Can you guess how much this cozy turtleneck is?


Wait for it?


I know, RIGHT? It’s on sale right now for Black Friday. It comes in tons of colors and the neck holds its shape to perfection and it’s warm and cozy and cute and ready for the holidays.

There’s nothing better than winter fashion.

Sweaters and jeans and holiday dresses and turtlenecks.

And apparently, somewhere along the way, someone decided that clogs were making a comeback.

I’m here for all of it and I found the CUTEST winter pieces this year.

21 of them to be exact.

Here are my favorite budget fashion finds and some cute outfits I put together for all the winter and holiday that is just around the corner.

Cozy Winter Outfit Idea for Running Errands

Okay—so I tried to group options together and different ways to wear this leopard sweater.

I love it with leggings and boots.

Or leggings and tennis shoes.

I also love that it comes in this amazing blue color and this cranberry color that’s perfect for the holidays.

Here are all the links to the outfit:

Cozy Winter Outfit for Movie Watching

This is seriously the most comfortable outfit.

I love the cable knit on the sleeves and the side slit in the top.

The fleece clogs put it over the top (I told you clogs were becoming a thing).

Here are all the links to the outfit:

Cozy Winter Outfits for Lunch With Friends

These jeans are amazing.

They are classic Levi’s with a little stretch and a perfectly fitting waistband.

This top is super flattering with a rib-knit and it’s slightly cropped to hang perfectly. It also works well with leggings and tennis shoes.

Here are all the links to the outfits:

Cozy Winter Outfit for Shopping

Here’s the same top in black (can you tell how much I love it).

And these super high-waisted jeans with an unfinished edge folded up at the bottom.

I shared these lug sole loafers before—but they are worth the repeat.

Here are all the links to the outfit:

Cozy Winter Date Night Outfit

I actually wore this exact outfit out with the cutest guy in the world. It’s warm and flattering and made out of corduroy.

It looks so cute with black boots or even tights and flats.

You could also add a scarf for a little pattern.

Here are all the links to the outfit:

Cozy Winter Party Dress Outfit

This dress. This dress. THIS DRESS.

It’s a FIND.

Under $22 and it’s SO flattering. I paired it with boots—but you could add tights and flats or patterned hose and heels to dress it up a little.

Here are all the links to the outfit:

Cozy Winter Holiday Party Outfit

This mixed-media dress is so flattering.

The top is a t-shirt material with a mock turtleneck.

The skirt is a plaid print with pockets. And look at these slingback shoes. They are so cute with these sparkly bows. They come in pink, too.

Here are all the links to the outfit:

Cozy Winter New Year’s Outfit

This was my favorite outfit.

I’m planning on wearing it for New Year’s Eve.

The pants have a flared bottom and stretch and they are so flattering. I’m short, so I have to wear heels with them because they are longer.

Here are all the links to the outfit:

It is blustery and cold here today in Texas.

But no worries here.

I am so cozied up right now as I’m writing this.

If you need me I’ll be here…

…in this sweater. 🙂

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  1. Image for Teresa Teresa

    You look great in all of these outfits! I especially loved the blue dress and the leather pants outfits on you. I ordered the neutral animal print sweater for the holidays!

  2. Image for Corine Corine

    You are so dang cute! Thanks for sharing. I think that cozy knit outfit needs to get in my house now. Curious about the plaid dress. You are the second blogger I've seen wearing it and I know the other is very tall. It's adorable on you, but I'm only 5'1". Do you think it would be too long? God bless.

  3. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Look at you, fashionista! Offering styling tips and everything! I never thought pleather pants would look slenderizing, but I can see why you picked that for New Year's Eve already. Now that you're posing for fashion photos, I'll pass along one recently learned tip: don't put your arms against your body. It makes it look like one big block. Instead, create space, a little window if you will. Look at the merchandise photo of the jeans, hand in pocket? Try that with your elbow pushed out. That will showcase your slim body. Now I haven't actually tried it yet... good luck!

  4. Image for sandi sandi

    K-anne, you are an amazing person! You do ALL things well! I am especially impressed w/you as a well-known blogger, but not JUST showing things for the "rich & famous" & taking it for granted that everyone can afford such quality! I see some bloggers showing items that look nice & then when I check them out I am blown away by how expensive they are. . . so thank you for being SO thoughtful! I think fashion is about knowing one's self & what looks best on me. I too am short, petite, classic and "older" so some of the younger, trendy fashions make me look "clownish." That does not mean I can not look trendy. You have put together some great ensembles from which to choose---for anyone. Thank you lovely lady.

  5. Image for LeAnne LeAnne

    You are such a cutie! I wish we were real-life friends. :) Quick question about the loafers: they are so cute, and I've looked at them each time you've shown them. I need a little bit of a heel, though--it's better for my back--but these look pretty flat. Is there any kind of rise inside the shoe? Does that even make sense? Can you tell I really want them? ha

  6. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    You look fabulous in all the outfits but I especially like the photo of you in that navy plaid dress. It’s so elegant and makes you look so tall! A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  7. Image for Marlene Marlene

    You are so good, you covered everything. Whether I want a dress, skirts, or pants it's all here. Thanks, you look so cute in them.

  8. Image for Anna Price Anna Price

    I really love these outfits you put together. It really HELPS me SO much when you try the items on. I am short too 5’3” and I’m 50 and so I can’t wear a lot of stuff. But you have a figure similar to me and so if it fits you- I know it will fit me. 👍 🥰 thank you for being you.

  9. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    You look So pretty in all of them. I tried to purchase the pleather pants but sold out. Wasnt meant to be. Keep styling, I love it.

  10. Image for Dee Dee

    Would you share how the leggings do with pet hair? Having pets you know what I mean...I have such a difficult time with some fabrics just attracting pet hair. Thanks.

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