Looking for a simple solution on how to keep a rug in place? Outdoor rugs not staying in place? Here’s an easy answer to that dilemma. 

When I stood next to my husband with my red lipstick and Aqua Net hair wearing a white dress with a monogram, bead encrusted high heels and a white veil that my mother made…

…I had no idea what was ahead of me.

I had no idea that he was a spreadsheet.

I had no idea that one day he’d sweep me off my feet to Kentucky.

I had no idea that he’d bring me back to Texas to the house I grew up in.

But the best part?

Was yet to come.

Because the KariAnne standing there in that white dress with the red lipstick had no idea that one day she’d standing on her front porch yelling at her outdoor rugs in frustration because they wouldn’t behave.

And those twinkling eyes standing in front of her?

They would one day come up with a brilliant solution to her problem.

If you have rugs that are frustrating you?

I have the answers.

Here’s how to keep a rug in place.

tips for keeping a rug in place porch

I love our front porch.


It has a center area that’s covered by a porch with columns and then on the side? It extends out in front of both sets of windows.

We have painted the porch.

We have painted the brick.

We’ve spelled out our address with numbers.

And I’ve decorated it with planters and baskets and benches and these amazing outdoor rugs.

how to keep rug in place planter

But those rugs?

When the wind would blow or a slight breeze came by? They would flip over at the corners.

Every. Single. Day.


When I’d walk out to get the mail, I’d have to walk over and flip them over. I didn’t know how to keep a rug in place. I’d scold them. And plead with them. And beg them to behave.

I told them it didn’t look cute.

I told them no one wanted to see a flipped over rug.


And one day my husband heard me.

And came home with this.

tape for how to keep rug in place


He bought it at Lowe’s, but you can also find it on Amazon here if you want to order online.


When he brought it home I was a little dismissive.

I’d tried other solutions that were similar to this and they didn’t work.

He listened to me with a smile on his face.

And then went out and applied the tape anyway.

tape used for how to keep rug in place

Here’s what it looks like when it comes out of the package.

It’s double-sided and one side is sticky and one side is smooth.

You’ll need to use scissors to cut it because it’s really strong.


1. Cut strips of tape

You’ll want to apply the tape directly to the flooring.

Cut strips of tape about 12″ long.

The tape is two-sided, so stick the sticky side of the tape directly onto the flooring.

how to keep rug in place tape

2. Peel back edge

Starting at the corners, peel back the edge of the tape.

Underneath you’ll see the super sticky other side of the tape.

The tape says it can be used outdoors and the fiberglass in it prevents it from molding.

3. Press rug in place

Start at one corner and taped an “L” shape of the tape on that corner of the rug.

Make sure you measure where you want your rug to go because you won’t be able to move it once you tape it in place.

Press the rug into place in that corner.

Lift the other corner of the rug and repeat the same process for that corner.

Tape down the side the rug as well until you come to the opposite corner.

Keep taping and pressing in place until your rug is completely taped to the flooring.

He was so proud of himself when he finished.

My husband ran inside the house and grabbed my hand and showed me the rugs with great flourish.

I told him he was amazing and what a brilliant solution and how thoughtful that he was trying to make the rugs behave.

But inside?

Just between us.

My rug skeptic came out.

Would it actually work?

Would the rugs stay in place?

Survey says…..highly doubtful.


Until a week ago when the biggest storm I have ever seen showed up here (if you live in Dallas you know the storm I’m talking about). I sat in the living room and watched the branches swaying and wondered if the trees were going to fall over the wind was blowing so hard.

The next morning I went out to pick up branches see if there was any damage. I opened the front door and walked out onto the front porch.

And there sat my rugs.


Not a corner was turned.

Not an edge was lifted.


Not a corner was turned.

Not an edge was lifted.

I literally blinked twice to make sure it was true.

See what I mean?

All those years ago? Who knew?

I’d have married him even faster…

…if I just knew he was a rug-whisperer. 🙂

He also found this other option at Lowe’s that shows it’s used indoors.

If you have rugs that aren’t listening to you either, he bought both of these at Lowe’s.

Or you can also find it on Amazon here if you want to order online.

PS Here’s a pinboard full of outdoor inspiration, too.

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  1. Image for Stacey Amaro Stacey Amaro

    Amazing and life changing! Thank you for this tip that will probably save my gorgeous rug on my back porch from being tossed over in anger.

  2. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Be careful where you use this tape. I put this on a runner on a wood floor and when I tried to pull it up much later the tape stuck to the floor and left a sticky residue after I spend an hour with Goo Gone prying it up.

    1. Image for Amy Amy

      I had the same experience on tile. It took me seen entire afternoon to remove it with Goo Gone and acetone. But it did do its job!

  3. Image for Gemma Gemma

    We just recently moved into a new home. I noticed a sticky residue in some areas on the hardwood floors, they were from tape, where there had once been rugs. I've used goo gone and most came off, but some is still left and hard to get off. So, make sure to use this only where you are very sure you want this to be permanent.

  4. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Aren't our men amazing???? My husband still after 53 yrs wows me with how clever he is when ever I have a problem around the house. I guess we picked keepers!!! .

  5. Image for Charlotte S Snodgrass Charlotte S Snodgrass

    Thanks for sharing this! I will purchase through Amazon from your site. I need it on the corners of a large rug inside. Your patio is so pretty!

  6. Image for jillian jillian

    I love your porch. Also the spelled out numbers. We use that tape next to the master bed where there are stairs with a little rug for our (center of our world) yorkie to climb in bed. It's her bed after all. The floors are wood so she needs a rug to get a grip. Mineral spirits take the residue right off.

  7. Image for Mindy Mindy

    The most simple solutions can make all the difference! Your porch is just lovely - just what I would expect from you.

  8. Image for mah mah

    It does work, but.... it will pull your finish off your floor and possibly the wood also. It stuck so well that when I wanted to move a rug it actually pulled the finish along with some of the hardwood floor up. I would never use it inside again. be careful.

  9. Image for Brenda Hurst Brenda Hurst

    KariAnne, I have an unrelated question for you on hydrangeas. A while back you said the secret to getting hydrangeas to bloom is COFFEE. So I had my hubby save the coffee grounds for me. I put them in the ground around each bush. Do I need to continue putting coffee grounds on them or was the one time enough? Thank you, Mrs 2020 Garden Queen Extraordinaire!!


    It is fantastic. It really holds the rugs! I used it on my hardwood floors, now I can not get the glue off! Any ideas?

  11. Image for Jenni1st Jenni1st

    We used this inside. The rug has been gone a year. Yet, in the form of adhesive that will NOT go away, the tape remains. Ruined my floor. Do NOT use this stuff.

  12. Image for Tammi Tammi

    I tried the indoor carpet tape outside and it did not hold my naughty rug down. Will try the outdoor tape. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I agree with all the other comments about the tape making a mess. It's great as long as you don't want to remove the rug.

  14. Image for Annan C Annan C

    KariAnne thank you so much for todays post. After reading it I recalled coming across some two sided tape in the basement. (I inherited my parents home after caring for them til their passing.) my dad saved everything! I pulled it out and it had the words fiberglass, indoor/outdoor and I knew immediately what I would do. My patio rug often blew into the side street when we would have bad storms (even though there was furniture on it.) I’m not hoping for a storm but I think I’m ready! Thanks for your most timely post.

  15. Image for Ann Baird Ann Baird

    I tried something similar in my kitchen (hardwood floors). However it does have to be mopped, so I found it wasn’t worth using just to have to pull-up once a week. I’m sure it would do well outside though.

  16. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!! He's a keeper indeed!!! For other reasons other than tape buyer so let's be real!!! Lol

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