Decorating your front door for fall doesn't need to be expensive or extravagant.

Don’t you love shopping the house?

And the attic.

And the barn.

And the side of the road.

They totally have the best prices.

Almost as good as Dillard’s.

Like last week when there was this amazing sale in the Dillard’s shoe department.  There was the cutest pair of yellow heels that was calling your name and even though you might not really have any yellow outfits and it is about to be fall (totally minor details)….the shoes were on sale for the best price and you decided that yellow was so going to be your color for 2014 and so you bought them and brought them home…..

…..along with four pairs of their best shoe friends.


And now you and your front door are on a budget. 🙂

These budget friendly decorating ideas for fall are festive and cute.

Five Budget Fall Decorating Ideas For the Front Door

(or how I shopped by house so I could wear cute yellow heels in 2014)

A fall wreath with a frame for your front door add a festive touch to your home.

Number 1:  Add a frame

I bought this frame at a yard sale for $1.00 and stuck it in the attic and forgot about it.

Love a wreath with a frame.

Good thing I went shopping.

Old doors on either side of your front door add rustic and fall elements to your home.

Number 2:  Add an old door

We had an old door that was left over from a renovation project.

I wanted shutters for either side of the door.

And then I shopped for yellow heels and shutters were not in the budget any more.

So we just cut the door in half vertically.

I love free old doors that make everything look like it has a little more character.

This fall colored garland from the dollar store is a budget friendly way to decorate your front door.

Number 3:  Shop the garden

This garland is from the dollar store.

About three years ago.

On sale.

I added dried hydrangea to make it look like it  never met a dollar store in its life.

Free….free…oh wait…free. 🙂

This lantern with hydrangeas inside is a fun decor piece for fall. Number 4:  Hang a lantern

These lanterns are hanging from the ceiling.

They are left-over from a Christmas display.

I just added another hydrangea in the center.

Decorating your home for fall on a budget is possible and festive.

Number 5:  Make a pumpkin topiary

I made this pumpkin topiary from two random non-matching pumpkins.

(which are way cheaper than matching ones)

The pumpkins are attached together with wooden skewers left over from a disastrous cake pop project.

I put the topiaries in old pots from the back porch and I pretty much shopped the house for everything else.

This front door decked out in fall decor with a wreath, garland, lanterns and pumpkins is festive.

If you’re decorating for fall and you bought some yellow heels, too and you’re on a budget….

… might try shopping the house.

It’s a wonderful place.

Everything is one-of-a-kind.

I mean….after all….you know the owners…..

….and they always have a great sidewalk sale. 🙂


PS  For some more amazing design ideas….wait until you my friend Cynthia’s new blog series!

She’s decorating the house of an Emmy winning director and producer and she’s posting about it every step of the way!  You can follow along here.

Decorate your front door for fall with these tips without breaking the bank.

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  1. Image for Kim Boes Kim Boes

    I thought the picture was your Pottery Barn inspiration pic until I realized that YOU are BETTER than PB!! :)

  2. Image for Danielle Danielle

    Loving it and shopping my own home too! What great places to shop. Hmmm, yellow heels, huh? I wonder what color I should get for 2014 - maybe blue. Ha! Ha! Happy Monday to you, Karianne! x

  3. Image for Lois Lois

    Shoes vs. pumpkins?? hmmm, ok, I'm heading down to the mall today, have to pass TJ Maxx, Joann's, Pier 1 and Michaels' first! that's a good thing! By time I hit Macy's shoe department the pickup will be filled with pumpkins and hay! no room for Jimmy Choos'..... your front door is just beautiful - as always! your so "Motivating"!


    Totally gorgeous.....will you come and decorate at my house???...but then again,I guess Nova Scotia is a long way to go huh?Love it as usual!!!!

  5. Image for Debbie Debbie

    You need to decorate on a budget, because now you need to go shopping for an outfit to match your yellow heels! Wow, I would totally have bought them a little girl in grade 3, I remember always wanting a yellow skirt & sweater. I told my Mom about it a few years ago and she asked why I never told her. Being the oldest of 4 kids, I didn't ask for a lot of things, I guess even kids know when families are on budgets. I love your decorating on a budget, you couldn't have done any better shopping in pricey stores. Great Job, Karianne! Debbie :)

  6. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Love it, KariAnne. And, you know yellow is my favorite color. Now, show me those shoes, and I promise not to drool on them.

  7. Image for Angela Angela

    Beautiful, as usual! It certainly doesn't look like you had to use a budget....a sign of a wonderful designer! Lovely job! Now, let's see those heals!!!~~Angela

  8. Image for Sandy Sandy

    You wearing your new yellow shoes in 2014 will be picture perfect since you are our sunshine. You make us happy with your amazing creative mind. You should always know dear how much we all love you. Please do continue to brighten our lives. Yes, I was humming along. Your autumn doorscape ROCKS!

  9. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Stunning Karianne! Love shopping the's in my budget! Want to see those inspiring yellow shoes're going to start a new trend! ;)

  10. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    Kari, I LOVE the front door! Gorgeous. Now about those dang shoes. I have YET to be able to buy only one pair. What's up with that? You buy one and the other is a complete slut and just jumps into your bag! Dang shoes. Of course I'm very frugal, so the first pair and her slutty friend are always on sale, but still!?!

  11. Image for Rachel Rachel

    What did you use to hang the lanterns to the ceiling of your porch? Everything is just beautiful and I'm with you, shop the house first! Thanks so much for all the inspiration.

  12. Image for Sherrie Mock Sherrie Mock

    Love it and everything else you do! If you wake up one morning and find a strange, curly haired red head making breakfast in your kitchen, don't be alarmed -- it will just be me. Question about the hydrangeas. Did you go through a process of drying them, or did you just pluck them right off the bush?

  13. Image for Jenna Jenna

    I have a yellow purse that belongs with your shoes, it was the same kind of purchase, 4 years ago...I discovered that I am NOT a yellow person :) The frame looks great, I love wreaths hung on mirrors inside, so hello, this is brilliant! I would love to shop your house!

  14. Image for maryJean maryJean

    Karianne, This is very inspiring. . . truly. I cannot spend much money at this time and I have a dollar store and a field nearby. (That is not completely underwater) ....colorado resident.... So, I am going to shop my house....go out in a semi drenched but not completely underwater field... and go to the dollar store.. AND be very thankful that for some reason my house wasn't flooded and pray a lot and see what I can do for people whose was. ....AND put a little autumn in my home. (: I needed this today. .......................thank you.

  15. Image for Regina Regina

    I love yellow heels . . . but I have even MORE of a thing for pumpkins! I endow them with gender, I love them so much. Some are boys, some are girls. As in, "Oh! Isn't she just the cutest?" or "Oh my, he would look PERFECT on my mantle." :) The frame/wreath combo is a winner . . . I might just have to try that . . . I've got a dollar-store fall wreath that was actually in my grandmother's nursing home room - just leaves - that just BEGS to be embellished and put with a cute frame! Thanks for the ideas! Now if I can shop my basement fall stash instead of freezing tomatoes next half-day off, I'll be in bid-ness! ;) Happy rainy day!

  16. Image for Andrea Andrea

    This is just what I needed. My husband is thanking you right now. You see, he often speaks of this word, Budget. It's a word that I don't quite get the gist of. I try, but then I stop into my fave junk store and there's this really cute cabinet, and if I don't buy it now, it will be gone forever. It will haunt my thoughts, and my bathroom will never forgive me for not adorning its walls with cute cabinetry. Maybe I'll go explore my basement 'stash' and see what goodies I can find there. Ps I bought the cabinet ;)

  17. Image for Jill Jill

    I love your door. It is so welcoming. I enjoyed it this morning and just saw it again on the everything page on Pintrest! Since you shopped at home, you should head out to buy something fabulous to go with your bargain yellow shoes! Happy Monday!

  18. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, What a great idea to use the old door as shutters. Pretty cute! I have to put up our garland over our big round window. I add lights too. But I need a little boost of energy, it's been so cold, and wet. I love all your ideas!

  19. Image for Julie Julie

    Stunning combination! You have a great eye for design! I know it's a bit off topic, but I was wondering where you found that frame (behind the wreath on your door) and is that wood, plastic or something else? I love it! :)

  20. Image for Soiledrotten Soiledrotten

    I just almost passed out after seeing those dried hydrangeas on the garland! I am coming to have a sleepover on your porch! This is just beautiful! Amazing job! xo Alison

  21. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Love this - gorgeous pumpkins, garland and love the frame behind the wreath - such a beautiful, welcoming fall decor! I had to Pin! Have a wonderful week, Kathy

  22. Image for Marian@Gathering Branches Marian@Gathering Branches

    Lady, you've gotten too popular. I have to wait in line o make a comment. Sheesh. So these are all awesome decorating for fall ideas ( I particularly like the cut the door, stack the pumpkins and use a frame outside ideas) but where are the shoe pics? If you're gonna be poor, at least show us the shoes. The Other Marian

  23. Image for Sharon Sharon

    You too? :) I can't say I have yellow shoes, but I definitely will be shopping the house for any Fall decorating that I do..... my house is always my first stop on any shopping spree..and usually the last. Your porch looks amazing!

  24. Image for Doreen@househoneys Doreen@househoneys

    There must be some awesome Dollar Stores out in your neck of the woods Karianne! We don't have stuff like that here in lil' ol' NY. Want to here something really, really, really sad? I'll tell you anyway. I don't have a door to decorate. No, I'm not homeless, but the 'door' at the cabin is a screen door because it leads to the porch (there's a 'real' door on the left side but it's not visible from the front) and the door at our rental is, well, a rental. I guess I'm just lazy about trying to make a vanilla house into rocky road. BUT...when I do get a real door someday, watch out!

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