Remember the Walmart fashion post I did last week and I told you that there would be a part 2?

Here it is.

In all its denim glory.

Because today I have a Walmart jean try-on.


I have SIX pairs of jeans in different washes and different colorways and different lengths and different leg styles and different levels of distressing. But all these jeans have two things in common.

  1. They are all under $27 (some are even under $20).
  2. The jeans look and feel and wear like they just stepped off the high-fashion jean runway.


The value for the price is AMAZING.

Are you ready?


Here are all the jeans side-by-side so you can compare the length and the different washes.

Before we get started on how the individual jeans fit and how stretchy they are and all the differences between the jeans I wanted to share a few things.

Just between us, this is my very first jean try-on post and I want to make sure I get it right and give you the most value. I take my recommendations very seriously (especially with jeans).

  1. I bought all of these at my local Walmart store, however, I made sure to link everything online so you could shop all of the different sizes and lengths. Many of the jeans I found come in petite as well as tall and extended sizes that are all available online.
  2. All of the jeans also come in different washes and I made sure to note which color I have on.
  3. SUPER IMPORTANT. Please note that I am five feet tall. Some of the jeans are a little long for me (which is a super common occurrence). Typically I either cut them off or roll them up. In these pictures, I left them long so you could see the actual length of the jean.
  4. I’m wearing my beloved elbow-length tee in the pictures. You can see the t-shirt here and it comes in so many different colors.
  5. I kept the t-shirt and shoes the same in each picture so the jeans would be the hero of the post.
  6. Walmart is seriously upping their fashion game. The quality and prices are some of the best that I’ve seen. I’m sharing jeans today, but there are so many fun new arrivals for summer you can see here.

Let’s start at the beginning (according to Julie Andrews it’s a very good place to start).

|| distressed jeans || elbow length tee || black heels ||

1. Levi’s Mid Rise Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans

I love a little distressing on my jeans.

For some random reason makes me feel current and like I’m back in high school. I don’t like too much distressing, though, and right around the knees is perfect for me.

These jeans are actually a little longer than in this picture. I cut these off and frayed the ends to match the distressing on the knees.

They have a little bit of stretch (probably the least stretchy of all the jeans I’m showing you) and the jean material has that distressed amazing jean feel to it. These jeans run true to size.

You can see the jeans here.

|| mid rise straight jeans|| elbow length tee || black heels ||

2. Time and Tru Mid Rise Straight Jeans

The next two jeans I want to show you are from Time and Tru one of my favorite Walmart brands.

This was my favorite pair of all the jeans I tried on (I’m actually wearing them right now typing this post).

I found them in the light wash in a petite. Here are all the reasons why they are the perfect jeans for me.

  1. They have quite a bit of stretch and hold in my tummy perfectly.
  2. They are under $17.
  3. The hem and the stitching on them looks super high-end.
  4. They have a slight distressed fading on the front that gives them a vintage look I love.
  5. They are a mid-rise jean, but they feel a little more like a high-rise with plenty of coverage for my tummy.

You can see the jeans here.

|| mid rise straight jeans|| elbow length tee || black heels ||

3. Time and Tru Mid Rise Straight Jeans

These are the exact same jeans as number two.

Except they are not petite and they are a different color.

These are from Time and True and they are regular length in the dark wash.

These jeans fit true to size.

Same wider leg. Same price point. Same quality.

You can see the mid-rise straight jeans here.

|| skinny jeans|| elbow length tee || black heels ||

4. Levi’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

As I was picking out jeans to try on, a thought occurred to me.

Are skinny jeans even a thing anymore?

Just between us? I do love a pair of skinny jeans. They are great to wear with boots in the winter and flip-flops and an oversized shirt in the summer. Normally, I try to adhere to a fashion rule I made up for myself. If my jeans are skinny, I wear an oversized top. If my jeans are baggier, I wear a more fitted top.

That way at least something is fitted and it all balances out.

To me it seems these jeans run a little bit small and I think I’m going to size up. They are also a little long for me so I’ll either cut them off or have them hemmed. I’m wearing the color Marigold.

You can see the jeans here.

|| high rise curvy jeans|| elbow length tee || black heels ||

5. Time and Tru High Rise Curvy

The material on these jeans is amazing. It’s super stretchy with great tummy control. They have a little extra room in the back and fit amazingly well.

They run a little large, so I’d definitely size down.

They are also a little long for me so I’ll either cut them off or have them hemmed.

I’m wearing the medium wash.

You can see the curvy jeans here.

|| mid rise capri jeans|| elbow length tee || black heels ||

6. Levi’s Mid Rise Capri

I do love a capri jean.

They are perfect when you are five feet tall.

Most capri jeans are actually almost full length on me and these are no exception.

They run true to size and the hem is stitched in with a small stitch on one side of the cuff. You could probably take the stitch out and fold them down for more versatility.

You can see the mid-rise capri jeans here.


That was a lot of jean information from a very excited jean purchaser.

I hope this post was helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions about the jeans or sizing.

We jean shoppers have to stick together. 🙂

disclosure: this post is sponsored by Walmart.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Lara Lara

    KariAnne, Thank you soooo much for this post! It is so hard to find just the right fit jeans…at the right price! I wear jeans all the time but it is so frustrating trying to find those “right” jeans. This has helped so much.

  2. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Adorable and I know skinny jeans aren't the big thing anymore but I lolove them for the same reasons. Dark wash is a must for me. Seeing the T onyou I may have to try it. I love this brand!

  3. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    I’m looking for some stretchy high rise straight jeans kind of like the ones you liked the most out of this bunch. I can’t deal with any of the mid rides, they cut straight across my tummy and look and feel awful. By the way, you look cute in all of them!

  4. Image for Debbie Debbie

    These jeans look SO cute on you with that tee shirt. I’m a high rise girl at 5’9” and found a cute pair at Walmart last year for $27 I believe. I will definitely check out that tee. Thank you dear friend!!

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    I loved them all. You look great in all of them. My height is 5ft 2in and for some reason designers think every woman is 5ft 6 and above. But you look adorable and what fantastic prices. Thank you. I love light and dark jeans. And straight and boot cuts are my favs.

  6. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Designers say skinny jeans are out...yet every time I see Hollywood stars, etc.they all have on skinny jeans!!! LOL... I am 5 foot tall and have been buying jeans from walmart for years as they are cute, affordable and still carry petite sizes! Cute poses by the way 😉

  7. Image for Denise Lauder Denise Lauder

    Thank you so much for the "jean" expose. Loved it. Now, I have a question about something not related to jeans. What is your favorite brand for artificial plants/trees for indoor use? What looks the most natural? Thank you so much, Denise

  8. Image for Diana Diana

    KariAnne they all look so cute and I too love a capri. Sorry to ask this but I know I saved your post on spot remover for carpet and rugs and I can not find it. Can you please drop the link? Thank you...

  9. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    You are such a cutie pie! I was just thinking about getting a new pair of jeans the other day. Wasn't keen on spending a fortune on them. So thanks for this! 😍

  10. Image for Carol Carol

    You are so cute. Love your energy! I like the darkest jean on you as it enhances your figure without making you look too big. Dark wash is slimming. Thanks for the effort in doing this.

  11. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    You look GREAT in every pair! I too am five foot and adhere to the skinny/ baggy top - baggy pants, fitted top. Good rule of thumb there. Did you have a very favorite? Walmart is really amazing these days! I love their Time and Tru line too. And I don't think skinny jeans are out - still see them all over the place. (Agree on wearing with boots - always leg flattering!) Thx for doing this, KA - very helpful. Hope you are having a fabulous day!

  12. Image for Doris N Campbell Doris N Campbell

    I'm 5;1" so I know what you mean about capri's being long. I spend a lot of time getting them the right length. I love WALMART jeans. I, too, love the Time and Tru brand. Thank you for showing the different styles and looks. Love it when you physically show us the difference. Great help.

  13. Image for Deedra Deedra

    I am so glad you did this post because it is so helpful!! I am short too and because of that I like to get petite. When you get a petite, do you go with your regular size? I’m wondering if I should go up in size? I’ve heard that applies to tops, but not sure about pants. Thanks so much!

  14. Image for Dru Hopkins Dru Hopkins

    Great info, thank you. When I click the link for the Time & Tru petites, only regular sizes are the options.

  15. Image for Anna Anna

    Hi 👋- I ordered two pairs of your second recommendation by Time and Tru in petite. Fingers crossed they fit! I’m 5’3” and have short legs. Thank you for sharing these recommendations with us.

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