simple wreath ideas for spring

Have you ever bought something new from the store and felt like superwoman?

You know.

You try it on and it looks amazing.  Like you could leap small buildings and paint a house in an entire day….

….with your pinkie finger.

So you bring it home and wear it the next day and you feel so wonderful.  You catch sight of yourself in mirrors at the home improvement store and wonder why they didn’t give you a standing ovation when you entered the building.  And you think to yourself….this is my shirt. My go-to shirt. I’m building my entire wardrobe empire around this shirt and never looking back.

You hang it up in your closet.

And it hangs out with all the used-to-be-wonderful-shirts.

And one day when you take it out to wear it again, its lost some of its luster and you feel more like joker and the home improvement store experience gets downgraded to a smattering of applause.

And you realize that even you are wonderful and incredible and awe-inspiring with or without an amazing shirt….

….super woman might need to shopping again. 🙂


But really….who needs shirt shopping when spring decorating has arrived.

Need a little inspiration?

Here’s a few spring wreath ideas to get you started.


1.  Book page flower wreath

Start with a simple round wire wreath found at any craft store.

You can make your own book page flowers or simply purchase flowers like these in the floral department of the craft store.

Remove the stems of the flowers and glue them to the wreath form.

Add a burlap bow or hang on vintage wood or an old chalkboard.


2.  Scrapbook feather wreath

Start with a simple grapevine wreath found at any craft store.

Trace three different sizes of feathers onto the back side of a piece of scrapbookpaper with pencil.

Cut out notches in the feather to resemble real feathers.  Bend edges to give a feather-like appearance to the paper.

Glue paper feathers to the grapevine wreath and hang.

Complete how-to…


3.  Spring greenery wreath

Begin with a variety of shapes and sizes of different greenery from the craft store.  Make sure the pieces of greenery are wired when you purchase them.

Bend the greenery into the shape of a wreath.

Wire the pieces together with floral wire until you have completed a circle.

Continue to add additional pieces of greenery until you have the shape and size of wreath you want.


4.  Burlap photo wreath

Begin with a simple wire wreath form.  Weave the burlap in an in-and-out pattern until you have completely woven the burlap through the wreath form.

Fluff the wreath.

Modpodge photos onto a wood tag from the craft store.

Let dry.

Tie photos onto the burlap wreath with burlap ribbon.

Complete how-to…


May your day be full of happiness and joy.

May your wreaths be springy and colorful.

And may your spring shopping be amazing. 🙂


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PPS  My brother is here and he LOVED the chalkboard. 🙂

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  1. Image for Khadija Khadija

    I really want to make the paper rose wreath. I wonder if I could use it outside if it's on a covered porch....

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    Great wreaths. How about when you go shopping and find a totally cute coat that you makes you look hot & happenin' and you wear it all afternoon, only to arrive home and realize you forgot to remove the tag under the armpit?

  3. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I love all your great wreath ideas, KariAnne! I'm ready for Spring, and all the newness and re-birth of our lawns, the budding of trees, shrubs and flowers ... On the subject of the wreaths, Pinterest has tutorials for book page flowers. And as for using on a covered porch, maybe it could be sprayed w/clear acrylic or polymer. I've done that ~ it worked for very minimal dampness/humidity.

  4. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Oooops! After going back, following your link to, I see that you have TWO tutorials available for the flowers! Silly me ... of course you'd have links! Oh, the taste of leather ...

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