Shopping for farmhouse decor on a budget and you need a little inspiration?  Here are some of the best budget farmhouse decor finds from Walmart.

The other day I went to WalMart looking for broccoli.

Or cauliflower.

Or something in the generally healthy department that didn’t contain white processed flour and the word cookie in it.


Somehow.  Someway.  My cart ended up in the home decor aisle.

If you have been to WalMart lately,  you are probably nodding your head and agreeing and telling me you got lost in the galvanized metal department when you were shopping for broccoli, too.  Seriously.  What is a shopping cart to do when you find this galvanized tray for only $7.94 and this basket for only $8.94 and this clock for only $19.95?

I was so excited I filmed a video of myself at the exact moment I found the end cap with all the things.

Here’s what it’s like to shop with me in WalMart and a few of my favorite budget farmhouse finds.

Just a couple of random things about this video.

  1. The people around me could not BELIEVE anyone could get so excited about galvanized trays.
  2. I know you will understand.
  3. Why do I have one piece of random straight hair in the front?
  4. Can you understand why the broccoli went by the wayside?

But enough about me.

And my big opinions.

You probably want to know what I found.

Here are the finds:

Wooden lantern

Gather sign

Wire and canvas basket

Cream pom pom blanket

Farmhouse clock

Farmhouse “house” lantern

Dragonfly wood art

Herbs and spices wood art

Galvanized metal tray

Galvanized metal pitcher

Wash sign

Metal ampersand

Grand Jardin metal and wood bins set of two

I hope you enjoyed shopping together.

It was fun.

An incredible shopping trip.

I came home with all kinds of amazing things….but in super sad news…

…broccoli wasn’t one of them. 🙂

disclosure:  affiliate links were used in this post.

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  1. Image for Carol Carol

    I would've definitely left the broccoli, cauliflower, kale whatever!!! Love yor giggle, it's like mine. Thank you, Carol

  2. Image for Madonnna Madonnna

    Wow. I love the house lantern and a few other things. Our Walmarts are not great here in the Northland but some of these are worth checking out. Y'all is such a Texas thing, right??? My niece is coming from Texas today so I will give her the raspberries about the y'all. Thank you.

  3. Image for Cheryl Medders Cheryl Medders

    Oh, wow! Who knew? Thank you for sharing this. I, too, love the galvanized tray. That will be coming home with me today if my local WalMart has one in stock. (If not, I'll be ordering online!) Thank you!

  4. Image for PJ PJ

    Does anyone else look at a galvanized item and think of what color to paint it? I'm done with farmhouse, but admit these are some hot deals. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    My heart immediately loves anyone that has "Y'all" in their vocabulary! :-) Love the videos, made me so happy. I've picked up a few things from Walmart too. I LOVE the prices! Woo Hoo y'all!


    Such a cute video, KariAnne! Great to hear you laugh! These are great finds and I am definitely going to check out our Walmart -- even though I doubt they will have these here in Canada yet as your Walmarts are far superior to ours! Just might have to take a trip across the border to check out the pitcher, tray, house & throw! Enjoy finding your special spot for your new finds! Blessings!

  7. Image for David David

    I for one am always happy to abandon my broccoli plans. I don't even need a galvanized metal excuse (but it would help! I'm all about those house lanterns)

  8. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, yesterday you had me tearful and sad about the twins on a mission trip but today you brought me JOY! Must go to Walmart now!

  9. Image for Teresa L Gonzales Teresa L Gonzales

    You are too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We also found some goodies at Walmart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have learned that every Walmart is different-the one in Springfield Massachusetts has almost nothing in farmhouse decor, the one in Natchez Mississippi has a moderate amount and the one in Hemet California has so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I totally get it. My cart must be programmed to leave the broccoli section and end up in other parts. Blame it on Walmart, their constant moving things, or brainwashed carts. But your navigation system drew you directly to the cute farmhouse section...who knew?!! Thanks for sharing, friend. Loved shopping with you!

  11. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I have 2 of those trays on my coffe bar to catch water drips from my coffe makers onto my granite countertops. I LOVE them! Plus those other items are too darn cute to NOT get! 🥰💕 your enthusiasm for a great deal!!

  12. Image for Sue Sue

    Hey, Karianne, loved this and also wanted to tell you how much I "enjoyed" your last posts about your girls going off on a new life adventure. How hard is that, while being the best thing ever at the same time? I KNOW!! My boys are all grown up and bringing me even more, wonderful but scary life events all the time. When I put enjoyed in quotes, it is because we do marvel, love, wonder at and over what our offspring (who made up that word, lol?) accomplish. try and fail and still move forward in fantastic ways. Maybe enjoy ain't the right word? Awhile back I sent you an email comment about farmhouse being over. It isn't, because interior decorators/bloggers and many, many real down to earth people are experimenting with it. What I was talking (through my hat) about is all the tacky stuff that is out there, and people who own modern/ Victorian or Tudor homes trying to work in that farmhouse thing- instead of listening to what their home wanted to become, how to make that particular space shine. One can incorporate all sorts of styles in any given house- but as you have done, the best thing is to slow down, listen to the walls, the floors, the light through the windows at different times of day, the history of the house and the neighborhood. What you have done so differently from many I know, is to listen to your house, know its history and fall in love with what you have, then work to make that space what you and you family and that old house can become, in all your glory. Best to you and that family. Whoo hoo.

  13. Image for Nicole Nicole

    You are not the only one to get that excited about Walmart home decor. I recently had a similiar experience when I found this adorable, vintage looking WiFi sign for $8 (while shopping for something totally unrelated). Could not stop gushing to my husband about it when I got home since I HAD to share the excitement with someone! Since you shared your great finds, here is mine in case you are looking for something like it: Nicole

  14. Image for Jo Jo

    First and foremost - you look fabulous on your quest for broccoli and second - I've got to have the herbs & spices wood art for my POTTING SHED, where I dry herbs and create concoctions! As always, your joy for life makes a day special!

  15. Image for BeverlyO BeverlyO

    Thanks for the tip! I promptly went online and bought 6 of those galvanized trays. One for each of my daughters and two for me!

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