Looking for simple Christmas decor storage ideas? Here are some of my favorite solutions along with a few Christmas storage hacks and some un-decorating tips, too.

Best Christmas Decor Storage Ideas


Christmas is over.

I didn’t want to mention it, but my heart literally sunk a little as I typed those words.

And the saddest part?

There are 362 days until the next one.

This is the time of year where I can’t decide when to let go. You know. The lights are twinkling. The trees look so pretty. The warm glow and all its twinkles makes me so happy. It’s cold outside and I know I should be putting it all away and wishing Christmas on its way and instead?

I’m making hot chocolate and watching Hallmark movies.

So to inspire myself, I thought I’d treat myself and order some super cute organizers. I spent yesterday googling organizers and discovered something amazing. There is literally an organizer for EVERYTHING Christmas.

Here’s a little post I put together with creative Christmas decor storage ideas and simple hacks to make it all a little easier and some creative tips to help make the whole decluttering process after Christmas a little easier.

Just between us? I really just wrote this for myself.

Don’t let the other friends know. 🙂

Here are some of the best Christmas decor storage ideas

You can click on the links on the image or listed below to shop and for more information.

1. I have TONS of gift wrap and extra gift wrapping supplies left over.

I thought this was a great storage solution.

2. This gift wrap storage solution hangs up in the closet and you could keep it up all year round.

You can see it here.

3. I’ve never seen gift wrap storage like this before and it’s affordable and portable to keep all your wrapping until next year.

You can see it here.

4. I have so many ornaments and I loved this organizer that was zipped and clear so you can see it when you are trying to find it next year.

You can see it here.

5. I love this wreath bag. Until I looked I had no idea it was even a thing.

You can see it here.

6. I LOVE this organizer. It’s super large and has compartments to hold holiday figurines and trees and other over-sized items that you don’t want to break.

You can see it here.

7. These are basic pop-up zippered bags that store easily and flatten when not in use.

You can see them here.

Best Christmas Decor Storage Ideas

Simple ideas for Christmas decor hacks

1. I kept the plastic trays that muffins come in and I’m going to use them to store ornaments, too.

2. I’m using empty plastic water bottles to keep the beaded garland in. This year it got so tangled and I was so frustrated. You can put one garland in each water bottle and layer them in a clear plastic tote.

3. I think clear totes are my new favorite. We also have red for all our old Christmas totes so you can spot them easily in the attic.

4. For the outside wreaths, I’m planning on putting them in plastic garbage bags and hanging them from a rolling rack in the attic. I’m using the wreath organizers above for special wreaths that I have.

5. I have a clear bin just for gift bags.

6. This year, I’m going to wrap my lights around two tension rods and put the rods in a bin. That way next year, I can just slide the lights off the rods and they won’t be tangled.

7. I’m also going to group decor by places I used it in the house. For example, I’m going to put all my Christmas mantel in one bin, etc. That way next year I’ll be more prepared.

Best Christmas Decor Storage Ideas

Simple tips to get organized after Christmas

1. Un-decorating

Don’t put all your Christmas decor away.

Some of it is actually Christmas disguised as winter.

Christmas snowflakes are winter snowflakes. Reindeer are actually winter forest creatures. Tabletop trees are actually winter flora and fauna. Twinkle lights are just like stars in the sky.

Red and green decor, parting is such sweet sorrow.

But the rest of your twigs can hang around until March.

Best Christmas Decor Storage Ideas

2. Take a picture

That’s easy for me to say.

I write a blog.

But having photographs of your last year’s Christmas decor is a great way to remind yourself when next year rolls around.

Remember. There are 362 sleeps between now and then.

3. Label it

This is a tip I use every single day.


Sometimes things laying around the house have no idea where to go.

You have to help them out.

That’s where cute tags come in.

You could make silver leaf lettered balsa wood tags.

DIY found here.

Or you can make these cute clock organizing clip tags for your file folders.

Clip a different clock on each folder.

DIY found here.

4. Be kind to yourself

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Christmas decor wasn’t either.

It took a while to get it all up and it will take a while to get it all down.

All you need to do is tackle a little at a time. And then? Treat yourself to a movie or something special.

(total Christmas decorating aside: I saw Little Women over Christmas. IT WAS AMAZING.)

I hope these Christmas decor storage ideas were helpful.

But truth?

Just between us?

Here’s my to-do list right now.

You might notice that it’s blank.

I haven’t filled it up yet. I’m working on it. I’m getting to it really soon right after I finish this coffee and take the sunglasses off the reindeer.

All this talking about organizing has me a little worn out.

Maybe I’ll just watch a Hallmark movie today….

….and organize tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I'm sorry i laughed, but as i feel the same way it was hard not to. I am ready for a clean slate to decorate, now ideas?!! Thank you, Karianne.

  2. Image for june june

    I was just thinking of heading to the local bookstore to see if I can find some organizing magazines...then your blog pops up. Oh I have all the books...but its the practical ideas that I enjoy the most. I would never of thought to put my garland beads in water bottles. You are the best Miss Karianne!

  3. Image for Char Char

    I decorate with lots of stars and bells and snow people because they can stay out well into the new year. Decorative procrastinate is a thing, right?

  4. Image for PJ PJ

    On New Year's Day, during my childhood, I would head to my best friend's house. She and I would dismantle the tree and other decorations and then help her mom clean. Why is it always more fun to clean at a friend's house? I think it would be much more fun to put Christmas away if I had a good friend here with me.

  5. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Hahaha, "your twigs can hang around until March." You are so funny. Also, don't be sad about Christmas closure. Valentine's Day is just 49 days away if I counted right. But, in blogging time, 49 days is basically next week! Happy New Year!

  6. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    Was looking forward to your post today (and tomorrow; Saturday's roundup is always fun!)! Popped over to Target via your link and ordered a couple of ornament storage containers. It's going to add some fun to the takedown process! I love having everything put away and clean for New Year's Eve. Fresh start! Thanks to your prompting, I'll leave a few things around for winter decor. The porch always stumps me, though. It looks so sad from January through May! (I don't love faux greenery or florals, so that limits me a bit.) I'd love some inspiration for a mid-winter porch!

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      I put out an antique sled with ice skates dangling from it. For Christmas, I have a plaid bow on it--I'll remove the bow and leave the rest of it till spring. KariAnne, in my world, Christmas decorations are up till at least New Year's. I consider this to be Christmas break, after all!

  7. Image for Brenda Brenda

    It is a little sad to put the Christmas Decorations away now that Christmas has passed. :( I'm going to have to work on my braided, bead and rope garland. Our cat managed to get it off the tree while we were opening presents. We saw him streak by with a long strand of stuff behind him. Apparently he got caught in it and it scared him as he ran through the house. It was quite funny, but not as funny as the day before when he was chasing our dog around the house. He missed the turn and ran into the door frame. He gave a huge hiss and puffed his fur up. He looked like a cat shaped bottle tree! He has no sense of humor! Have a great New Year!

    1. Image for Julie Miller Julie Miller

      That is hilarious!! We have cats, so I can totally imagine!! :-) Happy New Year! Great post Karianne!!

  8. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I feel like I just got it all up...although, yesterday my four year old wanted to know why there were still Christmas decorations up when Christmas is over? She runs a tight ship!! Thanks for all the tips!

  9. Image for mary mary

    Thanks for the great ideas and sage advice. I use the liners from fruit gift boxes to protect large fragile ornaments (after the 12th night)

  10. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I'm so glad I'm not a professional blogger at this time of year! I just got all of what I refer to as my winter décor up the Tuesday before Christmas. It is not coming down at least until Valentine's Day. of course, living in a cold climate with conifers on every street corner it seems more natural than it might in warmer climes, but it's a lot of work to put in place, I love it and since I live alone and don't have to start getting ready for Easter the day after Christmas as I would if I blogged I can do what pleases me! I really liked that gift wrap "quiver." What a good idea. And your recommendation for Little Women. I don't know how many times I read the book when I was young and assume I will need a full box of tissues to get through the movie!

  11. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Some of it can definitely live with us for a while. A lot is coming down though!!! The wrapping paper organizer looks great and would really help keep it corralled! I think I need that 😊

  12. Image for Gina Gina

    No rush here. Christmas ends on the 12th day, the Epiphany, Jan. 6th. The Wise Men won't arrive until then. We've got time! ;)

  13. Image for Sandy Sandy

    We take down on Jan. 6th like some other commentators. I take pictures on my iPad and put them under Christmas decor which enables me to remember what we have and where I placed the decorations. This year’s slim tree is silver and gold, but I’ve decided next year it’s all colored ornaments. Open House on Christmas Day was a delight. The Christmas Cheer (raspberry wine mixed equally with 100% cranberry juice) was a hit. Here in Ohio, our Christmas weather was sunny and in the 50’s. It was a beautiful Christmas.

  14. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I too feel like I just got it all up and it won’t come down until after Jan.6. But I will leave some pine and white lights up for a while. It’s too dark and dreary without a little sparkle. Plus it combines well with my Valentine decor In February. This Christmas seemed to pass too fast. Next year I’m breaking my our rule and putting my stuff out before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy it longer.. Plus we had a balmy 62 degrees here in Chicagoland yesterday! Doesn’t exactly scream holiday time to me. Bring on the snow❄️⛄️

  15. Image for Carole M Strom Carole M Strom

    Christmas isn’t over! Remember ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song; the First Day IS Christmas Day... the Twelfth Day is the day the Wise Men finally reached Bethlehem. ( Or you can think of it as the Twelve Days of Santa Claus resting after ‘The Big Give- Away’) Sip the chocolate, watch Hallmark, etc Guilt-free, enjoy your decorations! It’s still Christmas! The rest was just getting ready for the season of Christmas Dec 25-Jan 5.🌲

  16. Image for Yvette Yvette

    I leave my Christmas stuff up until after the New Year. 🎄 Thank you for all these great ideas. Waiting and watching a Hallmark movie sounds great! 🥰


    I am ready!!! Thanks for all the organizer ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have ideas where to put it after it is organized :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Image for Ana Maria Ana Maria

    Don’t be sad, Christmas isn’t over! It’s just beginning! Today is only December 27th, the THIRD day of Christmas. We leave everything up until the Epiphany, January 6th. And we also make cookies and cakes to celebrate the Three Kings arrival and their presents for Baby Jesus.


    Great ideas, KariAnne! Over the years, I have purchased a lot of the décor containers and they work great! We don't take our Christmas down until after New Year's Day. It is always a bit of a sad time when it gets packed away! We always enjoy our Christmas décor and start to decorate the beginning of November. That way, we have two months to enjoy our Christmas décor and have friends over for brunch, dinner and dessert in the evening. We always love to have our friends over. November is such a nice time to enjoy time spent with family and friends. This year we kept our décor -- Winter Wonderland -- very simple and we really enjoyed this! We gave away a lot of our décor to nieces and friends. It really made my heart feel happy to see how much everyone loved their new Christmas décor. Have a great weekend with your family and, thanks again, for always giving us so many great ideas! Your posts are fabulous and are always appreciated! There is always something for everyone to take away! Bless you for taking the time to do all this for us! You are appreciated more than you could ever know.

  20. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    All my Christmas is down and packed up and waiting to he stored. It was down late Christmas morning. It was just me and my husband on Christmas day this year. Family Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, at my mom's. Not everyone (religious affiliations) celebrates the 12 days of Christmas/Epiphany. I've heard of Epiphany, but know nothing about it. That goes for Advent, too. I'm not Catholic or Episcopalian, which I'm assuming celebrates these particular events more than other religious affiliations. Great storage ideas. Thanks for doing all the work/searching. 🙂

  21. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    The day after Christmas we watched Hallmark all day and completed an “I Spy” Christmas jigsaw puzzle! Who has time for all that BEFORE Christmas! Lol!!! Great tips!!!

  22. Image for Teresa Teresa

    Ordered wreath bags from Wayfair! Thanks for the link. I even had a 10% off coupon code they mailed me. Happy New Year!

  23. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I put up decorations a few at a time, and take down the same way. It’s less tiring beforehand and less depressing after Christmas. After 50 years, we’ve collected quite a bit; some of it is vintage now, to be passed along to family like our parents did. I gave away a lot of tree ornaments this year. We bought a smaller tree a few years ago, and were still trying to get all those ornaments on that tree.. Silly.. I store decorations in one cubic-foot cardboard boxes with lids, with smaller odd-size boxes inside. Decorations are wrapped in tissue or bubble wrap and placed in the smaller boxes. A big label with a list of what’s inside goes on the cubic-foot size box. The boxes are stacked in a niche downstairs. Works for us. I do like that see-through ornament organizer.

  24. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    We wait till New Years to take down inside decorations and usually the end of Jan for the outside. I used to be depressed that Christmas was over but as I get older the time flies by,and I know Christmas 2020 will be here before I know it. Thought of you when I went to see Little Women with my daughter and two oldest granddaughters. We all needed tissues during the movie but all three generations loved it.Now that I have seen Douton Abby and Little Women what is your next reccomendation?

  25. Image for Paige Cassandra Flamm Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I love all of these ideas! I definitely need to do better in the storage department this year instead of just shoving everything into big bins ad squishing things! Thanks for the inspiration! Paige https://thehappyflammily.com

  26. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I found some fun organizing items on Amazon...and because I added to my collections this year...ie: I bought Nutcrackers from thrift stores...went from 0-30 in three weeks...., I need storage.... Of course Target is having sales on storage containers....so I went and bought a couple.... Nancy

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