Today….I am writing this garden party post for me.

So I won’t forget.

So one day when I am old and gray and sitting on a rocking chair watching the sun set over the pond surrounded by 27 cats and a flock of chickens and my memory is quickly failing…..

…..I will read this post and remember.

I’ll remember the perfect day.


I’ll remember giggles and laughter and a full discussion of what was going on in fourth grade and who talked to who over by the swings and why Taylor Swift writes her own songs and what does it mean when someone is “going” with someone and where are they even “going” any way.

Important things.

Like when are you old enough to make your hair blonder.

And can you wear big hoop earrings in high school.

And can you still hula hoop when you’re a mom.

Really important things….just like that.


We talked and talked and talked.

And told silly jokes.

And laughed.

And talked some more.

The grass was green and warm and squishy between our toes.

The spring breezes were blowing gently and the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds.

And the cats kept trying to eat the cupcakes.


And as I sat there quietly in the meadow with the wind softly blowing and the birds chirping and the quiet chatter all around me….

….I didn’t want to blink.

That moment….that instant…that slice of a spring afternoon….was so perfect….

…..I wanted to remember it forever.

And ever.


I wanted to take that perfect spring afternoon with its strawberries and cupcakes and bare feet and sprinkles…..and tie it up with a bow and tuck it away.

Life is so fast.

It’s like a roller coaster with its winding tracks and hills and valleys and tiny cars….speeding faster and faster.

Moment after moment tumbling by at break-neck speed.

Spinning and swirling and rushing….never slowing to take it all in.


I know I have to blink.

I know the roller coaster will speed on by…..even though I am pressing on the brake with all my might.

I know the days of cupcakes and sprinkles are ever so brief.

I know.


But for one afternoon on one perfect day….I wanted to live in that moment.

I wanted to simply be.

I wanted to hula hoop and grin and laugh until my sides hurt….at a simple garden party with two giggling blonde haired, blue-eyed story tellers perched at a table in the back pasture.

And forever imprint that perfect day…

…..on my heart.

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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Your posts either make me crack up laughing or leave a big lump in my throat. I look forward to them every day. Thanks!

  2. Image for Beth Beth

    Lovely, lovely girls! Yes, it flies by, but you, and they, will have a chronicle of it all by way of this blog to capture every magical moment. Best, Beth C. P.S. that garden party is like out of a magazine!

  3. Image for judy judy

    Life does move at break neck speed, but it does make life more enjoyable when people like you add fun and beauty to ordinary days. Your daughters are adoraable! The table and decorations make me want to pull up a chair and soak it all in. Thanks for sharing again.

  4. Image for Suzy @ Worthing Court Suzy @ Worthing Court

    Aw, what a sweet, sweet memory to have made with your adorable girls. Have you ever heard the saying, "The days are long, but the years are short"? That's so true - especially when it comes to watching our kiddos grow up!

  5. Image for Sally Sally

    Awww, your girls are so sweet, and beautiful just like their mama! What a great memory to have! These times are so fleeting. It's so important to treasure them up for later!

  6. Image for Suzanne of SimplySuzannesATHome Suzanne of SimplySuzannesATHome

    So beautifully written! You've inspired me to have a garden party with my little girls. I love the beautiful bright colors you chose for your party. Inspirational! Thank you, Kari.

  7. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    Thank goodness one never gets too old for a garden party or all that "conversation." Here's to all of the past memory making garden parties and to the ones your beautiful daughters will create in the future.

  8. Image for martha martha

    Oh I do love you!! this post is so sweet and so true...we need to remember those perfect days in our heart so we can pull out the memory on those less than perfect days. You have inspired me to have a garden tea party with my granddaughters this weekend......we have impromptu inside ones all the time, but I think a grand planned one is in order.....I am going to copy you :-)

  9. Image for tara tara

    I'm having more and more of these "freeze frame" moments. lets enjoy every last one of them, while these babies are still at home!

  10. Image for Diane@InMyOwnStyle Diane@InMyOwnStyle

    Making the time and effort to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile is what makes life sweet. Your girls are adorable and will remember the day and all the extra special things you do for them forever. Before you know it - they will be all grown up and hosting their own beautiful garden parties, all because you took the time one afternoon to show them how to live with beauty and style. XO

  11. Image for Laura Laura

    Oh Karianne- Those ARE the moments. I have 3 adult daughters and there are of course others, but there is something so special about the times when they are young and wiser than their years. I love the colors you used. Have a blessed day, Laura

  12. Image for Beverly Beverly

    KariAnne, you are a good mommy. It must have been so fun - and perfect. I love giggles. Life does take us through cycles, but giggles have the ability to enhance each day. You and your girls will have lifetimes of specials.

  13. Image for Angela Angela

    Beautiful post, beautiful girls and beautiful memories not only for you but for your babies as well. You're such a great mom! Have a beautiful day!~~Angela

  14. Image for Lyn Lyn

    I loved this blog today. My little girl is not 23 years old and those days of giggles and hula hoops are long gone and now I hear her news via the grapevine. Enjoy these days they are precious. I wish I had a blog or even a scrapbook journal all those years ago to capture memories like these.

  15. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    Ten is magical isn't it? It's also the oddest feeling ever watching that door close on the little kid years in slow motion. You can't stop it, and the next space of time is so tempting, so fun, so wonderful with all of it's "they finally get sarcasm and can use it correctly" and "dang they are smart!" and "wow, I never knew" and "watching them turn into who they ARE". You just have to keep remembering :-) Soak it in KA, every last drop!

  16. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I have a new favorite giggles today...but sweet tears, yes! Your daughters are so pretty! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  17. Image for Jean Gogolin Jean Gogolin

    Lovely. But be assured that one day when you're old and gray and sitting on a rocking chair watching the sun set over the pond you can still have perfect afternoons and enjoy them even more. I do.

  18. Image for Laura Laura

    What a beautiful post! My daughter is graduating from high school next week and after reading that, I am a bit weepy. You thoughts and writings are so true. Time goes so fast. Enjoy every moment with your little girls.

  19. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    Oh, what darling girls! KariAnne... you WILL remember! My little girl is in her 20's and every time I look at her I see that little girl face looking back at me. I remember little pink ballet shoes and pom-poms and late night talks about important things as I was trying to put her to bed. The best part of blogging is that we capture so many wonderful day-to-day memories! What overflows from our hearts usually ends up in the pages of our blogs! Such a special day and a very special time with your lovely girls! THanks for sharing and stirring ups wonderful memories for me too!

  20. Image for Karen Karen

    This is a perfect kind of day to treasure in your heart. Soon enough they'll have graduated from college, got married, and have kids of their own. I speak from experience. Blessings on your day!

  21. Image for Debbie Hein Debbie Hein

    Hi Karianne, I still have those same kind of days with my own girls tucked away in my heart. You know the kind...where you laugh, you is something right out of Gilmore Girls. The ones where Lorelei and Rory are talking so fast, and if there racing teams for "talking" they would surely be the Mario Andretti 's of the talking world. Anyway, I digress...I have so many memories of those times with my daughters and it still brings both a tear and a smile to my face to remember them. And now with one having two littles of her own, and the other in the midst of planning a wedding to the man of her dreams, it is espcially sweet to recall those moments when I was the most important person (don't tell their Dad) in their lives. Treasure these times. Every single minute of them.

  22. Image for Patty O Patty O

    What a sweet and wonderful post describing a perfect afternoon! And what beautiful girls you have! And I love your beautiful tablescape and decor! And the goodies look scrumptious! And, and, and.... Yes, enjoy every little moment with your girls. Mine are now 23, 19 and 12...they grow up way too fast! Sweet smiles and beautiful memories - thanks for sharing!

  23. Image for Kim Kim

    Beautiful post! As the mother of four daughters, it's days like this that are forever in your memory. I am convinced I will remember those days even when I forget the others.

  24. Image for Cheryl in Wisconsin Cheryl in Wisconsin

    1) This is beautiful. 2) I am impressed that you can hula hoop. I have never been coordinated enough to master it, ever. 3) I will anxiously await your future post about how you got 27 cats and a flock of chickens to peacefully co-exist.

  25. Image for

    My eye are dry from trying not to blink fourth grader & very very very close to being 13 year old have me wondering how it could go by so fast. But doing what we are doing...the garden party with the girls kinda thing....will give us, & them, a lifetime of beautiful memories to recall in the years to come. Truly loved this post. And you think I am a good writer...honey, you pull me right in every time. Thank you, Kelly p.s. trying to figure out how I can get a "back pasture" here in LA...back patio will have to work!

  26. Image for GinaE GinaE

    I too started Ricky Nelson's song playing in my head as soon as I saw your title this morning. Your daughters are lovely and look just like their Mom. Thanks for sharing such a special day of yours with us.

  27. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Oh how I wish we had had blogging when my kids were young and I could ahve chronicled the memories. I wish I could go back and have another garden party with my daughter BUT, we DO get together on many Sundays and go shopping, have lunch and talk. Those Sundays fill MY heart to overflowing, especially because we both have had our share of ups and downs. Your girls are beautiful, they look just like YOU!!!!! And I know they will have your beautiful heart too. They are so fortunate that you are keeping this record for them. It will be priceless some day. God bless you, KariAnne for your HEART! XO, Pinky

  28. Image for Regina Regina

    This is beautiful, KariAnne. You are determined to make me cry, aren't you? I'll have both my baby girls (24 and 18!) with me tonight, but instead of a garden party, we're going to see Ironman 3. ;) Treasure these times, as I know you do. Blessings, my friend!

  29. Image for Norma Perkins Norma Perkins

    What a fun way to "meet" your adorable girls! I have wonderful garden party memories with my Julie and now I have the joy of making new ones with her sweet daughter. Can't wait to get together with you.

  30. Image for Claudine Claudine

    Your girls are adorable, Karianne!!!! And the party looks GREAT!!!! I loved the turquoise cupcake holder! I know, I enjoy spending time with my son (18 years old already). Precious moments... ANd I also LOVE spending time in the backyard, and I do so little of it! I need to have a garden party, too!!! Have a great weekend! Claudine

  31. Image for Gillian Turner Gillian Turner

    These days don't just stay with you, they stay with them, and when they are grown they will still call, and laugh with you, and share their lives with you, because you took the time to spend a day like this. I know this to be true because I am the mom of two grown children, a boy and a girl who still call just to say hi and tell me about their day. :)

  32. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Love this! Remembering those special "time stood still " memories in my life. Makes me want to create more for my children and for the grands! Thank you for this!

  33. Image for Sue Sue

    I absolutely loved this post. You captured the proverbial time in a bottle by capturing this on your blog. The time spent with your daughters in such a special way is holy time, as are the everyday routine events. When they are grown and you look back you will realize that. I have.

  34. Image for Mary Feguson Mary Feguson

    Loved the post. Your darling girls are beautiful. What wonderful memories you will have to remember. The colors and cupcakes ever so special. Enjoy your beautiful daughters as they will grown up so fast. Have a wonderful weekend. Mary

  35. Image for Wendy Wendy

    What a GORGEOUS garden party. But what is even more beautiful are your memories and your girls. They are unbelievably beautiful and precious. My identical girls are 19 and I could burst I love them so much. ♥ It goes so fast.

  36. Image for Pam W Pam W

    Karianne-you have such a talent for writing and always pulling at my heart strings! This ranks right up there next to the post about your soon to be husband singing the song your Daddy used to sing on your wedding day. Dear Lord that made me cry. Life does pass by so quickly and you've learned how to live in the moment. Not something many people have figured out. Good for you-and your oh so adorable girls.

  37. Image for Patty/BC Patty/BC

    Grade four! Seriously!!!??? Soon to be Grade 5?! Wait a minute, someone hit the time warp button, and I want to go back to just starting school. Such beautiful, beautiful girls. Just like their Momma. : )

  38. Image for Danielle Danielle

    This is such a beautiful post and captures just how I feel about freezing some moments in time with my little boys. These are the times, enjoying cupcakes with sprinkles, sunny days in the garden. That they and we will always treasure (even if they do go by so quickly).

  39. Image for Marian Marian

    I love this post. And I am so grateful you were able to have that day. What a gift. I hope it gives you sweet dreams thinking about it tonight.

  40. Image for Diane Diane

    Your daughter's are darling! I just wanted to tell you that after all these months, I finally purchased one stem of the gray flowers that you posted last year for your fall mantel from Hobby Lobby today! It was 50% off but they only had one. Hobby Lobby is 45 minutes away for me. I hope when they restock for fall that I can find a couple more gray flowers. I enjoy your blog and love your decorating and you make me smile every morning! Diane

  41. Image for Susan Susan

    I love days like that. Sometimes I find myself smiling watching the kids when everyone is happy, getting along and just sitting together laughing. I try to drink in every moment. I love perfect days like that. Great post, the girls are just lovely.

  42. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    One of my favorite posts EVER, Kari! So glad you wrote it for yourself, but shared it with all of us. A wise woman once told me that as a mom "the days are long, but the years are short." Truer words never spoken. Hugs to you! xo Heidi

  43. Image for Karen Karen

    Oh how I wish my grown up girls were small again so that we could have a garden party! Loved, loved your post! XO Karen

  44. Image for anne anne

    What a beautiful garden party Karianne! Yes time goes way too fast and our children grow up in a blink of an eye.Your daughters are beautiful they look just like there sweet mama :-) xx Anne

  45. Image for Carol Carol

    Creating memories - priceless. And yes, you can hula hoop when your are a mother and even an old lady. I crack my students up with my hula hoop skills.

  46. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Making memories with your girls is always a perfect day!!....they are so cute and sweet!...the garden party setting is so pretty Kari!!

  47. Image for Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

    As Rick Nelson sings in my head I want to tell you that I enjoyed one of those moments with my little girl (23) recently. We walked and talked and reminisced about the past and made plans for the was a truly blissful day! I too blogged about our walk and time spent together and in this crazy busy world am holding tight to such a beautiful memory! The backdrop for this beautiful day is just lovely!!

  48. Image for Louise Louise

    KariAnne, what a lovely post . . . I just found your blog this morning, and I've been sitting here reading your wonderful posts for two hours!!! Do enjoy every moment with these beautiful daughters . . . "they do grow up so fast!!!" A dear friend spoke those words to me when our sweet daughters were about one and two years of age . . . that was almost fifty years ago!!! Now I'm blessed to be seeing my wonderful grandchildren growing up so fast!!! Will look forward to more great posts!!! May God bless you and yours!!!

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