fall decorating back door

If this is your first time to the blog…before we get started on the room tour….

….here’s just a few things about me you might need to know.

1.  I almost always…..even with jogging pants…..wear big earrings and red lipstick.

2.  I’ve had  a few fashion disasters.

3.  I tell stories.  Like how I’m the talk of the county when I’m supposed to be showing you my home tour.

4.  I like to talk and wave my hands around and I love neutrals and I live at the end of a winding country road in the middle of nowhere.


I’m 100% random…..

…..with a whole lot of bless your heart sprinkled on top.

fall decor in the living room

Now there are days when I’m happy I made it through.

And there are days when I’m good.

There are even a few days when I’m great.

But every now and then when the stars align and everything comes together and the heavens part and the angels sing the hallelujah chorus…..

…..there comes a day when I’m absolutely, positively amazing.

fall decor living room

I’m not even sure if you are supposed to say that out loud.


I know….right?

It’s a little embarrassing.

So most of the time I just keep information like that strictly to my amazing self. 🙂

fall decor living room wreath

And just between us…..yesterday was one of those amazing days.

I started adding fall decorations to the living room at the farmhouse.  I added pumpkins to the coffee table and fall color to the chalkboard and then I remembered this incredible drift wood wreath that I bought last year on clearance.  I added it to the bookcase and then decided it needed something.

Like a little color.

fall decor with bookshelves

I searched my ribbon stash for something that would work, but I only had burlap and gold and metallic and hot pink polka dot.

Not exactly what I was looking for.

So I decided to make my own.

And this is where the amazing part comes in.

Get ready…..

drop cloth ribbon

…..because this is drop cloth.


A random piece of drop cloth that I found in the fabric stacks and then I cut it into strips.

Each strip is about 2 1/2 inches wide and two yards long.  And then I dyed it.


Just some over-the-counter dye that I had left over from a conference swag bag.

dyed dropcloth ribbon

And when I finished….it looked like this.

I found out that drop cloth is so easy to dye.  I just followed the directions on the package.  It’s super-absorbent and the color soaks up almost immediately and the dyed drop cloth dries a little stiff.

Perfect homemade ribbon to make fall bows with.

Who knew?

living room fall decorating

But enough about me being amazing….because, you see…..

….I was just going first. 🙂

I was simply breaking the “amazing” ice.

Now I want to hear about you.

I want to know about the last amazing day you had.


Are you rolling your eyes and sighing and thinking that no one mentioned to you at the beginning that this was an interactive fall tour?

fall living room

But we all have a little amazing to be thankful for…..so let’s hear yours.

A beautiful fall day?

A yard sale sign that said it was a 25 family yard sale and the biggest sale ever….and it was?

A recipe that turned out even better than the last time you made it.

A great hair day.

Or simply the perfect shade of lipstick…..

….preferably red. 🙂

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  1. Image for Mallory Mallory

    Just when I thought I couldn't like you any more than I already do....big earrings and red lipstick....even with jogging pants...my kind of girl!! Everything looks amazing and so glad that yesterday was one of those days where everything aligns. I celebrated yesterday too....but for much smaller successes like a shower, getting my gal to school on time and actually having cooked dinner. I'll take what I can get! ::fist bump:: xo

  2. Image for Rhoni T Rhoni T

    I am always amazed when something works out with out having to many "do overs". Drop cloth, dyes easily, who knew!? Couple things; love the houndtooth print on the chair, and the 3-D map of Paris, I am head-over-heels envious of you!!

  3. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Married to my high school sweetheart for 27 years. Raised four pretty amazing young adults...and one spunky Yorkie as my sidekick. I'm pretty amazing Every. Day. And I'm truly amazed. God is good! xoxo

    1. Image for Suzi Suzi

      I love this too! We are in our 41st year, and I am amazing because even though we are traveling, I still haven't killed him ;) cause...he is amazing too!

  4. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I love your posts and photos! What is the paint color on the walls in the pictured room? I am looking for a beautiful light green gray. Or should i say gray green? I have a small dark panelled library off of my living room and i cant stand it anymore so it's getting painted in October- so excited!

  5. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Well I'll just ditto everyone else-- you see, you are amazing every day. Now there are different degrees of amazing-- from outrageously amazing to the nth degree amazing. My day was just last week -- we were just talking about people and things and I don't know how it all came out but I'm still stunned -- my hubby turned to me and said I thing you're very beautiful. WOW!! after 45 years of marriage. Well, I think he's a hunk but I wasn't dressed up or anything -- no make up -- just me. That was one heck of a day I won't forget. :-)

  6. Image for Kathleen Hall Kathleen Hall

    Love your posts..first thing in the morning...sipping my coffee and loving your stunning home. Love love your font door hanging!! AND the arrangement on your coffee table...just beautiful!!

  7. Image for Debbie Yarbrough Debbie Yarbrough

    I love your enthusiasm.....are you always that positive and upbeat?!? I need some of that - wish you lived close by! Love your blog and always enjoy your posts. The weather here in the South has taken a turn for the better, and our windows are open to the fresh and cool air of fall! Your fall decorations are beautiful and inspiring, so maybe I'll start putting out the pumpkins....! And....YES! to red lipstick.

  8. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    I'm so very thankful to awake and read the words you write in your lovely most awesome blog! We're so very fortunate to live in this day and age where we all have access to connect with each other by internet!

  9. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I feel amazing every time our praise team performs "We Beleive." It's because we serve an AMAZING God, and I'm getting to do my all-time favorite things - playing piano and singing! The other time I felt amazing (OK, there have been other times, but bear with!) was when I was 17, had on my Aigner shoes, and walked home from the school bus in weather a lot like TODAY! Your ribbon turned out great! And I love where you decided to put that cool train map of Paris!! I'm still AMAZINGLY jealous of that find, by the away! ;) Have an awesome, awe-inspiring, amazing, Autumn day!!

  10. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Amazed myself by getting up with early to make apple crisp for the kids school lunches....despite being sick with the first cold of the season. I swear that back to school = share germs and bring them home :( And that Paris rail piece is the coolest thing I've ever seen :)

  11. Image for ZoeAnn ZoeAnn

    Yes… you are amazing every day girl!! I don't often feel amazing… but when I get the WHOLE house cleaned at one time… that feels amazing! Now… about that dyed drop cloth- it looks like burlap! I LOVE IT!!

  12. Image for Abbey Abbey

    Awesome post and decor as usual KariAnne. Smart move dying the drop cloth. :) .....My "amazing moment" came Sunday when, after kind of a long hiatus, I managed to run 6 miles. Getting back into it slowly! Hope you're having a good week! :)

  13. Image for Marybeth Marybeth

    The drop cloth ribbon looks gorgeous! I love that saturated color. This has so many possibilities! My most recent amazing day was last Sunday when I made Irish Nachos. https://undercoverdiyer.com/2014/09/21/made-week-irish-nachos-enchilada-casserole/ That's not a shameless plug for my blog. It's a public service announcement. You HAVE to make Irish Nachos. Then you can have another amazing day! (Or two, because I might have made them on Monday, too. For dinner. Just for me.)

  14. Image for Jill Jill

    I'm loving the hot pink ribbon. But then, I've always loved color. I was amazing when I created this purple fall porch: https://afternoonartist.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/the-purple-porch/ Who knew that deep purple wicker furniture would look fabulous surrounded by fall colors?

  15. Image for ColleenwithJustPaintIt ColleenwithJustPaintIt

    And this, my dear KariAnne, is why we're friends. Because I took a bucket of water, a splash of ASCP, mixed it up and dumped a dropcloth in it. meh. But THEN I took a bucket of water, a splash of my bff craft paints (in Azure Blue, 'natch) and dumped a dropcloth in it. And then a tea towel. And another tea towel. And then I ran around the house looking for any natural fiber fabric that I could 'dye'. I stopped short of cutting all of the pale Azure blue fabric into ribbon though. :/ But umpteen years ago when I decorated other people's houses for Christmas (without time for my own) I took yards and yards of burgundy chiffon, cut it into 18" widths, rolled the edges and weaved wire thru them, then glued them with Tacky glue. For an 11' Nobel pine. Can we still be friends? :D

  16. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Gorgeous fall tour! Who knew you could dye drop cloth...but then why not? And that's what makes your designs so wonderful...the why not factor! So original...just like you and your drop earrings and red lipstick! That's your brand...and we love it! ;)

  17. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Nice job as always, Karianne! One memorably amazing moment was when I made two beautiful silver tray front door wreaths for my 50th birthday party this summer. We moved into a new house with two front doors and I searched for something unique, but just couldn't find what I wanted. I had two round silver trays that were similar in size and my son drilled a hole in one of them (the other already had holes). Grabbed my glue gun and some supplies around 10pm the night before the party and went to town! Don't think I can post the pic here, so will try and email you! :) Happy Fall Y'all! Kelly Buettner from your hometown of McKinney, just ranked no. 1 best place to live in America yesterday :)

  18. Image for Lindsay Lindsay

    Karianne, I LOVE your little amazing bow! It is so lovely and isn't it amazing how the simplest things just make our days?! I love those kinds of days....my last amazing day was when I found the curtains for our dining room and then a bunch of coordinating pillow fabrics for the fall tour! I had been picturing vintage floral with a black background and fall colored flowers, which I kept being told didn't exist. And then I found it. And the stars aligned and I was so happy I stressfully kept looking and hunting in every store I could think of because it's so worth it!

  19. Image for Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life... Cynthia @ A Button Tufted Life...

    You had me at ripped strips of drop cloth but sealed the deal with the pink dye… seriously, I may faint with anticipation for your next brilliant creation! I on the other hand was not so brilliant yesterday… here's hoping for today. I have high expectations as I managed to not spill coffee on myself and am having a good hair day so far! ;) baby steps...

  20. Image for Polly Polly

    Morning Karianne!! When I first saw your wonderful wreath, I thought she's made it out of clothespins, then I read on.......and I work for an optometrist! Looking good and I love the pink ribbon, cheery and brite! Have a super great day, I wonder if a wreath could be made out of old looking clothespins and hot glue.........

  21. Image for Gee Gee

    Sitting here today, on a grey, soggy, wet morning, reading your post and giggling. Was feeling bummed as I had plans to work on amcommissi8nedmpiece today, and indo NOT like grey days for painting. Now I am grinn8ng and th8nk8ngninwillnuave an amazing day after all. paint or no paint! Cuz frankly, I am me!! :) Keep being amazing !

  22. Image for Molly Molly

    Wow, I just love everything about your home. So many unique pieces ! I think I read somewhere that you are in KY?? Me too! If that's true, I wonder how far we live from eachother...

  23. Image for gina gina

    "over-the-counter dye" ... something that the wife of a pharmacist would say! :) My awesomeness today : staying calm during morning teenage tension... and then I saw a flock of birds lined up with perfect spacing gracing the telephone wire next to my home... greeting me.

    1. Image for Judy Anne Judy Anne

      Over the counter dye...I loved that too...it makes craft materials sound potentially illicit, dangerous or addictive...which of course they absolutely are!

  24. Image for Colleen Colleen

    So cute died pink! I've been using the ripped drop cloth for a while now....I make stamped ribbon from ripped drop cloth using antique stamps and sell it by the yard(s). I also do custom orders and can do any letters, numbers or saying you desire! I love drop cloth, it has so many great uses. I made a bunch for my show this weekend (Roses & Rust) in Boise!

  25. Image for Yolanda Acevedo Yolanda Acevedo

    Salutations my friend, I am simply amazed at how amazing the good Lord created you! But I have to say, even more amazed at how my husband and my daughter make me feel! Oh, yes and my little Chihuahua/Yorkie mix we named PeeWee Herman! I am amazed at the season changing to Fall, and the universe, and the sun and the moon. I am amazed at babies, and little soldier ants, and bubbling brooks, and love, and peacefulness, and JESUS. I am amazed at tea and how cozy, and settled it makes me feel! I am just amazed! Thank you for the opportunity to share how amazed I really am! Blessings to an amazing friend!

  26. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Stop it! That really does look AMAZING, and I know I have that same dye sitting in my desk--I am in love with the color. I'm off to dye some drop cloths now!!

  27. Image for Dana Nichols Dana Nichols

    Your Fall décor is awesome! I'm working on mine. The best idea I've had lately is to put my Christmas tree up in September and decorate it with pumpkins and leaves and other Fall stuff. I'll un-decorate it Thanksgiving night and put on Christmas ornaments. I'm feeling pretty amazing about that! LOL

  28. Image for Julia G. Julia G.

    You are amazing! Always! My amazing moment this past weekend when I decorated my front room and entry totally different than I normally do, and it looks amazing!

  29. Image for Sandy R Sandy R

    KariAnne, you are my hero! I think you're amazing every single day!!!!!!! Love love your blog!!! I'm a faithful reader! xoxo

  30. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I want to echo everything that Sandy R just stated. My amazing days were spent on vacation with my husband. For many years we went to Bermuda and stayed at the Ariel Sands Beach Club. The scenery, people, food, everything there was amazing. Unfortunately, the Ariel Sands is no longer in business, however, I have amazing memories. Keep up the amazing work, KerriAnne!

  31. Image for Jane Jane

    You definitely are amazing and that is an amazing 'POP' of color as they say, and I think yours has raised the bar! I am SO going to wear some red lipstick one of these days...man oh man, it was something I did quite a bit in the '90's when I dressed up. Just have to do it now...you are inspiring! Jane x

  32. Image for Angela Angela

    My amazing day is the day I discovered your blog and we made contact and talked on the phone and I squealed when it was over and knew I had made an amazing friend for life!!~~Ang

  33. Image for Lori Ellison Lori Ellison

    Amazing year: I designed and oversaw the building of our home. Been living in it a couple of months and love it!

  34. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    Love the fuschia pink bow! I am AHmazed that I made it to 50 years old! I could never imagine making it to this age because I worked in the Operating Room for a couple of decades and tend to be rather outspoken. Loudmouthed and multiple sharp instruments at hand? LOL... Seemed a likely recipe for a shortened life span! But no.. I made it to a ripe old middle age and am honing my feisty old lady edge. Gearing up to wear red with a purple hat and eat cheese sandwiches for breakfast with BBQ potatoe chips and run sticks along fences and generally be inappropriate and laugh at the youngsters who are appalled at my behavior!!!

  35. Image for Summer Summer

    Your home is gorgeous KariAnne and you're too funny! I'm dying over your front door and the silhouette pumpkins of course! I have a great weekend!

  36. Image for Lynne Lynne

    I read looootttsss of blogs and what I think is amazing is you are truly one of a kind! You talk different, you tell stories different and I love that about you. Wish I lived out in the middle of no where close to you so we could kind of be neighbors and go junking together!

  37. Image for Tara Tara

    I had to smile when I saw your blog post . . . no worries, it's OK to say it out loud. I have similar days. In fact, I had one on Thursday! Wearing sweatpants. I often talk to myself on those days and then when I realize it, I just keep going. My awesomeness came when I decided I would print on a piece of burlap that was stiff from the mod podge I had covered it with the previous night. I knew it had a very good chance of not working out, ruining my printer, and disrupting marital harmony, however I had some awesomeness running through my veins {and 2 cups of coffee}. I went for it, and it was awesome. In sweatpants. So, I get you completely and thanks for giving a place to say it! I hope to write a DIY tutorial on that bad boy sometime next week on my blog, so come on by! Tara

  38. Image for catcamera.net catcamera.net

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