Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

I do.


Actually….I make the same ones every year.

I want my closet to be completely color-coordinated…..just like Elizabeth Taylor’s.

I want to lose enough weight to wear a bikini on the beach in Bermuda with the ocean spray dancing across the sand.

I want to cook like one of the contestants on the Next Food Network Star.

I want to be kinder and nicer and sweeter and gentler…..

…and I want world peace.

So far….I’m 0 for 5.

But I did make some macaroni and cheese the other day and added in some sour cream……so actually I’m already starting the year….

….totally living on the edge. 🙂

Here’s 5 easy organizing projects to get you started on an awesome 2014. 

spoon handle

Stamped Spoon Handle


Built-in Spice Rack


Built-in Plate Rack


Bookshelf Turned Hutch


Craft Room Organization


PS  One project I am taking on this year is transforming the other side of the laundry room into a mudroom.  I’m posting all my mudroom inspiration for the project over on the Lamps Plus Blog today!

You can check it out…

Sharing over at Kim’s and Between Naps On a Porch.

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  1. Image for Stephanie Cchristian Stephanie Cchristian

    I love the plate rack with the printed recipe as the background. Is it printed professionally or stenciled? Is there a link that you can direct me to? What a great idea. Love all your ideas and inspirations. Thanks.

  2. Image for Marisa Franca Marisa Franca

    I am GREEN with envy over your laundry room - I've mentioned this to you before. And YOU made me break a New Year's resolution :-) to be happy with what I've got. Seriously I am and I also make New Year's resolutions let's see what this year brings. My motto for the year: Just Do It. This is for me to stop making excuses and not procrastinate. And I would LOVE to lose the weight and just be able to strut down the beach without a kaftan covering all parts. Love your blog Karianne. You always manage to put a smile on my face.

  3. Image for Libby Boyle Libby Boyle

    I've loved your recipe backed plate rack for a while now. I think it is such a fantastic idea. Like you I haven't had luck with resolutions so I decided to put mine in print then come back in December and see how I've gone. If you have time you might enjoy a read ...

  4. Image for Michele Michele

    As always, love your ideas. Not all will work in my smallish house, but I did claim a craft room this fall and am dying to see your ideas for that great organizing peg-board. I couldn't get to the link - kept coming up with the hutch-made-bookshelf. Thanks :)

  5. Image for Beverly Beverly

    No resolution making for me, but I do have life goals. Organization. Ah, it is engrained in my psyche. And, it is even better when it is pretty. Come look at my soup today. Beyond easy and so...good.

  6. Image for Lynn in FL Lynn in FL

    Haven't posted for a while....moving, holiday madness and travel got in the way! But no holiday or trip will EVER keep me from reading your blog each and every day, just makes me smile! I love pretty much everything you do, Karianne, but when you say "easy projects", I just have to giggle! Easy, maybe, when you have a ton of talent and imagination, resources, and a very handy and willing hubby (my hubby's idea of a major project, after MUCH discussion about it, is moving a chair from one side of the room to the other...tee hee... not at all the crafty DIY type!) Easy in my world requires no more than paper, maybe a little glue, and a bit of glitter or bling! Aaahhh, but a girl can dream, and that's what I do when I visit your blog each do inspire me, make me laugh and shed a tear now and then; your whole outlook on life is inspiration in and of itself! And if I never accomplish even one of your beautiful projects, your blog brings joy to my life! Thank you, Karianne, and keep doing just what you do....and maybe throw in a paper and glitter project here and there for one of your biggest fans! Love from Lynn in FL

  7. Image for Andrea at Opulent Cottage Andrea at Opulent Cottage

    I guess that if I was sticking to my resolutions, I would be on my treadmill right now instead of reading your pretty blog. Those resolutions really are so over-rated, don't you think :) Thanks for the tips Karianne!! xoxoxo Andrea

  8. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    Oh how i missed you yesterday. Love the spoon handles, how clever, cute and just perfectly, perfect!

  9. Image for Dee Ann Thompson Dee Ann Thompson

    Love your ideas, but can't get the Craft Room Organization one to open! Would love to see it! Thanks, Dee Ann

  10. Image for Myrna In Wyoming Myrna In Wyoming

    I hate to break this bit of news to you, but your accomplishment with #3, macaroni and cheese, totally cancels out #2, the bikini thing.

  11. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    I gave up on the bikini long ago, I'm afraid! ;) Checked out the mud room ideas - loved the armoire! Anything that allows you to HIDE a mess is almost as good as world peace, in my opinion!

  12. Image for Kris Kris

    Never wore a bikini ... never will. No one should have to view that. I have, however, been to Bermuda on a honeymoon and it's a wonderful place to be while wearing a suck-in-your-squishy-figure-in-one-piece-super-lycra-swimsuit. Or fully clothed.

  13. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Love, love, love all of your projects KeriAnne! Just let you know your craft room organization link leads to your hutch. Off to go see if I can find it! :)

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