Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head?

You heard it in the grocery store or on the radio or in the elevator.

And then you hear it over and over and over again.

You think it’s gone….and the next thing you know….you’re humming in line at the McDonald’s drive-through.

This is what was in my head playlist yesterday.

You’re welcome.


I love buying the world a Coke….but I love the real lyrics even better.


“I’d like to build the world a home

And furnish it with love

Grow apple trees and honey bees

And snow white turtle doves”


“I’d like to teach the world to sing

In perfect harmony

I’d like to hold it in my arms 

And keep it company”


“I’d like to see the world for once

All standing hand  in hand

And hear them echo through the hills

For peace throughout the land.”


Peace on earth.


The incredible Tara from Between You and Me sent me this sign and invited me to be part of the 12 Days of Christmas signs.

I’m number 11.

If you want to see the other signs….you can click here.

I’m glad I got the Peace sign….especially today.

I was supposed to style it up for Christmas….but I didn’t.

Shhhhh…..don’t tell Tara….but I’m leaving it up all year round.

I like peace with my pumpkins, too. 🙂


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disclosure:  I was given this sign and Between You and Me is one of my sponsors.  

My opinions on peace and harmony and signs are completely and utterly my own.

For more information you can read my disclosure statement here.

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  1. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Ahh. Peace on Earth...I remember both the coke commercial and the radio hit song. But I also remember memorizing the words to I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day... (I was 11 and thought it was a poem, my older sister informed me it was a SONG) and in days like the earth has been having I remember the line God is not dead nor doth He sleep! The wrong shall fail! The right prevail!! with peace on earth goodwill to man!!! So yes, I need to remember Gods in control...of your command center...PSATs....brain tumors....brain injuries...masses on a adult child all mixed up....God is not dead nor doth He Sleep!! .....He brings peace on earth...not just wait for heaven...peace that passes all understanding...I got this much heavenly peace just by your post...but are you going to get in trouble if you don't add a touch of red lipstick or something??? I mean it says #11 is yours and well you're not changing it and that might just might break the peace in the whole deal. Just thinking....

    1. Image for Lisa Campbell Lisa Campbell

      Hi. I just have to comment! My 3 sisters and I always sang that song at Christmas time and my part had that verse and I still love to sing it!

  2. Image for Adrienne Adrienne

    One day we will be standing hand in and and there will be peace on earth :). Loved the commercial, love your sign. Have a gloriously peaceful day! Kids are in school, right?

  3. Image for Laura Laura

    I love your sign and especially the message it sends. I would keep it up all year, too. xo Laura P.S. Thanks a lot for the song in my head :)

  4. Image for Lani Lani

    Oh my gosh ... what a blast from the past! I can picture my little self sitting on the floor in front of our TV just waiting for that commercial to come on. Loved it as a child! You do realize that we'll ALL be humming this song today .... which isn't a bad thing at all. Guess I'll need to go get a bottle of Coke, too :)

  5. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I like your version of the Coke song. However, I really really REALLY would like to HEAR you sing it - how about a KariAnne original YouTube video for us? Your new sign is lovely, and perfect for Christmas and all throughout the year. Tara does such great work.

  6. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Well, now, I have that song in my head....but it's okay...I love that song! And peace certainly does go with a lot of things...and we sure could use some now. So raise your cup of coffee, or tea, or glass of diet coke...and toast to Peace on Earth! ;)

  7. Image for Beverly Beverly

    My first thought was the song "Let There Be Peace On Earth" and let it begin with me. Now I will be happily singing both songs all day. Peace and happiness for all.♥♥♥

  8. Image for Sally Sally

    I love your sign and your song! There was always Coca-Cola for my sister and I at my gram's house, and when they came out with that commercial, we all sang it loud together. My gram even found the sheet music for me to learn to play on the piano! Thanks for reminding me! xo

  9. Image for bj bj

    I do love that sign and it NEEDS to be kept up all year long.... excuse me now....I have to go sing....and I can only sing in the shower....

  10. Image for Angela Angela

    Love that song and your sign. I, too, would keep it up all year round. With being a military family and all that is happening in the world right now, there is a lot of buzz going on as to what is going to happen to many families whose husbands or wives may be deployed. This sign has a deep deep meaning..... in so many ways. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend, Karianne! :)

  11. Image for Regina Regina

    As soon as I saw "Peace On Earth," I got the Casting Crowns version of "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day" running through my head - one of my favorites of theirs. Loved the Coke commercial, too! :) It's right up there with the Hershey's Kisses handbell one . . . Happy hot, sunshiny day!!

  12. Image for Gee Gee

    Geez!! Thanks KariAnne... now it is stuck! :-) I do remember that commercial and the song... or maybe I remember the song because of the commercial?! Luv the sign, and I agree... Peace is year 'round. So now I have Swedish House Mafia and the Coke song stuck in my head. Oh boy... what a mix. Hugs, Gee

  13. Image for tara tara

    it's beautiful in your home... you go ahead and keep it up alllllll year long. peace is such a wonderful gift from God. praying for it to surround your sweet family.

  14. Image for Rose L Rose L

    You have impeccable timing, Kari Anne. I love your sign and the song. I think I'll go make my own version and hang it up on the outside of my house and maybe spread the good cheer around a little bit. Even though it's only August.

  15. Image for Jill Jill

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful sign! It is the perfect sentiment to center us all. Also thanks for sharing the websites of all of your fellow recipients. Off to mow with a song in my head and an icy cold beverage on my mind!

  16. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    I just adore that sign and I would choose to move it around and use it all year round too. Peace on Earth, such a great thing, wouldn't it be perfect!!! Cynthia

  17. Image for Judy Judy

    Hi KariAnne: Beautiful signs. I snuck a peek at the others. I love how you brought in the Coke song, except now I will be singing it in my mind for awhile. That's OK. Love the original also, and I'm glad you didn't wait until Christmas to share, we all can use a little peace in our lives every day..Happy Thursday..Judy

  18. Image for Pamela from Flower Patch Farmhouse Pamela from Flower Patch Farmhouse

    I like that this sign has universal appeal, not just at one season of the year. I have a special order sign with this wording going for a customer but right now all painting on indoor signs has had to be postponed...booooo....the Rim Fire, just over the river from us is causing heavy smoke here, which seeps into everything and makes it smell. No one wants a smoky smelling sign in their house. So I am painting the table and chairs for my freshly built Garden Room instead.

  19. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Hi KariAnne, LOVE the sign, LOVE everything you do in fact! It's like you're covered in magic pixie dust and everything you do just shines and sparkles! I have a favor to ask...and I'm a little shy and embarrassed to ask...I just launched my first ever blog's not very good b/c I'm not a techie and am still trying to figure out gadgets and widgets and doodads and whatnots ...but I did figure out how to do a personal signature :) I don't have a single follower yet. Nope, not a one. My husband, Mr. Diy himself, has been too busy at work to even look at it. Huge sigh here. And my teenage sons cannot figure out why I would even want them to follow me, and could they follow me and then unfollow me right away (because they sure don't want to read my entries!) They just don't get it. So I am coming to the "goddesses of blogging" (Huge smile) and asking if you would kindly check it out and see if you think it might have anything going for it and possibly become a follower?! If I lived closer, I'd bring over a huge pitcher of sweet tea with limes and my homemade chocolate chip scones warm from the oven, and maybe a brand new red lipstick from the Walgreens or some big sparkly earrings (you know, as a hostess gift) and talk to you about all my plans and hopes and dreams in person. But this is the best I can do right now..I hope you don't think I'm pathetic in my appeal...I do live near Nashville, home of bleeding hearts :) Thanks for your consideration, Cindy

  20. Image for Catherine McD Catherine McD

    I was JUST singing "I'd like to teach the world to sing" to my husband yesterday while we were vacationing in Vermont!!! I have always LOVED that song ever since my first-grade teacher taught us it in1970/1971 with her guitar and cute bobbed hair and yellow mini-skirt and matching pocketbook. What wonderful school memories, especially all the songs we learned in that great musical decade!!!!

  21. Image for samantha light samantha light

    I just love the Joy To The World sign with its chubby letters that seem boistrous and bursting with joy that the Lord has come! All the signs would be a treat to recieve... Sammi

  22. Image for Joanne Newlund Joanne Newlund

    So, you know how, often you don't know what influence you have on others? Right. So here's the affect your adorable, sweet and inspired blog entry had on our family. The setting is our kitchen table. Dinner is finished, we are talking about life (don't you love those moments?) and the coke commercial comes up (I brought it up actually)...its a slice of history and it encapsulates the feel of the 70's. We watch it...both my husband and I are singing along as our 13 year old stares. Off we go into a delightful discussion about life, changing times, family and growing old together. Thank you Carrie for influencing a memorable moment in our family.

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