This pink and brass bathroom remodel helps take this bathroom from 1950 to 2019. Here’s a look at all the bathroom remodel details.

pink and brass bathroom before this is the bathroom in the original state

I’m not sure if you remember the before and after of the twin’s bathroom last year?

Here’s the before in all its aqua and white and butterfly tile glory.

The bathroom never left the 50’s.

It’s still waiting to see what trouble Lucy and Ethel are going to get into and if Father really did know best and who was going to be the next guest on the Ed Sullivan show.

Its poodle skirt is still hanging in the closet.

This is the bathroom I lived in growing up. If I close my eyes I can still smell the Aqua Net and hear Flock of Seagulls blaring over the boom box.

At the risk of stating the obvious…

….the hairstyles that came out of this bathroom were quite fine.

pink and brass bathroom, only updated and ready for the 2010s.

And now?

The bathroom looks like this.

Or actually it looks like this when I ask the twins to toss the towels in the dirty clothes and put all of their make-up and foundation and contouring powder and hair care products under the sink.

(total aside: I have five make-up products that all came from WalMart. The twins have the entire make-up counter from Ulta in their bathroom. And I ask you—who needs foundation more?)

pink and brass bathroom now- quite a change?

(photo courtesy of Jeffrey Court)

Here’s the make-up counter with all the make-up tucked away for the next contouring session.

The towels are organized into bins under the sink.

The drawers hold toothpaste and hairbrushes.

pink and brass bathroom light I fell in love with this light fixture and knew it would be perfect in the updated bathroom.

In an attempt to be all 2019, I decided to layer in gold.

Or brass.

I like to say gold because it sounds fancier.

I decided to go with gold instead of the traditional brushed nickel to create the impression that the pink and brass bathroom has jewelry.

There’s a brilliant brass chandelier with tiny crystals on the ceiling that reflects light all over the room and keeps everything so light and bright.

We added brass faucets and gold accents to compliment the white tile and counters.

The faucets are brass.

The accessories like this toothbrush holder are marble and brass.

The mirrors were originally silver and I just added a little Rub ‘N Buff to give them a little more sparkle.

Here's a detail shot of the new cabinets and pulls.

The handles are brass.

The pulls are brass.

(total decorating aside:  the vanity actually came from our bathroom.  When we cut down the wall to make room for the door, the vanity was too big, so we repurposed it in this bathroom and changed out the hardware).

These small lights hang over each vanity.

There’s a tiny chandelier with sparkles that hangs over each vanity.

The faucets in the tub and shower are also brass.

The faucet and shower head are brass, too.

And then?

After the classic in this pink and brass bathroom, I added the color starting with this shower curtain.

pink and brass bathroom details I introduced accent colors in the shower curtain and towels.

Fun hand towels with pineapples on them.

And patterned towels.

And pink and white polka-dotted organizers.

And painted floral artwork on the walls.

And a pink and white bathmat for the floor.

I salvaged one butterfly tile from the old bathroom- to not forget my roots.

But just in case you were wondering.

Just in case you were concerned that the butterflies had all flown away in this new pink and brass bathroom.

Just in case you thought I might have forgotten my roots.

No worries.

I saved two tiles.

And now here’s where I need your help.

I want to create a project with these tiles, but I’m stumped. I’ve been researching on Pinterest. You can see my board here.

I could create small organizers like these (I’d just use one butterfly tile and the rest white tile)?

Maybe add a name to it and put it on display like this?

Make a soap dish out of it like this?

Or maybe just frame it on the wall?

pink and brass bathroom

(photo courtesy of Jeffrey Court)

What do you think?

Does one sound like a good idea?

Or do you have another tile project idea?

I need a really good one.

One as amazing as my stirrup pants and red lipstick and concho belts and prairie skirts and Aqua Net…

…and those amazing sky-high bangs. 🙂

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  1. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    I'm going to spend much too much time today looking at these pictures of your bathroom. So gorgeous! We just moved into a house with an aqua bathroom, and I'm eager to love it up with a redo. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Image for Nancy Nancy

    This bathroom turned out gorgeous! I love the freshness of the coral color. I'm not sure I have a creative project for you on the tile. It looks like you have some great options. I know you will do something fabulous. Can't wait to see you at Haven and to learn more about Jeffrey Court tile! Nancy


    Love the remodel!!!!!! I used some of my old tile in a tray (long rectangle). I use the tray for many purposes -under plants, hostess treats, serving, under bath products.... I smile every time I see the tiles as the memories of times gone are still with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I like all of your ideas too.

  4. Image for Tracy Tracy

    I love your story titles! Super job on the bathroom. Great ideas for the little butterflies. Excited to see which you decide on. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Image for Lady Delores Lady Delores

    Hi, well done, definitely a project for the butterfly tiles that would stay in same bathroom such as soap dish, planter, it’s keeps the nostalgia where it all began, good luck, I’m sure you’ll make it great 👌🏻

  6. Image for Cope Kamlowsky Cope Kamlowsky

    Beautiful!!! I love the idea of putting your maiden name on the tile. What a keepsake from the home (and the bathroom) you grew up in!!

  7. Image for Liz Shivel Liz Shivel

    KariAnne, do you have a wooden tray that needs updating or even a sturdy picture frame that would make a nice tray? I think the butterflies 🦋 as part of a tiled tray would be great! Depending on the size of the tray & tiles, for example, you could have 6 tiles including the 2 butterflies and 4 white tiles, randomly placed. A couple of nice brass handles to complement the bathroom fixtures. There you’d have the old favorite butterflies flitting through the new bathroom design, looking as lovely as ever! 🌻

  8. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Who could ever forget good, ole Aquanet? Never a hair out of place because, I swear, it could hold an elephant to to the wall. My vote is for the planter using one tile and the rest white. Wouldn’t have to use just for plants, either. And now that you’ve posted your Pinterest boards, there goes my morning!

  9. Image for Toni Toni

    I'd frame them for the wall, maybe between the mirror as you have two pretty little butterflies that are life size (daughters) now using this space.....and sadly, one day they will "fly away" and it would be a sweet reminder. In the meantime, they are transforming into lovely young women. Being framed, you could put them anywhere!

    1. Image for glenda glenda

      That is a sweet idea Toni..... And each of the girls could take one with them...when that time know....way, way, way down the road ;)

  10. Image for Renae Renae

    If there is a place for hooks somewhere, maybe hang a hook for each of the girls, frame the tiles and put their names on them in vinyl (kind of like your display inspiration), then hang them above the hooks. Mixing a few of the ideas you have pulled together, making them functional and beautiful!

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    You could add three more tiles to make an open top box and put a can of aqua net in there and put it on the bathroom sink! 🙋

  12. Image for Crystal Crystal

    I vote for framing, maybe even small shadow boxes including a photo of the before bathroom, maybe with you in it as a younger version of your awesome self? Or maybe your Mom getting ready to go out for a night on the town? Or just plain frames which now that I've thought about it, plain isn't you so I say shadow boxes with old photos!

  13. Image for Linda Linda

    I had a particularly gorgeous tile that was hand painted. I framed it in a shadow box frame. I hung it in the bathroom in a conspicuous place. I get more compliments than I can tell you! I need your help. I cannot get the link to "Shop this post" to connect. I NEED, I tell you I NEED this location for purchasing this shower curtain! Help!

  14. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    See that space between the mirrors on the tile? I would frame one tile and mat it with a square white mat in a brass frame to match your fixtures. (My decorating motto is always less is more.) One simple sweet reminder that "mom was here" in all of her Aquanet glory. lol Total aside...when I stripped the wallpaper off of the bathroom that my girls used in high school, it was like concrete due to layers and layers of Aquanet. I thought I would never get it off! :-) I should have bought stock in the company.

  15. Image for Claire C Claire C

    I would frame them but in 2 frames -- one for each girl. Maybe one of these days they will want a little something to remember their bathroom before the reno. Who knows? They might even take to their home!

  16. Image for Deb in Oklahoma Deb in Oklahoma

    Oh, the memories! But which version of AquaNet? The aerosol can or spray bottle? My grandmothers used the aerosol can (contributing to the hole in the ozone for decades). I used the spray bottle. Same result, though: helmet hair and a fine haze of shellac all over every surface in the bathroom. (White Rain hairspray would work, too.) How about hanging a tile on the back of the bathroom door, right above a robe hook? It's a cute surprise.

  17. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Perfectly pretty bathroom for those two girls of yours, gold is a nice color choice, it matches their smiles. I like the idea of covering a square pot and putting a plant in it.

  18. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Since there are the 2 tiles...mount the tile on the inside of the left cabinet door on each side. Then it would stay with the bathroom and be a nice surprise when you open the door. I can imagine the all the primping and styling that went on in that bathroom!! Takes me back to the 80’s! Dep hair gel was a staple along with the hair spray and of course I couldn’t leave the house with out spritzing on White Shoulders perfume 🥰

  19. Image for Gina Gina

    Im for taking a wood board, painting it white, mounting the two tiles to the board, add hooks below and attaching to the back of the door. They would see it every time they opened or closed the door.

  20. Image for Jan Taylor Jan Taylor

    This is so beautiful - what a fabulous transformation! I do have a question though - what did you do with the window that was in the shower? Tile over it?

  21. Image for Peg Allegretto Peg Allegretto

    I think an organizer for the desk in your office would be a lovely momento of wonderful days gone by, and growing up in that house. It would also serve as a reminder to appreciate the day you're currently experiencing, because one day it will be a memory!!! xoxo

  22. Image for Sue Sondker Sue Sondker

    I would put little rubber feet on the bottom of the tiles and use them as coasters with pretty glasses on them in the bathroom.

  23. Image for Erin Erin

    I would a a pink can of aqua net to the counter. Maybe one of the empty ones they sell to hide valuables, like Sephora....that stuff’s expensive!

  24. Image for PJ PJ

    What a nice place to do your makeup and hair. It’s so pretty. You’ll see your girls at Walmart buying makeup when they’re paying rent, the water bill, trash pickup, etc. : ). Lots of good ideas re: the tiles. If you have a sister, how about making something for her with one of them too?

  25. Image for Robin Robin

    I would use the tiles someway in the garden or patio area. Coasters or maybe incorporated with a square flower pot Nice memories!

  26. Image for SusanJ SusanJ

    So many choices! But I like the idea of using a tile somewhere that may stay and be part of the house again? Coasters? Garden tiles? Framed on a wall? I'm sure your "oh so creative self" will find a place and make it more lovely than ever!

  27. Image for Marty Marty

    This is such an amazing transformation, I can't think of anything that could be better. You always amaze me, so I can't wait to see our tile project.

  28. Image for Jane Jane

    Beautiful bathroom redo.! Do you have any pictures of the girls or you in butterfly wings or butterfly face paint, etc.? I would make 2 frames with a tile and butterfly pictures or hair barriers, etc. Thay way someday each girl can have one. Other option is pictures of you and the girls fixing hair and makeup in shadow box with tile.

  29. Image for Tina Tina

    I think you should make a rectangular triple frame. A butterfly tile in the left opening and the right opening. In the middle opening should be a photo of you as a teenager in all your aqua net glory. Hang it in the bathroom and when the girls are getting ready, they look at it and remember how you used to get ready in that very same bathroom. So sweet!

  30. Image for Tammy Winterrowd Tammy Winterrowd

    Use your butterfly tiles to make coasters. You can have them anywhere in your house that you want! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with these tiles.....have fun! Cute bathroom makeover.....thanks for sharing!

  31. Image for Mary B Mary B

    Glue thin cork to back of each butterfly tile, girls can have @ their bedside tables! As coasters. Or glue to top of a small wooden jewelry box ...for each daughter ...🦋🦋

  32. Image for june june

    Whatever you come up with I would make two so that each of the girls has a keepsake. You are such a beautiful writer...maybe you should frame and include some personal reflections written within the frames.

  33. Image for Barbara Chapman Barbara Chapman

    Love, love, love how your daughter's bathroom turned out, KariAnne!!! Aqua-net... It's still out there and still works magic on fixing chalk and drawings. The art teacher at my middle school (where I was a Special Ed aide) told me about it! :D Seriously, though, this makeover is really pretty. I'm glad you were able to reuse your bathroom vanity as it is pretty! I hate our new one... The drawers are pretty much useless. Bathroom remodel hopefully in a year or so. :) Cute story and no, I never had a concho belt but I did belt my dresses! And I miss my Laura Ashley prairie dress... Hugs, Barb :)

  34. Image for Katherines Corner Katherines Corner

    Frame those cute butterflies my friend! I have an affinity for butterflies ( I think you know that) and whenever they are around something wonderful usually happens. Now whether " the something wonderful" is the twins picking up and cleaning up without being asked, a hummingbird that stays in your petunias or even an unexpected Ulta gift card, I think any of these and many more would be wonderful. xo P.S. new email, please add to your approved lists for invitations etc.

  35. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Love the girls’ updated bathroom. Glad brass is back. I use mixed metals throughout our house. Those butterfly titles on or in whatever you construct will look good in your house, especially your room with the lovely blue and white striped chairs. Have a lovely weekend.

  36. Image for Kris Kris

    I'm glad you will use the butterflies--I'm sure we will all love whatever you come up with. The bathroom looks so fresh--the shower curtain is fantastic! And thanks for the Rub N Buff tip--I had forgotten about that! I'd also like to say kudos to you for repurposing the bathroom vanity. It makes me crazy to watch HDTV when people demo completely functional cabinetry--so many people would be thrilled with repurposing it and it just seems wasteful to me to watch people sledgehammer what doesn't appeal to them aesthetically.

  37. Image for Carole West Carole West

    I can't imagine living in the house where I grew up. How neat that must be to share the memories with your daughters. I love the poka dot bins, what a fun way to incorporate storage.. So as for the brass -you nailed it and I'm not a fan of brass at all, that shower curtain just seems to pull it all together. As for the butterflies you could make a kleenex box holder? A modern looking one that pulls out the fun details. A bathroom scale would be neat too. You have a flair for creating a beautiful home. It's neat to see and I bet it brings you a lot of joy. Me well I'm more of an outdoors chick. Have a great weekend, always fun to stop in and see whaty you've been up to.

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