Christmas kitchen decorating ideas

I wanted to say thank you.

Humbly, sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart.

Writing a blog can be a little scary sometimes.  It’s like walking up to the popular table and hoping that someone will invite you to sit down.  You walk up to the table and you stand there trying to make eye contact, holding your tray awkwardly, shifting from side to side, and waiting.

Waiting and hoping…..hoping that someone will like you for you.

This blog has been a lot like that.  You love your house (and it’s already been established that you are having an affair with your porch)…..but will someone else like it?  Will someone care that your vintage, thrifted, painted, sanded and glittered rooms are in blog land.  Will anyone listen?

And as I typed and posted and typed and posted….so many of you were encouraging me, in ways perhaps, you will never know.  I guess that’s what makes this wonderful, scary, thrilling blog world so exciting.

I feel like I am at the beginning of a very long race and each little comment you leave only makes me want to walk faster.

So I couldn’t go another day or post another post without letting each and every one of you know how treasured your encouragement is to me.

Christmas Kitchen decor

All photos were taken by RTM Connect.