There are days when I feel like I spend my life with my foot in my mouth.

Not intentionally.

Not on purpose.

It just seems like “embarrassment” follows me around.  Like an old familiar friend.

And although “embarrassment” and I have seen our share of good times, I thought we were well on our way to breaking up.  Over.  Done.  Finissimo.  I was moving on to a new relationship with “model citizen.”  Together we were going to be unstoppable….with my foot out of my mouth planted securely on the floor.

The road ahead seemed paved with days and weeks of unembarrassing success.


Until yesterday.

And my stamp to remember.



For several years now, I have stamped vintage silverware.  Currently, my pieces sell in a wonderful shop downtown.  There’s a display of my silver there, featuring stamped sayings like:

“For this child I have prayed”  

“I love you a latte”

“Eat Cake”

“Serve the Lord”

“Espresso yourself”

and my most popular wedding set…. “I Do”….”Me Too.”


Customers purchase the silver and then I custom stamp it with names, birth dates, wedding dates, etc.

In all, I have probably stamped over 400 pieces of silver…..flawlessly.







Yesterday, a sister of the bride stopped by to order a set for an upcoming wedding shower.

Simple and easy.

A set I could stamp in my sleep…..with my eyes closed and whistling Dixie while playing the banjo with my toes.


She ordered the”I DO….ME TOO”  set with the nickname of the bride and groom and the wedding date on the handle.

So I stamped……I DO (and then the brides’ nickname EM) and followed it up with ME TOO (and then the groom’s nickname IKE).

Just a routine stamp order.


Or so I thought.

Remember me?  The flawless, perfect, mistakeless stamper?

400 stamps without a whisker out of place.


I handed her the silver.

She oohed and she ahhhed with a smattering of hand-clapping.

And then suddenly she stopped.

And she squinted.

And stared.

And squinted some more.

At my silver….



….which was supposed to read:


…..but instead I stamped this:




As in “yuck” as in “icky”

As in I totally misspelled the bride’s name to resemble the day-old cheerios stuck to my kitchen floor.


How I love thee.

Thou art my middle name 🙂


PS  If you want to know more about silver stamping, just e-mail me with any questions not related to spelling.


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  1. Image for Alice Alice

    I LOVE it. This makes me feel normal, well fairly normal. I make the craziest mistakes and have no idea why. Like......putting the wrong pages in the right Scrapbook for Lauren. OOPS! Not a good idea.

  2. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    It was probably because you had the wrong color of polish on your toes!...It made the banjo on your knee...whistling Dixie way off key! I did not know you stamped silver....they are wonderful...!

  3. Image for Judy Judy are hilarious! i didn't know you were a silver stamper, whistleing dixie, toenail polishing, extraordinaire.....i love stamped silver. thanks for the laugh this morning! judy

  4. Image for Lorraine Lorraine

    She should hold on to those....she may be fine with it in a few years....... That's hilarious but I want to see a video of you playing banjo with your THAT'S something!! Blessings, Lorraine

  5. Image for Mary Mary

    you must have gotten distracted by the banjo playing...those toes take extra focus. that TOTALLY explains the mix up. :) ps! i saw these on INSTAGRAM! i feel so modern!

  6. Image for Anne Anne

    hahahahahahahaha - EW! lol omg that is hilarious! Poor Karianne, we ALL screw up you know. And some of us more than others, but as one foot in mouth sufferer to another - I still love you!! ps Sometimes I even manage to get both feet in there at once, then there's a horrible pause that seems like it lasts forever and I start laughing, hysterically, uncontrollably... like a crazed hyena. I can't help myself. Thank God for humour! xox

  7. Image for everton terrace everton terrace

    Much of my mother's side of the family lives in Waterford, Ireland. This means, at my wedding, the relatives who came over, brought Waterford crystal with them. We were given two beautiful champagne flutes, engraved with our names and our wedding date - IF we had been married 2 days later. I didn't have the heart to tell them but I do get a kick out of the flutes whenever I look at them. I make a handstamped "I change the world" necklace and have sold hundreds. Sometimes a school will order a huge lot for all their teachers. I can be in the middle of a 200 piece order and a song will come and I'll stamp a word from the song, or I start to think about someting else and low and behold - I stamped it on the necklace. Luckily for me, I've caught them before the client saw it. Your stamp turned into something quite funny.

  8. Image for Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    It happens, Karianne, and I hope you're not beating yourself up over it! Luckily it was caught quickly so, while it's a pain for you to have to redo them, at least you'll have a happy customer. Shame about the fact that it winds up reading EW, but at least you can turn this into a funny story!

  9. Image for Kelly @ DTTDidc Kelly @ DTTDidc

    KariAnne, that's too funny! And doesn't it figure it would be the M that got flipped over - any other upside down letter wouldn't have ended up spelling EW! Hey, we're all human, stuff happens :-)

    1. Image for uegbroh uegbroh

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  10. Image for Stephanie Durdan Stephanie Durdan

    That's FUNNY!!! I remember when my sister was getting married, the bakery misspelled the groom's name on the bridal shower cake. It read, "Rebecca & Perry" instead of "Rebecca & Terry". :-)

  11. Image for amy amy

    Oh my! How funny. I just got a full alphabet stamping set from the flea market for $20. I can't wait to start playing around with it. Yours are all so beautiful and well done. Love it! amy @

  12. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Hey, it's not all bad. It made for a very interesting blog post! Ha! I didn't know that you even did silver stamping. How neat! You probably made the mistake because you're so comfortable with it and just didn't look at what you were doing as closely. Don't we all do that with something that is very familiar to us? We don't really try as hard. I love that idea for a wedding gift.

  13. Image for Marsha Marsha

    Glad the mistake was caught in time! I make mistakes, too. I think my middle name (years ago) could have been "liquid paper" after the correction fluid.

  14. Image for Fairfield House Fairfield House

    Kelly, That is funny. Transposing figures and letters is an easy mistake to make considering all the other things we have stored in our heads. Imagine the bride's face if the mistake had gone unnoticed! :) I once was signing a wedding card in the car before the reception while listening to the car radio. I ended up signing the card with the singer's name. I never realized it until the bride called when she returned from her honeymoon asking who "Janet" was. : / Thanks for the smile and have a great day! Deborah & Lady GaGa

  15. Image for judi judi

    lol...i am so sorry karianne. however, if it wasn't for this mistake, we all wouldn't be laughing histerically at your perfect imperfect post! judi

  16. Image for Revi Revi

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha - I love this! You have made me glad no one is around to hear my lols right now. You could save the "EW" fork for an arranged marriage, maybe? Just a thought. Thanks for being truly human and flawed in the most precious ways! -Revi

  17. Image for

    Just goes to show that even Wonder Woman can have an "off" day! ...Seriously? Is there anything you don't do? (Well, besides cooking and baking?) Hee-hee! (But then the recipe wall is redemption enough for that, I think.) You are always the comic relief that I need, RIGHT when I need it! Can't wait to sit down and have coffee with you for real!! :-) xoxo -Lisa P.S. Your silver is so lovely! You do more in a day than is allowed by law, and all with 4 kids. STOP it! You're making me feel lazy! ;-)

  18. Image for Laura Laura

    Well, just when we think we are perfect, life jumps up to let us know it just isn't so. But then again who wants to be a boring old perfect person :)

  19. Image for NanaDoll NanaDoll

    That is SO FUNNY!!! But I can so relate. And as for the foot in mouth problem--consider me your missing twin! Years ago, my dad told me to pull my tongue out 3 feet and cut it off! Thankfully, I grew up a little. But the mis-print--HILARIOUS!!!

  20. Image for Diana Kotecki Diana Kotecki

    You are so cool! I would love to order a pair that say I do, Me too for my daughters upcoming wedding shower. Could you please let me know how much and what is your lead time. Thanks

  21. Image for Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

    so so so funny! What a cute mistake! And something I would so do! I love the look of the silver.... I have a set of stamps and vintage silver all ready and have never tried.... whyyyyy???!!! Any advice goddess of stamping?! :) Thanks for inspiring me! Jaime

  22. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Save it... you might be able to sell it to some poor girl whose parents have "arranged" her marriage... EW... But that advice is coming from a girl whose tingers seems to spend an inordinate amount of time in her face... UGH! It helps being able to laugh at least we have that...most of the time.

  23. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    First what a crack ewwwwwww Moving stopped laughing now, I think having something like these would be so special maybe not when you make a boo boo, but then it would be a cool talking point............

  24. Image for Jen Jen

    Oh that's a well, it's sad, and it's funny so sorry....I do that all the time, odd how brains don't always go in a straight line. So what happens now? Do you replace it? Do you restamp it? Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  25. Image for Tamela Moore Tamela Moore

    Thanks so much for your beautiful blog. I have learned a ton your work is amazing. I have just started stamping silver and I love it! If you wouldn't mind me asking, how did you get started selling your stamped silver in the little shop that you talk about in your blog?? I have a friend who has a little home and garden shop near me but I am not sure how to market my stamped silver to her or anyone else for that matter. Any pointers?? would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Image for Tracy Tracy

    I just started stamping silver and have made a "few" mistakes. What do you do with the damaged pieces? Any way to reuse them?

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