chalkboard wall

I’m not sure how or why or when March showed up.

But it did.  

And it brought with it daylight savings time and the promise of sunshine and the hope that the grass might one day actually be green and much-anticipated company to the gatehouse.  My brother formerly of the boxes that look like people and currently of the pallet letters is about to be in the house.

And so I did what any about-to-be-visited sister would do…..

…..and made a giant chalkboard.chalkboard

I tried to clean the house to get ready.

I really did.

I half-heartedly did some dishes and thought about mopping the floor and swiped fruitlessly at the dust bunnies under the table.

But just between us….why?  Weren’t they going to mess it up when they got here anyway?

I was just trying to help them out.

giant oversized chalkboard

And besides, this giant white blank wall kept staring at me.  It whispered my name like those hair-waving sirens from the Odysseus’ cliff notes I had to read in high school.




And full of nail holes where I used to have a gallery wall.  Used to being the operative words.  Two days into the first snowmaggedon 2015, an epic-super-competitive-mom-we-didn’t-mean-to-knock-off-your-pictures game of basketball took place.

The little people who live here were hoping I wouldn’t notice.

It was pitiful.

Pictures that looked like they needed band-aids and a propped up ampersand  and an arrow that had lost its tail.

One touch and the whole wall crumbled.


And so we filled that giant, empty, blank wall with a giant chalkboard.

5 feet by 3 feet to be exact.

Big and bold and much harder to knock off the wall in case little people twist my brother’s arm into another epic basketball game when he comes to visit.

And because I’m in the running for mom of the year, I thought I’d meet them half-way….

…and give them a place to keep score. 🙂

chalkboard wall with desk

PS  Details on the chalkboard?

We just nailed the board directly to the wall, painted it with chalkboard paint and added the molding around it.

See the Reader’s Digest version below:

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  1. Image for Shirley@housepitalitydesigns Shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    A great way to get those creative juices going after great inspiration of a basketball game...Love March...the coming of Spring (hopefully) . . . and March madness!...and madness it is around here with our three teams of Duke, UNC and NC State....see you in the Sweet Sixteen!....Love the chalkboard with that great cardboard deer head!

  2. Image for Joni Joni

    I love it . Having three boys we like to fill out the brackets for March madness. We started this along time ago when the boys were little. Now we include our daughter in law and girlfriends. We each put in around five dollars. We have alot of fun doing it and that chalk board would be perfect. Go Iowa, Iowa State, and University of Northern Iowa.

  3. Image for Linda @ It All Started With Paint Linda @ It All Started With Paint

    I'm all about a giant chalkboard wall! But now I'm really obsessed with the imgflip tool! I should be on my way to the accountant to pick up my taxes but instead I just spent the past 1/2 hour playing with imgflip! From henceforth all future tutorials will include an imgflip! :) Linda

  4. Image for Lesley Lesley

    As a basketball and chalkboard lover you get a high five no a high ten for this one. Now let me ask... Do your boys run through the house and slap every door frame like they're slam dunking the final points for a championship game. I've lived with boys my whole life and I swear it's the strangest thing. Do yours do that?

  5. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    As a former mother of the year winner...let me give you a little out for the dust bunny's killer! Basketball scores and chalkboards go hand in hand! ;)

  6. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I thought that the chalkboard would be up and ready for March Madness. We Hoosiers are just as basketball crazy as you Kentuckians. Do Kentuckians have a nickname you can print -- I mean I've heard some of the mean jokes and I would never stoop to that. And I'm a firm believer that you should clean AFTER your guests leave. Just give them plenty of food they're happy. I'm willing to share my tiara and sash when I got the award for meanest mommy-- it doesn't say anything on it so I pretend it was for the best mommy who has to make difficult decisions on the spur of the moment award. Big Hugs to You!! I'm sure you'll win.

  7. Image for Kris Kris

    So glad I'm not the only one who begins a completely necessary task only to be sidelined by something that may not be strictly defined as "necessary" but is oh, so much more interesting! You are such a smart mom to make your wall space more kid-friendly.

  8. Image for Jean Jean

    As another practicing mother of the year I just finished painted my daughter's cottage powder bath in chalkboard. The real fun was decking it out in drawn accessories and decorations.

  9. Image for Sue Shattucj Sue Shattucj

    Great idea! We put a chalkboard wall at our log cabin getaway. Everyone who comes must draw an outline if their hand and sign their name and date. At home the idea would be great for March a Madness. I could envision our family braketology illustrated on the board. Now where to put up? Thanks Karianee, brilliant as usual.

  10. Image for Lynda @ Gates of Crystal Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    Karianne - I always love your outlook on life! I, too, have been standing there when a "basketball game" resulted in something crashing off the wall. "Sorry, Mom." :( This is a great solution and we all love a good chalkboard. Have a wonderful, warm March! love and blessings~

  11. Image for Debbie V. Debbie V.

    Hi KariAnne...:)such a beautiful name:)! I love your blog and your style...both creatively writing something that always "gets me" or entertains and makes me laugh. me. Of course, I really want your home! Or...more realistically...want yu to come to mine! I am so in the mood for change as I've been snowbirding in FL, on cruises or here in Aruba (where we are now) all since December 1st with a "10 day Christmas visit home to KY"! We head home next week and I'm inspired by you to spring up my home decor (hate to say it but Christmas stuff is still out)! What would yu charge to advise me on spiffing up my decor? Do yu make house calls? Do yu accessorize, colorize, rearrange-advise?? My home is a mid century modern but I'd say my decor is eclectic, traditional....nada purist and don't want to be. But I need help in my brown, beige, black, blue house.are yu available? I live in Louisville, Ky! Anyway yu mention falling in a puddle on your way to the Gatehouse. I've seen the decor and outside pics but have always wondered exactly what yu do there??

  12. Image for Debbie V. Debbie V.

    Oh sorry I accidently cut my note short (or perhaps too long) but I do want to thank yu so much for The Blue Apron recommendation and discount. I signed up and meals for 2 will arrive right after we get home 3/20...sounded great and I think I could get my hubby in the kitchen too. Trying to introduce him to hobbits now that he's retired!! Thank yu for your consideration of my above request. I'm serious...I could use your help!! God bless yu and your sweet family!

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