Someone once told me that one of the secrets to eating healthy is preparing ahead.

So I thought I would try it.

We had a basketball game last night and I knew I would want popcorn.  To me, basketball and popcorn go together like peanut butter and jelly and thunder and lightening and bread and butter.

And leg warmers and Aqua Net hairspray.

Popcorn isn’t really on the healthy list they way they make it at the ballgame.

So prepared ahead and brought a bag of broccoli instead.

I thought I could crunch it and pretend like it was popcorn.


Not so much. 🙂


Sometimes the best spring decorating is the simplest.

Like adding a bowl of lemons.

Just in case you need them to make lemonade. 🙂

Easy spring decorating found here.


Great photography tips.

And now I need to go find a white board.

Tips found here.


Love this easy doormat project.

I think I’m making one and adding a monogram.

DIY found here.


Love the idea of adding a brick floor.

And this bathroom?


Details found here.

And in random news this week:

How to DIY books with linen covers

25 fun new fonts

Styling open kitchen shelving

How to pronounce all those hard to pronounce home decor words

White Chocolate Popcorn.  Sounds better than broccoli.

Super cute hair style.

And I’m so happy she wrote this because I didn’t know the difference between ship lap and tongue-and-groove planks.

dining room spring

One more for the road.

Just in case you missed it, here’s some spring decorating from around the farmhouse.

Happy Random Saturday to You

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  1. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Bleacher broccoli!! Oh, the laughter with picturing this!!! Happy Saturday to you!! And as always, love Thistlekeeoing Saturdays. ;)

  2. Image for jennifer farnes jennifer farnes

    broccoli? i woulda hurled! i make my popcorn in a whirly bird thing...no oil. then finish it with olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. hardly any calories, perfectly crunchy and yummy and the olive oil and popcorn are good for you. much better than the high school machine popcorn. you can stuff your face while your son stuffs the basket. win/win. bless your broccoli-loving heart.

  3. Image for Amy Stark Amy Stark

    Reward? Incentive ? Major Treat? Your Thistlekeeping is all those and more on Saturday for me. Every Saturday I endure a Bodyworks class taught by a wonderfully fit woman who believes 1 more set of eight is good, then 3 more sets should be great. My 58 year old body doesn't always agree, but I have a secret weapon. I get to come home take a warm shower and then read your blog while sipping my spinach laced smoothie. Less you think I'm one of those spot on healthy eaters, I then will crave a cheeseburger or at least chocolate. So thank you for all your posts, but especially my time with you on Saturday. You are beautiful, inside and out on top of clever, funny and oh so wise.

  4. Image for Christine Christine

    Loved your intro, Karianne. If you could make believe that broccoli would in any way satisfy when everyone else was eating buttered popcorn, you would truly be Wonder Woman and I'd be "wondering" if you were for real!! lol. Thanks for sharing Julianne's post about her bathroom too. I'd been thinking about bricking my bathroom floor for a while and had almost talked myself out of it.

  5. Image for Kristin @ Pink Camellias Kristin @ Pink Camellias

    Ok - I just looked at the description of shiplap. There is a version you can get a lumber supply houses called nickel gap - the boards overlap, but it is rabbited so you have the space between the boards. The boards that are in the brick floor bathroom you featured are what's called v groove. Both really pretty!!!!

  6. Image for Bonnie Schulte Bonnie Schulte

    I did the hairspray..I did the leg warmers later after all that hair spray...but you are kidding right???? about the broccoli.......right? Oh dear....never.... (I mean never, life is too short) NEVER give up BUTTERED popcorn!!!! I like broccoli..................but Never, never, never, never (well you get the idea, right?)

  7. Image for Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

    Hi KariAnne, that brick flooring is pretty amazing. That never would have occurred to me. I really like how rustic it looks. Wonder how it feels under the feet. Your cabinet with all those pretty dishes (milk glass?) is beautifully arranged. That dining room of yours... sigh, swoon. Thanks for including my photo tips in your roundup this weekend too. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Image for Sharmon Gazawsy Sharmon Gazawsy

    Lemons...so fresh! I was just wondering what your original wood floors are finished wth? Water based poly? Oil based? Stain/poly combo? Also do you have a stain color name? Thanks!

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    Hmm, I love broccoli but it isn't popcorn. Perhaps you should have packed your own popcorn with maybe some Parmesian cheese and olive oil...not exactly low calorie, but propably better than the other kind. I had to write and ask if you have ever tried roasting broccoli? I swear, I can eat a whole head and that made me think that PERHAPS cooked that way, it might compete with popcorn. Seriously, when you roast veggies, the natural sugars in the veggies kind of crisp and carmelize. Roast Brussel sprouts, asparagus, cabbage, girl, if you haven't tried roasting veggies, get out your jelly roll pans, olive oil, sea salt and fresh black pepper and go to town. I was in the process of roaasting up some veggies today for the week and my oven died. Oh, well, at least the top is working.

  10. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    You are my all time favorite blogger. I love ready your silliness and it always makes me so happy! And Fixer Upper is my favorite show too! The broccoli part is hilarious! Thanks for what you do! Cant wait to go stay at the FIxer upper house rental! May be we can plan to meet at the silos!

  11. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    The linen-covered books take me back to junior-high, when we would have to cover all of our books with the paper book covers. Who supplied all of those, anyway? I'm assuming the businesses around town paid to get their advertising put on them... Memories...

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