Random thoughts on a chilly, cloudy Saturday morning:

1. Aren’t friends the best? I just got off the phone with Courtney who is literally one of my favorite people on the planet. We laughed until coffee almost came out of my nose and talked about our families and growing our brands and dreaming big and we have some amazing projects we are working on together.

Details to come.

2. My littlest, Whitney, just boarded a plane for Costa Rica to go on a mission trip. It was so hard to watch her go, but I’m so proud of her because she’s doing what she loves and sharing her heart with others.

3. Can you please tell me your favorite new nail polish? I’m heading out in a hot minute for the first pedicure of the season and I can’t decide? Have you seen OPI’s Do You Take Lei Away?

Or maybe a good Purple?

Or a good Red?

Or a good Fuschia?

O maybe just Polka dots?

4. And why we are on opinions—please tell me you love these shoes as much as I do.  They are like a tennis shoe with attitude and I’m ordering them as soon as I finish this post.

5. It was an amazing week on the blog. We tour a spring tour with 12 easy and simple decorating ideas and discussed pillow combinations and DIY’d a wood bead garland with a heart and the twins released their latest book. Next week on the blog? I’m working on the prettiest outdoor space and we have an Easter craft and so much more.

And now?

Let’s see what ideas and inspiration I found from around the web.

If you’ve ever wondered if faux flowers can look real?

This is the post for you.

Here’s how to style faux flowers.

And this simple vase project inspired by Anthropologie.

DIY painted vases.

See the tutorial here.

You know I love a good DIY flower.

Guess what this flower is made from? Cupcake liners.

See the DIY here.

If you have a blank wall and are looking for ideas?

Here are 20 of them.

See all the creative wall decor ideas here.


And in random news this week:

This pretty master bedroom

This fun wall art

These words of wisdom

Have you seen this series

Where to find printable art

These decorating ideas

This simple DIY project

This layered mantel

This flower pillow

These are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

And this. 


I literally cannot even with how beautiful it is.

And one more for the road

Looking for an easy spring project?

These DIY spring pots are so simple to make.

See the tutorial here.

happy random Saturday to you

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  1. Image for Kim Kim

    Those flower pots are outstanding~wow! Spring in a pot...I'll take it! Hope Whitney has a safe trip and wonderful time. Thank goodness for FaceTime, right??

  2. Image for Linda Linda

    I couldn't get the shoes to come up....for some reason :-( . Always love looking at what you find on the Internet for us to see ! The flower pots are so pretty and look easy to make. How are you doing on your heathy eating ? I've lost 13 pounds but then started eating junk food again and gained back 5 ! No fun and I think one feels so much better with out all those sweets . Will be glad when Spring gets here , we can get outside more . Can't wait to see what you have done in your yard . How is your little " helper " doing ? 🐕 I know how proud you are of your daughter .

  3. Image for Marti Marti

    OPI Dutch Tulips....fabulous color I get a lot of comments on this color....you can wear with any color in every season.

  4. Image for Penny Penny

    Karianne -- don't know about nail polish, but if you haven't already tried Color the World lipsticks, you need to give them a whirl! I just ordered a few and love them. Plus small entrepreneurs too (which you love)! Penny

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Dutch Tulips is a pretty color!! Hope you have gorgeous toes now!! ♥️ I love the leopard print flats!! I’ll have to go and check them out. Leopard is a fun neutral!

  6. Image for Nancy Nancy

    KariAnne, I just received your daughter’s book I the mail and love it. I can hardly wait to share with my daughter-in-law and granddaughters!!

  7. Image for Kris Kris

    Can't help you on the nail polish but the shoes are a definite yes--you may have a shoe twin in Michigan! So cute! And leopard print is super trendy right now. So says your trend-setting friend, moi. Ha. In other news, you weren't kidding about that kitchen! Wowza! And while it wasn't the highlight of the post, I'm loving the antique-framed map-as-a-headboard idea. I have an odd space to work with in my bedroom in terms of a headboard and that just might be the solution for me. And thanks for sharing your pride in and fears about Whitney's travels. Gotta love her heart. :)


    Nail polish have no idea. Love the shoes-look so comfortable. Have not seen the series or anything about it before. Love the wrap up and all the ideas....Thank you! Hope Whitney has a wonderful time. Understand your feelings...mine did year long journeys to different countries when in college and similar missionary trips in high school. She must take after you-spreading love everywhere she goes.

  9. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Safe travels to Whitney~ what a blessing she is about to embark on..... and Leslie's kitchen~ wow....I agree with you....so beautiful.....the way the island is turned, the color of those SINKS...so amazing. Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful collection of blogs/ideas to share.

  10. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    I have those shoes in plain black, and they are super duper comfortable. I planned to order another pair or two for spring, and I'm thrilled to see this version! (Just now getting to Saturday's posts! :))

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