This is the year of the song of the month.

I’m trying to expand my horizons from Randy Travis and every month I’m choosing a new song.

Kind of like a song of the month club where I’m the only member.

January was “Roar” by Katie Perry.

February was “Got Me on My Tiptoes” by Jayme Dee.

And now I’m looking for March.

It can be old or new or fast or slow.  The only requirement is that I can sing along with it in the car at the top of my lungs.

Any suggestions?


This project is my favorite kind.



And starts with pallet.

DIY pallet arrow instructions…


I think everything looks better with a yardstick on it.

Good thing Laura agrees.

DIY’s for all these projects….here.


I’m not sure which made me hungrier….

…the word artichoke or these pictures.

Perfect for a cold winter day.

Recipe found here.


And in the super-clever-I-wish-I-was-as-brilliant-as-Cami department….

….you have to check this out.

It’s the best time-saver for all those grain sack projects you’ve been wanting to make.

And not only does she show you how to make this…..she gives you even more grain sack project ideas.

Easy DIY and projects……here.


And in random news this was the truly, amazing, wonderful, incredible week that I:

Wanted to make these.

Wanted to read this.

Decided this was perfect for my photos.

Wished I could take pictures of my dog like these.

Counted the minutes until this.

And gave a standing ovation…..

….to this game show contestant.


And one more for the winter-about-to-be-spring road.

Here’s a post from last  year with the porch decorated for spring.

Hope springs eternal….literally.

hee hee 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you.

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    1. Image for gina gina

      Exactly what I was thinking! Shake It Off! The official video on YouTube is great, too... by a great director! Stays in your head and is a pick me up!

  1. Image for mindy mindy

    "Raise em up" by Keith Urban One of those feel good songs that make you want to drive with the windows down, singing at the top of your lungs!

  2. Image for Susan Susan

    If you like Sherlock Holmes then you need to read Laurie King's Mary Russell series. It starts with The Beekeeper's Apprentice.

  3. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Sam Smith - Crazy.... ohhhhhhhhhhh I love this song! And Cannot get enough of this guy!! Or Meghan Trainor All About that Base... love that one too!

    1. Image for Debbie Debbie

      oops my 13 year old daughter just said "mooooooooooom that is not the name of the Sam Smith song!!" Sorry, correction... I'm not the only one. lol

  4. Image for jere jere

    I love to "sing" (all by myself of course..don't need to be arrested at 88 years old) Leslie Gore's "It' My Party" I can peel potatoes and have my own party singing . This song is sort of my middle time frame of life....after "The Voice" and before Bette Midler. Singing alone does more than oven cleaner. Jere

    1. Image for Kimberley Kimberley

      Love this! A classic that is one of the top two of my all-time favorites. The other is Rock Me by Great White. These two just seem to go hand-in-hand.

  5. Image for MaryS MaryS

    "I Got a Car" - George Strait.... or... ANYTHING George Strait. Arkansas Dave was written by his son. Check it out. The BEST!!

  6. Image for Rita Hosick Rita Hosick

    You know I sing at the top of my lungs no matter who is in the car... My song loves right now are Maroon 5's Sugar. (I love the video too) and Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. (My version is better than Bruno's).

  7. Image for Lin Lin

    I love "Believe" by Brooks & Dunn. When I feel my faith waivering a bit, I cue this one up on my iPhone and belt it out. It sets me straight again!

  8. Image for Char Char

    When I need some sing-song time I get in the car and drive along with Gary Allen or Raul Malo. Doesn't matter which CD I choose 'cause they all work.

  9. Image for Patty Patty

    Karianne my suggestion is Clint and Lisa Black's "When I said I do". I LOVE this song. Speaking of love, I just copied the entire blog about painting stripes. I did it once and swore I would never do it again because it was such a PITA (pain in the a@#). This is something I will be able to do. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  10. Image for Toni Toni

    First song that came to mind was Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Seems others thought of that for you too! A great new favorite spiritual one is The Rock Won't Move by the Vertical Church Band. Sing on girl!

  11. Image for Kelly Patton Kelly Patton

    My old Classic favorite to sing at the top of my lungs in the car is "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane - awesome song to ride down the road with!

  12. Image for kelly kelly

    Hey, Karianne! How about, "Summer breeze, makes me feel fine! Blowing through the jasmine in my mind!" Or, how about, "Here comes the sun!" Lol! Hope you're staying safe & warm! And...Go, Cats!

  13. Image for Carol Carol

    Since I'm really tired of snow, cold, and ice, with expectations of more; I've been singing Tied to the Whipping Post. It's a timeless and classic lament by The Allman Bros.

  14. Image for Trina @ afewmineradjustments Trina @ afewmineradjustments

    This song...."Sugar"By Maroon 5. It will make you smile from ear to ear. And you have to see the video that goes with it....weddings, lots of weddings. It is right up your alley! Happy Toe Tapping! Trina

  15. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Anything by Patsy Cline. Start with Crazy. Oh, and Willie Nelson's Stardust album. Lots of great sing-out-loud music on that. Have fun!

  16. Image for Becky Becky

    Well, currently, I listen to Happy by Pharrell Williams. It's my grandsons favorite so we sing and dance to it together. The video is great too.

  17. Image for Toni Toni

    Wanna try something different.....listen to Matisyahu, One Day I can just picture you singing this with your girls driving down the road.....IF they like it that is!

  18. Image for debbie debbie

    Karianne - love that stamp and this Saturday's collection of links! I share a song tip with every post... and savor music with every breath I take. I recommend Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin on his Onwards & Sideways cd (great title right?). Let's Be Still (The Head and the Heart) or anything song recorded by NEEDTOBREATHE (e.g. Something Beautiful). Hard to stop... but I will!

  19. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Almost anything Jon BonJovi makes great by-yourself-in-the-car-top-of-your-lungs singing! I passed many hours on the Ohio turnpike doing just that. My favorite is "You were born to be my baby. Baby, I was made to be your man…" I take poetic license & sing "I was born to be your baby. Baby, you were born to be my man" but I don't think Jon would mind. Oh & to grand babies I sing "You were born to be my babies! Tre/Izzie/Bubba, I was born to be your Gram!"! the older to roll their sweet eyes behind my back but 2 year old Bubba laughs with delight! And did you see JBJ on SNL last Sunday- still hot!!

    1. Image for betsy c betsy c

      LOVE singing along with JBJ! My fave is "Bad Medicine". I saw him in concert in '85 when he still had the long hair. HOTTTT!

  20. Image for Cindy in Oklahoma Cindy in Oklahoma

    I can't get enough of Thomas Rhett's "Make Me Wanna" and apparently the radio gods know this because every time I run an errand in my car it mysteriously begins to play!

  21. Image for Gwen Gwen

    You said I'm looking for.... And my mind wandered back to a warm summer night. A beautiful woman came on stage. We had right there see whites of your eyes seats. And as she sang in her chic ivory suit sans shirt underneath--gorgeous--lights changed to go with each thing SHE was looking for and I cried! Lori Morgan--I'm Looking for Something in Red Now whoever wrote /typed the lyrics was dealing with a high school drama, a child toddler crying at her legs, and supper burning as she attempted to type all four minutes and nearly one more minute of lyrics for the misspellings are there--but Lori's voice sings despite the spelling and I see her sitting on just a stool--and I felt her heart. And afterwards my now widowed best friend and her hubby held hands in front of us as we hurriedly giggled to the car. It was midnight on a work night!! And now I'm looking for....

  22. Image for Dianne Bell in Michigan Dianne Bell in Michigan

    Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts!! Always gets my blood pumping, lifts my spirits and I can't help but sing along-especially when I'm in my car. Rock on,KariAnne!!

  23. Image for Deborah Wilkins Deborah Wilkins

    KariAnne: Sam Smith (In the Lonely Hour), Annie Lennox (Nostalgia), Hozier (album of the same name, Hozier). I also like the single by Ricky Martin and Joss Stone, The Best Thing About Me is You. I could go on, but I will spare you........ Warm regards, Deborah

  24. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I'm all about Blaming it on the Base!! I can really shout and bop to that tune. My Honey thinks I'm crazy! He just shakes his head and I keep singing away. Oh!! to do this right you have to roll down the car window so EVERYONE can hear! :-) Buona giornata.

  25. Image for Linda Linda

    My 20 year old daughter was home from college and played "Shut-up and Dance with Me" by Walk the Moon. She claims they are a big thing now with the college set and that they are so fun to watch b/c all their energy. Can't get the song out of my head.

  26. Image for Linda Linda

    Oooh! Thought of another one - "We are Brave" by Shaun McDonald. You'll be singin and there's lots of energy there too.

  27. Image for Terri Terri

    It just depends on my would be difficult for me to choose just one! We just watched the movie: "The Fault In our Stars" on Friday so I've been listening to Birdy sing "Not About Angels"...sad sounding but her voice is so beautiful. I have a Daily song...meaning every morning I wake up with a different song playing in my head. It's usually something I haven't heard in quite awhile. It kind of sets the music tone for the day. If I want to send my sister into orbit, I tell her the song of the day so she can't get it out of her head either! LOL!

  28. Image for Jen Jen

    Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran beautiful love song about growing old together. He had to learn how to dance for the video.

  29. Image for Judy Westmoreland Judy Westmoreland

    Alan Jackson's Remember When. My son picked that out for us several years ago. We have been married for 35 years. It is truly a beautiful song.

  30. Image for The Style Sisters The Style Sisters

    My favorite song is uptown funk by Bruno Marz oh my gosh I just cannot listen to it without dancing!! Ok you photos are causing my heart to flitter sooo many awesome ideas going on here!! Please come and linkup to my Centerpiece Wednesday party each week and share your ideas with us. Hope to see you there today!! Karin :)

  31. Image for Sue Shattucj Sue Shattucj

    Agree wholeheartedly.....Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. My new 7-week old granddaughter has already decided this is her favorite song. It meets all your criteria! Karianne - once you have a full playlist, create a CD of it. Growing up in the 60's& 70's we used to call those tapes Ski Mix. Title yours more aptly. You'll be glad to have it, forever!

  32. Image for Sue Shattucj Sue Shattucj

    Old tunes: Aerosmith -Sweet Emotion Top of lungs top down summer: meatloaf - paradise by the dashboard lights. You can also brag that you know all the lyrics, because there are a lot of lyrics!

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