This was my bedroom growing up.

It didn’t look like this when I lived here.

Not even close.

It was all Laura Ashley all the time.  The curtains matched the wallpaper which matched the bedding which matched the lampshade which matched the pillow.  There was only one pattern with light blue and cream flowers and it reversed itself.  The wallpaper was cream with blue flowers.  The bedding was blue with cream flowers.

At the risk of stating the obvious….

…it was amazing.

And then I moved away to college and my younger sister moved in here and then she went to college and one of my brothers moved in here and eventually when all my mother’s chicks left the nest it became a guest bedroom with yellow walls and blue and purple flowers.  When my mother sold the house, the new owners pulled down the wallpaper to reveal the original shiplap underneath and painted it different colors.  I really liked the room and the new painted shiplap, but this is now a room for a girl.

A blonde-haired blue-eyed girl with a decorating opinion.

(total aside:  I wonder where she got that from?)

Here’s another view of the bedroom.

And here you can see the bedroom looking into the bathroom looking into the next bedroom.

The bathroom doesn’t look like that anymore.

It now looks like this.

My tiny interior decorator wanted a blush and gold bedroom.

(total aside:  I was informed it’s blush now.  Not light pink anymore.)

But before we go into all the details of the room, I thought it might be fun to look at similar angles of before and after to give you a little perspective.

Does anyone else spend time reading a post trying to figure out where the after picture was taken from?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

So here’s the before from this angle.

And here’s the after.

Here’s the before from this angle.

And here’s the after of the same angle pulled out a little.

I don’t have this exact angle, but here’s the before of the closet space.

Here’s the after of the closet space.

We started by painting the room SW Alabaster.

The trim was painted SW Extra White.

This desk is a yard sale find for $15 and I added the handles from Lowe’s.

The big round gold mirror on the top came from Target (super great price for the size of the mirror).

This little make-up organizer came from Target, too, and the gold and white tray came from Hobby Lobby.

(total aside:  I have like 1/8 this amount of make-up and most of mine came from a sale at WalMart.  I’m just sayin’.)

This awesome bed came from Wayfair.

It was super affordable and it makes the perfect place to do homework or talk to your friends.

The sheets came from Pottery Barn and the throw came from Target.

My favorite project in the room are these curtains.

They are just sheets with mini gold pineapples that I got for $10 at Target.



Just clip the sheets onto the curtain clips and slide them on the curtain rod.

Most of the accessories in the room we already had.

The gold spiky things were in the imagination room in KY.

The lamp was from the gatehouse and the sign was a gift from her aunt for Christmas last year.

The chair came from the front room at the farmhouse and this pillow came from the imagination room in KY, too.

That little side table came from IKEA.

The throw came from Hobby Lobby.

Here’s one last before.

And one last after.

This room has seen a lot of highschool.

Years and years of highs and lows.

And another year started today.

I can’t wait to see what exciting things this year will bring.

Here’s to first days of schools and blush and gold and fuzzy pillows and cozy throws and ship lap and tiny interior decorators everywhere.

Especially ones with big opinions. 🙂

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  1. Image for Teresa G Teresa G

    Love the glam look! I'm totally stealing the pineapple curtain/sheet curtain idea for my former daughter-turned-glam guest room I'm redoing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Image for Gina Gina

    The room is gorgeous! I loved it before as well. I saw those pineapple sheets at Target and loved them but couldn’t think of a place I could use them. Wish I had snagged them as I know they’ll be gone now.

  3. Image for Teresa Teresa

    You did a great job with pulling everything together but I think the sheets for curtains idea is brilliant. You had me at no sewing!

  4. Image for Graham Graham

    Don't scare me! I thought the first picture of the room (different colored shiplap) was the "after" and I was wondering if you had gone completely off the reservation. Maybe okay for a boy's room (?), but not for one of your beautiful girls. The real "after" is wonderful and the bathroom is to die for. Now, when can we see her sister's room? I hope you're enjoying this as much as we are. When my dreams don't have me as the new Reba, Adele, or Barbra (yes, I'm old), I'm moving into a new old house and decorating each room. One could say you're living my dream. Thank you!

    1. Image for teresa teresa

      Graham, I thought the same thing....glad I wasn't the only one! I was thinking she was doing a boys room with all the blue and navy.

  5. Image for Jeanette Jeanette

    It's adorable, and you deserve medals and streets named in your honor for giving us before and after photos from the exact same angle.

  6. Image for Paula Paula

    The room looks absolutely amazing. I love the new “blush” and gold and white. So pretty and feminine. I just helped my granddaughter do her room and those are the colors she chose as well. She’s a decorator too, but wanted some help from her (decorator) gramma. I live now in Oklahoma and she lives in California. So we coordinated her style and colors and sent pics and ideas back and forth. I had everything shipped to her mom’s house and when I arrived for my month’s vacation, we went to work on her room. It was so fun!! We’ll treasure those memories for a long time to come.

  7. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Great job and a timeless room. I appreciate that you shop with a realistic budget and that most of us can relate to. Also-shows how beautifully you can decorate without going broke. Thank you for that. Your blog is a relatable one- I have followed ( and now unfollowed) some that shop high end or show their fancy expensive vacations, parties, second homes etc- perhaps a good read for some but I want a blog that I can relate to, that I can actually use the ideas from, and one that is not shoving their wealth and " perfect life" to me. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for them and appreciate their style, but can't relate. A blog won't work unless we can relate to it . It won't stick unless we find some commonality and find it useful. So-thank you for keeping it real!!

    1. Image for Shelly Shelly

      Oh Sandy, I agree! If we had tons of money, we would have homes like theirs. Most of us don't, so that is why we love Karianne so much! Not a pretentious bone in her body! She keeps it real! I have rejected a few of those blogs myself that seem more like bragging! Karianne is just a great decorater with affordable ideas!

  8. Image for Renae Renae

    It looks HUGE now!! What an absolutely gorgeous room...she is a lucky, lucky girl. Just like you are a lucky, lucky mama!!

  9. Image for Deb Deb

    Oh my goodness, Karianne. You nailed it once again. I absolutely LOVE it, a thousands times over. Blush and gold are hands down my FAVORITE color combination. I could easily live in a world of blush and gold. Ask my three daughters, and you might get an eye roll or two. ;-) ((Hugs)) for an over the top makeover. Stunning! Deb :-)

    1. Image for Ellicia Ellicia

      When Karianne said she had used blush, Shelby's wedding colors immediately came to mind. I loved M'Lynn's: reply when she saw that horror of a sanctuary and said that it looked like it had been hosed down with Pepto Bismol. I can't believe that movie is almost 30 years old and it still makes me laugh and cry.

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      I kinda liked the "before", too, although this is a better look for a girl. Love it that she is keeping your terminology current ... that's what kids are for, right???

  10. Image for Connie from Indiana Connie from Indiana

    Love your daughter's room. I can relate to Laura Ashley - my DD had that look in high school too. Everything was matched but that was the style. Love your curtains and I can relate to that too. Tablecloths work great at Christmas time if you find the ones that are 120" long. LOL Have a question for you? Didn't you buy a flock Christmas tree last year? If so, where did you buy it and did you like it or was it too messy to have in your house. Thank you.

  11. Image for phyllis phyllis

    Oh- this room has a lot of personality and I like it! It is a perfect room for your daughter and will take her for many years to come. Can you share the rug source? Looking forward to the next reveal.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      The rug is from Wayfair and it's so pretty and SO inexpensive! It's also super stain resistant. You'll want to use a rug pad with it because it's not really thick. You can see close-ups of the pattern on the listing. All the details are on my Shop My House page: Happy day! karianne

  12. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    Those curtains! That rug! Such a beautiful LOL Once again you knocked it out of the ballpark! And gold daring soul. I simply love it.

  13. Image for Michelle Michelle

    As always, I love what you've done to transform the room! Plus, my faves are ALWAYS befores and afters. Doesn't everyone feel that way? But I had to laugh about 'pink' now being 'blush.' Remember when 'offwhite' became 'almond?' I would love a job coining old familiar colors with brand new hip names LOL

  14. Image for carrie carrie

    Love the idea of the curtains for my daughter's DORM room~ brighten up her room in a most wonderful way. Can I just add that the amount of things you SHARE is simply amazing. I treasure it all. Thank you!!!

  15. Image for Celeste Celeste

    Oh bless you for taking pictures from the same angle. I get so frustrated when I can't figure the layout of the room from a different angle. It really makes the changes more impressive. And the changes are impressive. I would have loved my teen years in such a glamorous room. Love it.

  16. Image for Dawn Dawn

    This room is beautiful, as are all of the rooms you decorate. I especially love the rug choice. May I ask where you found it? Thanks!

    1. Image for Christa Christa

      I agree, the room is beautiful and I’d love to know the rug source. We bought those sheets for my daughters dorm room, but she quickly decided they are itchy. I can’t wait to show her this curtain idea, as she loves the print.

  17. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Gorgeous room that can go to other options along the way pretty easily now. I'm loving the "blush" color that seems pretty popular in my stores!!! That peachy-pink shade of lovliness. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  18. Image for Meta Guin Meta Guin

    I’m heading to Target in the morning as soon as I let Landry out at PreK! Perfect for my guest room curtains! PS When are you coming back to Nashville for something?

  19. Image for KATHY Brangwynne KATHY Brangwynne

    Very lucky girl!!..So feminine, pretty and restful!!..Loved the shiplap for a boys room or den!!..You did a wonderful job Karianne, thanks for sharing!!

  20. Image for CorrieMae Hyatt CorrieMae Hyatt

    What a lovely room!! You did a most excellent job, Karianne! I believe this will be my inspiration for a new home we are hopefully buying. Question: Do you have a source for the rug? I love your post.

  21. Image for Cathy L CLARK Cathy L CLARK

    This bedroom is so pretty---all of it, But I, like you, especially LOVE the curtains!!! They look so high end, but what I love is they are not! Fantastic job you two decorators!!!

  22. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, I wish I was one of your twins, Your are the best Mom ever! The room is fabulous and well loved from afar. I hear you with the Laura Ashley everything, just two weeks ago I picked up a lovely light blue Laura Ashley fabric and sewed pillow covers for my living room. Something as wonderful as Laura Ashley should always be found around the house.

  23. Image for Lisa Rodier Lisa Rodier

    I love all the history that your home has! It must be so nice to be able to tell your kids stories about growing up and being able to show them exactly where something happened. It would be great if your could share some of your personal pictures from when you grew up there, and the same angles of the rooms now.

  24. Image for ruby ruby

    o good, me someone famous often says ;) glad i saw others asking abt the rug, also. kept thinking i had missed the source.... too distracted by all the ohhhlala! let us know KA... i guess blush and gold are your daughter's " signature colors"!! ....another Steel Magnolias..... a quote for every occasion....

  25. Image for Tonya Schoepf Tonya Schoepf

    Love the blush and gold, beautiful! I would also love to know where the rug came from. Love to follow your transformations.

  26. Image for Jane Jane

    Just gorgeous, KariAnne! I simply can't get over that this room of yours now belongs to your daughter, with that huge gap in between. Fate? And I'm so enjoying reading and seeing how you are turning this old home into a masterpiece! :) Jane

  27. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    Details on the rug, please!!!! Give us a better, close up of the rug. Room is lovely. Your daughter has great taste. May she have many happy dreams.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Nan, Here you go friend! All the details are on my Shop My House page: The rug is from Wayfair and it's so pretty and SO inexpensive! You can see close-ups of the pattern on the listing! Happy day! karianne

  28. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    May I say the transformation is totally A W E S O M E! The young decorator with the opinion should take a well deserved bow. She is rocking that blush!

  29. Image for Lin Lin

    Love this beautiful room! Your are so talented!! I looked up the sheets online at Target and they only have them in sheet sets...bummer. They are adorable and I would love to use them in my sunroom. Did you use twin size?

  30. Image for Charley Charley

    How does she use her closet with all that stuff in front of it or did you find space for a different closet somewhere else???

  31. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Absolutely amazing! love that she is in your room- if those walls could share all of those memories... and if that tiny interior decorator shared a big opinion on this room, then she definitely has inherited her Mama's gift. How truly special.

  32. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    The room is gorgeous! But I really like the shiplap too...for another room. Love the curtains. You have the best ideas.

  33. Image for Joanie Vernon Joanie Vernon

    Lovely room, fit for a young lady! I have to admit (shows my age) when I read “Blush and Gold” I said it in my best Julia Roberts drawl like “Blush and Bashful” from Steel Magnolias! 😊


    What a lovely job you have done in redoing this bedroom for your precious daughter. It's just so beautiful! KariAnne, you always do such a wonderful job with all your decorating. Thanks for always sharing everything with us! Your home is just gorgeous! Hope you can just sit, relax and enjoy it! Blessings!

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