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You’ve seen this room before.

You know.

The one that doubles as my craft room and my office and my ZOOM meeting room and my book writing and my DIY project room.

That is a lot of hats for these little four walls.

And those four shutter doors right in the center of the picture? There’s a closet behind them. A closet that was trying to organize all the things.

Albeit unsuccessfully.

Very unsuccessfully.

So this week I took everything out and put it all in the center of the table. All the files and all the craft supplies and all the photography equipment and all the books and all the magazines and all the piles of ribbon. It all came out.

And when I was done.

The closet looked like this.

A blank slate.

Ready to organize.

But first? There were a few challenges in the space.

This corner shoe rest had to come out.

I think once upon a time it opened?

But now? It was painted shut and in the way so we pried it out of the side of the closet.

Next, we took out the metal bar in the center of the closet.

I kept the shelf for storage, but removing the metal bar gave us more height to organize in the space.

And then?

I found the CUTEST organizing furniture and ordered it online and it showed up at my house and we put it all together.

And now?

The closet looks like this.

Hee hee.

This is what we call a closet teaser picture.

Want to see more?

Oh, good.

Because now?

It looks like THIS.

Isn’t it AMAZING!!!!!

I’m so, so, so, SO HAPPY.

I measured the space and ordered everything to fit perfectly so we used every single square foot of the closet.

This was actually my dream piece of furniture and I originally was going to order it and go with a different plan. I mean, it spins around. But it would have taken up so much space and I was worried it wouldn’t have enough room to spin and be able to close the closet doors.

I still have it on my wish list and eventually order it for the space if I end up hosting craft classes.

So instead, I went with plan B and bought this craft room furniture instead.

It’s actually two of these bases.

And a hutch top with a pegboard for one of the bases.

I actually love this entire Craftform line from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

I’ve priced craft furniture before from other retailers and it was a little too expensive for me. This line is super well-made and affordable and VERY flexible depending on what you need for your craft (and in my case office, too) supplies.

So for example, each of the bases came with six adjustable shelves (that create 8 cubbies).

I found these white pull-out bins (under $8.00 for two).

And adjusted the shelves to fit.

I think I’m actually going to go back in a make a very small shelf at the very top of each row for scrapbook paper.

I’m still adding things to the bins as I clean out other closets.

The top of the hutch has the perfect little cabinet for my sewing supplies.

I moved my sewing machine from my closet to the cabinet and added a sewing organizer on the other side for needles and thread and bobbins.

I’m in the process of sorting through all my fabrics and I’m going to add them to several of the bins below.

The peg board is perfect for scissors and tape and paint brushes.

I found a set of different hooks for the pegboard and I’m keeping those stored in one of the boxes below.

The other boxes hold extra office supplies.

And I added this vintage bike basket to the pegboard and filled it with post-it notes.

I use them for my content calendar for the blog.

It’s the best system inspired by my sweet friend Leslie.

Each of the different colors is a different type of post. There are recipe posts and fashion posts and decorating posts and DIY posts and room makeover posts.

I cannot WAIT to show you all the fun things I have planned for the holidays.

Right below the calendar are these file boxes I bought years ago. One holds all of the files for my Thistlewood VIP group, an incredible group of ladies that I mentor every month.

Each of them has their own file with ideas and inspiration to help them grow their businesses.

The other file box holds all of my business files.

That’s it.

That’s my system.

My closet has made SUCH a change.

From this.

To this.

I hope you’re ready for all the ideas and inspiration for the holidays that this space is going to create.

It’s going to be AMAZING.


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  1. Image for Vickie Vickie

    This is fantastic! Great use of the space which lots of us are needing for crafting and (unexpected) need for home offices!

  2. Image for Renee Renee

    Oh my—- if only I could snap my fingers and my craft room/ Christmas room/ etc room could be that organized. I just throw items in and keep the door closed. Ha! But you have inspired me—- I have set aside several weeks in Sept to get this room organized and since all of my volunteer clubs have postponed all their fundraisers due to covid delta variant peaks, I should be able to use this time wisely.

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    I hate organizing closets but love the end result. I recently read an article about the use of pegboards for organizing kitchen items (I think it was based on Julia Child doing that technique). My mom had one in her kitchen and it WAS super handy. Maybe it's time to bring the pegboard front and center!

  4. Image for Jan Jan

    Where can I find those cute little file box/baskets? I know you said you got them awhile ago but have you seen anything similar since? Love them and your whole new organized closet. I’m an organizationaholic! Blessings, Jan

  5. Image for Maureen Maureen

    It looks amazing! I’m still trying to get my sewing room organized. I will have to check out their system to see if it works in my space. I love your rug in this room! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it from? No rush as I know you are busy with the twins.

  6. Image for Veronica Veronica

    I just love your posts! What a great way to set up storage! When we move to SC next year to retire, I cannot wait to set all my craft stuff in one place so I’m not chasing things around this tiny house we’re renting now! So annoying! Lol must be Heaven having it all in one spot! And organized! Oh, and within reach! Gah! Thanks for sharing where you found everything too! Muah!

  7. Image for Judi Judi

    That. Is. Amazing… and such an inspiration. I’ve been looking at crafting station furniture but it’s all so expensive so I’m glad to get your take on this line. Is that the sewing machine you use? It looks like my old one that I cannot seem to part with even tho is doesn’t work.

  8. Image for JC JC

    LOVE THIS!!! I just took everything out of my craft closet today, which is in one of my spare bedrooms, because we are going to paint and get new carpet put in. Wooohiooo. You can bet that after that, my craft items are going back in organized! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Enjoy creating!!

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    Amazing!! You did such a great job!! I have a closet exactly like that in my studio, so I’m taking notes!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Image for Laura Laura

    I have to say, Walmart has some cool stuff. Clothing, organization, kitchen items and more. Much more up-scale and current than ten years ago. In fact I just placed an order a couple hours ago! Seeing your organized closet makes me want to sort my undies. Well, maybe not....

  11. Image for PJ PJ

    KariAnne, will you be labeling those bins? I may take on my craft closet today. It is too steamy here to do much else. Have an amazing day please!

  12. Image for Barbara Loyd Barbara Loyd

    Total transformation! Wow. I have my mother's Singer from the 1950s! It looks like yours, same color. I need to organize my studio closet. Thanks for the inspirational post.

  13. Image for Pam Pam

    Right now my craft room looks like Michaels and Hobby Lobby got together and exploded in there! This is a much needed push toward organization, thanks for pushing me!

  14. Image for Lilian Anyebe Lilian Anyebe

    Very wonderful. I enjoyed every bit of the write up and wished I could get more.I have started arranging my room to be this exquisite.

  15. Image for Kim Waldorf Kim Waldorf

    Ok, friend....this is AMAZING!! I think I am going to buy one of those craft cabinets for the extra closet in my new she room!! I noticed your "Post-it" calendar right away! I am sure Leslie is so proud! 😉 Have the best day!

  16. Image for Maria Welke Maria Welke

    I absolutely love it!!!! Man oh man, do I ever need that, times about 25! My house is completely unmanageable at this point. But your closet…oh be still my heart! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, how I love this. I have to tell you that so many times we have the same ideas at the same time and then you post it finished! Happens ALL the time! I have a closet that has those doors and my issue is taking the doors out and enlarging the closet so I can get to the sides…you, my friend, have solved the issue inside once I open that closet up! Thanks, as always, for solving my problems and inspiring me, friend!

  18. Image for Linda Linda

    Your closet looks amazing. I love your Singer even more. I have one just like it. Oh, the creative stories it could tell. What a fond memory of my dad and me going to the Singer store and purchasing it. A treasure!

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