It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy road…

….all those Sunday nights with our Masterpiece classics.

There was Poldark with his amazing hair and the ability to look like a romance novel standing on a cliff and his super poor choice making.

There was Selfridge with his ambition and his family and his random moustache and his incredible store-front windows.

There was every wonderful, amazing incredible season of Downton Abbey with the dresses and the earldom and the staff and Mr. Bates.

But now?

There’s a new show in town and it starts tomorrow.

It’s called Victoria and it chronicles the life of Queen Victoria, one of the youngest, most beloved and most beautiful queens ever to reign over England.

With one of the sweetest love stories ever told.

I am literally counting the minutes until it airs tomorrow, January 15 on PBS.  You can see the trailer here.

Here’s to Sunday nights with the Queen. 🙂

My heart is yearning for simple this January.

And these branches are perfect and they are faux berries.

How to make faux berry branches here.

Isn’t this the cutest flowerpot you have ever seen?

In the history of ever?

And it’s a cake.

I know….right?

Recipe and icing details found here.

I’m decluttering right now.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

Here’s a great post I found on the best and easiest tips for decluttering.

In searching for gifts for Valentine’s Day, I found this.

Homemade goats milk soap.

Isn’t it the cutest?

DIY found here.


And in random news this week:

Scrap wood at its finest

This made me cry

Cutest cookies ever

This dining room

Best word of the year ever

Favorite new blog

Copper roof love

Design ins and outs for 2017

And in exciting news….

….this made me do cartwheels

And one more for the road.

How to make a DIY reclaimed wood stool like this.

Project instructions here.

Happy Random Saturday. 🙂

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  1. Image for Monica Monica

    Oh yes!!!!!! Victoria is also on my schedule to watch!!!!! I even have an alert set on my phone so I won't miss a second of it!!!!!! I sooooo miss Downton Abbey......even my husband was hooked!!!!! Just realized....I use way too many exclamation points :-). Anyway, can't wait till tomorrow!!!!

  2. Image for Shirley Shirley

    Hi KariAnne. I loved Victoria!!! Thank you so much for recommending The Crown & The Gilmore Girls . I am staying at my sons cat sitting & have binge watched both.

  3. Image for Loryl Loryl

    LOVE your Saturday posts! I just ordered those cute Russsian piping tips! Can't wait to play with them. I'm so looking forward to Victoria too. And congrats on being included in the 12 great decorating blogs. Of course you're number 1 with me!!!

  4. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Thistlekeeping is always the best weekend entertainment for me!!! Since I haven't watched TV for more than 5 years, I don't really know about all of the ones being discussed- but, I must admit to being tempted by "Victoria". I was a huge PBS fan in my TV watching days! The closest I get to watching TV is my 3 yr.old Grandson's DVDs, that would include all the "Land Before Time", "Elmo","Thomas The Train" and his present favorite "The Good Dinosaur". I can hold my own discussing anything about dinosaurs!! Thank-you for the ever enjoyable Thistlekeeping. P.S. YOU are the greatest decorating blog and deserve being on the list!!!

  5. Image for Clair Clair

    I love "The Crown", and wish I had more episodes to see. "Victoria" looks like it will fit the bill in the meantime. Live those cupcakes. They look like Spring!

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    I admit, Victoria doesn't give me the sense of excitement I had in waiting for the newest Downton season--that being said, I still plan on watching! Also looking forward to the return of Grantchester, Mercy Street, and Call the Midwife (LOVED the CTM Christmas special--meaningful and sweetly romantic). So glad I will have a place to discuss the lastest in PBS offerings on Monday. :) Congrats on the Domino Story mention! Yay KariAnne! And I enjoyed poking around on the Gracelaced blog today. Happy Saturday.

  7. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    I'm looking forward to Victoria also. My PBS fave for this past season (not on your list) was pack full of wonderful quirky characters and the to-die-for backdrop of a perpetually golden skied isle. I hope you didn't miss it.

  8. Image for mormormedstiletter mormormedstiletter

    Oh, I envy all of you who can look forward to a weekend with series on Netflix and happy cake baking:-) I am busy packing our suitcases for a flight to our homebase and back to work:-) E N J O Y!!

  9. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Domino!!!! How fantastic for you!!! Congratulations- you deserve it!!! Also have the DVR scheduled for Victoria. Can't wait!

  10. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    Thank you for keeping me up to speed on all the fabulous shows on television!!!! Also, great news about being in Domino. Your tenacity and hard work has its benefits! Kudos, my friend. Still haven't completely put Christmas away, but will do so by end of day tomorrow. As much as I miss Christmas, there is something fulfilling about starting clean again!

  11. Image for Barbara Barbara

    I waited patiently clicking to see you on Domino...then there you were #12 of 14!! Awesome! Congrats:) LOVED this episode of Thistlekeeping-perfection!

  12. Image for Charlotte Snodgrass Charlotte Snodgrass

    I love all your posts but this one has so much information for a cloudy day in Texas with no where to go because your car is stuck in mud from the construction of our new home that currently has only sticks for walls. After reading your posts, I now have two more great blogs to follow and some more decisions to make for interior paint. Thank you!

  13. Image for Kristi Kristi

    Ahhhh, will definitely set the PVR to catch it, thanks for sharing! I've been working my way through The Crown and Netflix and so far, it's done a great job of filling the Downton Abbey void. Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend!

  14. Image for Jo Jo

    Thank you fir this post I really enjoyed everything you mentioned and Congratulations on the Donino mention. I love these kind of posts I always learn something, have a laugh or a smile sometimes a tear. I really aporeciate your hard work in putting this post &. Your blog. ??

  15. Image for laura {not a trophy wife} laura {not a trophy wife}

    KariAnne Thank you for the reminder! We loved The Crown and my sister is dvr'ing The Pope. Because who doesn't want the Pope to be played by Jude Law. hmm....hmm Just saw Hidden Figures.. take your girls! Loved it! My husband loved it! Happy Sunday

  16. Image for Patti Patti

    KariAnne....I am sooooo with you on these shows...Have you watched Outlander??? I am a TOTAL junkie when it comes to these kind of shows and Outlander is my new Downton Abbey!! Thanks for ALL of the gorgeous pics and links...You're the BEST!! Love from Nashville!

  17. Image for Peg Peg

    Busy weekend here!! I'm just getting to Thistlekeeping on Tuesday morning!! : ) Love everything you've shared!! Congrats on making the list of beautiful blogs!! xoxo

  18. Image for Terri Terri

    Oh my goodness ..... I did not realize that "The Crown" had begun..... I went online and watched it.... ummmmm... let's change that to "I was glued to it" !!! Loved every second!!!! This is going to be an awesome "Masterpiece"....... Thanks for the reminder !!! Right up there with our beloved "Downton Abbey" !!! Congratulations are in order to you as well I see... !!!! Blessings

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