This fall home tour is full of decor inspiration ideas.

Hello friend.

I am so glad you are here.


You….the one drinking the coffee or the hot tea or the diet coke or eating the blueberry muffin.

If you are visiting from Julia’s….nice to meet you.

I’m karianne….the one drinking pumpkin spice coffee with red lipstick on.

Are you ready?

Let’s get this fall tour started!

 The autumn leaf garland and pumpkins add to the front door's fall decor.

The greenery and pumpkin decorations are perfect for fall.

Can I say from the outset….I had this brilliant idea for the tour today.


I wasn’t even going to write anything.

Can you even believe it?

Just picture after picture….scrolling through….without all the bother of a really good story.

It was going to be the silent film of fall home tours.

  The white painted pumpkin and rustic flowers add to the home's fall decor.

The white painted mini pumpkins are festive for fall.

These wall hanging letters spell "joy" and are a festive touch to the home.

But a blog post without talking?


I mean….really….is this me saying this?

What was I thinking?

Are you nodding your head?

This elegant family room is neutral with pops of black for added drama to the decor.

The Farmers Market pallet sign with fresh red apples is perfect for fall.

Nothing says fall like some fresh red apples on a piece of cut wood.

These modern white painted pumpkins with silhouettes on them are unique and elegant.

Pumpkins, apples, and wood accents are a great way to decorate for fall.

So I’m compromising.

A few more pictures….and a little less talking.

I’m simply going to count my blessings….

….all the way through rest of the fall decorating.

Just to keep you company. 🙂

This elegant farmhouse living room is classic with neutral tones and lots of light.

These decorative throw pillows compliment the white bench.

These mini white pumpkins pair well with the fresh hydrangeas for decor.

This board featuring a "fall" sign and decorative wreath are adorable.

These antique shelves are perfect for displaying china.

Here goes.

1.  I’m thankful I live in the country.

2.  I’m thankful we get fresh eggs every week.

3.  I’m thankful we live upwind of the chicken barn.

This fall bedroom is light and elegant with shades of white.

These large burlap bows add a fall decor element to the dresser.

4.  I’m thankful for stinky socks.

5.  I’m thankful for the feet that wear them.

6.  I’m thankful those feet have started doing their own laundry.

This decorative spider web with an autumn wreath is perfect for fall decor.

The variety of white painted pumpkins on the fireplace mantel are perfect for autumn.

7.  I’m thankful for peanut butter and jelly.

8.  I’m thankful for macaroni and cheese.

9.  I’m thankful I have a kitchen that’s met both of them.

These burlap bows with branches and mini pine cones are festive fall decor pieces.

This fall mantel featuring white mini pumpkins and white brick is beautiful.

10.  I’m thankful for cool crisp afternoons and falling leaves.

11.  I’m thankful for acres and acres of falling leaves.

12.  I”m thankful in the country….we just consider those leaves “mulch.”

This decorative spider web with fake spider is a spooky and fun fall decor piece.

The white painted mini pumpkin pairs well with the white vintage chair and desk.

13.  I’m thankful you stopped by for a visit.

14.  I’m thankful for burlap and pumpkins and mercury glass and barn doors and buckets of acorns.

15.  I’m thankful for chalkboards and hay and scrabble tiles and silhouettes.

16.  And I’m thankful for two more months of fall decorating…..

….because I’m just getting started. 🙂

These little letters spell out "Happy Fall" and are a cute decor element.

Happy fall to you rock stars!

I hope you enjoyed your visit….and the next stop on the Finding Fall Home Tour is…..

jones design company button

….Jones Design Company!

 finding home button copy

 You can see the first three houses on the tour….here.

PS If you want to see the rest of my house at Thistlewood….click here.

PPS  I’m talking front doors and lighting today on the Lamps Plus blog….stop by and say hi!

This autumn home tour is full of festive decor pieces and ideas to get into the fall spirit.

Sharing this tour today at Kim’s.

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  1. Image for the yellow cape cod the yellow cape cod

    I knew this was gonna be good, but come on. This is incredible! Karianne, wow! I'll have to come back and comment when I can find words to describe how I feel about your beautiful fall home…Sarah

  2. Image for Petra Petra

    White, white, glorious white! Just love it! Can never have enough! LOVE your place - beautifully decorated - you must be very proud of yourself! I wish I had some of your "mulch" here! :-D

  3. Image for Marie Marie

    you make me want to change my style, all my rooms, my house and move out to the country but I'll have to settle on country on my front porch.

  4. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Beautifully done, KariAnne, your home looks beautiful decorated for fall - it is such fun - and I love your way of sharing your blessings - was a treat this morning! Have a blessed day, Kathy

  5. Image for Angela Angela

    I was so excited to see your tour and of course you did not disappoint! Beautiful, Karianne! I'm blessed I found your blog and I'm blessed we became friends! Happy Fall!!~~Angela

  6. Image for Doreen Doreen

    I love everything! That spiderweb is so cool! Thank you for sharing your beautiful fall Kentucky home! I'm so thankful for YOU! Enjoy the season!

  7. Image for sandy sandy

    Oh my child! just when I think you can't blown my mind any more - BOOM! There it goes again. Absolutely just beautiful. I just ask my husband if I could change our whole house to black / white/creams. He said "well that will be a lot of work." But whatever. He's wonderful. That's what happens when you retire, most anything goes.

  8. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, Silent film of home tours- haha you made a funny! Ok, so of course I Love every single photo but my mind went bonkers when I spotted the pom-pom throw!!!!!!!!!! Oh am I a nut for pom-poms. I have a king size bed ruffle with pom-poms and I absolutely adore it. Kitty likes to mess with it at times but I use fabric glue to put it back in place. I say: More pom-poms!!

  9. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Ther you go, showing up EVERYONE:):) It is all beautiful! As always. I do disagree about ONE thing; I am NOT thankful for an acre of leaves as we have to rake, plow, shovel, blow and haul them all to the woods:(:( NOT Fall fun at all, especially when I had hoped and prayed the darn house would be SOLD by now...... XO

  10. Image for Kris Kris

    Karianne, I cannot get enough of your beautiful home. So so pretty and inviting. Thank you for sharing all your lovely pictures with us. It looks so cozy and pretty for fall. Kris

  11. Image for Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home Hi KariAnne, Your home is decorated beautifully for Fall. I adore the pumpkins you have on your front porch . . . and my favorite photo is the one that has the large Farmers' Market sign above the the bowl of apples. September and the beginning of October is the perfect time of year to celebrate apples. Thanks so much for sharing. You've inspired me! Have a beautiful week, Suzanne

  12. Image for breida @ breida @

    Wow. I have to tell you - I am the kind of girl who generally sees things that other people do in their houses and I want to do the exact opposite. I'm just difficult that way. I just love your house. I love the style and the color scheme - so much. I am in the process of trying to move my house into that kind of calm ad serene feeling - and I just love looking at what you've done and accomplished. It's like taking a deep breath. Thanks for the inspiration, KariAnne. Breida

  13. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Oh wow. You had better talk!! Okay so do you have an assistant (poor Cinderella) you boss around to make all your (her?!!) ideas?? In your red lipstick and you are watching Martha on TV and you're busy checking for lipstick on your teeth as she rips off the wood paper backing on the shelves and she feeds those chickens at the neighbors chicken coop for she secretly is saving her chicken egg money for red lipstick.... I'm just teasing you because I'm a bit envious you are done and its so pretty!!! But envy is a root into evil and I don't want that so instead ill turn to praise. Praise You Lord for a creative person who willingly creates masterpieces in her home that she shares with us for free. You have given her a humble spirit. A joyful spirit that brings me delight in amidst a season of well You know Lord. Thank you Lord for her photography abilities so that we get even better visions of ideas for creating a home where You are the center. I do not feel envy Lord. I feel delight and joy and a bright spirit when I open to read these fun and visually appealing posts . Bless Ms Lipstick of Red with peace and rest. Amen Happy soon to be fall!

  14. Image for Christina from Dallas Christina from Dallas

    I just love your fall decorating. How do you ever keep your beautiful house so clean with all of the cream and white? I have to say that your pictures take my breath away. Your house is so lovely.

  15. Image for revi revi

    Karianne, just when I think it can't get more wonderful, you get more wonderful! LOVE your fall vignettes, and I'm going to pin much of your posts tonight! Thanks for the inspiration, -Revi

  16. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Loved this post. Love every picture and every decoration. Absolutely gorgeous. Want to live there!!! Loved your thankful remarks. My Mom used to teach Sunday school to small children. One Thanksgiving she asked each child to tell something they were thankful for. Of course each child was saying, my Mama, My bicycle,etc. till one child said I am thankful for mayonnaise. So cute.

  17. Image for Regina Regina

    As much as I love decorating for Christmas, I almost think I ENJOY Fall decorating more! It just FITS my house, and is such a palate-cleanser from summer!! Beautiful, KariAnne!

  18. Image for Karen Watson Karen Watson

    Breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking! I swooned after every single photo! Your style is amazing Karianne!!! You need to design your own home furnishings/accessories line, because I would buy everything single thing if you did!!! xoxo Karen

  19. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    As always, love your style. You got it gurl..... just glad you choose to share it with us! I'm thinking of painting my kitchen. I've been leaning towards color. Lots of color. Each time you show your LOVELY kitchen, it makes me rethink my color and lean more towards white. I'll still have to have some cobalt blue splashes, but think that I'm going to have to go white. I'm also seriously leaning toward butcher block countertops. I'm thinking that might the ticket for this tomato red hot mess I'm working with now!

  20. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    KariAnne, this was a beautiful post. I am thankful for most of those fall things. Not the smelly socks, though, that would a bit much for me since it would be husband, LOL!!! Your decorating took my breath away as usual. Such beautiful fall touches. Your are one talented lady and may I add funny!! Cynthia

  21. Image for Sandy Sandy

    You just rock it Karianne! A visit to your blog without a good story just wouldn't be the same. I love your stories and all your corny jokes. Looking at your photos is way.......better than looking at my home decor magazines. Your photography and styling is absolutely stunning! Sure wish I could come over and enjoy some of those fresh eggs with morning coffee, lipstick on our mugs and a few hearty laughs! Boy, could I learn some lessons from you. The kids silhouettes on the pumpkins is magnificent!

  22. Image for Marian@Gathering Branches Marian@Gathering Branches

    So famous! Guest posting here, there and e very where. You're so fabulous this year. Your house looks great. But then again, I'd have to check to see if your forehead was hot if it didn't . Maybe once you help me get my crap together, you can guest post on my blog, with it's numerous 22 followers. For some reason, it just makes me feel all giggly thinking of you galavanting around your house, distributing pumpkins merrily hither and yon. The Other Marian

  23. Image for Kelli Kelli

    I wish that we were neighbors. I would bring your a pretty little pumpkin, with tag hanging from a piece of twine....and sneak a peek at all of that loveliness. I am thankful that we are web neighbors though. ;) always Sweet Lady. :) ~k.

  24. Image for tara tara

    love all your thankfuls...and your home in every season is beautiful, but fall might just be my favorite...or at least it'll be until you show Christmas. :)

  25. Image for Virginia@livelovediy Virginia@livelovediy

    I love love love your fall home tour, KariAnne! You've created such a beautiful, inviting home and your personality shines through every inch! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! Virginia LiveLoveDIY

  26. Image for Airyckah Airyckah

    As always, beautiful. I posted about the little I've done to celebrate fall, and it is nothing compared to yours. So, of course, I had to link back to your blog so that they can see that the fall decorations can actually look lovely. I'm definitely a bit jealous of your style.

  27. Image for Ronnell Ronnell

    Stunning! KariAnne, you have a beautiful home! Everything is very inviting and make me want to sit down and visit for a while!

  28. Image for Erin Erin

    I'm thankful for Cadbury bars and elastic waist pants. I'm also thankful SW is having a paint sale this weekend so I can buy some rice grain. Love you.

  29. Image for Jamie Jamie

    Wow, what an amazing fall tour, Karianne! I shared this on my FB page this week. You are a rock star! Big hugs, Jamie @

  30. Image for Terry Terry

    I'd not met you before and am I loving your style ... both in home decor (your home is beautiful) AND you, yourself (loved how and what you wrote).

  31. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Karianne everything looks so beautiful and inviting. I had been trying to brainstorm on a garland for out mantle and was at a loss. You have inspired me!:)

  32. Image for Lauren @ The Thinking Closet Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    This is a knockout tour. Literally, I feel like you knocked the wind out of my stomach with the beauty, the whimsy, the warmth, the story, the gratitude. God has given you such gifts as a storyteller, photographer, designer, blogger, and liver of life! You are a rare bird, Karianne, and I think the world of you!

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