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If you have been reading this blog for more than a hot minute, you know I’m all about home.



There’s no place like it.

It’s the cozy chair that you snuggle into. It’s the yard full of fireflies. It’s the sun setting over the back porch. It’s the table full of family and home cooked meals. It’s the first cup of coffee at the kitchen counter.

And in a world of overwhelming?

It’s the place you feel safe. And welcome. And accepted. And loved.

Today I’m so excited I’m partnering with Clayton to talk about how to create a home that’s warm and welcoming and full of joy. In 2018 I was fortunate enough to work with them to decorate one of their homes, the Amelia, for Christmas. In 2019, I decorated another one of their homes, the Daisy-Mae, for fall and then transitioned that same decor into winter.

And now? In 2020? I’m back again to show you another beautiful off-site built home, the Littlefield, decorated with SIMPLE, EASY ideas you can recreate in your own home to make it feel special. And cozy. And welcoming. And inviting. Keep in mind that all those beautiful built-in features and finishes you’ll see come standard with this Clayton home.

Here are 21 inexpensive ideas to decorate the spaces in your home.

1. Layer textures in your space

Every room needs texture, texture and more texture. Can you count the textures in this photo? From the shiplap walls to the wood beams on this amazing built-in area of this incredible farmhouse to the metal console to the rustic basket to the vintage book stack to the ceramic vase.

I count 9 textures in this space.

But together? These layered elements create a beautiful design.

2. Create a stack of vintage books

This is one of the simplest ways to brighten up a table or bookcase.

Take a stack of books—the more vintage they are the better.

And then?

Wrap them with a simple jute twine and tie off at the top.

3. Fill a vase full of bleached florals

Have you seen all the bleached florals in stores? They are the perfect way to add texture to a room. These are bleached eucalyptus stems I just ordered and gathered in an oversized white vase.

If you don’t have access to bleached florals?

Shop your yard for faded branches with dried leaves.

Gather and tuck into a glass or white ceramic vase.

4. Toss a blanket into a basket

This is such an easy way to decorate the side of a table or the side of a chair. Simply take a large basket.

Then find a throw and fold it in half. Fold it in half again so the fringe or pom poms are on the outside. Place the end of the fold in the basket and let the edges drape over the side of the basket all the way to the floor.

5. Add a wooden sign with a message 

What better way to celebrate what is special to you then with a sign created with a saying you love?

You can create your own sign by tracing your handwriting in your favorite quote then frame it with 1” x 2” boards.

I have signs all over my house that uplift me and encourage me and make me smile.

Add a smile to your wall today.

6. Add wood accents

When planning out your spaces? Don’t forget about the wood. I love these wood beams that line the shiplap wall at the entrance to the Littlefield from Clayton (just one example of how thoughtful their design team is!).

Here are some ideas for adding wood to your home:

  1. Wood frames
  2. Wood accessories
  3. Wood wall shelves
  4. Wood letters
  5. Wood beams
  6. Wood boxes

7. Add shiplap to the kitchen island

One of the most overlooked places to decorate in a home? The front of the kitchen island. Make your island pop. Add architectural interest to a kitchen island by adding shiplap boards to the front of it. The shiplap on this farmhouse island in this Clayton Built® home makes such an impact.

Simple weekend projects like this can make such a difference in your space.

8. Create a conversation area

Here’s an easy tip to make a room feel more special.

Pull the furniture away from the wall. Bringing the furniture into the room cozies up the room instantly. Pull the sofa into the space. Pull two chairs together.

Create a conversation area and your house will immediately feel more welcoming.

9. Fill a balloon vase with leaves from the yard

Have you seen these balloon vases before? They come in different sizes and shapes. I like using them to decorate with because it doesn’t take many branches to fill them up.

Shop your yard for branches.

Then tuck several into a balloon vase and set it on your kitchen counter.

10. Change out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets

Hardware is like jewelry.

One of the simplest ways to update your home and decorate your kitchen? Change out the hardware or spray paint your existing hardware for an entirely new look.

These silver handles in the Littlefield have the prettiest lines.

11. Make a simple book page garland 

Make your own garland from book pages.

Cut out circles from book pages, crimp the edges of the circles and form them into a cone shape. Then thread the cones together to form a garland.

Drape the garland over a stack of books or vase or set of galvanized boxes.

12. Add glass front doors

When we updated our kitchen, one of the most budget-friendly ideas we did was replace the existing wood cabinet doors on our upper cabinets with glass front doors.

Sometimes your cabinets may have a panel that you can pop out and add (or have a local company) add glass to the door.

Then style the inside of the cabinets with white dishes and clear drinking glasses.

13. Make paper mache pears for your dining table

Here’s a simple idea for your table. Make your own paper mache pears.

Start with a pear form from the dollar store.

Wrap the pear with book pages or wrapping paper dipped in paper mache. Let dry and add to a place setting with a tiny tag with the guest’s name on the stem.

14. Accessorize your bookshelves

When you are styling a bookcase, sometimes you have all that space in the back that looks empty and forlorn. It’s like your books are too short. That’s when you fill up the space with something that leans. I use wreaths or pictures or signs or mirrors or vintage tins or a wooden game board as shown on the top shelf. This bookshelf is built-in over the small nook that the builders included in the kitchen of this home.

Anything and everything that will fill up the vertical space in the bookcase.

Then add books and a few accessories and your bookcases are done.

15. Stack white dishes together on a charger

If you have a cloche without a bottom layer, here’s a simple solution.

Use a dinner plate charger.

Start with the charger for a base, add stacks of white dishes and top with a small accessory. Then add the glass cloche to the top.

16. Make a barn door with shiplap and reclaimed wood

These doors that come with the Littlefield floor plan are amazing. If you have a standard builder-grade door, here’s another simple way to make an update. You can either add a layer of shiplap with thin wood on top of the door or just simply add strips of reclaimed wood to the door.

Frame out the door with reclaimed wood.

Then add a center cross piece and diagonal pieces in the center.

17. Add a pom pom throw to your couch

Every couch is a little cozier with a throw.

There are so many to choose from, but I like throws with pom poms. You can easily take any throw and make it into a pom pom throw. Make your own pom poms with yarn. Leave a longer strand of yarn and tie onto an existing throw.

Then tuck in into the corner of a couch or chair.

18. Change out the hardware on your pantry door

Update a pantry door with this simple tip.

Add barn door hinges and a barn door handle.

You can find barn door hardware like this at any home improvement store.

19. Create a display with galvanized accents

Nothing makes a farmhouse display like galvanized accents.

Here, I stacked two galvanized metal boxes together.

Next, I layered in galvanized accessories and topped it off with a book page garland.

(Refer to tip #10 for how to make one).

20. Add pattern to a space with a folded blanket

Sometimes all you need is a little pattern to make a room feel cozier.

Here, I folded a fringed blanket and placed it on top of a stool.

This simple pop of pattern added warmth and cozy to this corner nook of the Littlefield.

21. Add a strand of wood beads

Make your own garland from wood beads.

You can find wood beads like this at the local craft store. Then thread the beads together on jute twine to form a garland.

Drape the wood bead garland over a stack of books or vase or set of galvanized boxes.

(and a bonus tip): Add a mini desk

Create a desk area between two walls by extending a corner like this built-in area.

Then add shelves and tuck a stool or chair under the desk.

It’s the perfect way to maximize every bit of space in a home.

Here’s to making small changes with a big impact.

Here’s to celebrating the little things that make us happy.

And here’s to creating homes that we love.

You can learn more about off-site built homes by Clayton here.

You can browse more photos and see other Clayton Built® homes with beautiful features and amenities like the Laney here and the Southern Belle here.

Thank you, Clayton for this incredible opportunity.

You helped remind me how important a home truly is.

disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Clayton.

All opinions are my own.

You can see my disclosure page here.

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  1. Image for Richella J. Parham Richella J. Parham

    Just beautiful! I LOVE this partnership between you and Clayton, KariAnne. It makes me so happy to think of homeownership being accessible to more people, which is exactly what Clayton offers. And then those people can take real pride in making their homes beautiful by employing your simple (and very affordable!) suggestions. WIN-WIN-WIN!!

  2. Image for Connie Connie

    Thanks for showing the Clayton Homes. I discovered them in Florida in 2009. They are always designed with the latest style and are always decorated beautifully. Do you know what type of flooring was shown in the Littlefield House. You did an amazing job with the styling.

  3. Image for Maria Maria

    There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home! I'm thinking about Dorothy;) You made this beautiful look like a comfy and cozy home that anyone would want to live in. You've got the touch!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Image for teddeegrace teddeegrace

    These manufactured homes are amazing and have a lot more space than my one-bedroom apartment. Your decor is so cute. What a fun gig.

  5. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I love your ideas and needed a little help and you just gave me some. It seems there's always that one thing that won't come together in my rooms and i always need a picture or comment to help, thanks, dear friend.

  6. Image for Juliet Juliet

    KariAnne! Where do you find the time ... and energy?! You’re like an amazing fairy godmother sprinkling your special brand magic everywhere and on everyone! Love love love the decor and all your great tips. Your talents and gifts runneth over. xo

  7. Image for Lena Lena

    I love the wooden sign, perfect for my daughter who with her husband is renovating a 1876 farm house. Did you make it or buy it and where?

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