold them and used the money to decorate the space.

Here’s how she decorated this dining room for free.

And one more for the road.

I DIY’d these pumpkins from my fabric line.

See the simple, easy DIY here.

Happy Random Saturday to You

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  1. Image for Shelley Shelley

    How can stirrup pants be back? I've already lived through them twice in my lifetime, I think that's enough.for anyone.

  2. Image for Karen Karen

    I wore stirrup pants in the 1960's! So this is at least their 2nd resurrection! Crazy. We called them "stretch pants", and what I hated was after you sat at your school desk for awhile, when you got up the pants were stretched and sticking out at the knees, and it looked like you had tumors growing on your knees! By the end of the day, they looked terrible. I imagine the new ones work better.

  3. Image for PJ PJ

    Poldark and stirrup pants returning...this is almost too much good news for one morning! Have a wonderful Sunday, KariAnne. Hope the birthday party went well.

  4. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    I can understand and see stirrup pants being worn the way they are in the picture. Otherwise, just say NO! I wore them back in the early 90's and loved them. I'll probably let them pass me by this go 'round. :D

  5. Image for Hedy Hedy

    No stirrup pants in this house! I never could find them long enough to not pull down at the waist, they just didn’t fit good. I saw jeans coming out that they were changing too and every comment was about how ugly they are. And don’t even get me going on this ripped jeans thing! Like your fall decorations, no bright orange

  6. Image for Peg Peg

    Oh how I love Thistlekeeping and those adorable fabric pumpkins at the end of the post! So stinkin cute!! Happy Fall KariAnne!!! xoxoxo

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