spring table ideas farmhouse

Yesterday the sun was shining and the birds were chirping and white clouds were floating by in the sky and I had 6.5 hours until Downton Abbey came on television.

So I decorated the table for spring.

The twins thought it looked like fun way to spend an afternoon, so they helped me.

I found these place mats at WalMart for about a $1.00 and thought it would be fun to shop the house and come up with a table setting for spring.

And I did.

And I loved it.

But the twins?  They wanted color.  Of course they did.  

So we created a few more place settings just for fun.

Want to see what we came up with?

Here are four spring table decorating ideas (with lots of color). 🙂

spring table setting blueberries

Spring place setting idea number 1:  the farmhouse.

Simple white plates stacked with blueberries and a whimsical spoon and fresh flowers.

Quick tip:  A bread board makes a fun place mat.

I collect bread boards so I have enough for every place setting and it’s okay if they don’t match.

Now here’s a closer look at place setting number one.

blueberries in spring

spring table ideas farmhouse

blueberries spring decorating

Spring place setting idea number two:  the smile.

I had to name it that because that’s what it made me do.


We started with a simple place mat from IKEA and added a polka-dotted plate and fun straws and a quirky cup with an orange on it.

Quick tip:  If you don’t have an IKEA close by, you could always sketch out the plate and silverware on a piece of craft paper and tuck a pen for doodling at each person’s plate.

Now here’s a closer look at place setting number two.

spring place setting polka dots

spring place setting ideas

oranges and milk glass

colorful spring place setting

Spring place setting idea number three:  the pattern play.

I named it that because this place setting is all about mixing and matching.

We layered a simple patterned fabric with three different patterned plates from IKEA, tucked a lemon in a nest and sliced lemons to make lemonade.

Quick tip:  the key with a place setting like this is to have fun.  Find different patterns that might have similar colors and create your own layered patterned table setting.

Now here’s a closer look at place setting number three.

place setting spring ideas

patterned dishes for spring

lemons and spring time

Spring place setting idea number four:  polka dot fun.

I named it that because this place setting is all bold colors and patterns and polka dots.

We layered an orange patterned runner with these bright green round place mats.

Then we added different polka dot dishes I got on clearance at a local store here.

Quick tip:  I’ve seen similar pieces at Homegoods and TJ Maxx.  Sometimes you can’t find all the place-settings, but I like just a few plates here and there to mix it up.  If it doesn’t match it makes it a little more fun.

Now here’s a closer look at place setting number four.

breakfast table setting

spring table ideas

orange and green place setting

When we finished decorating, I was sitting at the computer editing photos with the twins looking over my shoulder eating a snack.

Picture after picture would pop up on the screen.

In between bites of apple they would say things like,“That turned out so cute.” Or, “That one is my favorite.  I love all the color.”  

Until we got to the farmhouse place setting.

Then it was my turn.

I sighed and pronounced it perfect and told them that one was my favorite and we should look for more cutting boards next time we went shopping.

One of the twins said, “I know, mom.  You like that one because it doesn’t have that much color.”  Then she looked around the kitchen and added, “I don’t really think you are that into color any way.  Like this room,” she said. “There’s not a lot of color in here.”

Then she paused and smiled and added encouragingly, “Good thing you have such a colorful personality.”

Exactly. 🙂

PS  Congratulations to the winner of the Amazon Gift Card, Carol W. whose favorite was the tulips on the mantel.

Thank you to everyone for playing along!  It was fun.


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  1. Image for Nancy @ slightly Coastal Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    I love these place settings! I do have to say though...the one without much color is my favorite too. The bright and colorful ones are a lot of fun though for a bright and sunny day. Thanks for the inspiration. Your backdrops behind those plates are fab. This just adds fuel to my plate hoarding obsession though. I love layering plates almost as much as fabric! Have a great day friend!

  2. Image for Gail Gail

    I like 3 . I love color. I love orange also. My bedroom is in orange, teal and grey. I try to do white and beige but most of the time my eyes cant handle it for longer than a week or two.. I LOVE COLOR. My personality is wild and crazy too.. My friends say they never have a dull moment around me. I love that too.. Have a great day everyone.

  3. Image for Michele @ The Vintage Vixen Michele @ The Vintage Vixen

    So sweet to share your blogging moments with the twins!!! Sounds like they have pretty colorful personalities as well!!! As much as I love the farmhouse look the best, I must say the clementines in the white milk glass look absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Hellooooo Ms. Personality!!!! Kids are so funny...they learn all about diplomacy cutting their social skills teeth on us. So great that the twins are as creative as their mom, though, and that they don't feel married to your style--that they can experiment with their own. Well, I think all four table settings are so cute and full of character but the very best thing about beautiful neutral decorating is that is makes the perfect backdrop to any colorful whimsy that strikes you. Or not. And it still absolutely works. Love it!! (Karianne, I have to ask...where did you find that adorable spoon in your place setting?)

  5. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    Love that. I do love yours with the plain white with the flowers. Very country looking but on the other had the last 2 were my favorite. Color is fun for sure and does make you smile for sure. Cute story!!

  6. Image for renee renee

    They were all so Fun! But I gotta say I still LOVE #1 the most! Please share where you got the whimsical spoon! Those match my personality! LOL!! Thanks for sharing and Job well done Twins!!

  7. Image for P. Jean P. Jean

    Oh, my goodness, let the twins help more often. Color sure adds much to the table. Even better the edible art of fruits and veggies! Great way to start the day, enjoy the lunch, or delight in dinner. Doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, either.

  8. Image for tcmullinax tcmullinax

    Classic neutrals always look "right" to me. Also, did you know the people on "Fixer Upper" don't get to keep the furniture? Just saw this... https://www.popsugar.com/home/What-Really-Like-Cast-Fixer-Upper-40229676

  9. Image for Pamela Pamela

    All so much fun & pretty too. Our daughters are 35 & 37 and they are the neutral to my COLOR! I have a great stash of inexpensive (garage sales, thrift shop, TJMaxx etc) dishes, napkins, glasses, placemats too. Every time we move the movers comment that they have never seen so many dishes & glasses! I'm just addicted! I tell our daughters that we have to put color into our home to stimulate our aging minds! It's all just fun. Thank you for sharing that wonderful time with your girls.

  10. Image for Angie M Angie M

    They are all so lovely! Have to say though that the farmhouse one is my favorite. Simplicity and texture win with me every time.

  11. Image for Merri Jo Merri Jo

    I love that your darling twins are not only insightful, but also have their mom pegged perfectly! Your colorful personality comes shining through even black & white typeface, which always brightens my day! All of the place settings are so cute--but since polka-dots are my jam, I love,that one--& the cup & saucer print fabric is adorable!

  12. Image for Amanda Amanda

    I think all of these are amazing in their own way. I really look forward to your posts and get excited to see what you have come up with in each one. I don't have a farmhouse, but I have definitely put some of your ideas to use in my little house :)

  13. Image for CINDY CINDY

    Breadboards - AAAHHH!!! I can hardly wait to start collecting those. What a fantabulous idea! I love the whimsical spoon too! Where did you find those? Love everything you do AND the twins too! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  14. Image for Vicki Vicki

    What sweet girls- and they are correct- You have a very colorful and FUN personality and we (your readers) love you for it! Lol!

  15. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Beautiful- all of them! #1 has my heart, but there is something about the green and orange that also makes me smile:) Sweet twins to compliment their Mom, so true!

  16. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    I love them all - what a fun way to spend an afternoon!! Besides the farmhouse setting, my other favorite was the orange and green setting with the polka dots - oh my goodness - I love those colors together and the polka dots were so fun!! But I especially love your colorful personality the best! What is they say...out of the mouths of babes comes the truth?? Happy Monday, Friend - thanks for sharing!

  17. Image for Kris Kris

    I'm with you--I love the neutrals. Fun that your girls wanted to "play" along with you. But down to business ... DA was a bit disappointing for me last night, although there was a scene with Mary in it that made me cry ... and do we have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for the next Mercy Street???

  18. Image for Shirley Shirley

    I like the first place setting best, but I love your polka dot crockery.I have a red kettle with white dots I call it my Minnie Mouse kettle.

  19. Image for Treva Treva

    I loved seeing all of the Spring place settings but my favorite is the Farmhouse but to show your twins your blog followers are really with-it and a colorful group my second choice is the Polka Dots. Now how is that twins for being with-it with color? Love teasing young people!!!

  20. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Each place setting has its' appeal, (I like them all!) and it's great that the twins helped, (sweet girls!) but I like yours the best because I'm a fan of white plates. And color from nature! I wanted to comment on your Spring mantle designs the other day, but my wifi was on the blink. I enjoyed all of them, especially the tulips, but ultimately I decided that my fave was the one with a basket and greenery...because I love visual texture! I'm going to try your layering technique. Oh, and I bought some white duck tape (I hadn't realized that it was available in white) to use your grid technique on my milk glass vase, and Valentine flowers. Much better! Why hadn't I ever thought of doing this? Dunno. But thanks for sharing!

  21. Image for Judy H. Judy H.

    Your place settings all sing Spring! Each one has its own bright or subtle way to brighten the table. I'm particularly fond of your jelly bean orange polka-dot dinner ware jumping off of the woven grass green placemat. The glass of colorful straws to the side looks so playful...definitely a Spring thing!

  22. Image for gail gail

    all very pretty table decorating ideas. I like them all, Smile, and farmhouse are my favs! what a fun afternoon - great way to spend time with the girls! gail

  23. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Karianne, your table decorating ideas are so much fun! I love all the colors and small details you've incorporated. Don't you just feel the urge to drink out of a cute paper straw all the time these days? I'm finding those fun straws everywhere and I don't pass them up. Thank you so much for linking with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are so pleased to have you and all the other talented ladies of blogland join us. :)

  24. Image for Carol Carol

    I share your love of farmhouse 'anything' and I share an addiction to dishes and tablescaping....and don't even get me started on polka dot love.....but what I love about this post is what your girls are learning from you. Warms my heart.

  25. Image for Olivia Olivia

    Love how colorful and crisp each one of your inspirational place settings look. I'm so ready to see some color outside. At least we are on the downswing to reaching spring blooms. Thank you for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Olivia, co-hostess Reinvented Collection

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