(curtains in the fall)

A long time ago in a land far away I put up these burlap curtains in the dining room…

…and then I started a blog.

The second post I ever wrote was about this room and these curtains that my mother gave me for Christmas.

At first we could all order them.

I’d send everyone over there and we’d all ohh and ahh about them and proclaim our love for the smocking and the detail and this amazing ability that the curtains had to go with not so fancy and a crystal chandelier all at the same time.

And then one sad day….

….the company stopped selling them.

(curtains in the spring)

It was awful.

I’d get e-mail after e-mail asking about the curtains and where I got them.

And the answer?

It was always the same.

No one makes them any more.

(curtains in the summer)

I’d research similar options and e-mail them to people.

But they were never the same.

First of all, the weight of these curtains is heavy.  They are made out of an extremely tightly woven fabric that’s woven just for the curtains.

The fabric makes the curtains feel full.

And super expensive (even though it’s a utilitarian fabric).

The way the curtains hang from their smocking looks like they just left the spa with glowing skin.

(curtains in the winter with the glow of Christmas lights)

And the smocking?

It’s not wimpy smocking.

It’s rows and rows of tiny tucks and smocks and diamonds that make my heart melt every time I look at it.

Here’s a close-up of the curtains and the smocking.

And the best part?

At the top there are pleats that finish out the top and make it look extra fancy.

Can you see the sadness?

Can you feel the heartbreak when they weren’t available any more?

Can you see the emptiness when you gaze at that smocking and realize you couldn’t find the curtains any where?

They simply weren’t for sale anywhere across the entire web….

…until now.

We have been working on this project for over a year.

The entire crew at Painted Fox and I have been sourcing and talking to wholesalers and pricing out sample and looking at different fabrics.

And we kept coming up short.

This one would be too expensive or the fabric wasn’t right or the curtains weren’t pleated at the top.

But now?

We found them.

The curtains are in the house (literally).

And I am so happy and excited and dancing cartwheels and flipping my hair and yelling it into the winter sky….

….that for a limited time they are exclusively available in my Painted Fox curated collection.

Here are the details on ordering:

1. We were only able to get them in a limited number and once those sell out it will be a couple of months before we can get any more.

2. The listing is for one panel and it comes in different lengths:  84″ or  96″ or  108″ or 118″.

3. The panel measures approximately 36″ on the top where the smocking is and the bottom of the curtain is about three times that because of the smocking on the top.

4. Because we are offering different lengths, the curtains will take approximately eight weeks to get to your house.

5. And the best part?  THEY ARE ON SALE!  Use code welcome2017 at checkout to get the discount.

6. Click here to purchase


I know…right?

I think this deserves another cartwheel.

All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter below and leave a comment telling me what room you would put them in.

Happy New Year. 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    1. Image for Kim C. Kim C.

      I have admired your style and these drapes ever since I first saw them...I would like them for my living room they would look fabulous.

  1. Image for Rhonda King Rhonda King

    I think these would be beautiful in my living room!!! I have white ones in a bedroom but have never seen these.

  2. Image for Melanie Winter Melanie Winter

    I have always loved your curtains!!! They are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for working so hard to find more and offering a chance at a giveaway!!! Happy New Year!

  3. Image for Christy H Christy H

    I would put them in my living room! I recently repainted and changed the decor in my house to be a more farmhouse look. The curtains I had in the living room didn't match my new decor so right now my living room window is bare. These would be PERFECT!

  4. Image for Melanie Winter Melanie Winter

    I have always loved your curtains!!! They are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for working so hard to find more and offering a chance at a giveaway!!! Happy New Year! I would love to hang them also in my Dining Room!

  5. Image for Janice Stewart Janice Stewart

    I have been in love with these curtains from the first time I saw them in your beautiful home. Even thought about trying to smock my own.

  6. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I love these! They'd fit my style in so many rooms! My first choice of rooms would be the family room where I desperately need new curtains.

  7. Image for Wendy D. Wendy D.

    I would love to have a pair of these smoked curtains to hang in my living room. They are just georgous and add such elegance to a room. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway.

  8. Image for ELAINE ELAINE

    I would put them in my kitchen or wait maybe my dining room or better yet maybe my bedroom these are awesome curtain I could put them almost anywhere LOVE TEM!!!

  9. Image for geri richie geri richie

    These beauties deserve to be on display so I'd put them in the family room where everyone who visits our home will see them.

  10. Image for Tracey Tracey

    I would put them over a sliding glass door in the living room of a condo we are hoping and praying to rent. The door leads to a patio. I would so love to have these to put in our "new" home.

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    I'm not having any success in my attempts to leave a comment via the Rafflecopter????? Anyhoo... I would hang these awesome (to-die-for) curtains in the butler's pantry! Yes. Our house was built in the 1880's and has a genuine, authenic butler's pantry...glass cabinets, sideboard, swinging door & all. These would be absolutely perfect in there.

  12. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Yippee!! Hooray!!!! 2017 is already starting out in such a wonderful most lovely way!!! Thank-you so very much KariAnne! These curtains will be up in my Dining Room!!! I think I might have messed up on the drawing as I couldn't figure out where to place my comment! It's only worked for me here on your actual blog site! Yikes! Oh well! Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!!!

  13. Image for mary beth at MBZ interiors mary beth at MBZ interiors

    Hi Karianne, I would definitely put these in my new home office that I just designed. It was all done on the cheap (but it's a start and one day in the future I hope to up the ante) and I put a pair of very inexpensive un-luxe curtains in there. Happy new Year!

  14. Image for Patty Patty

    I have admired these curtains ever since I first saw them in your blog. My living room NEEDS these beautiful curtains! I have wanted to change what is in there and would love these.

  15. Image for Cynthia B Smith Cynthia B Smith

    I have admired these curtains since I first started visiting your Blog. If I won, I would hang them in our master bedroom that is finally getting redecorated after 20 years in our home. If I won, I would also be doing cartwheels down our entire street : )))))) Happy New Year!

  16. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    I would put them in my living room, because the walls are already a beautiful shade of gold and I know they would be a wonderful addition to that room! Thanks for the opportunity....

  17. Image for GerriAnn Constantino GerriAnn Constantino

    If I were lucky enough to win these drapes/curtains, I would hang them in my living room because my open floor plan dining/living room has a bank of windows overlooking the backyard patio. Directly across from the bank of dining room windows are the two windows in the living room. They would look absolutely fabulous!

  18. Image for Jodi Jodi

    I would hang them in my dining room. I have drooled over these curtains since the first time I saw them on your blog.

  19. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    I would put them in our guest bathroom. I have been wanting to do a makover in there....and this would make a fabulous launching pad. They are charming, chic and eye-catching without being overpowering. Thanks for a stab at a pair! You're fabulous! Happy 2017....happy every single day!

  20. Image for Dawn Dawn

    Oh my! I have so many places to hang these beautiful curtains, but I'm leaning towards my studio so I can use them to stimulate my creativity! Thank you for the opportunity!

  21. Image for Debrashoppeno5 Debrashoppeno5

    I adore these curtains and have considered making some for the master bedroom. What is holding me back are the 3 windows. I have smocked before and it does take time. So how I would love to win this contest.

  22. Image for Tina Stephens Tina Stephens

    I love these curtains. I tried to smock my own but never found a fabric to do them justice. I would love to hang in my master bedroom I'm redoing after 20 years.

  23. Image for Mary Mary

    Living room for sure! I couldn't figure out where to leave my comment on the raffle site, so I am putting it here on the blog. Happy New Year to all!!

  24. Image for Allison A. Allison A.

    That smocking is just beautiful on those! I have been looking and looking for curtains for our new living room windows and wanted some with a little extra detail. The would be perfect!! Thank you for the opportunity on your generous giveaway and Happy New Year!

  25. Image for Cindy B Cindy B

    OMG I've wanted these for so long and was so disappointed they were no longer available!! I've not found any to suit my livingroom as well as these!! Thanks for opportunity and bringing these back...

  26. Image for ruby ruby

    o my! it was only last night that i was thinking seriously about how long it would take me to smock curtains for my guest room!! good job reading my mind! ok is the house down the road from you for sale??!! LOL!

  27. Image for KarenM KarenM

    These curtains are what helped me find your blog, no kidding! I would LOVE to hang these beauties in my living room. I have two gorgeous windows flanking patio doors that lead out to the back porch from this room.

  28. Image for Kim Kim

    We would love these curtains! We have been doing a remodel in her attic bedroom and it will be finished shortly. We have been sleeping in our living room since August to accommodate! This would be the final treat we would love!

  29. Image for Michelle L Michelle L

    I would put the curtains in my bedroom. The bedroom hasn't been touched, as far as decorating goes, since we moved in 12 years ago. There were too many projects that were of higher priority. I think it's time to tackle our bedroom now, and these curtains would definitely make it look fabulous.

  30. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Definitely my family room that opens to my kitchen....love the softness and classic design they would add to the space!!!

  31. Image for Cathy Cathy

    I am so excited about these curtains! I have waited so long for these to become available! Thank you so so so much! I have several rooms that I will use them in. Probably the master bedroom is my first choice. Dining room being my second choice!

  32. Image for Kathy Kuta Kathy Kuta

    Oh my, I am so happy to see these back. I loved them when I first saw them in a small shop near my house. When I finally had the money to buy them, they were sold out. I've never seen t them since until today. These would go in my dining room.

  33. Image for Linda Linda

    Your curtains really do make the room magical. I have search for years looking to replicate the look. I would love to hang them in my bedroom to finish off the space.

  34. Image for Connie Bennett Connie Bennett

    These curtains are just gorgeous! I am so excited these are available and we have a fantastic opportunity to win a pair. Thank you so much. I am trying to update my farmhouse at the creek with a more updated farmhouse meets glam style and these curtains would be a great addition to our study. The smocking design adds a glam touch to the burlap that would be the perfect combination for this room. #excited. #thesecurtainsaregorg

  35. Image for Lesley Lesley

    I loved those curtains so much, I tried to make my own! soooo, it didn't work out, but now I love that you are giving some away! They would go in my didning room and be lovely and loved!

  36. Image for Faye Faye

    Beautiful! I would put them either in my Living Room or Dining Room -- but I'd need 2 more for my dining room. So I'd probably have to buy more!! Thanks!

  37. Image for Cheryl Bell Cheryl Bell

    I absolutely LOVE these curtains! I will hang them in my Dining room that we are able to tackle a reno on. I also have been looking for beautiful smocked curtains! I even bought a pair a couple of years ago and they are just OK. Nothing special. I'm so excited about these!

  38. Image for Starla Starla

    They're gorgeous.:) They would have a new home in our living room, whose windows have been curtainless for a while and are waiting for someone to love. Thanks!

  39. Image for Tammy Tammy

    These would defiantly go into my bedroom. I don't have any curtains in there right now. My windows are naked!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Image for Susie Susie

    I have two rooms competing for this honor! But I think that the kitchen nook will win this one! Thanks for your hard work and the chance to win! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  41. Image for Theresa Grace Theresa Grace

    Curtains as beautiful as yours would look great any where! I would love to hang them in my living room. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity!

  42. Image for Chris Salek Chris Salek

    I think I would put these curtains (which look fabulous in your redesigned dining room) in my bedroom. I have buffalo checked Country Curtains there now-and I am ready for a change. It would be a great jumping off for redoing the master bedroom . Happy New Year !

  43. Image for Bonita Booth Bonita Booth

    I am a ruffles and rust type girl and I live in a 108 year old house, these would be awesome in any room. They are awesome!

  44. Image for Jacki Salinas Jacki Salinas

    I just moved so have choices on rooms. But I think the living room. Thank you for this great giveaway!!

  45. Image for Sarah Scoringe Sarah Scoringe

    I live in a home built sometime before 1898 in Snohomish, WA. Our front room has a bay window similar to your dining room. It is my favorite room in the house mostly because of the light it receives throughout the day. I'd hang these beautiful curtains there... just after repainting the room. It is currently a soft golden color but it is ready for a new color for a new year! Sarah

  46. Image for Amanda Barnett Amanda Barnett

    I would put them in my reading room. They are stunning. Your dinning room at Christmas is perfection!!!

  47. Image for Joan Moore Joan Moore

    I would love to put these in my guest room. We just moved after living in the same house for 30 years. Definitely need a fresh start!!!?

  48. Image for Kara Kara

    Hello Kari Anne! I am so excited that you have found a way to make these curtains available for us!! I would put them in my family farmhouse dining room. I had just painted SW Poised Taupe in my home 1 year ago. It was so fun to see your post about the color. ( It gave me confidence that I had made a good choice! ) Your decor and posts always inspire me. THANK YOU ! :)

  49. Image for Kay Kay

    What a great way to start the new year! Love the smocked curtains and my dining room would too!! Thank you for all the work you have done to bring them back to the market.

  50. Image for Stephanie Rauch Stephanie Rauch

    So many choices of where to hang them, I have burlap curtains ( not nearly as gorgeous) in my kitchen and breakfast nook. So dining room or living room would both look sooo amazing. But they would add glamour and a touch of toughness to the master. So many choices.

  51. Image for Zolane Zolane

    So happy! I've searched for these since you first posted these gorgeous drapes! Thank you for the information and the giveaway opportunity, KariAnne!

  52. Image for Sue Sue

    Oh my! I would put these beauties in my bedroom and perhaps even in the dining room. Thanks for all your hard work to bring them to us!

  53. Image for Linda Linda

    I would love to use these curtains in my great room, I've been drooling over them since I first started reading your blog Kari Anne.

  54. Image for Cheryl Olson Cheryl Olson

    Need some new curtains! Love the natural fabric, the smocking, the color. They are elegant and earthy, and I want them!

  55. Image for Kate Kate

    I'm getting ready to update my dining room and these would be PERFECT in there!!! I have always loved seeing them in your home. So excited to hear that you have made them available again. Thanks for the opportunity to win them - Kate

  56. Image for Paula Basnett Paula Basnett

    What great way to start the new years If these beauties were to magically become mine, I would put them in my dining room. It has a rustic/industrial feel and these would bring just the right amount of softness to the room without being too feminine. Happy New Year and thank you!

  57. Image for Laura Laura

    I would replace my current drapes (which are literally falling apart) in my dining room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Image for Pamela Reid Pamela Reid

    Good morning KariAnne. I hope you and your family had a wonderful time in Texas for Christmas. I felt so special having you personally send me a message back while you were travelling to there. It just made my day, and that you would take the time to respond back, even while you were travelling with your family. Wow! You have it together! We are in the process of renovating our home, and your beautiful curtains would be a perfect addition to our master bedroom on either side of our bay window, framing it perfectly! Thank you again for this opportunity, and for creating and maintaining such a quality blog site. Warm thoughts, Pamela

  59. Image for Sally Dinsmoor Sally Dinsmoor

    Love, love, love. Thank you for the opportunity. I would put these in my dining room. Happy New Year to all! :-)

  60. Image for stephanie stephanie

    I have never put curtains up in any of our first floor rooms- but these would change my mind in a NY minute!! Thanks for the opportunity :) Happy New Year!

  61. Image for JuliaW JuliaW

    These are so fabulous! I'm one of the ones who wished to find them for myself, to no avail. I would put them in my guest room to make it extra welcoming. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  62. Image for Michelle Still Michelle Still

    I? Am decor-challenged. I openly admit this, and know my truth. I'm a horse gal, who any given day is wearing some part of a horse; slobber, hair, poop...on me. My house is user-friendly. It's clean...mostly. But my dining room? Is FABULOUS. It's the room I am most proud of pulling together. I did it all but myself, and I adore it. But I NEED curtains. And I have literally been trying to run these very curtains to ground as long as you have. I believe years ago, Soft Sureoundings arrived these curtains. I lusted and longed for them-but at the time-I simply couldn't afforded them. One fine day, I decided that my beautiful newly brought together dining room HAD TO HAVE these curtains. It had to be them. I called to order. And they were gone. I'm not sure I cried-but depression was involved. Please. I beg you. Pick me, pick me, pick MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  63. Image for Kathy Stewart Kathy Stewart

    Hello .... I am changing my style in the living room and these gorgeous curtains would look AMAZING!!!! I love the look of THISTLEWOOD in my house Thank you Kathy {I hope this contest is also for Canada}

  64. Image for Niki Blake Niki Blake

    I would use them in my craft room! I know this is a long shot but I would love to win. I have admired them since I started following you since your first post. You are one of the few bloggers that still really does it.... I'm so glad! Thanks for the opportunity! Niki Blake

  65. Image for Michelle Still Michelle Still

    Please forgive my numerous autocorrects and typos. I got so excited...and I didn't even give a thought to being professional-ish and checking my wording. ?

  66. Image for karen karen

    Hi Kari Anne I had no success posting a comment in the entry section. However I have admired these curtains for a long time now. I have some from Ballard Designs but they are not as pretty as yours. These would go in my bedroom for sure. Happy New Year.

  67. Image for Shelley Shelley

    The questions truly is..."Where wouldn't I put these beautiful smock-a-lious curtains". They would look beautiful in almost every room in my home. Thank you for the give-a-way!

  68. Image for CGinAZ CGinAZ

    I've always liked these hanging in your dining room. Now they could hang in my family room. Perfect color. Thank you for the opportunity.

  69. Image for Eileen Eileen

    Hi! AND Happy HAPPY New Year! I have been a "fan" forever! Couldn't see how to respond to the smocked curtain give away.....so...decided to jot you a note; I would put those fab curtains EVERYWHERE in my townhouse and I LOVE them. Thank you so very much for all you post and do. I work full time and am back in school full time--translated = almost no time....save that I always read along with your blog. It nourishes my soul since I don't have the present time to indulge in things you do....it gives me pleasure to see what you do....love everything. From your "forever-fan"...Eileen Higgins

  70. Image for Sue Sue

    Hi KariAnne, love you, love your blog and can't wait to read it everyday!!! I tried to enter your smocked curtain giveaway, but it would not let me put in a comment about where I would put them (everywhere)!! Website said I entered 4 times (didn't mean to)? Happy New Year!!! Susan

  71. Image for Cassandra E Cassandra E

    Oh happy dance. I have loved these curtains. I have googled and searched. I had some from another store in my virtual cart and I kept closing the page without buying. They just weren't it. These are so very lovely. I'm usually so grateful for blog posts, contests are just the cherry on top. But this is the hot fudge, whipped cream and cherry on top. I need these for my great room. Well, it would be if I had these hanging out in there. Xoxoxo happy new year.

  72. Image for Andrea Smith Andrea Smith

    Oh my! How gorgeous! So happy you've been able to offer these! I have a stunning new closet and desperately need window coverings over the large windows. These would be absolutely perfect in the room! Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. Image for Clair Douglass Clair Douglass

    I love these! They would look just gorgeous in the library I created out of a former bedroom this past year. My library is small, with pipe shelving filled with books, family artwork, a handmade cuckoo clock made by my grandfather, a globe, a kilim rug, and a nice big, comfy "broken in" leather club chair, perfect for snuggling a little one while reading a book. These would be really lovely in there.

  74. Image for Christine Koehler Christine Koehler

    I'd love to put these in my sitting room off my kitchen. It's my favorite room in our house!! I'm really excited. Even if I don't win I know where to get them now. Thank you!!

  75. Image for Teresa Sole Teresa Sole

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! They make my heart go pitter patter! I would order them but my husband has put a moratorium on ordering anything else after Christmas shopping. BOO HOO!!! I would LOVE to win these! Thank you for the opportunity!

  76. Image for Julia Macias Julia Macias

    These curtain would go in my dining room and living room. They have a class of elegance and sophistication........

  77. Image for Jenifer Scherlin Jenifer Scherlin

    I would use these gorgeous curtains in my bedroom! I've never had any window dressing in there other than room darkening shades because I could never find anything that would look right. These would!!!

  78. Image for Linda marsh Linda marsh

    These are the prettiest curtains. I would put these in my living room. The sun shines through that window every morning. Those would be beautiful in there. Thanks so much! Love you reading you blog. Blessings Linda

  79. Image for Sharon Sharon

    THANK YOU for this exciting give-away! These lovelies would def go in my lower level family room. It's the room we use EVERY.SINGLE.EVENING and it could really use some love. We will be getting new flooring for it this year and the curtains would be the icing on the cake!!

  80. Image for Michelle Kay Michelle Kay

    I would put these either in my family room or my bedroom. They would go great in both! Thank you for this offer. They're beautiful!

  81. Image for Elaine Wesselman Elaine Wesselman

    I'm so excited ! The curtains are beautiful and would look wonderful in any room but I would put them in my living room!

  82. Image for Katie K Katie K

    I have admired these curtains since I started reading this blog. Then I was devastated to learn that they were no longer available. But now-be still my heart-there is a chance for me to get these curtains for my living room. No longer would I have to look at the outdated lace ones that are flanking my living room window looking like curtains from my "Victorian style" living room that has changed last year. Large window seeking update-please consider me :)

  83. Image for Paula Richards Paula Richards

    I would put these in my living room which has windows on each side of my fireplace. I can just picture them now, GORGEOUS!

  84. Image for Maaike Maaike

    This is awesome news!!!! And I'd put them in the living room. Thank you for the chance to win, and Happy New Year!!!

  85. Image for Laurie Howell Laurie Howell

    We moved into a new old house this summer. I would use them in our front room which I am beginning to figure out. I would use these on our bay window. the would be beautiful !!! Thank you!

  86. Image for norma vaughn norma vaughn

    My dining room has a large walnut lazy susan table with 6 hitchcock chairs that have the original stenciling,,its all antique...i've used old blue willow and old ironstone. These smocked draperies would totally finish my dining room decor. I have never found anything that would look so perfect. Got my fingers crossed that I win the smocked drapes for my ole timey dining room!!

  87. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    It was a photo of these exact curtains that were featured in some long forgotten linky party that first led me to your blog. My dining room would SO rejoice. Fingers crossed at this delightful opportunity.

  88. Image for Susan Stringfellow Susan Stringfellow

    I would put them in my guest room. Somehow my guest room always ends up as the prettiest bedroom in the house.

  89. Image for pam smith pam smith

    I love these curtains too! We just moved into a new-to-us home, and they could be used just about anywhere, but I think the living room would be the best choice! Have a Happy New Year!

  90. Image for Cathy Miller Cathy Miller

    I would use these beauties in my living room (den, family room, whatever you want to call it! Lol). They would be perfect with my design plans for the room!! Love love love them!!

  91. Image for Marg Marg

    Happy New Year, Kari Anne! We are moving, downsizing (oh, so difficult!), and would love to see these gorgeous smocked curtains in my daughter's bedroom. She loves the prairie vibe, so she'd be thrilled. Here's to a wonderful year to everyone, and yay! to the winner! Marg

  92. Image for Jody miller Jody miller

    Ohhhh! These curtains are beautiful! I would also use them in my dining rom. I have burlap shades on my buffet lamps and a burlap cord cover on my chandy. They would complete the look i have going in this room. Thank you for this give away!!

  93. Image for Deborah Deaton Deborah Deaton

    I would love to win a pair of the beautiful smocked curtains for my bedroom! My Mom has since passed, but she hand smocked my dresses when I was a little girl and they remind me of her! I had never seen any until I saw yours. They are so beautiful and would be a beautiful addition to my master bedroom! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a pair! Karianne, your room is so strikingly beautiful! You have such great taste! A girl of my own heart! XX

  94. Image for Sheila Pearson Sheila Pearson

    I have swooned and sighed at the thought of these curtains and am so excited at the prospect of owning them. They would be perfect in my dining room. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  95. Image for Angie M Angie M

    How awesome! I think one of the first photos I saw of your home featured those curtains. Pretty sure your words and those curtains are what made me click subscribe. If I had the curtains I'd use them in my bedroom.

  96. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I have a wall of windows that I Have to cover and these are the only curtains I would consider using to cover the view.

  97. Image for Patressa Strange Patressa Strange

    I would love to have these in my living room! Ready to start fresh this year and these would make me smile...daily!

  98. Image for KIM DOW KIM DOW

    They are absolutely beautiful. I would put them in my entry where I could look out from my kitchen and admire them every day. ;)

  99. Image for Marty Payne Marty Payne

    I would put these in my dining room or my bedroom, not sure yet. I've been wanting these curtains since you first blogged about them and I have searched the internet over and over once they were no longer available! I would dearly love to have a pair ?

  100. Image for Peggy Z Peggy Z

    I have my eyes closed, my fingers and toes crossed and wishing with all my might that I would win these beauties I have been in love with since I first laid eyes on them. They would be so lovely in my bedroom.

  101. Image for Pat Perry Pat Perry

    One of my plans for the New Year is to transition my great room from Country French with colors of red, yellow, blue, and green to an all neutral color scheme. Will be updating with sea grass rug and neutral couch and chairs. The curtains would be perfect at the one double window in the room. I enjoy your blog meme self Ndola many of my new decorating ideas is coming from you. Keep up the good work. You are a blessing.

    1. Image for Pat Perry Pat Perry

      Correction. I was trying to write, I enjoy your blog immensely. Many of my decorating ideas come from you. You are truly a blessing.

  102. Image for Pinklacedpoppy Pinklacedpoppy

    I would put them in the kitchen!!! I have these huge Bay windows and my cats keep knocking down the half part of the window ledges so I decided I would add long curtains on the sides and valance the rest. These would be perfect. Or even the bedroom idk but I'm in love

  103. Image for Brenda Brenda

    I would place them in my living room and admire them from different rooms of my home. I plan to sell my home this spring and I know those curtains would help to sell!

  104. Image for Terri Terri

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!!!!! If I could do cartwheels... NOW would be the time !!! I am in love with those beauties !!!!! :)

  105. Image for Lynn D Lynn D

    I would use these in my bedroom. I will need to buy at least one more set to cover the windows, but I think they would also work just on the sides.

  106. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I think I would put them in my dinning room! However, I am pretty sure I would hold them up and ooh and ahh in each room before deciding! ? I just love, love, love these curtains!! Thank you for all of your hard work to make them available again!

  107. Image for Megan Brewer Megan Brewer

    Gosh, they're so pretty there's many rooms in my house that I could put them!!!! Thanks! Happy New Year! Megan

  108. Image for Thelma Thelma

    I would put these curtains in my dining room. I started following your blog way back there when you posted them and have always admired them.

  109. Image for Jody Jody

    OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you! These beautiful curtains that I have been lusting over and asking about are just the thing for my family room!

  110. Image for Tricia N Tricia N

    If I win this pair of curtains they will be hung in the guest bedroom. Need extra long because we have very high ceilings. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy New Year ... your blog is my favorite, I never skip over it!

  111. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    My heart is racing, however, I can't order now as it just isn't in that nasty word "budget". First I need paint in all the rooms and some new carpeting in the bedrooms. That being said, I would use them in my dining room. Thank you for the chance! Linda

  112. Image for jen h jen h

    I have 0 curtains in my house! We built it a year ago, so its a work in progress. The curtains are soooo beautiful!! Wow

  113. Image for Sandra Vigil Sandra Vigil

    Oh my! As I mentioned in a previous comment, I found your blog while searching for burlap curtains. I am so glad you found them; thanks for thinking of your "fans."

  114. Image for Lisa Wildon Lisa Wildon

    I love these! I live in a log home w an open concept main floor and i would put these in my family room and dining room windows! Theyd be perfect!

  115. Image for Marilyn Long Marilyn Long

    I love your taste--I would put a pair on my patio door leading from the kitchen to the patio dining area. I have a burlap "thing" there now that I made--fringed the edges by removing some of the "twine", but yours would look so much nicer!

  116. Image for Lindsey S Lindsey S

    I'd put them in my bedroom here in my apartment. I have been on the hunt for the perfect curtains since I moved in. In fact, the plain curtains provided by my landlord to shield the windows while the unit was unoccupied are still there. It has been nearly two years! These are lovely - just what I have been searching for!

  117. Image for valarie sanford valarie sanford

    Happy New Year KariAnn and thanks for the opportunity to win my new dining room curtains....oh, I can see them now, sigh, happy face.

  118. Image for Lynn in DG Lynn in DG

    These would LOVE a spot in my daughter's room. I'm making it over since she is in med school and newly married but still needs a pretty place to come "home" to. Thanks for the chance!

  119. Image for Joann Stegall Joann Stegall

    These would definitely go in my den, where I spend all my time. That way I could see them all day long! I would gaze at them from my love seat & watch as the sun streamed down onto them; brightening them for the day!

  120. Image for Kristi Kristi

    These are beautiful!!! I would put these in my sitting room!! You would see these from the front of the house and see them right when you walk in the front door!!!

  121. Image for Yolie Yolie

    They are perfect for my guest room. I have this wonderful iron bed that is very tall and has birds on the headboard. The bedding is from Pottery Barn. It is called Sydney Palampore. You can only get it through eBay now. It is very beautiful, with lovely shades of blue, cream and tan. These would work perfectly!

  122. Image for Christine Stadler Christine Stadler

    I am smitten with your curtains along with many of your readers! My goals for 2017 include adding more peace and tranquility to our bedroom. Your window treatment would add elegant, classic simplicity to my decor plan which includes using neutral and beige colors. How fun it would be to surprise my hubby with this gorgeous first step! Thank you for your inspiring blog and your gracious window dressing offer!

  123. Image for Sally Sally


  124. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I would hang these in my living room. Then I would have to purchase a pair for my dining room since it is open to my living area!

  125. Image for Lori-Anne Lori-Anne

    You're right - these ARE the most beautiful curtains! I would use them to replace the much more plain gold curtains in my dining room. Or would my bedroom be better...??? No, definitely dining room, so I could show them off more ?

  126. Image for Shar Shar

    Adore these curtains! Dining room, definitely. We just painted the room over Christmas & would love the additional refresher.

  127. Image for Sharmon Gazaway Sharmon Gazaway

    I'd have the wonderful conundrum of deciding between living room and dining room! Even more lovely than I realized and I've always loved 'em:)

  128. Image for Susan Swenson Susan Swenson

    I would really love to win these curtains. They would be beautiful in my master bedroom. Thanks for a chance to win!

  129. Image for Karla Ritchey Karla Ritchey

    I have always adored these curtains in your home and have spent hours trying to locate them online. Thank you so much for producing these for us! I will use them in my middle quest bedroom and possibly order more for my living area which has four large windows. Thank you so much!!! Karla Ritchey/Lady Butterbug in McKinney

  130. Image for Debbie w Debbie w

    Oh wow!!! I have outdated drapes in my bedroom...I am working on my 2017 to do list and guess what is on it? Yep, new drapes. These would be perfect with my comforter! So,...please ( please!) pick me!!!

  131. Image for Judy Jung Judy Jung

    I would hang them in my living room. I love the smocking and I love it even more that they are in Burlap! I would need the 84" pair. Thank you so much.

  132. Image for Patti Patti

    I absolutely love the look of these curtains...light, airy but with such detail. I would hang them in my living room.

  133. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Gosh, I've admired these for an eternity it seems! I could never press the 'purchase' button on the other site, because I just couldn't justify the price for bedroom curtains only two of us would admire. That's exactly where they'd go too! Especially since a certain pup wreaked havoc with the sheers that used to be ? Happy, wonderful New Year to you!

  134. Image for Charlotte Delaire-Meyers Charlotte Delaire-Meyers

    I'm house hunting and don't know what curtains I'll need but think I'll buy some and hope for the best.

  135. Image for Tiffany Long Tiffany Long

    I have loved these types of drapes for several years. I don't believe I have ever seen them in this color and textured fabric. They look so beautiful in the photos showing them at different times of the year. Love, Love, Love. I would use them in my upstairs media room. There are many large windows, but on one side, a pair would help to filter the west afternoon light. Perhaps they will motivate me to start tackling the remodeling project I have planned for this space!

  136. Image for Renae Renae

    Thank you for your efforts in making these available for others, they are gorgeous! I am redoing my bedroom and these would look perfect!

  137. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Oh my, these curtains deserve to be romanced by candlelight and looked at adoringly in my dining room. They would take center stage as everyone in their seats would applaud their performance. The smocking is so divine!

  138. Image for Brenda Grizzle Brenda Grizzle

    These burlap curtains are gorgeous and would be perfect in my living room. I have a red couch with a touch of this burlap color.

  139. Image for Mary Wells Mary Wells

    These would definitely go in my living room! I remember when you first posted about these. I tried to find them, and then I tried to figure out how to make them. I'm so happy that you were able to find these again!

  140. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I am in desperate need of this curtain fpr my bedroon. I currently have nothing on it. The situation is dire.

  141. Image for Jill Jill

    We moved states a few months ago and will be closing on our new home in a few weeks. These would be fabulous in the family room!

  142. Image for Meta Meta

    The only room I haven't purchased curtains for in our HUD "fixer upper" is the dining room. It has two large windows with windows above where the cardinals sit and peck if the bird feeder gets empty. It's actually listed as the living room but with 30 foot ceilings and a fireplace it's perfect for our big farm table.

  143. Image for Angela McAlister Angela McAlister

    Gorgeous and so exciting! I would love to have these in my bedroom. Thank you for sourcing the curtains and doing a giveaway.

  144. Image for Loryl Loryl

    OMG! I cant believe how long it took me to get to leave a comment but these curtains are a swoon and worth it! I'd put them in my dinning room, family room or office. Of course I'd have to paint the office and redo it before they went up. Teehee

  145. Image for Jen Jen

    Treachery! Trying to choose between the living room, whete they would be on display, or my bedroom, where they would beautifully frame my forest view and add glamor for MY space... Yikes. I would try them both places, but the bedroom has the edge, I fear.

  146. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    I think I'd put them in my dining room! And if I don't win, I'll have to buy a pair because I think they're just perfect.

  147. Image for Kimberly Bruhn Kimberly Bruhn

    They are the perfect color to coordinate with some other curtains I have in our window-filled dining room. We have 6 almost floor-to-ceiling windows, a double French glass door and a single glass French door ....and this room "ain't" even that big!

  148. Image for Lisa Lisa

    my dining room window is hoping that the beautiful smocked curtains will be hanging there before spring comes!

  149. Image for Susan Takeda Susan Takeda

    We are going to be re-doing our master bedroom & bath this year and these curtains will look wonderful in the room I am designing in my head.

  150. Image for CINDY CINDY

    I'd put them in my breakfast room or maybe the dining room...oh the possibilities! So hope I win. Thanks for offering them and giving a pair away...you rock!

  151. Image for cindy in oklahoma cindy in oklahoma

    I have always loved these. They'd be perfect in my master bedroom. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  152. Image for Katie Busenitz Katie Busenitz

    Probably I would want these in my living room, where there is grey floral original 1920's wallpaper in our old farmhouse!

  153. Image for Suzanne Wasson Suzanne Wasson

    I would hang these heavenly draperies from my patio door in my living room! They look to be custom made for my space!

  154. Image for Lori Lori

    I am soooo excited! I have loved your dining room for sooo long! I would put the curtains in my dining and living room, as it is one open space!!!

  155. Image for Anna Taylor Anna Taylor

    Wow! I have looked everywhere for these curtains like these!!! I absolutely love them! My dining room needs these in its life!! I love it!! Love following your blog and insta! And I love Painted Fox!

  156. Image for Angela Beam Angela Beam

    Oh my goodness, it would be so amazing to have these gorgeous curtains! I would put them in my living room! We have lived here in this house 11 years, and I've never had curtains on the French doors, because the living room is panelled in Cypress, and I couldn't ever find any curtains or drapes that I liked, or that the color would work. ? But there were blinds there, so I didn't stress about it. But we had to have the double French doors replaced last month, every time it would rain, it would soak the carpet. But I can't put blinds on the new doors, so these amazingly beautiful drapes would look so awesome in my living room! I couldn't get the rafflecopter to work either, I hope this suffices! Thanks so much for this opportunity to enter the giveaway! You are amazing!

  157. Image for Melissa Melissa

    I pinned these ages ago and wondered if I could make them...and decided no, but if I could win them, they'd look gorgeous in the dining room.

  158. Image for Jane Perry Jane Perry

    Thank you for all the hard work in making these gorgeous panels available again. I would put them in my bedroom. They would be wonderful to wake up to each day. Thank you for the give-away chance.

  159. Image for Denise Hamilton Denise Hamilton

    I would hang these beautiful curtains in my dining room, to greet all who enter my home! I love the detail of the smocking...absolutely beautiful!

  160. Image for Amy R Amy R

    I've been wanting these since I saw your post! I'd put them in my living room! And then lay on the couch and stare at their loveliness!

  161. Image for Karen Ness Karen Ness

    These curtains are so Verdi tile. They could be used in either our dining or family room! If I had to pick one, It would be the family room.

  162. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

    You ROCK Karianne! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I think my living room would be a great place for these great panels. With the number of replies the company might want to reconsider carrying them all the time!

  163. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Happy Happy! I would either put in our Dining Room, with one wide window, or in the Living Room (There I'd have to buy more for four pretty narrow windows!) All the windows in these rooms have arches, so some calculations/decisions will be needed to determine hanging spot & length! (Or maybe I should get enough for all five of those windows!) TeeHee ... ! Of course, you can see this means I would love to win! kj

    1. Image for Sylvia Browder Sylvia Browder

      I found your site in a Baylor Alumni magazine. Both my daughter and I graduated from Baylor. I have a nephew who is a Freshman there. I read your blog daily because it is refreshing and cheerful. Also, enjoy being inspired by your projects. Would love these curtains in my dining room.

  164. Image for Tracy Laubham Tracy Laubham

    Oh boy I would love to win a pair of these sweet curtains! I would definitely hang them in my dining room. I'm doing that room over in a beige and indigo color scheme. Slightly industrial. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly own a pair!

  165. Image for Pamela Johnson Pamela Johnson

    That's great and sounds like you've worked so diligently to find them at the same quality!!!! I've been admiring these curtains since I discovered your blog last year. They'd be perfect in my master bedroom, though I'd have to buy a 2nd pair if I'm lucky enough to win (have 2 windiows ?).

  166. Image for maureen mawby maureen mawby

    I would put these beautiful curtains in my daughter's dining room. They just bought their home a year ago and are slowly fixing it up. These curtains would add a warm and welcoming touch to their dining room.

  167. Image for Jenni Jenni

    i have curtain lust. pure and simple. and i think each room in my house would be jealous of the ONE ROOM i put them in. we just moved to a new rental and there are a few windows in my house that are crying over curtains...but dang...i cannot for the life of me find anything that at all in any way competes with these smocked curtains. i adore them. have since the very first time the stars aligned and i was led to your blog. i know i'm not in the running here...you have eleventy million people also lusting for them...but thank you for busting your back to find them and to list them at painted fox. happy new year, my friend.

  168. Image for Sarah Sarah

    They look amazing, and I'm so glad you were able to work on this project. I would put them in my dining room - I have a similar pair that the dog just destroyed at Christmas, and these would replace them.

  169. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I would put them in my family room. I love all things burlap!! Thanks for putting all the time and effort into making them available.

  170. Image for Alona Deal Alona Deal

    I would use them in the study. I'm turning it into a tv room for our children and they would be perfect for adding coziness to the room.

  171. Image for Renee Sweeny Renee Sweeny

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these beauties! I would put them in my dining room and they would look fabu!

  172. Image for Betty Dennany Betty Dennany

    I'd love to put these in my sun room , which has been naked since moving in... so sad... Crossed fingers :)

  173. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    Thank you for being so diligent in getting these replicated.....and I am happy they will now be available through Painted Fox (which I love). I would probably use them in a room that I want to convert into my office/studio. I have two beautiful windows with nothing on them--they would inspire me to be more like you!!!!! Happy New Year, my friend.

  174. Image for Mary Lou Mary Lou

    They're great curtains. I would give them to a dear friend of mine who would scream at the sight if them.

  175. Image for Dale Deacon Dale Deacon

    So excited to hear that these exquisite window coverings are available. I think I would hang them in my entry area. I have 2 sets of windows and it would look perfect! Thanks so much for the contest. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  176. Image for Selita Harpe Selita Harpe

    I would love, love, love these in my Bedroom. what a sight to wake up and be the last thing to look upon before retiring for the evening.

  177. Image for Elaine Elaine

    We are renting a home with the cloudiest and saddest looking living room window. Many times a day I look out that dismal window to gaze down the gravel driveway that winds through the wooded lot. But I quickly lower the inexpensive little white blinds to hide the cloudy window panes. In six months we will hopefully be able to move into our own home, and if I am lucky enough to win, I know I would find a proper and proud place to showcase them. In the meantime, I would hang them in our living room, where I am sure they would turn the ugly duckling cloudy window into a true beauty.

  178. Image for Cheryl Brown Cheryl Brown

    I would love these at my living room window and possibly at my glass sliding doors in my dining room since theyare on the same wall and living room and dining room are open to each other.

  179. Image for Aimee Aimee

    I would love these curtains in my loft. The burlap is the perfect look for this cottage styled room with a large window, surrounded by white brick.

  180. Image for Brenda Kruse Brenda Kruse

    In my dining room.....or my bedroom.......no my dining room.......Think I'll be buying a few pair. ;)

  181. Image for Bonnie W. Bonnie W.

    These smocked curtains are lovely. I would hang them in my bedroom for a more intimate setting. Their more textured composition and flowing curtains below them liken these to a lovely gown. I'm so glad you managed to find a solution.

  182. Image for Debrah Debrah

    When I found your Blog and then saw the picture of your Dining Room with those curtains I was in love! These would be beautiful in our Sitting Room...

  183. Image for Claudia A. Claudia A.

    I don't live in a farmhouse like yourself, but I do live in a Victorian cottage. I feel they would be adorable anywhere in our home. There's no way I would ever be able to afford these, fingers crossed, hoping I win.

  184. Image for Debra Bartels Debra Bartels

    Had a crush on those curtains forever! I would put them in my bedroom. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy New Year!

  185. Image for Cathy Clark Cathy Clark

    These beautiful burlap smoked curtains would look great anywhere in my house, but I'd choose the dining room! What a wonderful giveaway! Thank You & Happy New Year!

  186. Image for Brenda Brenda

    I've loved these forever. Soft Surroundings had something similar but just didn't like the fabric. I'm extatic that you've found a vendor to duplicate them. They would look great in my dining room.

  187. Image for grammy goodwill grammy goodwill

    I would put them in my living room. We've lived here 2 years and I've yet to find anything I can live with. These would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to win.

  188. Image for Susan Sproc Susan Sproc

    Lovely smocking! The curtains would definitely be hung in our family room where they would be seen by all. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas, home, and inspiration.

  189. Image for Lori Thompson Lori Thompson

    Oh my, definitely in my dining room - I might have to change the wall color but it would be worth it!

  190. Image for Sherry Sherry

    In my dining room. I haven't replaced the drapes from the previous owner of our home. Until I saw these, I haven't found anything that I have loved.

  191. Image for Brenda Kirtley Brenda Kirtley

    I've been crushing on these burlap beauties for such a long time! So thrilled you are giving away a pair. My family room would love them (although my dining room will be so jealous) thanks for sharing the love (and the curtains)?

  192. Image for Tamela Kirby Tamela Kirby

    I would put these in my dining room. I have always admired your curtains and I would love, love, love to win a pair.

  193. Image for Susan VanAllen Susan VanAllen

    I would put them in my living room and I would have to buy a second pair for my guest room. Only the best for my guest. I love these curtains! Yummy!

  194. Image for Khadija Khadija

    OMG OMG OMG, I would put them in my family room that has the super difficult-to-decorate with fireplace. :)

  195. Image for Christie Christie

    I will use these versatile, beautiful and warm curtain in my dining room, which has a second story window in four sections overlooking our woods. These would be perfect! Thank you for bringing them back~I might order more for the rest of our common rooms!

  196. Image for Cheryl B Cheryl B

    I really want to put them in my bedroom with the other soothing colors and fabrics but I feel like they deserve to be shown off in the living room... I think they'll need to audition in these rooms before I can decide!

  197. Image for Lois Bethune Lois Bethune

    These are GORGEOUS and would complement our living room stone fireplace or replace the awful vertical blinds currently in our dining room. Love the detail! Thank you for your efforts to make these available again!

  198. Image for Susan Garner Susan Garner

    These beautiful curtains are dreamy! I would put them in my bedroom! And gaze at them lovingly as I drift off to dreamland!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you - for giving someone the opportunity to win! I'm SO excited at the possibility!

  199. Image for Rebecca Ransick Rebecca Ransick

    Unique! I think I would use them for my breakfast room! The start of another year reading your blog every day while I have my coffee, can't wait!!

  200. Image for Ashleigh Hall Ashleigh Hall

    OH MY GOSH!! YOU are a lifesaver! Thank you so much for bringing these to life again! I would love to have some to hang in our living room! :)

  201. Image for Cope Kamlowsky Cope Kamlowsky

    They'd be wonderful in our master bedroom! Or my daughter's room! Or the guest room! Ok - too many choices!!

  202. Image for Sue Raddatz Sue Raddatz

    Karianne, a dream has come true! I fell in love with your beautiful smocked burlap curtains when I first discovered your blog. It is great news that you are making these fabulous curtains available via your Painted Fox shop. Thank you! I'd welcome winning a pair of these curtains. Again, my thanks to you and Painted Fox. You're awesome!

  203. Image for Sally Smith Sally Smith

    Probably the question should be where WOULDN'T I put these beautiful curtains! !!!! They are sooo perfect......probably my living room or dining room.

  204. Image for Sue Raddatz Sue Raddatz

    P.S. I would put the curtains in our Family Room. Or perhaps the Living Room. They would be splendid in either of these 2 rooms

  205. Image for Paige Gonzalez Paige Gonzalez

    Thank you to you and your team for not giving up and bringing us these wonder gorgeous curtains. I have my fingers and toes crossed and hope to win a set. They would look beautiful in my master bedroom, or den or living room. Hummm big decisions! I'd really want them to be where others could admire them too. I really appreciate the seasonal views you posted so we can see how they adapt to the mood in the room. Again fingers and toes are crossed!

  206. Image for sherrie sherrie

    I'd put them in the living room, of course. Where they would been seen by any and everyone. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  207. Image for Katie Katie

    These curtains would be perfect in my sunroom. I have admired these curtains from the first time I saw them on your blog years ago.

  208. Image for julie nichols julie nichols

    I love these curtains!! My heart skips a beat!! My living room will be getting a makeover and these pretty curtains will be the crowning glory. I love your home and your decorating style! Thank you for the giveaway.

  209. Image for Terri Oostendorp Terri Oostendorp

    Hi Karianne-- I'm having trouble leaving a comment for your curtain giveaway. Also, nothing is telling me that my entry has been submitted. This is always the case with rafflecopter on your site...what am I doing wrong? I would love to be confirmed as having entered! Have always admired these smocked curtains and would love a chance to win. And I would hang them in my double storied living room windows! Thx for any info...

  210. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    I would love these in my dining room! Actually I would make them work in any room if I had them but I love how they look in your dining room. So pretty!

  211. Image for Teresa Teresa

    These are stunning. I would probably put them in my living room to replace the drop cloth curtains I'm currently using. Thanks for the opportunity!

  212. Image for Donna H Donna H

    I would hang them in my newly made over living room ! It is just waiting for this finishing touch ! Thank you for working so hard to make them available again . Happy 2017 to you and your family .

  213. Image for Christine Stuk Christine Stuk

    I have loved your curtains for years. I even thought about trying my hand at them. I would hang them in my living room.

  214. Image for Doris Webb Doris Webb

    I would adore having these lovely curtains in my family room. I have a very large picture window and they would look lovely with my raspberry coloured walls.

  215. Image for Kim dokop Kim dokop

    These curtains- drapes are stunning! I would put mine in my front parlor den! They would enhance the shabby cottage chic decor. Thank you!!!

  216. Image for Shannon M Shannon M

    I would put these curtains in the living area of my new townhouse. My windows face a man made lake and thes curtains would compliment that scenery very well?

  217. Image for Kim Sokop Kim Sokop

    These curtains are simply fantastic! I would love them in my front parlor. They would enhance the shabby cottage chic decor and make the house inviting! Thank you!

  218. Image for Carol Burgess Carol Burgess

    I would hang these beauties in our den/family room. I have loved the look of these since I first saw them on your page. Thank you for the giveaway.

  219. Image for Sherry B Sherry B

    I have always loved these smocked panels. How wonderful to have a chance to win a pair! I would use them in my master bedroom. Thank you.

  220. Image for Karen Simon Peterson Karen Simon Peterson

    These curtains would be perfect in my bedroom.....or dining room....or living room. I love them!

  221. Image for Kim Kaasa Kim Kaasa

    I would put them in my dining area...............or maybe my living room.........maybe my bedroom--- so it wouldn't feel left out! They may be the traveling curtains, so I can decide my favorite place for them! :)

  222. Image for Tonya Schoepf Tonya Schoepf

    Oh my, I truely truely need these, ok reallly want them. I could put them in our dinning room living room front bedroom. They are truely perfect. How can I pit the odds in my favore!!!

  223. Image for Beckie DAVIS Beckie DAVIS

    I would give them to my daughter who lives in a one hundred year old farm house . She has three adorable boys and they are always short on money . These would look so cute in her house !

  224. Image for Ann East Ann East

    These curtains are lovely! The smacking detail is so unique! Hmmm... I think they might be just what I need in my sunroom.

  225. Image for Betsy Willis Betsy Willis

    These would look great in my living room with my Victorian furniture! The fancy, dressed down, neutral would be just the thing.

  226. Image for Nancie Nancie

    These curtains are beautiful. They would complete my dining makeover. Glad they come in different length. I would love to win the giveaway!

  227. Image for Ruth Shave Ruth Shave

    I love them! My son is moving out to get married. We are going to change his bedroom into our new den or media room or sitting room or reading room or...the possibilities are endless!

  228. Image for Kelli White Kelli White

    Ohh myyyy goooodness! I have been wanting these forever! I need these in my living room and breakfast room!

  229. Image for Dawn Dawn

    I would put these lovelies on my living room. They would compliment the view we have of the ocean and the mountains so well.

  230. Image for Kelli White Kelli White

    Ooohhhh myyyy goooodness! Thank you for working on bringing these curtains back! I need them in my living room and breakfast room! I haven't hung anything since I couldn't find anything I liked as well as these!

  231. Image for Kara Kara

    Oh wow, oh wow, OH WOW! Yippee! So excited that these lovelies are available for our very own. And, super thrilled you are giving away a set. I would LOVE these in my dining room. Thank you!

  232. Image for cris millican cris millican

    I have always admired these curtains! Thank you for working so hard to make them available. I think I would put them in my bedroom for now, but would probably move them around!

  233. Image for Mary Mary

    I have loved these curtains in your house forever!! Thank you for finding a source for them. They would be perfect in any room in my house!!

  234. Image for Catherine Catherine

    I would love these curtains for my family room! It's mostly neutrals with lots of our treasures...seashells, fossils, feathers, rocks, etc. The smocked burlap would be the perfect texture!!

  235. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Oh how I love these curtains...they truly speak to me... well if curtains could speak lol ... I'd put them in my family room ... Happy New Year ?

  236. Image for keri keri

    I desperately need these curtains for our bedroom - the windows have been naked for oh so long just waiting for these curtains :)

  237. Image for Rachelle Murphy Rachelle Murphy

    We recently moved into our 1930s cottage and would love to put these in either our during room or one of the bedrooms if we were fortunate enough to win them. We recently tiny-sized our home and are simplifying our lives that these gorgeous panels would be the finishing touch to our home. Thank you!

  238. Image for Jenny W Jenny W

    I plan on revamping my teenage daughter's bedroom this month, and these curtains would be the icing on the cake :)

  239. Image for Pam Mowbray Pam Mowbray

    I have loved these curtains from the first day I joined your blog and realized they were burlap and not silk! I'd love to see them in my daughters coastal chic living room. They would add the perfect high/low finesse to her picture window. Thanks for the give away!

  240. Image for Yvonne Ester Yvonne Ester

    What a treasure your are!!! The first time I saw your smocked burlap curtains I fell in love with them. Thank you, so much for this opportunity. I can picture them in my family room!

  241. Image for Tracy Tracy

    These curtains belong in my office. I'll probably short out my keyboard from drooling, but they belong in my office. Thanks for the opportunity to win !

  242. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Would love them in my living room-as a matter of fact I researched them about a week ago and was quire sad I couldn't find any.

  243. Image for Robbin Robbin

    These would look FABULOUS-O in my living room. I live on a farm and my view is a big pond and pasture in front of our house. They would frame it perfectly :)!!! My problem is whoever built the house (it wasn't us) put the heat vents right where the panels would hang. So panels that gently "kiss" the floor block the vents. Any suggestions??? Blessings from Missouri!!!

  244. Image for Laurie T Laurie T

    I would put them in my great room (combo living/family room) they would look amazing on my tall windows! Thanks!

  245. Image for Trena Cable Trena Cable

    You have just become everyone's favorite person. Again! This is awesome. I would love these for my rustic décor. Thanks

  246. Image for Rebecca Parker Rebecca Parker

    I would put them in my Living Room. We have lived in our house for 2 1/2 years and I STILL don't have curtains in there! I have searched and searched for curtains that would "fit" in that room and these would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity!

  247. Image for Jenny Krantz Jenny Krantz

    I have always loved these curtains ever since I saw them on your blog! I would like them for my living room. Thanks for the giveaway!