Random thoughts on a rainy overcast Saturday morning:

1. Did you know I was hula hoop champion of the fourth grade? The winner was the one who could walk the longest while hulaing a hoop. I practiced and practiced until I could walk for hours with a hula hoop around my waist.

I tried it the other day and barely made it around the backyard.

My hips are out of hula practice.

2. I am about to start on a new project where I’m taking a thrift store dresser and mimicking the look of bone inlay with stencils. I love furniture makeovers and I’m crossing my fingers this one will be as cute as I picture it.

3. If you are looking for an inexpensive flooring DIY, you should think about painting your plywood floors. It’s still one of my favorite projects that we’ve ever done. You can see that DIY here.

4. Zack is cooking breakfast this morning. He told all of us he’s learned to make the best breakfast tacos.

5. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed updating a bathroom and decorated the back yard and porches for summer and shared how to update a porch swing with this simple tip.

And I made a new video for my YouTube channel.

And now?

Let’s distract ourselves with all the amazing finds from this week’s internet surfing.

I’m all about peonies.

(total aside: if you’ve ever wondered how to say peony I have the answer here.)

That’s why I love this paper version.

You can see the DIY here.

And I love this peony watercolor DIY, too.

You can learn how to paint it.

Or download this as a printable for FREE here.

And she made over this table from a thrift store find.

I love this finish.

You can see the DIY here.

And I love these simple tips on how to clean out candle jars.

I never know exactly what to do.

Here’s how to clean and reuse them.

And in random news this week:

This simple DIY for a TV

The best method for storing fresh herbs

This flower tip is genius

These cute exteriors

This DIY is literally amazing

This tiny barn

This looks delicious

How to support someone during a hard time

This made me laugh out loud

This pretty bathroom

And this truly spoke to me this week. I loved the line, “choose instinct over criticism.”

You can read the article here.

One more for the road

I’ll leave you with this virtual tour of the house.

I’m posting several more in-depth room tours in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Image for Karen Karen

    After42 years of marriage, we finally bought a king size bed. Best. Decision. Ever. Also invested in a mattress warmer with 2 controls. My husband was afraid cuddling would be a thing of the past. Not so. 😁 But we both sleep better in this new arrangement. Turns out that you can buy a good night's sleep.

  2. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I too was a hula hoop master! Great links! My daughter and I were just searching the best way to clean out a candle jar! So helpful! Have a great weekend!

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    We have a queen bed (bought a new mattress last fall) and overall it works for us, but boy could I relate to the blanket stealing and the wedge pillow for reflux! To change the subject .... that horse book wall! Amazing!

  4. Image for Crystal Brown Crystal Brown

    That whole sleeping together made me LOL!!! In the department of eww, my hubs and I sleep in a queen, wouldn't have it any other way. After 25 years we still need to touch in some way. When we travel and sleep in a king, it's like "why are you so farrrr awayyyy? We gravitate to the middle of the bed and wake up tangled in one another. Yes, the romance of it..... or maybe we're just plebians and no one told us.... . on another note, I love Thistlekeeping!!!

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