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family room windows

It’s official.

We have new windows at the farmhouse.

They came last week and installed them and finished up while I was still cleaning up all the debris around the house.

And the result?


It is an all cap moment for the living room.

uneven windows

Can we start with a little before?

I even forgot how yucky the windows were until I went back and found these pictures.

They are so cloudy you can’t even see out of them and they were lopsided with cracks and looked kind of glumpy.

A word you should never have to use to describe windows.

cracks in window

Here’s another before.  You can see where the blinds rubbed the paint off the window.

And there’s a drip of something in between the window and the storm window.

And now the window looks like this.

window world new windows

Exact same window.

Exact same spot.

But look at the change.


(total aside:  you have to know that I only use all caps in very special circumstances and this is one of them)

window world windos

Here’s another angle.

Doesn’t that latch look like a contestant from a beauty pageant?

And the best part?

The entire process was so easy and not at all like I imagined.  Just in case you were like me and you’d never ordered windows before, I thought I’d share with you what I thought the whole installation process was going to be like….

…..and what actually happened.

window world latch

1.  I thought that I would have to move all the furniture out of the room and put up a plastic barrier and leave the house for a week.


Not even close.

I moved the window seat cushion and the pillows and the ottoman and pulled back the rug.

And the installation only took two hours for these windows (if you have more windows, it will take longer).

2.  I thought I would have to clean up after they left.

Not true.

They cleaned up everything and got rid of the dust and left it just like they found it.

window world

3.  I was worried that on the outside of the house the windows would look out of place.

Not even.

The new windows match the old windows perfectly.

Except they look a lot cleaner.

4.  I thought I’d only see a little improvement in the space with the new windows

I mean, they’re only windows, right?

I was so wrong on this.

The wrongest of the wrong.

The new windows make the room.  They add light and frame the view and sparkle when you walk by and provide the best cross breeze between the porch and the family room.

The other day I sat in the room with a coffee cup and stared at them for 20 minutes and whispered sweet nothings to them.

And decided right then and there in my all cap voice that this was…..


PS  I’ll be back next month with the entire window reveal and a new look for the family room.  I had to make a few changes to live up to those windows. 🙂

PPS  If you have other questions about ordering new windows, be sure and check out Window World’s FAQ page for additional resources.


disclaimer:  This post was brought to you by Window World.

All opinions on all caps and windows are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Corinne Corinne

    I totally agree! Yours look lovely. I did this a couple years ago, replaced all doors as well. What a huge difference. The light, the sparkle and easy to clean. Often overlooked in a decorating scheme this is clear evidence that it needs to be first.

  2. Image for Gee Gee

    They are the BEST! Two months ago, two installers came with a trick filled wont windows. We had all our windows replaced. two picture windows and the rest just like yours. I also expected to move all the furniture... and to be left with a mess. Nope, clean and tidy!!! They came with vacuum cleaner and drop cloths. And they did one room at a time and I never had to turn off my A/C and get warm... nope. If we had to do it all over again, ever, Window World is the only company I'd call again!! Agreed.... the view seems brighter and more beautiful! Enjoy your beautiful windows. Hugs, Gee

  3. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Well, I agree with you. You certainly can't get an updated cute hairdo and then wear the same ole outfit. You have to get new lipstick and polish, new clothes and adorable shoes. Oh! Don't forget the dangly earrings. I can't wait to see your new room. The room will look as ADORABLE as you. Have a great day!!

  4. Image for Denise Denise

    We did this same thing this year. I had drug my feet for YEARS and finally gave in. I am so glad and wondered why I waited so long. We used a different company - but same experience. Minimal mess that they took care of and the results are beautiful. Can't wait to see more pix!!

  5. Image for june june

    OHHHH I love the view! We replaced our windows almost two years ago now and I still wake up every morning in delight with the view. Everything is crisp. I especially love the fact that we went with a vinyl inside. We had wood trim out before and in Minnesota it just is not a good mix. Can't wait to see the rest.

  6. Image for Susan Susan

    Well, helloooooooo, sunshine! Window World truly did an amazing job of taking your windows from glumpy to GAWJUS! And, ooooooh that sexy latch...swit swoo! ;) I'll bet your house is feeling all kinds of confident now...this is kinda the equivalent of having miraculous plastic surgery done on your bags and crow-feet, yes? Now your house has all kinds of flirty and welcoming eyes! No wonder you are excited, KariAnne...I am sooooo happy for you! *high fives* and BAM!

  7. Image for susan susan

    They look beautiful! Over the years we have replaced most of the windows but I still have the sunroom that needs them (there are quite a few!!). Hopefully one day we can do those too! Makes such a difference! xo

  8. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    You are going to SERIOUSLY love having new windows in the farmhouse. My husband installed new windows in our home a few years ago and I love that they flip down for cleaning and the low E helps with sunlight not fading furniture and with our heating and air-conditioning bill. Enjoy your new windows!

  9. Image for Jen Banker Jen Banker

    Your window posts have been so perfectly timed for me! We will be getting all new windows to replace our 1960's original wood ones. 37 new windows. Part of me is sad to lose the charm of the old ones, but the other part of me is so excited to be able to actually open all of our windows! And not have cracked glass! And be able to clean them (the back of our house is 3 stories high-those windows haven't been cleaned in a very long time)! And not be able to tell its windy outside just by watching my curtains!

    1. Image for Jen Banker Jen Banker

      Eeeeeeeeh!!!!!! You replied to me! I'm all flustered-you're like a real-life celebrity to me! :) Thanks for being so fun and funny and inspirational!

  10. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Yay for new windows! They look G-R-E-A-T! (Said totally in Tony the Tiger voice). Love them. And I'm so glad you bravely paved the way - just in case we need new windows someday. :o) Happy day, rock star! Cecilia

  11. Image for Catherine Catherine

    We replaced all our windows in this old house a few years ago. The ropes were all broke and we had to prop them up with big dowels. Our cat loves to lay in the windows when they're up and I had a fear of a crushed cat if the dowels got knocked over. I love them and they are so easy to clean!

  12. Image for Michele Michele

    We bought all house new windows about 2 years ago and I kicked myself for waiting so long. It has made a huge difference- in looks, functionality, and the best part: home comfort! No drafts - and it has made a huge difference in the heating and cooling bills. I too had an ah-ha moment of love when I decided that we'd make the 3 windows across to be slightly wider and did 4. OH my word, it balanced the room so much better and let in more light earlier in the day - just look at it -to this day- and sigh everytime. So happy for you and looking forward to seeing more! Well done, KA.

  13. Image for Taste of France Taste of France

    Good for you! We just replaced 7 windows and two French doors, all 13 feet high and a couple hundred years old (the building dates to the early 1600s, but glass windows were rare then, so they must have been added later). They had to be of a certain design, because the building is historically protected. But what a difference! Double pane--you don't hear a thing from outside when they're closed.

  14. Image for Penny Penny

    Best decision ever! Look at that view! We replaced our faded shutters this spring and the whole house went from tired/worn to vibrant & well cared for. I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the information and inspiration you so generously share with others!

  15. Image for Kim Banta Kim Banta

    We have replaced 44 windows in our house! Whew! We started with the HOT West side of the house, and went from there. The heating and cooling bills have gone down SO much! Comfort has increased, too! Lastly, our next-door neighbors tore down their tiny house and are rebuilding for these past many months, with several more to go. Having these new windows have made the NOISE from them nearly non-existent! When we step outside we almost have to cover our ears somedays! Yay for the new windows, KariAnne!

  16. Image for Charley Charley

    I get you. It's amazing what we presume & assume, about even the smallest things. SERIOUSLY, even the seemingly smallest things can make you say AIN'T LIFE GRAND!

  17. Image for Debby Debby

    One additional benefit to beautiful view and better energy bills ......your house will be quieter. We were amazed at the reduced noise level. Well worth the expense.

  18. Image for Kris Kris

    My mom uses the word "glumpy", too, to describe the weather. :) Our experience with new window installation was similar to yours--it was a lot less hassle than I had anticipated. The two things (besides appearance and improved view) that most pleasantly surprised me were the improved noise control (we live on a main road, so that's huge for us) and the improved comfort of our house (less heat loss in winter--I didn't shiver while washing dishes due to the draft from the windows!). Enjoy your improved windows and I can't wait to see how you have dressed them!

  19. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Beautiful! We could use new windows, too, but we hesitate. Our builder must have found the most unusual window sizes ever for this "spec" custom home, so I really dread replacement costs. We have issues with our metal and glass windows ~ this area's unique soil cracks, causes settling. And ill-fitting "seams." And hot & cold drafts. Can't wait to see your changes to your living room. It's amazing how much more light streams in ~ and that new brightness brings the furnishings into sharper focus. I know it will be gorgeous ... as always!

  20. Image for Sandi magle Sandi magle

    This cracked me up---whispered sweet nothings to them...LOL. Wait---until you have to open a door----and screen in order to hear the 'warning sirens' in bad weather, because you can't hear them otherwise. Only sound that seems to penetrate our new windows, is the birds under the bedroom window at 4 AM. Grins...your room is beautiful and windows are wonderful. Ours were so big, we had to basically replace them one at a time. Sandi

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