This is the before of one of the upstairs bathrooms.

This was my bathroom growing up.

See this tile?

It kept me company all through the Aqua Net years.

If you look closely you might see a few bits of blue eyeshadow left over from 1989.

I love the bathroom.  I actually have a soft spot for the tile.

But times?

They are a changing.

I want to walk through the plans we have for this bathroom and where we are in the process and what the bathroom looks like now.

The bathroom is located between two upstairs bedrooms.  It has this one tiny sink with a small cabinet underneath and a mirrored cabinet up above.  It used to have mirrors on either side of the cabinet.  You’d kind of stick your head in there to check the back of your hair or get a close-up of your mascara.  Somewhere along the way the mirrors were taken down and the walls were painted black with a fish mural on them.

Notice the wildlife theme.

Here’s the side of the sink with one of the doors leading into a bedroom.

These are the same five paneled doors from downstairs that were refinished.

If you want to see an after of the door you can click here.

Somewhere along the way the room got painted turquoise.

Maybe to match the floor?

This is the tile from the 50’s.

I actually really like the color, but the pieces are damaged and they don’t make this tile anymore.

The plan for the bathroom is to take out the window (it’s super damaged because it’s a window in a SHOWER) and tile all the way up to the ceiling.

I’m a style pro for Jeffrey Court (this incredibly amazing tile brand that is found at Home Depot) and they are partnering with me on the tile for this project.

We are using this tile from Jeffrey Court with a light gray grout for the shower and walls on either side.

It has the prettiest edge to it and it’s slightly smaller than subway tile I’ve used in another bathroom and I love it.

I think the grout will make it pop.

This turquoise tile is coming out.

And it’s being replaced with this tile from Jeffrey Court.

I know it’s a lot of white with white on top.

So are you ready for the pop of color?

This is the shower curtain.

This bathroom is for the twins, so I wanted all that classic and white to be topped off with a little bit of fun.

The faucets and towel bars and hardware will all be brass to give the room a little shine and there’s the cutest chandelier that goes at the top of the space.

So are you ready to see where we are now?

Are you ready to see how far the bathroom has come?

Are you ready to see a little before and during?

This space?

Looks like this.

And this space?

Looks like this.

Here’s another during.

The wall is being extended to allow for a double vanity and mirrors (one for each of the twins).

The tile is going in this weekend, so hopefully, I’ll have more pictures next week.


I can’t believe how far this bathroom has come.

But more importantly?

I can’t wait to show you where it’s headed. 🙂

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  1. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Oh my how did I miss your door post? Oh how I love wood is coming back. Beauties those doors are. Can't wait to see your finished bathroom. But must admit I love the aqua and having window in bathroom. But that's why you are the decorator and I still live in house wondering what I should do with it.

  2. Image for Jere Jere

    I do hope you kept at least one of the butterfly "tiles" for your "Houses I have lived in and redone" book that is surely to come soon....unless there will be yet more houses. This one is all coming together and looks terrific. Jere

  3. Image for Francis Moore Francis Moore

    Question about your outdoor cushions that I remember seeing in another entry. Do you remember where you purchased those black and white cushions?

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    I love all the white ... because .... as you already know, Little Miss Brilliant .... you can add whatever dash of color in other ways to completely change the look. In a few years when the girls come home from college, you can make the space more sophisticated or beachy or whatever strikes your fancy. I think you have chosen well but I confess I kinda like the turquoise colors.

  5. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Great new look ~ as we would expect! I LOVE that shower curtain ~ the pinks and lime stand out, and the few little turquoise touches are a nod to the past look! A skylight is a must ~ we have windows in two baths (one has a skylight, too) ... and we need that light! The girls will love this awesome bathroom! I can just hear the giggles ~ while they’re braiding hair, polishing nails ~ having many fun times! Big hugs, Mom!

  6. Image for Diane Diane

    I LOVE all your choices, KA and I WANT that shower curtain!! LOL Maybe I'll wrestle the twins for it! JK. So... crazy question... but what about the ceiling... will you paint it a pale aqua just for a nod back to old times?

  7. Image for laura laura

    Hi karianne! What is the contraption to the left of the tub? Love it! I will have to check out this Jeffrey guy at Home Depot. Bathroom remodel for my teen boys after one leaves for college in the fall! sniff. xo laura (in Colorad0). laura


    This bathroom is going to be absolutely amazing for your beautiful gals! They will just love what you have done for them! Love your ideas, KariAnne! Blessings!

  9. Image for Darlene Darlene

    Our main bathroom doesn't have a window so we added a Solatube. It's much less expensive than a skylight and there's no solar gain (heat). It's so bright during the day that most of the time we don't need to turn the light on. In fact, the first couple of weeks after it was installed we kept trying to turn the light off when leaving the bathroom!

  10. Image for Kim R. Kim R.

    We have that same green tile on the floor and halfway up the walls. (1960 home) I'd love nothing more than to do a beautiful reno of that bath! Can't wait to see yours finished!

  11. Image for Julia Julia

    Oooooh my, remove the window? Really? In my mind there is NOTHING better than a bathroom with a window. But, regardless, I am so excited to see the end result!

  12. Image for Yvonne Yvonne

    Look at all that bathroom inspiration!!! I can’t wait to see it but, I hope you will save one of your butterfly tiles and frame it! What a sweet teen memory that would be for you and the girls. Even your mom!

  13. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    We have aqua tile in our master bath and our home was built in 1972 so it was used for quite some years!!!

  14. Image for Susan Susan

    As someone with 2 bathrooms with no windows, don't take out the window! Did you ever think about at least putting a small rectangular one up high so you have some natural light? Just a thought...

  15. Image for ART ART

    am I the only one who noticed?.....#shiplap!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your finished bathroom...I know it will be AMAZING (just like You!)

  16. Image for Amanda Marie Amanda Marie

    I will be ordering your book tomorrow!! I was actually upset because I thought I missed the sale price but I just looked and its 9.99. So jn the morning I will be ordering ny copy!! CANT WAIT!!!

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