Many is the summer I have stared at this ocean.

There was the year I decided to collect sea glass (#muchharderthanitlooks).

There was the year I wanted to go the blondest of the blonde that there ever was (#unfortunatechoice).

And there was the year we saw a shark (#stayoutoftheocean).

Whatever the year.

Whatever the experience.  I always leave a little wiser and more joyful and ready to take on the next year.

But what if you could have a little beach with you all year long?

Here’s 10 beach inspired decorating ideas to bring the beach home.


1.  Paint your floor

You can paint them turquoise.

Or red.

Or pale blue.

Maybe just one room.  Maybe a runner in the hallway.  Maybe pull up all the carpets and paint your plywood sub floor.

Beach it up and paint.


2.  Add ticking

Preferably on a bolster pillow.

On a vintage bed.

With a red and white quilt.

And a really good book (like Orphan Train).


3.  Mix a little vintage with a little vintage

Add a vintage sink.

With a vintage medicine cabinet.

With a vintage shelf.

And what do you get?


beach house outside deck

beach house deck

4.  Adirondack chairs

I have four of these in my side yard.

Just between us….they are white and came from Wal-Mart.

And I look at a cow pasture.

But a girl can close her eyes and dream of the beach.

beach house stairs

5.  Add stars and tiny nooks

I love an over-sized star.

And a ladder leading to a secret passageway.

We are remodeling a room in our attic right now and adding a hideaway.

beach house garden

beach house chair

6.  Screened-in porch

We added a screened-in porch to our house after we bought it.

This is my cousin’s porch.

I wish it were mine.

Should I offer to trade?

beach house style

7.  Planked walls

Here’s how we added a planked wall with shelving.

Simple plywood boards painted white.

Yes, please.

beach decor

8.  Don’t forget about the wood

Every beach house needs a little original wood.

A vintage trunk.

An antique hutch.

Set off your white planked walls with the character that wood brings.

beach house style ideas

9.  Vintage letters

Create your own out of pallet wood.

Or simply find them at thrift shops and junk stores.

Then spell out a beach word for your wall.


10.  Don’t forget about the view

Not to wax philisophically on a Monday morning before you’ve had your coffee…

….but remember the view.

Whether your house is in a city or the mountains or the ranch or looks out over a cow pasture, bringing the beach home is all a state of mind.

So take a moment today to pamper your home.

Add a basket of shells.

Paint a word on a sand dollar.

Add a little sand and some flowers to a mason jar.

Create a sign or a mirror or a picture frame from driftwood.

And never, ever, ever….

….forget to let the sunshine in. 🙂

PS  If you have a little extra time today and want some more beach house inspiration, you can see all these beautiful beach house tours here, here and here.

PPS  A big shout out to two of my friends Lucy and Sarah for their HGTV show, Beach Flip.  You guys rocked it!

10 beach inspired decorating ideas

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  1. Image for Jemma Jemma

    Love this inspiration and just look at the details of each and every room. Besides the mountains, the beach is where my heart loves to be... Happy Monday! Jemma

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    Beautiful ideas. Thanks! While I love the ocean, I'm really happy to live near Lake Michigan--no sharks/jellyfish to deal with--if only the water temps would warm up!!!! Oh well, can't have everything. It's steamy outside today so we will brave the water to cool off and have fun. :)

  3. Image for Leona Leona

    Love all the ideas, always would daydream about owning beach house with an ocean view. A dream a wish your heart makes.

  4. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I am dreaming of an ocean breeze and the briny smell that screams salt water nearby. *sigh* Sitting in a screened porch on a swing. I love swings. Swings that you can sit in and dream and of course there is room enough for two or three. Enough room to cuddle and talk or quietly read. *sigh* Instead I have to go outdoors in 150% humidity and attack the weeds surrounding our maple tree and see if I can't oust the mole that's decided he likes to make dirt igloos in our lawn. Time on the ocean certainly sounds wonderful right now -- cold glass of ice tea. Well, I'll have the ice tea once my work is done. One out of two wishes sounds okay. Love your inspiring beach rooms. Big Hugs!!

  5. Image for Jonell Harrison Jonell Harrison

    A little paint and the right fabric can go a long husband built us the Adirondack chairs but if I didn't have them I wouldn't hesitate to go the WM route[plastic] and their colors are usually great. & much less money than [mine] the custom built.

  6. Image for Cheryl Ann Cheryl Ann

    You are talented at telling your story and so many other things. Love the # comments. I read Orphan Train recently too. Thought it would be depressing and told my bookclub so, but they overruled me thankfully and I loved it. The beach makes me relax also...lots of blue & white; seashells, rocks and sea glass in my land-locked Nashville home. I suppose it could be taken too far though and when I put a boat in the front yard, I'll know I need a 12 step program. Thanks for your blog!

  7. Image for Jane Jane

    Great ideas, this is a gorgeous home, KariAnne. I Pinned everything I think! Our lakehouse is under renovation and then I have to completely start over with the decorating. Want to take a drive up to Michigan and help?! Can't wait to catch Beach Flip. Jane x

  8. Image for Sarah Kasch (Sarah's Attic Of Treasures) Sarah Kasch (Sarah's Attic Of Treasures)

    I love the turquoise floor . All the pictures are wonderful. Loved the comment about the cow pasture. I look out at cow pastures out of every window door in the out.We have them on all 4 sides and I wouldn't trade that for anything.....except.....a beautiful beach view from one of them...OR A MOUNTAIN VIEW....I would give anything to be in the mountains.....Looking at a cow pasture. LOL.

  9. Image for ananda ananda

    oh karianne, everything you create - write, paint, sew, buy, repurpose... - everything radiates such love and beauty!! it always makes me happy and inspired to come visit!!! crazy about the turquoise floor!! <3 xo

  10. Image for Peg Peg

    There is nothing like the ocean and salt air to melt all your troubles away! Is your cousin's house on the Cape? It looks absolutely glorious! Love! : )

  11. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Ahhh...the beach house:) It's very lovely, and who can resist such a wonderful atmosphere...but your home is very beautiful! And you decorate it so well:) I'd say if your going to trade, do it for only a week! Every year of course:D Not to mention, there would be no more thistle keeping!!! Can't have that Ms. Thistle:)

  12. Image for Carol Bray Carol Bray

    I love the coastal look! I think it comes from living in Sarasota, FL for 8 winters and living a very short distance to Lake Muchigan where we spent years sailing. Our house is filled with seashells and sand dollars we've collected over the years l, along with colors of the sea and much more.

  13. Image for Barbara Neubeck Barbara Neubeck

    ... I love all the lovely ideas in this post KariAnne.... I don't have a 'theme' for my home.. I have 'theme' areas ..... 'My lounge room is Classic with polished floor, bookcases ,formal rug an a burgundy lounge chair for my Mum... she mostly uses this room..... My Kitchen / Dining room has wood floors and a grey and stainless steel Industrial look with touches of white and little pops of colour....I love it... Our Back room is our craft/TV room where we can make a little mess. :) ... our dog lives with Hubby and I in this area..... These areas and styles have 'evolved' over the years..... Hug ... Barb xxx

  14. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Recently came back to Dallas from a meeting in Georgia by first heading down toward the Gulf Coast ... drove along westward, taking in many antique shops/malls. Stretched this business trip into fun vacation time, too, and I got the "Beach Bum Bug" again! Of course, some places had great beach goodies! So tempting to this Pisces ... who's been on dry land awhile!!! Everything you've shared is awesome ~ I love turquoise and aqua! We have sets of my in-laws' rattan *and* wicker from Hong Kong & the Philippines! (Just don't have enough room to use all their lovelies!) Oh! My! ~ Just part of why we have 3 overflowing storage units! Maybe trade for a vacation get-away, but as was said, we can't live without our daily farm updates from you!

  15. Image for Dale D. Dale D.

    Such a yearning in my heart with your posting today. I guess I am getting beach fever. Our family will be heading to Hawaii in September for a couple weeks and it has been a long time since I have been on my beloved islands again. The incredible scent of the tropical flowers and fruits, the silky sand between my toes, the sound of flip flops as we cruise the town, the musical lingo of pigeon English that the locals speak and oh the still my heart. All those amazing photos made me sigh and I love fun beach colors and I do have an extensive shell collection that is on display. I will often pick up those shells and put them to my ear to hear the surf and dream. Your attic project sounds pretty enchanting with a secret something which brings back my childhood days of reading Nancy Drew Mystery books and there was always a hidden passage or clue. I already know that this project will be a delight for every member in the family. A perfect place to slip away and can'take wait to see the post and pics of another charming renovation. Take care♡

  16. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I had to sell my lake house and move to town. Now I'm trying to bring the beach to this very un-be achy house. Thanks for all the inspiration. And thanks for making me feel like it's ok to make this house feel like it's at a beach even tho I'm many miles from any body of water. I really wasn't sure if it was appropriate to give it a beachy feeling when it's more traditional style.

  17. Image for Susan Susan

    Soooooooooo many fantastic ideas here...thank you for taking the time to gather them together all in one place for us! I now live in a little house that looks like a small, white cottage, just down the road from a big river and about five minutes away from Lake Ontario, so I love the idea of bringing the beach inside! In particular, I would soooooo love to create a wood-plank wall and even a wood-plank ceiling in my bedroom...this is a look I have adored for quite some time now, but I'd definitely need help to pull it off. I really enjoyed going back to that post and reading through it...those pictures are sooooooo beautiful and inspirational...the way you styled that wall is simply amazing! Oh, who am I kidding...ALL of your photos are beautiful and inspirational! :) Adirondack chairs are a MUST for creating a beachy feel! Mine are just plastic ones...I bought them after my wooden ones wooden ones only lasted three plastic ones have lasted six so far and they look just as good as when I bought them, so I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a more affordable option. I love the idea of having a little hideaway inside, too...I soooooooo hope you are going to share yours with us after it's completed!

  18. Image for Design Chic Design Chic

    So many great tips, KariAnn. Love having hints of the beach around me year round and we use coral and large clamshells in different rooms. Your idea of painting a floor…so fun!! Happy Wednesday, sweet friend!

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  20. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    A couple of those pics brought to mind one word: SHIPLAP. ;) Sigh . . . I want to live on the beach. I'm sure I never will, but a girl can dream. Beautiful, beautiful ideas.

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