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Looking for simple outdoor garden decor ideas? Here are easy ideas and decor inspiration to decorate your outside like it’s another room in your home.

outdoor garden decor ideas

Have you noticed something amazing about outdoor decor recently?

It’s starting to look like indoor decor.


It’s just like you took everything that you love about your indoor decor—and extend it outside.

I can remember for shopping for outdoor decor once upon a time and all they had were pillows that felt like plastic and two choices of color on rugs and planters that look like they weren’t sure if they wanted to go outside.

But now?

All that’s changed.

It’s a whole new outdoor decorating world.

Have you seen the textures and the patterns and the choices now for outdoor decor? I recently decorated this space in black and white and now I found outdoor decor that matches it.

It’s enough to want to make you plan a party and invite the neighborhood.

I found the cutest black and white outdoor garden decor ideas that I want to share today.


Oh, good.

Me, too.

outdoor garden decor ideas planter

outdoor garden decor ideas patio set

It’s just barely turning green outside of town at my in-law’s farm.

But the trees are blooming.

And the green grass is just starting to peek through.

And Saturday it was 71 degrees and sunny with a light breeze in the air and clouds floating by in the sky. So to get ready for spring, I added an outdoor dining table and chairs for lunch under the trees.

outdoor garden decor ideas table and chairs

outdoor garden decor ideas table

The star of the show?

One of the best outdoor garden decor ideas?

This outdoor black metal picnic table.

It has this beautiful slatted top and a space in the middle for an umbrella (which I found the cutest black and white umbrella that I think I’m going to get for this table.)

outdoor garden decor ideas flowers

Next, I purchased this set of four chairs.

They are really comfortable and sturdy and you can also buy them individually.

I also found this set of six black metal chairs that are an amazing deal on clearance right now. When it comes to outdoor garden decor ideas, I always try to purchase affordable items.

And then I found these pillows.

They look like something that came straight off my couch with their tassels and their woven texture and mini pom-poms on the front.

I can’t decide if they are staying outside or coming inside with me and a really good conversation.

The black and white pillows are a great find, too. They have a woven pattern and look like they came right out of this room.

outdoor garden decor ideas

I’m so happy I live in a world where there is spring.

And sunshine.

And flowers.

And clouds floating by in the blue sky.

And outdoor garden decor ideas that look like they belong in my living room. 🙂

PS I put together a few more ideas of outdoor pieces that could live large inside, too.

Happy shopping. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    You are right, there are so many beautiful outdoor decorating options available! I'm always drawn to black furniture--it's sorta like white plates--you have endless options and can't go wrong! How nice that you are able to enjoy blossoming trees and greening grass. Our crocuses (is that the plural? Maybe crocusi???) are blooming and that makes me happy.


    Love it-the black and white with the hot pink is gorgeous! We are on the same page- bought 2 outdoor ottamen's that look like yours only in navy. Also have a table and chairs set that looks very similar to yours. I love my outdoor rooms! .

  3. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Outdoor choices have come a long way!!! The bougainvilleas really pop with the black and white!!! Yay Spring 🌞

  4. Image for Sevahn Sevahn

    Oh how absolutely invigorating, irresistible, and inviting! I adore spring too, and your outside al fresco lunches are going to be heavenly!

  5. Image for Sue osborne Sue osborne

    We are enjoying an early taste of spring here in upstate/central NY, Your outdoor décor finds have inspired me to get my chairs and tables out, too! Even though it will probably be snowing here next week, lol. Two falls ago I found tons of great BH&G patio furniture on clearance at my area Walmarts, and put together a fabulous set. Lots of compliments including from my son, who had just bought his first house, with a lovely patio...guess where my fab finds are living now?

  6. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    Beautiful! But, then, everything you touch turns out looking great! I'd have a garden tea party there for special family and friends.

  7. Image for Judy Wallace Judy Wallace

    I. really like this indoor/outdoor look! But I have a burning question........where did you get the monogrammed table runner and napkins?? I REALLY NEED them‼️ P.S. I am loving the new book.... I needed to know where to put my den couch! Thanks so much! Judy

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