winter farmhouse n snow with a red door

Random Christmas questions (and one breakfast question) on a Saturday morning:

1.  What are your thoughts on antlers on the Christmas tree?

Too much?

Not enough?

2.  What are your thoughts on going all old school with red and green and adding plaid?

3.  What are your thoughts on McDonald’s serving breakfast all day and leaving the sausage biscuit off the all-day menu?

4.  What are your thoughts on Christmas sweaters that blink?

And what if they sing?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Celebrate Creativity

Simplest idea ever.

But the simplest ideas are usually the best.

Decorating tips and ideas for the holidays found here.


No sew idea for an advent calendar.

And it’s burlap.

I know….right?  DIY found here.


Sometimes thinking about decorating for Christmas can be a little overwhelming.

No worries.

Here’s some tips and ideas to keep it simple this year.

Joy Sign

Love joy.

Love this joy sign.

Want a little joy?  Make your own here.

And now in random news this week:

Thanksgiving centerpieces without the orange

Perfect gift for my mom

These pillows made me sigh

This free screen saver is so pretty

How to make money from a blog

And here’s one of my decorating inspirations.


I could spend hours reading this blog.

Red and white Christmas ideas

And one more for the road.

Here’s my Christmas tour from last year.

And WAIT until you see this year’s tour.

Details to come. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jan Jan

    1. What are your thoughts on antlers on the Christmas tree? No way, unless it's an all natural/neutral tree, then okay. 2. What are your thoughts on going all old school with red and green and adding plaid? Not for me. I prefer the neutral, metallic, no color tree. Glam! 3. What are your thoughts on McDonald’s serving breakfast all day and leaving the sausage biscuit off the all-day menu? What's says fast food breakfast more than a sausage biscuit. That. is. all. 4. What are your thoughts on Christmas sweaters that blink? Please, no. And what if they sing? Again, no.

  2. Image for Mimi Mimi

    Happy Saturday, KariAnne! Nix to the antlers on the tree, but yes to the other Christmas questions...and shame on Mickey D's! I completely agree...that IS absolutely the perfect gift for any mother for Christmas. In fact, I'm having my mother copy one of her recipes in her own handwriting to frame and give to my daughter for Christmas. One of my friends did this a couple years ago and used a scrap of her grandmother's apron as the background.

  3. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Karianne love the red book idea. Inherited many old books when we bought our 1852 Greek Revival home and never did anything but dust them .Your home reminds me of my grandmothers farmhouse. Sherry

  4. Image for Gail Gail

    I love the antler idea.. I love peacock feathers too. Anything that is different and seasonal. I did an upside down tree 35 years ago when they weren't the thing. People thought I was nuts but everyone wanted to see it. Ha ha. Yes to all the other questions except the sweaters. Unless your going to a sweater party. I really adore the plaid idea. Gonna do some this year as a matter of fact, but not in red and green. Red and brown. Everyone have a great day. I am going to JoAnn's (big sale). Oh happy day.

  5. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Red and green with plaid say Christmas to me. So I guess that says I'm old school Well, I am old! How dare McDaonalds leave off the sausage biscuit! Well I never! Heehee! Anyone who wants to wear crazy Christmas sweaters is fine with me. In Florida we have to wear t-shirts! Antlers on the tree? All our antlers stay in the game room as trophies of that sweet hunter that lives with me!

  6. Image for Deb Huffaker Deb Huffaker

    1. What are your thoughts on antlers on the Christmas tree? I'm kinda thinking your could make a tree look awesome with, not so much!!! 2. What are your thoughts on going all old school with red and green and adding plaid? I really like tradition and vintage, but don't think I could make that work either! 3. What are your thoughts on McDonald's serving breakfast all day and leaving the sausage biscuit off the all-day menu? What's breakfast without a sausage biscuit?!?!? These people surely aren't from the South!!! 4. What are your thoughts on Christmas sweaters that blink? Yes!!! For fun, yes!!! Our grand-kiddos would love it!!! And what if they sing? Even better if they sing!!! LOL!!! I can just see our little one's eyes lighting up!

  7. Image for Marie at The Interior Frugalista Marie at The Interior Frugalista

    Since you asked... 1. What are your thoughts on antlers on the Christmas tree? I don't like them anywhere, but especially on a Christmas tree. 2. What are your thoughts on going all old school with red and green and adding plaid? I like it, especially with a rustic decor theme. Personally, I'm a bling, bling, and more bling kinda holiday gal. Mercury glass, silver, gold, crystal, you get the picture. this year 3. What are your thoughts on McDonald’s serving breakfast all day and leaving the sausage biscuit off the all-day menu? I happen to be eating a sausage McMuffin as I type this (my weekend treat) so I'm all for not having to run over before 11 am. Leaving it off the all-day menu, "how dare they". 4. What are your thoughts on Christmas sweaters that blink? Fun fun fun! We've hosted Ugly Christmas Sweater Contests on Christmas Eve and they are some of my fondest holiday memories. The crazier the sweater, the more fun the contest. I made a felt fireplace on one of mine and slipped my iPhone behind the clear plastic pouch with the fireplace app playing, complete with sound.

  8. Image for Barbara Bussey Barbara Bussey

    I have questions for you! 1. Where did you get that ribbon? The ribbon on the read books, I mean. 2. When are you publishing your book? The one you should be writing? Children's books? So talented! 3. I forget the rest of my questions, but stay away from McDonald's. Do you notice that there are very few skinny McDonald's employees? Cheers!

  9. Image for mary beth mary beth

    I love all your photos too much and thanks for the no sew advent calendar idea! and I don't understand why anyone over the age of 4 would want to wear a Christmas themed sweater - and one that blinks or sings, Oh My No!

  10. Image for Rebecca McCabe Rebecca McCabe

    I say, whatever makes you happy! I love all of the ideas, BUT, not for me! But I would love to come to your house and see how beautifully you've incorporated them into YOUR decor!! Love your blog!

  11. Image for Alice Alice

    1. While I understand that reindeer naturally shed their antlers, to a young audience it will look like Rudolph and company got beheaded. Maybe not the tone you want to set for the holidays ;) 2. Mad for plaid and all things Christmas colors 3. Who can explain how McDonalds makes ANY decision! 4. Blink, chirp, jingle all the way! With fabulous red lipstick, all things are fashion forward!

  12. Image for Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson

    I don't like antlers except on animals, love red and green and plaid, sausage biscuit-best thing at McD's, Sweaters-I am no fashionista, so whatever (but I don't like LOUD music) Looking forward to your Christmas tour

  13. Image for Linda Linda

    1. Oh nonononono to the antlers! I hate them anywhere (gross) but on a Christmas tree?? I would think Santa's reindeer were murdered just for the decor aspect! Ugh. 2. My tastes for Christmas tree decor is pretty open (Except for the antler thing-lol). That tree of red and green and plaid would be beautiful. 3. The McDonald's thing? Meh. I never eat there so I don't care one way or the other. 4. Those Christmas sweaters just scream "TACKY" to me. UNLESS they were for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Or on Christmas Day ONLY. In public? Shudder!!

  14. Image for Tia Tia

    I put antlers on my tree every year. My husband is a hunter and my little boy is learning! Although mine are small and come from Kohls as ornaments. I not know how big antlers would look. We LOVE Christmas decor so I would say yes to red and green and plaid! I don't got to McDs so no opinion there. We don't do the Christmas sweaters but for our big family get together this year on Christmas Eve we are all wearing our pjs! I recently bought my family of 5 matching Mickey Mouse red plaid pjs from Disney!

  15. Image for Regina M. Regina M.

    Could I just skip straight to the sausage-biscuit-debacle? Sausage biscuits are the best thing on the menu and I would eat them any hour of the day or night. Except I CAN'T. Ugh. One of the most disappointing things ever. BUT . . . I went to Big Lots in Campbellsville and bought CHRISTMAS STUFF! I see myself going the red-and-white snowflake route. ❄️

  16. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Well what to say antlers on a Christmas tree no bloody way, green and red yes I like that idea, too bloody hot for Christmas jumpers here in Australia just saying but I do like my Christmas jewellery

  17. Image for Julie Julie

    KariAnne ~ Your home covered in snow...goodness. I am on my way!! Here are my thoughts: 1. Antlers on tree - yes, of course. :) 2. Old school red, green and plaid - sounds so charming! Yes again. 3. Breakfast all day - yes! Prefer the muffin to biscuit - sorry, though I love the south, we live on the west coast... biscuits aren't part of our food pyramid out here! :) 4. I wouldn't choose a sweater that blinks or sings for myself, but people who wear them make me smile. Thank you to all you happy Christmas sweater-wearing people out there! (And no one pulls them off quite like my own Mom. :) Thank you for featuring our grain sack pillows! What a surprise. And the other features... oh my word. The talent out there is incredible! Xo, ~julie

  18. Image for Jane Jane

    OMG---they left the sausage biscuit off the menu???? I didn't know and that's pretty much the only thing I go to McD's for. We need to get a petition going. Seriously. Jane x

  19. Image for Carol Carol

    Just came home from a day of estate sales and garage sales. I wouldn't put antlers on my Christmas tree, I am not a red for Christmas, but I brought home a huge box of old ornaments and I have a wire urn and I think I will figure a way to use them in there down by my garden house. I may take some tomato cages and wire evergreens and balls and put in my urns at the front of the house. As for McD's I don't eat there or almost any eating place these days. I have to watch my diet very closely. Love your blog and your sense of humor. It's a bright spot in my day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  20. Image for Kris Kris

    1) I grew up with Nov 15 being an unofficial Michigan holiday--opening day for deer hunting rifle season. Antlers, to me, are soooo November. Not a December thing. Speaking of which, I anticipate church attendance will be sparse tomorrow ... 2) I love plaid. I love that it's a "thing" this year. Bling is too ... um ... blingy for me at Christmas. I like my decorating to be natural and homey and red & green plaid fits that description. Plus, I have a little Scottish ancestry in my blood ... 3) Which leads me to the Scottish restaurant, McDonald's. OK, the "Mc" is the only Scots aspect of it, unless haggis is now on the menu. Incidentally, I've tried haggis before, and it's everything you think it will be. It was served with a lot of wine. Coincidence? I think not. But I digress ... personally, I love their oatmeal, like their egg Mcmuffins, and like their huge breakfast platter. Not a sausage biscuit girl so I can't comment on that, but I think breakfast is delicious all day long. 4) I am soooo not cool--I don't care if Christmas sweaters are tacky and "ugly"--I think they are fun. I don't like excessive noise so I would say no to the singing aspect of it, but otherwise, I think we should lighten up, dress tacky once in awhile, and have a laugh--we all need a little cheer in our lives. I love your pictures, which are beautiful, as always, but in keeping with your plaid questions, I'm surprised you didn't use a plaid ribbon on the red books. ;)

  21. Image for ramona ramona

    I have boycotted McDonalds because of the sausage biscuit thing. Even called headquarters to complain but to no avail!

  22. Image for Mary Alice Kenley Mary Alice Kenley

    1. Antlers on trees? Not unless the whole animal is attached. 2. Love red and green with plaid for Christmas! This year at Kenley Cove, it'll be icy turquoise with silver and tiny crystals. 3. No McDonald's of any kind for this 70 year old body. It seems to hang out a long time. Their coffee, however, is better than Starbucks and much cheaper. 4. I am easily distracted, so I don't think blinking anything should be on my clothes!

  23. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I was going to number my answers...but that is too much work...and I'm tired. No antlers, sorry. Yes to red, green and tartan or plaid...course I've been doing that for years! Love the all day breakfast...although I've only indulged once! They don't have sausage? Not fair! blinking or singing sweaters...unless you are going to an ugly Christmas sweater party! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  24. Image for Maaike Maaike

    1. Definitely...NOT enough! 2. Abso YES to red, green, and plaid 3. Sausage biscuit....hmm..what's in that sausage??? I think I'll pass. 4. Sweater that blinks? Oh yeah! Sweater that blinks AND sings?? HECK YEAH! Seriously, do you have a link for that sweater?? Cause I have a special brother in law who NEEDS one ;)

  25. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Dear non- singing inn keeper's wife: I am so glad Star Search did not grab you out of isle 7 of Wal Mart because we would have truly missed your style!!! Can't wait for this year's Chrisrmas tour!

  26. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Ok so as far as the antlers question go, I'm completely on board to use them in my tree this year! I'm completely changing up my Christmas look from all the previous years, definitely want a more rustic feel. My hubby and I are spending the weekend in Gatlinburg celebrating an anniversary and I've been grabbing up new Christmas decor and just picked up some antlers yesterday! So excited to use them! And how about I saw a tree where the antlers were actually built in and were the branches themselves! Places throughout the rest of the evergreen branches! Very interesting but looked totally cute! Anyways, of course can't wait for your Christmas home tour this year! You are always fabulous! Xoxoxo

  27. Image for Cheryl Ann Cheryl Ann

    I do not understand McDonald's! "Breakfast served all day" means you have Egg McMuffins & Sausage Biscuits too! What's up with that?

  28. Image for Toni Toni

    Your farmhouse looks so magical in the snow with that red door!! That image would make a beautiful pillow! How blessed you are!

  29. Image for Janice Stackhouse Janice Stackhouse

    1. What are your thoughts on antlers on the Christmas tree? Did a small tree for my hunter husband that had ornamental size antlers on it along with pine cones,mini deer, a garland out of wooden shot gun shells and little red bows to round it out. As for full size antlers, no. 2. What are your thoughts on going all old school with red and green and adding plaid? I don't think it is old school, I have a Scottish heritage and do red & green plaid as bows all around my house to celebrate. And for me nothing says Christmas like red and green. 3. What are your thoughts on McDonald’s serving breakfast all day and leaving the sausage biscuit off the all-day menu? If I ate ate McDonald's I'd be disappointed but stay away from Mc's for personal reasons, my waistline! 4. What are your thoughts on Christmas sweaters that blink? Not for me. way too "in your face" for me. I love your blog and am so glad I found it. You are a genius in the unusual, you see not an old door but a bookcase. Also your writing on your blog always makes me smile :) Janice E

  30. Image for Patricia Patricia

    1.Antlers? why not? I once got housecleaning and decorating confused and put all my 7 year old's superhero action figures on our tree. 2. Red/Green & Plaid- absolutely says Christmas to me- But the green has to be all dark and foresty. 3. Hello, the only reason to eat at Mcd's is for that sausage biscuit! That's just a switch and bait tactic- somebody call consumer protection please. 4 .Blinky and noise-making sweaters. Sure, if you're 5 5. Your blog never disappoints. Can't wait to see what you post next.

  31. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I don't care for antlers. Love red, green and the plaid. Boycott McDonald's because they don't use American beef and we raise beef. Christmas sweaters that blink put the joy in Christmas, but if they sing, you can't wear them to work!!!

  32. Image for Kristin Kristin

    Somewhat thankful McD's left the sausage biscuit off the all-day menu, or I might be driving through regularly! I love to see a variety of Christmas decor style, but I tend to stick to the "same-old" stuff each year. My husband will leave me if I add one more thing to the current stash! But you go right ahead! Antlers, plaid, do it all! I love looking at the pictures!

  33. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    McDonalds: I learned from a manager at our local Mickey-D's that each store (or area, or district or whatever political subdivision corporate America puts on McD's) is either a BISCUIT store or a MUFFIN store, depending on their larger number of historical sales. So for the all-day menu, you EITHER get your coveted sausage biscuit OR you get your XXX-McMuffin. Yeah, I was kinda bummed, too...

  34. Image for Sarah Sarah

    I LOVE antlers around the house, on a tree, all good. I think they are a lovely reminder of the natural process through the seasons when deer shed their antlers. Their shapes are unique, texture is nice, and colors a beautiful blend of white, tan, cream. Nature at its finest! Love em. Red and green and plaid? Again, yes! Tradition is never out of style. McDonalds? Not a fan of anything they offer (to be fair, not a fast food fan of any kind). Christmas sweaters, hate them and love them. I don't want to wear one, but delight in seeing them. Love everything Thistlewood Farms and Kari Anne!!! Can't wait t see your 2015 Christmas tour around the house.

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