My heart is longing for clean.

It can’t help it…

…it’s missing Christmas lights.

My house and I are at that awkward stage where you’ve cleaned up all the tinsel and put away the jingle bell garland and the tiny red car with a tree on top and now instead of twinkles everywhere, it all just looks kind of empty.

But sometimes empty isn’t so bad.

It can be a blank slate and full of possibilities and classic and cleansing and cathartic.

Especially when it smells good.

One of the new brands I’m working with this year is Grove Collaborative.

I am seriously all about them and their good-smelling selves.  The products they offer are effective and affordable (lower than those of many of the big box stores).  They’ve even created a list of dirty ingredients that you won’t miss and you won’t find on Grove Co.  They offer an amazing selection of curated products that are good for you and the planet.

One of my favorites is Mrs. Meyer’s.

Once you’ve smelled it you’ll understand what I mean.

Here are my hands.

I have this lotion and the hand soap sitting on my kitchen sink.

I wash my hands, dry them with a towel and add the lotion.

The scent is amazing and clean and when I wave them around when I’m talking or put my hand up to my face because I’m laughing so hard…

…it smells like lavender.

Lavender that’s really clean.

So to celebrate clean and fresh starting and January and 2017, Grove Collaborative is offering an a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s kit when you sign up for your first $20 order.

Want to know what’s in the kit?

A whole lot of good smelling stuff.

Like this:

That cute caddy?  That yummy smelling dish soap?  That lavender lotion?  That hand soap?  Those adorable sponges that look like you only wash fancy dishes.

All that for FREE with your first order.

If you are already a Grove customer, don’t worry.

They didn’t forget about you either.

They have a special gift for you and your next order.

Click here to claim your free hand soap.

If you are a new customer, simply click here to claim your free kit.

They will ask you a few questions to find out what type of products you are interested and your cart will automatically fill with $20 worth of suggested products in addition to your free kit.

If you don’t like those products, no worries.

You can simply remove them and add others.

It’s easy.

So here’s to January.

Here’s to 2017.

Here’s to clean houses and clean dishes and clean sinks and clean hands with purple nail polish….

….that wave around smelling like lavender. 🙂

disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Grove Co.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    mmm, Love me some Mrs. Meyer's! What is it about January that makes us want to clean? And purge? I've started going through stuff. Gotta get it clean! I'm missing all the lights and shiny from Christmas too. I left up some of the wintery stuff but with our temperatures being in the 70's a lot, I'm not feeling it much. I bet I only leave it up a couple more weeks then up it will all go too! Have a great week! Hugs, Cecilia

  2. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

    I love Mrs. Meyers products! I've been using them for a couple three years. I like the clean smell and the hand soap doesn't dry my hands. Haven't ordered from the company before so I'll give it a whirl!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!!!!

  3. Image for Michele Riggsbee Michele Riggsbee

    Mrs. Meyers products are my go to! I can't wait to check out the Grove Company. Thank you for sharing this! I love the geranium scent that Mrs. Meyers fresh! Happy New Year!

  4. Image for Peg Peg

    Love, love, love Mrs. Meyers!!! Lemon Verbena is my favorite!! Wait, did someone say orange and clove??!! Running to store!!

  5. Image for Debbie Debbie

    KariAnne, Thank you. Just signed up. Love Mrs. Meyers Basil. It smells so clean for the kitchen. Happy New Year! :)

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