Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings…..

….here are a few of my favorite things I loved from 2013.

Almost as much as the dollar spot at Target. 🙂


1. Favorite moment of 2013….with a smile I will remember forever.

Family_Room (1)

2.  Favorite Sign of 2013…..“I hope you dance”…..

…..and the story behind it.


3.  Favorite project of 2013….how to create a customized room scent.

4.  Favorite way to decorate a big blank wall in 2013.

5.  Favorite paint colors for 2013 (and how to pick a paint color).


6.  Favorite 2013 thing to have at the end of your driveway.

7.  Favorite 2013 before and after kitchen.

8.  Favorite 2013 before and after craft room.

9.  Favorite 2013 before and after office.


10.  Favorite 2013 recipe to eat on a warm summer’s day.

11.  Favorite 2013 recipe to eat watching a Hallmark movie.


12.  Favorite 2013 love story ever….in the history of ever….

….seriously. 🙂


2013 was a busy year.

Full of befores and afters and sweet tea and pie crusts and burlap projects and industrial farmhouse rooms and chalkboards and stories….

….and joy.

There were a lot of busy somebodys doing a lot of the things that somebodys do.

But in the end….I think my favorite story of all…….

….is what nobody ended up leaving behind for everyone to see.

Happy 2014 to you. 🙂

PS  My wonderful friends Rhoda and Beth are having “share your best of 2013 projects” link up parties today!

Stop by and share yours, too!

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  1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    I do believe that your choices are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! What a wonderful year you had my friend it was sprinkled with things that made us smile...warmed our hearts...brought a tear or tears to our eyes and maybe put a pound or two on! Keep spreading the cheer...you are a bit like Miss Mary Poppins ..."winds in the east...mist coming in...like somethin is brewing and about to begin...can't put my finger on what lies in store"...but I know that our Mary Poppins is about to soar once more! Here's wishing you and your wonderful family a year that is filled with all things good! hugs...

  2. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I adore your favorite things! I agree completely! You always make us smile and warm our hearts! May your New Year be filled with many wonderful blessings, sweet friend!

  3. Image for Mary Mary

    I look forward to your posts every day and they are the first thing I read. It was so much fun going through your list of favorite things!

  4. Image for Betty Betty

    Just recently discovered your blog, the things you write about makes my heart sing.I truly look forward to opening my email and finding your beautiful home with all the wonderful ideas waiting for me. You truly inspire me to try new projects and to continually renew and refresh my home. Thank you.


    You are saved in my "Favorites" because I love all you do. Thank you for the wonderful ideas and projects!

  6. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I went back and read your favorite blog, and it definitely brought back memories of my two unidentified rascals (Not Me and I Don't Know) who lived at our house many years ago. I believe their grandchildren accompany our grands when they visit,ha,ha.

  7. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I know I read all those favs of yours the first time...and they are favs! Today will be a good day to do some light re-reading....it's frigid here! You make us giggle...guffaw...sigh...and tear up....all within the time it usually takes us to read a post...and you do it flawlessly! You even show us some projects....introduce us to a new way of looking at ordinary things....all while drinking our first cup of coffee, tea, or diet whatever. Yes...you have become my new way of waking up to greet the world! Happy New Year sweet lady....wishing you many blessings in 2014! ;)

  8. Image for Regena Fickes Regena Fickes

    I just wanted to take the time to tell you that I have enjoyed, laughed, cried and giggled with you all year. Thank you for this. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to. You have a wonderful ability to bring us into your life and make us feel at home. I am looking forward to more in 2014. May God bless your and your family abundsntly.


    Love all your ideas, photos of your beautiful home. Always have a good chuckle when reading your Blog. Keep all those wonderful ideas coming, they are terrific. Wishing you and your family; GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND PEACE in the NEW YEAR.

  10. Image for Regina Regina

    I have some friends who have had a rough 2013, but when I look back on everything I remember about 2013, I'll remember discovering YOU! You make me smile every day! :D

  11. Image for Nan, Odessa DE Nan, Odessa DE

    Missed you Lady! Share many of your favs. Just the wonder of life and sharing. Where can I buy the wall hanging with the words to a song???????????????????????????? Help!!!! Thanks for sharing with us. You are in my favorites and I check daily to see what you are sharing each day. Keep on blogging! Happy New Year! alderson@udel.edu

  12. Image for Sarah Sarah

    KariAnne, I read each link back again. You are an incredible writer. I smile with delight, chuckle at your stories, and often tear at the emotion you stir within my heart. You are without a doubt an incredibly talented lady. Thank you for sharing this spirit with each of us who following along at Thistlewood Farm. All the best to you and yours in 2014 and beyond.

  13. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    Fabulous! Just one thing is missing from the favorite things, the jingle of your bracelet. I swear I hear that faintly in the wind whenever I read one of your posts! :)

  14. Image for Brenna@DomesticCharm Brenna@DomesticCharm

    All of your projects leave me so inspired! Thank you for a wonderful 2013! I thanked you in my most recent blog post too and linked back to you. https://www.domesticcharm.com/thank-you-for-everything-in-2013/ I owe you so much for all of your encouragement. YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! Happy 2014!!

  15. Image for Terry Terry

    I can always count on you doing beautiful things and writing beautiful blog posts. You have the gift, and I keep coming back for more! See you in 2014 with bells on!

  16. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    Can we add another line to the song? How about "Girls in pink lipstick with big burlap sashes"? ;-) Julie Andrews would pass out, I know! But you know that Thistlewood Farms is one of our "favorite things" but only because you are one of our favorite people ever. Love you friend! Vanessa

  17. Image for Marisa Marisa

    OMG! When I saw the headline I started humming THE SONG. KeriAnne you are the best. You are the goddess of Blogdom. Whenever I see your post I have to jump to it and read every word and then reread in case I missed something. Have a great New Year. We are having the same people over we had last year - just the two of us :-) The Mr and The Mrs.

  18. Image for Kiri Kiri

    What a big year you've had! One of my favorites (of your favorites!) is the home office re-do at the gatehouse. I'm such a sucker for those big gorgeous hot pink lampshades. Not sure if I would get more or less work done in such a cute space. Will be keeping a close eye on your 2014 projects, I'm sure they'll be just as inspired and glamorous!

  19. Image for Lori Lori

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year! I turned to your blog posts many times this year for a smile! Thank you for taking the time to write & create & sharing! Many blessings to you and your family in 2014!

  20. Image for Susan Hall Susan Hall

    Thank you so much for your wonderful and entertaining posts, you always make me laugh and sometimes cry . I love your heart wrenching story's. 2013 was a crazy ,busy, happy ,loud (9 grand-kids) kind of wonderful year for me I am looking forward to what ever 2014 has in store . From my home to yours I wish you love, peace and joy :)

  21. Image for tara tara

    your sign is our "top seller." it has by far stolen the show in our shop this year! thank you seems so little for the business you've sent our way! happiest new year to you!!!

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