Learn more about how you can get an entire Mrs. Meyer's set for free.

I think 2018 is going to be a good year.

Here’s how I have spent the last couple of days (after I recovered from Christmas and the handmade gifts and my four-day hair and finally applied lipstick).

Cleaning.  Check.

Organizing.  Half a check.

Eating broccoli.  Mini check.

Making my house and my hands and my countertops and my dishes smell like Honeysuckle.  Check.  Check.  And double check.

Are you all about smells and smelling good and walking around with hands like a flower?

Oh, good.  Me, too.

Here’s how you can get a little FREE with your first $20 purchase.

This amazingly aromatic Mrs. Meyers dish soap set is free with a purchase of twenty dollars.

For all the smells I LOVE Grove Collaborative.

Not like a little love. Like LOVE like a trip up the Empire State Building or the first smell of fall in the air or that first sip of coffee on a cold winter day.

I have used them for a couple of years and it’s one of the easiest, least expensive ways to keep everything in stock.  If you haven’t tried it yet, START TODAY.  Truly life changing.  You can get this entire set FREE with your first $20 order.

Do you have a favorite scent?

I’m all about Honeysuckle right now.

Normally I stick with my best friend, Lemon Verbena.

But I was having a good hair day and I just got a winter manicure with purple nail polish and so I threw caution to the wind and ordered the dish soap in Honeysuckle, too.

Yes, please.

Nothing smells better than the Mrs. Meyers dish soap set.

And nothing smells better than FREE.

Free. Free. Frieiti. Frou Frou. FREE.

Right now this entire set (a $30 value) is FREE for a limited time over on Grove Collaborative for first time customers.  Just click here to order.

And if you are an existing customer, don’t think they forgot about you.  You can get the walnut scrubber sponges FREE right now, too.  Just click here to order.

I know, RIGHT.

Can you EVEN?

A good hair day, purple nail polish and now THIS?

The free Mrs. Meyers gift set comes with a scrubber, hand soap, hand lotion and dish soap.

The FREE set comes in the cutest white farmhouse pail with a dish soap and a hand lotion and hand soap and a set of two walnut scrubber sponges.

I am seriously all about them and their good-smelling selves.  The products they offer are effective and affordable (lower than those of many of the big box stores).  They’ve even created a list of dirty ingredients that you won’t miss and you won’t find on Grove Co.  They offer an amazing selection of curated products that are good for you and the planet.

Just like that Honeysuckle.

If you're a new customer claim your free Mrs. Meyers kit online.

If you are a new customer, simply click here to claim your free kit.

They will ask you a few questions to find out what type of products you are interested and your cart will automatically fill with $20 worth of suggested products in addition to your free kit.

Here are some of my favorites that I have tried:

the sea salt neroli hand soap smells amazing and will impress all your guests.

I have this soap on my bathroom counter right now in Gilded Balsam Birch.

It’s super soapy and fancy.  I use it to impress the guests who stop by the back door.

This Mrs. Meyer's clean day laundry detergent is organic with no harsh chemicals.

I have this in my laundry room.

I love that it doesn’t have harsh chemical and it smells AMAZING.

I’ve tried it in lavender and lemon verbena.

This Grove Collaborative scrubber is perfect for cleaning glassware.

And my favoritist of favorites is this glassware cleaner.

I cannot even tell you how many times I have told it thank you.

It gets the inside of glasses and doesn’t leave extra soap and gets all the lipstick off.

If you don’t like those products, no worries.

There are hundreds and hundreds to choose from.

You can get started on your journey to your FREE set here.

It’s easy.

So here’s to soap that makes life smell better.

Here’s to honeysuckles everywhere.

Here’s to clean houses and clean dishes and clean sinks and clean hands that kind of eat broccoli….

….and a new year of possibilities. 🙂

disclosure:  Affiliate links are included in the post.

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  1. Image for Lindy Lindy

    I must not have working eyes today because I could not find where the different scents are, bwahahaha. I am uncomfortable with automatic deliveries too because of being burned once here in Canada. Glad you found a happy experience. We Canadians are never eligible for free stuff or contests in the grand ole USA! Is it because we share the longest unguarded border in the world, hehehe. I find that to be a thing of beauty to share with my American Cousins.

  2. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Am I the only having trouble with the links not working? My computer has been having problems lately so not sure if it is really just me or if there is a problem with the links.

  3. Image for Michelle Michelle

    You introduced me to Mrs. Meyers a while back and I fell in love with the products. I actually look for excuses to use them more often because they work so well and smell so heavenly. Who'd have ever thunk a product could make me want to clean more often? Not me!

  4. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Mrs. Meyers make dish-washing an aromatherapy session! ;-) I love the geranium (which in real life, they don't smell so good...but, Mrs. Meyers does her magic on this fragrance!) Thanks for the post and hints!

  5. Image for Amy Amy

    I just placed my order! Thank you for introducing me to Grove Collaborative! Wishing you all the best in 2018!

  6. Image for Heather Heather

    I love Mrs Meyers, gave friends the holiday multi-surface cleaner in Orange Clove, but I prefer to buy at local store, this came out to be $43 and I have a feeling as an automatic reordering feature. No thank you

  7. Image for Lisa whitaker Lisa whitaker

    I fell for this hook line and sinker. Signed up for the grove thing bought the required amount to receive the free Meyers things , waited and waited emailed, left messages etc never heard a word finally cancelled the grove deal and chalked it up to falling for a bad deal

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Lisa, I'm so sorry! Let me contact them and explain the situation and try to make it right. I know them and they are an incredible team and I know that they would want to make sure you got what you signed up for. I have used them for years and truly believe in the company. Again, I truly apologize for your experience. karianne

  8. Image for Kim Kim

    Just signed up with your link and placed an order last night. I also saw that they price match products (just not on your first order) which is awesome! I can get all the best prices from various stores shipped to my door. Can't wait to get all my stuff! P.S. I chose your link to sign up after considering joining for a while, some of the other bloggers I follow literally hawk their Grove Co. link constantly and it just makes every post feel like a commercial so I really appreciate you sharing yours without being "pushy." P.P.S love your blog and your audiobook so, so much!

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