disclosure: This post is sponsored by Greenworks.

Making a difference starts with one.

One choice.

One small step.

One simple act.

And together? All of those small steps work together to bring about GIANT change for the next generation.

I am so excited and honored to be part of the Greenworks team. It’s an amazing company that’s all about creating a sustainable environment with battery-powered outdoor equipment. As part of their sponsorship of Earth Day, they’ve launched “50 Acts of Greenworks”. It’s a list of 50 acts that are meant to contribute to a cleaner more sustainable earth.

You can see more about it with this video here.

And so I thought I’d compile my own list. A list of things that my family and I are committing to this next year. Nothing overwhelming. No giant changes.

Just simple. Easy. Small.

Changes that we can all make to make a difference.

1. Combine errands. Go to Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Trader Joe’s all in one trip.

2. Shop online. This is my favorite new hobby. I wrote a post with some simple tips to make shopping online easier.

3. Take your food home. If you have extra food on your plate at the restaurant? Don’t throw it away. Let it live an amazing life at your house.

4. Choose a smaller plate. If you are dining out–especially if you are eating at a buffet–use a smaller plate to reduce the amount of food you put on it.

5. Walk away from plastic. On your next drive-through trip, tell them you don’t want the plastic silverware. You have much cuter silverware at home.

6. Shop at the Farmer’s Market. Here in McKinney, we have an amazing Farmer’s Market. Shop local. Help local farmers and get fresher produce.

7. Shop at thrift stores. I was doing this way before I knew it helped save the planet. You are recycling every time you shop.

8. Bring your own bag. Avoid plastic bags at big box stores. Bring your own instead.

9. Walk away from water bottles. Use your own reusable water bottle instead.

10. Use non-toxic cleaning products. There are some amazing non-toxic cleaning products on the market that are so much better for the environment.

11. Don’t over rinse your dishes. Save a little water and let your dishwasher do the work.

12. Use lightbulbs that are energy efficient. This saves on your electricity bill, too.

13. Turn off lights and computers when you aren’t using them.

14. Take one less napkin. Next time you go to a restaurant choose just one less. I’m always taking more napkins than I need.

15. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. This saves on your water bill, too.

16. Use cruise control. When you are driving, cruise control can save you gas and money, too.

17. Recycle your cell phone. This is one of the most overlooked things to recycle.

18. Reduce your junk mail. There are places you can sign up to get less junk mail (and who wants all that junk mail anyway).

19. Walk away from a coffee stirrer. Spoons are better and so much more eco-friendly.

20. Purchase your tickets online. Use your phone for your ticket instead of printing a paper one.

21. Cancel paper bills. Keep your records and your payments online.

22. Use rechargeable batteries. Simply recharging your batteries instead of throwing them away makes such a difference.

23. Buy cold water detergent. Save money and energy with your laundry.

24. Keep your travel mug handy. Fill up your coffee in a travel mug instead of using paper cups.

25. Use the revolving door. It’s more energy efficient. Who knew?

I know these might seem simple.

But truly? It’s the simple that will change the world.

I want to leave this world a better place when I leave—especially for my children.

And now?

I have to go thrift store shopping. I’m changing the world…

…one shopping trip at a time. 🙂

disclosure: this post is sponsored by Greenworks.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.





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  1. Image for Beth Minger Beth Minger

    Good Morning Karianne!!!!! Thanks for the reminders - just wondering have you found a battery recharging system that you would recommend? We tried many years ago and were not impressed seemed that the batteries ran out way too quickly - I have a hunch things are better now. We weren't feeling the love for investing a bunch of money in a system again unless someone like you suggested one! Thanks for my morning post of great pics and even better chats!!!!

  2. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Hey there! I especially love supporting the local farmers and of course thrift shopping! These are all great reminders! I am sometimes burdened with the amount of waste we get from just one take-out trip! Making your own cleaners and refilling all of those bottles instead of throwing them out is another great one! Thanks!

      1. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

        Me, too! Been making my own non-toxic cleaners for years. Also have the brown glass bottles from Amazon. Nice thing is, if there is a scent you really like, you don't have to wait for the seasonal fragrances to come out. Just add the correct essential oils, a few drop of Tea Tree oil and some water along with a tablespoon of Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds, and voila! Smells good and disinfects all at once.


    Great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Contributing less to the waste has been my goal for years!!!!!!!!!!! Supporting local food sources (farmers) is such a great way to go, love changing recipes according to the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the tips.

  4. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Do note we should not use cruise control when it’s raining or roads are slick. That’s a safety issue. Because car crashes are REALLY wasteful.

  5. Image for Betsy Betsy

    You have wonderful ideas and I implement most. One subject I need to touch upon is balancing out what you really need to shop for against ordering online. There are items, especially clothing that should be tried on, to reduce shipping boxes being sent back. Another factor is the loss of retail jobs that some people really need to supplement their income or it's their only income. A neighbor just loss a job she needed to supplement her social security because foot traffic in the store was way down. Thank you.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      You are so right! I didn’t even think about it from that perspective! Thank you for pointing that out! I truly appreciate it! Happy day friend! karianne

  6. Image for Robin Robin

    I shop online too for the convenience. However, I feel like I need to keep shopping in the local stores as much as I can. My family owned stores when I was growing up. I know that shops and stores of all kinds are struggling to compete with online merchandisers. So, I try to shop in the stores as much as possible.

  7. Image for Liz Liz

    Hi KariAnne, these are all great ideas to help ourselves and the planet. Here in Costa Mesa, California, we have a local college that runs a large, very popular recycling department. You can bring plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, lightbulbs, household batteries, all to be recycled. I put these items in groups in my garage and when I can fill the trunk of My car, I drive to the college. You can receive cash, or what I do is “donate” by not taking cash, as those proceeds go to the school. Also, another company is a styrofoam company, where you can bring those large chunks of styrofoam that come with every appliance, TV, etc., and they recycle into surfboards! And Habitat for Humanity ReStores are great for buying furniture, lamps, building products, tile, doors, appliances, all that were donated, and the prices are very low. I bought a rolling desk chair for $10, which was on sale for $7.50!! Yes, $7.50!! And I donate to them and Good Will, and I shop those places too. And thanks for your online shopping tips!

  8. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I have always thrift shopped because of limited funds and I try to recycle, but as usual, I could do better!!! and you reminded me of several things my family could better!!! Thanks!!!

  9. Image for Carole West Carole West

    Hey Karianne, When we decided to live tiny - there were so many reasons but the biggest was to spend less time on things and more time doing what we enjoy. Now 2 years later I can see we were being prepared for this kind of lifestyle for years. We've always been very practicalpeople and simplifying well its become more of a hobby for me. Great tips and one of our favorites is to eat meals on smaller plates all the time.

  10. Image for PJ PJ

    While living in California, I developed the habit of keeping my reusable bags in my car so I always have them with me. As for eating out, please consider bringing your own container for leftovers since many restaurants still use Styrofoam for take-home food. I read recently that one of the best things we individuals can do for the earth is eat less meat. There are some great new cookbooks about eating vegetarian during the work week. Now if only train travel were easier, we could all reduce our air travel.

  11. Image for Pat Pat

    Good work, I love the idea of going green too. I take my own bags for shopping, we use a Brita water filter instead of buying all those bottles of water. We also have 4 rainwater collection barrels that we use for watering our plants. And we tote our cardboard and aluminum to the recycling center. I know we can do more and we are committed to trying to do more next year. Thanks Pat

  12. Image for Mollie McCune Mollie McCune

    I have been doing several of these things for a while. When I built my new home, all my “new” furnishings were repurposed (except for my sofas and my mattress, because, ewww!). I also learned about turner no off the water while I brush! Additionally, I do squats or stretches while I brush! I keep losing my Yeti cups but I’ve bought a new one with a goal to hold on to it this time!!

  13. Image for Mollie McCune Mollie McCune

    I have been doing several of these things for a while. When I built my new home, all my “new” furnishings were repurposed (except for my sofas and my mattress, because, ewww!). I also learned about turner no off the water while I brush! Additionally, I do squats or stretches while I brush! I keep losing my Yeti cups but I’ve bought a new one with a goal to hold on to it this time!! Another IMPORTANT thing to add to your list: throw your daily wear contact lenses in the trash can ... not down the drain! Don’t make a fish wear your contacts!!

  14. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    One of the best things we can do to have the greatest impact on the earth is to teach our children how to live life efficiently with less. Our children learn from the adults in their lives. If we are great consumers and are wasteful, most likely they will be too. Buy less, give away what you no longer like or use. Start this with the kids when they are young. Let them give away toys or clothing they don't like or no longer play with. Twice a year I purge my house in this way. Our block recently had a community yard sale. I didn't participate because I had nothing to sell. Purging allows you room for that one special item you may come upon that you really want.

  15. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    Jobs are my main concern in all the recycling and online shopping conversations. I won't use a self-check at any store because it would eventually take away someone's position. I won't use a phone for paying, either. I know that privacy is an archaic idea nowadays, but opening my phone to perusal by "them" is not a good thing. I only buy online what I can't find in my limited shopping choices here in Central Maine. YES!!! I love thrifting!

  16. Image for Sammie C Sammie C

    I keep all my plastic silverware from drive-thru eateries and recycle to my emergency preps. Also, bowls from Panda etc. they are plastic and work great for grandkids in the car because they have lids. Sometimes you just have to stop and think about where you could recycle. Those plastic holders that chicken come in at the grocery store come with lids and they after cleaning work super for a sandwich crackers or grapes etc. on a quick trip. You can stack them in the cooler and grab them when ready.

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