Valentine Artwork

I hope your day today is full of smiles and hearts and love….

…..and cards like this one.

This morning my husband handed me a People magazine to start my day.

He knows me so well.


Who needs red roses or a box of chocolates when you have a cup of coffee….

….and all the latest Kardashian news. 🙂

house tour

Here’s my new favorite house tour.

Grain sacks and farmhouse tables and galvanized buckets and repurposed everything.

It’s like the house I always wanted my house to be best friends with.

Take the tour…

pallet wood

Best article I’ve ever read about pallets.

How to take them apart.

Where to find free pallets.

pallet crates

And links on how to make things from pallets.

She made this and used wax paper to transfer the design on, too.

DIY for this project…

rustic coat rack

Love everything this blogger does.

But I think this is one of my favorite projects so far.

Project instructions for DIY coat rack….here.


And in other random news this week:


Best idea EVER for an abandoned WalMart.

If I was made of money, I would buy this at auction.

Super cute gift idea.

I want to make these.

Clever storage ideas.

And if you need a laugh today….

….just read any post this blogger has written. 🙂

just two of us

And if you are in the mood for a love story…..

Here’s a few of mine.

Like this one.

Or this one.

Or my favorite of all.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kim J. Kim J.

    Karianne, You are so adorable! I love your style and humor! I was really surprised to see you on MY local news recently. Had no idea we were practically neighbors, well sorta. I'm in Fort Worth. Hope you have a lovely valentines day.

  2. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Loved your Valentine's cards and gift- I love that a gift doesn't have to be traditional flowers, chocolates, etc...a heartfelt hug and a kiss over a cup of coffee is perfect! Add in a favorite magazine, and it's a knock out of the park!!! I get magazines in my Christmas stockings, for birthdays, anniversaries...and I just love them....means he's paying attention to what I'm paying attention to at the moment!!! :) Happy Saturday!

  3. Image for amy amy

    Lol, I was so excited to think I was gonna find some new blogs but I actually follow all the ones you have links to above! I think I'm addicted to blogs! Yours is one of my favorite and I think all those statement are true for you too! I love anything you write! Your house is amazing! And I love just about everything you do! Plus it is sweet to hear about your loving relationship with your sweetie bc we can never have enough good relationship rock! Have a great valentines!

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